The Miracle Of Each Of Us

The Miracle or Magic as some wish to call this. From Conception to Birth. The most wonderful, beautiful collection of gifts given to form such a wonderful pattern of what we call life. The design was not the form. The form came first, the pattern presented itself and the design was made. No designs are the same, the genes, the blood, the individual art is begun, your life, a dot and a line out for a walk (Klee), Nature’s Art.

Please see this video. It is pure beauty!

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Fig 9 Paul Klee, illustration of a “line out for a walk,” 1925

Is Morgellons a synthetic quantum dot out for a walk, thereby changing our form, our individuality, our art?


We are art in the making.  The form makes the pattern makes the design, no design is universal, the basic forms or seeds are, but we are individually made, and we will always be that.  We are individuals first, community second.  We are not all alike, we are not all different, we are individual, we are our own being.  We come with similar and different thoughts, the basic frame or form is universal, it is human, the rest is individual.  This is what makes us free.  This is what gives us our God given rights.  They are divine.  One cannot put all these separate, individual designs into one universal design, because the expression of those seeds, that ancient memory will be lost.  Therefore, not all brains, bodies, hearts, spirits and souls are the same, the form is, but the expression of that form is not the same.  Epigenetics tries to instill this in our minds, that expessions of how our dna (form) works, is what is important, so it can be short circuited.  However, the dna will always leave the imprint of it’s original form, and can never be erased.  That is true individual design.   That is a dot out for a walk.   That is the melody in our hearts, the song of our souls, the true light of  spirit, good and bad, the choice is ours, individually, to me made.  Do we prefer the “natural order” or do we prefer the “illuminated” artificial, synthetic spirit.  Where shall your dot take you?  

For example, here are ways to incorporate the senses into perceiving a synthesis experience of art.  Why synthesize your senses to only see synthesis.  A mirror of the art, when the art mirrors the soul?    A way to experience synthesis, just preparing you to think synthetically.

. It will be argued that ‘art as a synesthetic experience’, and ‘synesthetic experiences by synesthetes’, share certain basic concepts: the making of new connections between the senses. In the arts, the search for correspondences and complementarities between the senses is essential. Artists have brought the ‘synesthetic experience’ to the surface —to share their vision with the world. The intention is to analyze the impact of synesthetic approaches as experiments in art. The focus will be on a visual presentation of artworks by artists/pioneers, as study case examples of early modern art movements; Expressionism, Futurism, Dada, Surrealism, De Stijl and Abstract Expressionism. (*) The ‘Manifesto of Surrealism’ has improved on the Rimbaud principle that “the poet must turn seer”. Art and synesthesia go hand-in-hand.

This question is asked:

Are synesthetes people of the future?

“Indeed, synesthetes are in some sense, people of the future. Some features of human evolution can be deduced from ‘synesthesia-phenomena’ directed studies. Also ‘intuition’ appears mostly in a synesthetic form. To apprehend reality as fully as we can, we need to experience it in as many forms as possible, and synesthetes have in some sense a richer experience of reality than other people —a richer synesthetic capacity often means a stronger memory. “Synesthesia is seven times more common among artists, novelists and poets, and creative people in general,” says neuroscientist Dr. Ramachandran, “artists often have the ability to link unconnected domains, have the power of metaphor and the capability of blending realities,” he says (5). Several questions are still waiting for an answer: “what is the difference between synesthete and non-synesthete brains?”, “can synesthesia be learned or cultivated?” and “will it ever be ‘genetically’ possible, to become a synesthete



So, through the senses, a sense of New World Order can be achieved.  Many artificial and synthetic compounds, foods and other products are made to give you a particular forced adaptive sensation.   That is not an individual choice one can make, by using such synthetic products.  You are forced to follow the paradigm of that particular flavor, color, smell, thought.   This leaves the door wide open for you to be manipulated and controlled.  That, my friends, is not freedom.  The choice is yours.  Will we allow the quantum dot to control our signature?


by:  Kathryn A. Augustyn






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