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November 12, 2011
by Larry V. Meyer


Morgellons Research Group is pleased to announce preliminary findings of what we feel will be a significant discovery in Morgellons Syndrome research.




During the Fall of 1998, residents of Central and Northwestern California were making a curious observation. I myself was among this unfortunate group. Large multi-engine tanker type aircraft, later identified as the Boeing KC-135, were seen leaving dense white persistent contrails in the sky over the Sierra foothill towns of Paradise and Magalia, California. Within hours the populace of these communities overwhelmed the Emergency Room of the local Feather River Hospital with a chronic cough and upper respiratory distress. This event was reported in the local newspaper, THE PARADISE POST. The following morning as the wife and nurse of a local physician and I watched from the parking lot of the Magalia Post Office, this aerial activity was repeated; the possibility of a connection to the chronic cough was discussed.


Later an early contributor to the popular internet Carnicom Forum reported a significant observation from Atlanta Georgia. He reported having spent an early Spring day at the seasons first outdoor event. As I remember, that evening, needing to speak with his son who was in his upstairs bedroom, both were shocked at what they saw as Dad entered the field of a “black light” illuminating a poster on the bedroom wall. Dad, who called himself Dijemon on the Carnicom Forum was fluorescing bright blue from head to foot!


Having both long (“black-light”) and short wavelength Ultra Violet test equipment in my Gemological Lab I decided to see if by chance there could be a connection with “fallout” from the aerial persistent contrails, by then being called Chemtrails. There was! Under short-wave illumination the dyed pattern in my shirt and a sheet of printer paper glowed brightly but I was alarmed when I turned on the long-wave lamp and saw the entire room respond. A bright blue trail was seen from the entrance door extending throughout the room. Everything in the room including myself was fluorescing!


Collecting specimens of the fluorescing material for a microscopic examination revealed a barely eye visible, ball-like, thread-like tangle of opaque white fibers with an occasional black “tracer”. A tangle of miniature monofilament fishing line may come to mind.


A few years later, a Paradise, California area artist contacted me wanting to share his interesting observations. We met in his home where we used my equipment to collect several specimens in a clean glass vial. The artist relocated in 2003 and the sample bottle with it’s specimens were kept in dark storage until earlier this year. When once again examined, the sample bottle was found to contain a live unfamiliar specimen and numerous colorful fibrous artifacts currently under investigation.


The sample was shown to a Northern California Medical Scientist who advised the sample bottle not be opened but sealed and sent to a lab. The specimen was sent to me for processing several months ago. I immediately recognized many of the specimens as similar (same as) the as yet unidentified colorful “fibers” common to airborne samples and the lesions of Morgellons sufferers.


As for the “MRG Bug in the Bottle”… it very well may be the Holy Grail of Morgellons research. Shown here for the first time, the opinions and recommendations of fellow researchers is invited:



[Photos updated 11/14/2011]




The “ball-like” structure to the left of the “bug” is thought to be where it emerged as a very small organism:



Dead and somewhat desiccated, this artifact is thought to be involved in the etiology of the Morgellons Syndrome. Shown here at 150x, it is split open laterally. The length to width ratio was much greater while alive:

MRG Unidentified Artifact with associated unidentified “fibrils” thought to be a life-form unknown to science.



[Update: 12/08/11]


The white ball like (cocoon?) shown here next to the edge of a copper penny is the beginning of the story about our (as yet) unidentified insect. This artifact was easily found beginning around 1999, when it was discovered to be brightly fluorescent (bright light blue) upon exposure to long-wavelength ultraviolet illumination. Several of these artifacts were collected at a location in Paradise, California, and placed in a glass vial for later study. There was no insect or loose, colored filamentous fibrils present. The vial and its contents were stored and forgotten until last year. Upon reexamination the vial now contained an unidentified living organism and several colorful filamentous fibrils similar (identical) to those seen in the lesions of Morgellons syndrome sufferers.

Your help in identification of the “insect” and the accompaning fibrils will be greatly appreciated. Donations can be earmarked for this project.



Your thoughts and suggestions are solicited at this time.



Artifacts presented here appear to have a connection with Morgellons syndrome.


  • All specimens shown on these pages have been found in the environment of Morgellons sufferers — be it airborne or found in bedding or exuded/erupted from a dermatological lesion.
  • All photographs presented are photo-micrographs shot with microscope/camera combinations, many at below 100x magnification.
  • None of the artifacts shown here have been identified, to date, though having been presented to a variety of professional specialists.




