The Dental – Morgellons Correlation

The following videos were submitted by Elizabeth H. to illustrate her dental experience and the potential correlation with Morgellons:


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3 Comments for “The Dental – Morgellons Correlation”

  1. Hi,
    I thought I’d share my thoughts on this.

    I recently broke off two teeth (canine, upper, same distance from center). Dentist said my roots were small. Never had any small roots of teeth until after candiasis, and Lyme. There is a correlation between the sinuses and the teeth as I’m sure anyone reading this knows. Specifically the maxillary sinuses. So I have systemic C. Albicans, overload of mercury and iron. This insures that my teeth will be effected and they were. Crime here is that dentists don’t see the correlation and I have uncovered tons of incriminating documented proof. The Mayo clinic finally reported that acute sinusitis is caused by fungus. doh.

    I notice all the mercury (silver) fillings in the photos and just want to point out that if you don’t get rid of them, you will not get rid of Morgellons.



    • Something I forgot to mention:

      those little black specks all around the gums are what came out of my chin lesion. Under my scope they were morgellons lesions. However, the antibiotic and antibiotic cream the derm gave me cleared it up finally. They could have been MRSA but it also could be true (In my diabolitical, untrusting mind) that this MRSA thing has a major fungal component and it’s being discreetly included in all treatments. I have a microscope and what came out of my chin lesions after H202 were the same as what is coming out of your gums. It’s Candida WITH A TWIST.

  2. Thank you MRG for posting. I hope the videos will open some medical eyes..

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