Morgellons Research Group Research Associate
AA Horticulture (Dean’s List) Botany / Chemistry

Lee Riddle has been conducting experiments on field-grown Easter lilies for the last 35 years.  He has also run a lily breeding program to find more disease resistant and beautiful lilies. Much of his work involves plant diseases and how to cure them.

Mr. Riddle was educated in the fields of horticulture, botany and chemistry.  Lee has always been drawn to the outdoor environment.  It’s where he lives, works and plays, and, as such, he noticed the phenomenon of “chemtrails” the winter of 1998-99.  At about the same time, Lee noticed much of the natural world around him changing.  Sickening and dying trees in the forests, long strands of web-like material falling from the sky, and abnormalities in weather satellite images.  He has had the somewhat unique perspective of living on the edge of the Pacific coast, in an area without any commercial jet traffic or industrial pollution, to witness the regular dropping of material from planes that can only be military.  The hazing-over of what once was one of the most pristine “Blue Sky” air sheds on the planet.

Lee has investigated these and other artificial changes as they have been foisted upon the earth and its inhabitants.  Morgellons syndrome is one such affliction having a fibril phase with similarities in form to the airborne web-like fallout.  Like Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole, Lee has found more and more disturbing implications of where this geoengineering is taking us.  Studying the ‘who’, the ‘why’ and the ‘wherefore’ has become a part of his everyday life.  Although all of this can be depressing, Lee has discovered the pleasure of meeting some of the nicest people on earth as he has searched for answers to his questions.

There is no going back.  Let us go forward.


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