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17 Comments for “Significant Finding: UPDATE”


  2. I had a bug that was exactly like that one but not as decayed fall from my scalp (or hair while showering a few weeks ago. Alone with it was a colbalt blue square atached to a small strip-like white fabric. My roomate saw the bug but I threw it out and saved the strip in alcohol. I have a hard time convincing anyone that I’m not making this stuff up. I have had several fuzz balls on the end of a q-tip while swabbing the inside of my nose. The longest parasite like worm I’ve kept so far is about half foot long and flails when I pick it up with twezzers. I think your on to something so please KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  3. continued Please read my previous posts. If it were me, I would NOT use Cansema (deep tsisue black salve) on the head, face or ears-potentially very serious complications. Extreme caution if using anything near the eye area. I have previously mentioned products to help the itching, the Clinique and also scrub with the neutrogena previously mentioned. Caution-the Clinique is flammable so do not use near heat or flame.Guava Juice / guava necttar 11 ounces twice a day, every day. This helps reduce scales, itching and bio-film.If indeed, Actinomyces is present, antibiotics have to be taken long term. Please read previous posts since they contain extensive information. Other Morgellons sufferers have improved significantly on certain antibiotics.Hope this helps.

  4. Yep.. a black light is THE way to see them.. it’s about the only hope we have of finding them in the home environment, especially the carpet. I have found that they changed the colors of the aerosoled fibers from plain white to bright fluorescent green – at least here in Alabama.

  5. I also have these things at my home here in yucca valley, ca. They are a type of seed. I have put them in a jar of water and they sprouted leaves. They also bite. I have pics of mine but dont know how to upload them here.

  6. I had fulliclesitus. My hair is [growing] back about 3/4 of an inch now and I have noticed the sores on my ear from the hair follicles, and the sore behind my ear are discharging these worm creatures and are falling on my hair and the abnormal hair growth every here and there on my head are there and I have these black dot bugs. I use the lice comb to see what comes out and the groups of hair get caught on the comb and I have to pull hard and the hairs come out with a little black speck at the root and they try and come together (forgot to mention when my hair was long and when I would take these out, I would put them in water and watch them connect together). I went to the doctor last week to get the 5% scabies medicine and used it and felt good for 2 days and the worms appeared again so I put some more of the medicine but this time I can actually feel something crawling on my head and the pinching sensations when I pull at those abnormal hairs, it’s as if it gets mad and I get pinched inside the skin on my right leg or on my arm..also when a black speck falls on my neck and I try to get it, it goes into my neck then starts to bleed and then it turns into a scratch line, on my shoulders and back too and above my hands .anyhow I don’t know what to do no one is listening and I seriously feel disgusted to be alive living like this .You know something’s wrong when you shave your head to rid these creatures, and wear a wig feeling beautiful and your wig gets the worms crawling up!!!!LOL but for reals it’s true .and someone please reach out to me I’m in LOS ANGELES COUNTY Thank you,,have to go shave my head again I can’t deal!!!!

    • Don’t feel alone…many people are going through this. Some get it worse than others.

    • To finally have a place to go is the best day in a long time .
      Do you know the life cycle of the long fiber that I have now noticed I feel like I’m watching hair grow , it is not hair, what do they do after they emerge .
      This is the 1st submit I HAVE EVER DONE ANY WHERE . So excuse ,me if I have not done proper & it’s just a good day to be able to find support that I believe we all need . Woohoo

  7. As to this photo, check out the stages of Bombyx mori as they have a stage that resembles this closely

  8. Hi, doing some research and some microscopic study of my own samples, which I see reflected on your sight and I have come across a possibility that is possible. It may be old news, but I haven’t seen it anywhere else ever. The vampire moth or calyptra species of moth has fangs and goes through several stages of change. It would introduce to the human system new fungi, bacteria, and parasites with it’s bite and has now spread over the u.s. It camouflages itself as I used to get colored wings, but now they are my skin color and much changed from several months ago. Bumps in a row that seem connected probably are. I believe this to be the caterpillar stage. Hope this helps someone!

  9. Due to having been infected for the last 7 and 1/2 years from my mother, l was at least cognizant of what caused the morgellons. It is a bird and/or rat mite. Thanks to my mother who collected specimens from a couple places in her home and on herself and sent them off the the University of Texas for identification. After a few years of infestation without any treatment, you begin to see the fibers and suffer the morgellons nightmare.

    • So what is the treatment for rat and bird mites ? What has your mother done ? Is she cured yet ?

      • After years of failures, we found that kerosene kills them in less than 15 seconds. Citric acid in a 50/50 mix with water kills them in 20 seconds(do not get in eyes!!!). They hate vicks salve or generic vicks and it soothes some of the worst sores. Mopping with 9-10 drops clove oil kills them on floors. In re: kerosene, if they have infested you under your skin, the kerosene turns the infestation bright red and starts to burn after about 10 min. Spraying the burn with lysol stops the burn. You can also shower after about 6 minutes. l have used it on my eyelids and eyelashes, every skin fold, and it doesn’t produce the burn unless they have burrowed under. If you have not treated yourself for longer than a year, l would suggest the citric acid (buy in bulk at some farm stores, ebay). I run a bath, Mix it in a large plastic cup and use your hands or small sponge to spread it over your body. l like it best for scalp and hair, pouring with my head held back. Burns like fire in your eyes, be very very careful. Mom infected everyone and keeps getting reinfested. She loves using a fogger in her house with little bit of clove oil.

  10. WOW ! Hola Larry my Friend ! Great photos ! Can I get copys ? call me……or I shall call you…..peace & blessings, Grover

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