Morgellons Research Group Research Associate
Certified Professional Gemologist
As a Certified Professional Gemologist, Larry Meyer first became aware of unusual airborne artifacts in the Fall of 1998.  The first step in clarity grading faceted gemstones is cleaning the gem as anything on the pavilion can look to be internal when viewed through the stones table facet.  An unfamiliar fiber was suddenly always present on gemstones and difficult to remove.  This same material was often found bunched up around and under a mountings prongs.  Being well schooled in materials analysis, Larry set upon identifying this unknown substance, and that venture has not ended.  These artifacts have been discovered under meat wrappers at the grocery, on the screen of his laptop, and in a sample removed from the eye of a four month old baby.  Since 1998, a minimum of two dozen unidentified artifacts have surfaced that as yet remain unidentified.  Many researchers are involved in this study today; however, those who should best be able to provide results remain mysteriously silent.  Of extreme interest is that researcher Clifford Carnicom (The Carnicom Institute) has apparently tied these same artifacts found in the lesions of subjects with symptoms of Morgellons to the airborne samples found following what has been described as illegal aerosol manipulation (geoengineering) of our atmosphere. At present,
Larry’s primary interest is a variety of  microscopic hexagonal crystals that are found in both airborne and biological samples.
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