Sample Letter to Senator Barbara Boxer (CA)

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Below is an example letter that was sent to Senator Barbara Boxer. It would be a good idea if as many people as possible could send a similar letter. You can write your own, or personalize the example letter text below. You can send the Senator letters using an online form, which makes it fairly easy to do. The more letters she receives, the more likely it is that she will do something. The link is:

E-mail the Senator


Senator Boxer,

The sight that greeted my eyes as I awoke on this otherwise lovely fall day was multiple spreading streaks of white in every direction I looked. Aerosol spray tankers continually crisscross our Sacramento Valley leaving their trails almost every day. This poisoning of the planet is horrific and must stop immediately.

We know the content of the aerosols as they are enumerated in registered patents, more than 190 of them. The chief components are aluminum oxide, barium salts, and strontium. The same chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere are appearing in our lakes and ponds, and of course the soil. One local lake tests out at 18,000 parts per billion of aluminum–well over the maximum contaminant level established by the EPA.

I have a small organic garden and fruit orchard, growing since 1989. The productivity in both is in a precipitous decline. My plants all show signs of abiotic stress, produce little, and die months before a frost hits. Several fruit trees are dead this year. I used to pick buckets of tomatoes for canning and freezing. Now I’m lucky to get one a day for a salad.

Plants cannot grow in aluminized soil. The nanoparticles are biologically available to their roots and are so toxic that the plant shuts down. Aluminum also raises the pH of the soil, in some places making it 10 times more alkaline than normal. Forest trees in the Sierra Nevada are also mysteriously dying. Forest soils have to be acidic to sustain healthy trees. A person in Britain predicts that our soil will be sterile in 20 years.

Neurologists know full well what happens to humans who continually breathe in nanoaluminum. It goes straight into our bloodstream and quickly ends up in our brains. Witness the meteoric rise in Alzheimer’s, ALS, and autism. There should be zero aluminum in our air and water.

I know you to be a woman of conscience and courage. I was never so proud as the day you stood up in the Senate to protest the Ohio election anomalies in 2004. I don’t want to believe that you are aware of the damage these geoengineering programs are doing and aren’t trying to stop them. So I implore you to investigate this issue. A good place to start is with two films by Michael Murphy–“What in the World Are They Spraying?” and “WHY in the World Are They Spraying?”

We need to take action to curtail these programs immediately as later may be too late. Please respond and let me know what you can do.




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