Pacific Psychosis – January 3, 2013

The UTC 6:15 Infrared Pacific Sat photo below shows what the Pacific looked like before the “energy” was turned on:






The UTC 8:22 Infrared Sat photo below shows what the Pacific looked like after the “energy” was turned on:


1-3-2013 IR 1




Notice that all of the strange activity is occurring west of the 135th longitude line, from Alaska clear down as far south as Australia. Above is 10:22 UTC (time) and  below is 12:15 UTC. Notice that the 180 Longitude line has become the spot where the horizontal bars dead end:




By 14:22 UTC (below) the area between Hawaii & Japan has filled in with these circular patterns:




Below we will look at the effects upon the Water Vapor satellite images starting before the event at 6:15 UTC:



Before the event (above) we have a very large Black  area (extremely DRY) centered between Australia, Japan & Hawaii. This area disappears as the event starts at 8:22 UTC as seen below:




Notice the Water vapor “Shear” occurring in that same area between Australia, japan, & Hawaii that continues through UTC 10:22:






The shear stays through UTC 12:15 & UTC 14:22 (above and below):




When the energy event turns off at 16:22 UTC (below) this area returns to the way it was before:







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  4. HI Anthony, I saved those images in real time from this site, my local NOAA, http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/satellite/index.php?wfo=mfr
    As far as digging up archives of those images, it usually can be done, with a bit of time, if a person googles satellite archives and then proceeds through a number of site archives. It takes me quite a while whenever I try to do that & often I never do find the archive I am looking for. I you find a good source of archives please let us know. Thanks for your interest, Lee

  5. Hi Lee,

    Would you please post a direct link to the site where we can input the search criteria to see the first 5 photos reproduced in this series of satellite images? Specifically,I would like to see these vibrational patterns
    at the site, and keep the link on my weather bookmarks.
    Anthony (aka Rube)

  6. does the Saturn like ring system near Fukashima mean something? Is the “Black Spot” an area of energy used to promote an action? Did Spaceballs just jump to “Plaid” ?
    Are the “endangered” salminiods harrpy now? Has the masked media bunkered down somewhere near the 180th & the 15th?
    Is there anybody out there? (flink Ployd reference wail)

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