Test For Morgellons Crystals

A good description of crystal formations, tests and manner of operation and purpose of these Morgellons elements can be explained. Please do not think these are purely biological.  These are SuperMacromolecular Assemblies and they do have a purpose.

To test for crystals: Feel your body until you find a small lump or hard point between your tissues and bones. Vigorously rub and massage the area until you feel a sharp pain at that location in the lump. If this applies, Bingo… you have found a crystal that was encased in a protein shell to hide the crystal from your immune system. Continue rubbing and massaging, ignoring the pain, as they are quite painful, until the crystal cuts the tissue and rises to the surface. They are barbed and hard to get out. Very painful too!

The small, black particles. are micro seeds with the DNA program encoded in them. They are small enough to penetrate the pores of the skin and to enter the body through lung tissue when inhaled, my forehead skin pores were full of them…. they grow into slivers that then grow into the pear shape somewhere along the way after connecting to the crystals (seeds and crystals sprayed in the same mix…. then they attach to the energy source…;’ the crystals are tapping our bio-electricity by forming in the acupuncture points and “Hijacking” the energy and signals…then they begin to grow a tap root to the vein for a nutrients supply and ? DNA infusion?….. bio-engineering us.

A prominent researcher stated that they stop growing at a certain size.
That would be when they are transmitting stronger than our own Bioelectrical system and acting as a soft kill weapon…no need to get bigger and obvious. This is their stealth tactic. We were all watching for it in the vaccines.

They are found in biopsies of Dementia Patients and in Breast Cancer tissue biopsies. They may mutate the proteins which cause disease (in research papers)…the soft kill weapon is causing the bulk of the disease increase, and effecting everyone with a multitude of different symptoms. The diseases are all caused by the same initial cause, crystals.”……





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