Web Fall 2001

In the months of September and October 2001, a new phenomenon was seen along the Pacific coast shore in Southern Oregon. I called it “Web-Fall”. Long strands of extremely thin spider web-like material were falling from the sky and drifting to the Earth. Strands were as long as 30 feet, but so thin that they could barely be seen unless the light was “just right”. The strands were seen to be iridescent in different angles of light, reflecting reds, blues, greens and golds as the strands moved in the breeze. We were planting bulbs in a field one day as the webs began to fall and by the end of the day the soil had been furrowed, planted and “hilled up” into planting beds. In other words, the Earth had been “disturbed” several times that day by machinery and people. By dusk the field was free of webs due to mechanical bed making. This is what I saw when I returned the next morning, a carpet of web strands.



Here is a closer view of the web strands bridging across the clods on the soil surface.  You can see the density of web coverage in this approximately 1 square foot soil area.


As the sun began to light the bed surface the web strands gave a white mulch blanket type coverage to this normally very dark brown soil.



A bulb crate left out for two hours mid day was covered in a blanket of webs seen below. This photo shows the web mat blown upward in a breeze off the box edges.



Sky drifting web strands were caught on this car antenna:



Closer examination of some of the clumps of stuck together web strands are shown below stuck on a dirt clod. These clumps were already tangled together as they drifted down from the sky.




Web strands (The Official Lie is Flying spider migration) of up to 30-50 feet long strands continued to fall from the “Official 2 week migration period in October”, all through the winter, spring, summer, and next fall, for the next 10 years… “Officially” these spiders exude web strands out their asses to catch wind and “fly” to a new home. The nearest upwind “land” these spiders could launch from is China, 4000 miles away from our coast. These little spiders are only a few millimeters in size, where do they find all that web? it must be exhausting. But that is just the start of it for the poor we little spiders for next they would have to endure flying through Pacific Ocean rainstorms all the way over here, quite a tall tale… “unbelievable”.


I have seen these web strands pretty much everywhere I have looked ever since, up in the snow on the mountains, down in the Mojave desert.  Many people say they have never noticed them but often they have them out in their yards. They are often hard to see unless the sunlight is coming from behind them at a very low angle, like dawn or sunset. Here is an example of some laying on top of some grass.



I have heard that people are now trying to collect samples for analysis, this is a very time consuming job. Here is an example of one method, wrapping web strands around a soda straw. Believe it or not, there are many strands on this straw.



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4 Comments for “Web Fall 2001”

  1. What an amazing coverup, who told ypu spiders did this?
    Must have been a major chemtrail/
    Can you correlate any specific events after this event.?
    How is the soil, Ph ect?
    Are the flowers healthy?

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