Morgellons Research Group Research Associate/Secretary
BA English * Writer * Avid Historical Reader
 Convergent technology: Biology, Geology, Chemistry
 Physics, Natural Science, Ancient  Alchemy, Archeology


Kathryn Augustyn has experienced symptoms of Morgellons for over 20 years. She has researched and revealed many protocols for use in the Morgellons community. Kathryn’s research uncovers the evolutionary/epigenetic programs now being activated by geneticists and synthetic scientists. She has dedicated her life to finding the cause of Morgellons through the research of books both old and new, histories of certain diseases, and the work of many unrecognized scientists whose works were true discoveries.

Ms. Augustyn has read extensively and studied new technologies, and recognizes its relationship to alchemy. The convergence of biology, chemistry, geology, physics and medicine has blurred the lines between disciplines. When organic/ inorganic are combined, new forms are produced. Kathryn believes that the science is out there, and dispersing the information uncovered through research is her forte in the effort to help educate people on new technology and its possible relationship to Morgellons.

Kathryn researches DNA, RNA, proteins, enzymes and genes that may be used in the Morgellons multi-cellular organism.  The organism is a type of foreign adaptive parasite.  It is biological and chemical; thus, it incorporates a new form of life.  This convergence also includes computer interface and artificial synthetic life.  Kathryn searches for patents and papers pertaining to these new products, and she reviews new diseases seen in clinics today. The evolutionary-directed (forced) paradigm (blueprint) is in effect and observable, both in the environment and within living organisms.

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