This Rocky Road of Truth

Commentary by Barry Davis, atms/cl
Vancouver, BC
The plane […] is definitely a refueling tanker. At the rear, you can actually see the spar that drops down so a jet can come from the rear and connect with the spar. The plane I am looking at is in the included website. About 2% of the way through the site, you will see a black nozzle several feet wide which is the Exhaust Nozzle of the middle Engine of this tri-jet. My whole effort here is not to argue jets…..the aim is to show Chemtrail chemicals being exhausted out of the wing full span trailing edges. The chemicals are not related to engines in the least as anyone can clearly see if they watch the full video till the end. You may have a bit of difficulty finding the middle engine nozzle…..it is at the base of the tail dead centre of the plane. And some would say it is on top of the fuselage at the rear of the plane. Whatever the viewpoint, it is a three engine jet with the middle Engine being the base (bottom) of the tail. As for the plane being tested….in this case, not likely!
A little more data on this is the comment near the beginning of “turbofans”…..3 of them! Turbofan is a name many jets have re their large fan engines. Another reason the chemicals are not related to the engines  is the close proximity you see the chemicals to the wings. If the white was Contrails only, there would be a long air gap between the engine and where you could see the white. Reason for the gap? Exhaust is exiting the engine at about 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. A contrail will not show itself till it cools to about -30, -50 degrees Fahrenheit. It simply takes time to do the reduction of temperature which produces a 100/150 foot gap. As the video shows, the Chemicals are right up against the wing trailing edges indicating, a non relation to engine dumping!

Somewhere down this rocky road of truth, people need to understand the plan is to kill us. I understand, it is difficult to believe many want our World down by billions of people. Psychopaths mainly run the World and could care less about you or I. Their aim is control…..little else matters!

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks and credit for this video to – http://www.youtube.com/tankerenemy

The first site is my answer to many who do not get or wish not to get the truth about dumping Chemtrails. The whole trailing edge of the wings are used for dumping — not just behind each engine! Obviously then, they are nothing to do with Contrails. Contrails and Chemtrails are two totally separate happenings!

The plane in the second site is a DC10 or MD11. One engine on each wing and one engine at the base of the tail. This flight shows the whole trailing edge being used for dumping or spraying. It looks like an Ag Cat used for spraying farms. DC10 Ag Cat and a MD11 Ag Cat! Another good example of adding to a country’s debt bill. Yes, shut down these Trails for two reasons: the chemical wash we get each day and the hideous costs we are obligated to absorb as taxpayers, measured in many billions of dollars per year!

Barry Davis, atms/cl
Vancouver, BC


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