My Personal Chemtrail Story

by Kandy Griffin
July 15, 2011


One summer morning in Upstate NY, I walked out of my house to find my light blue car covered in a brown, greasy substance. I was very upset and immediately drove to the automatic car wash to eliminate this substance from  my vehicle. Upon my return home, I exited  the car and was walking back up to my house. I noticed this substance on the sidewalk, on the porch and it was also dripping from the roof of my home. It was then that I looked around the neighborhood and noticed that every house in the area, as well as the vehicles parked at those houses were also covered and dripping with this substance. I  walked around to the back of my home and the side of the garage looked as if someone had filled a bucket with grease and “splashed” it on the side of the garage. I was confused and dumbfounded, racking my brain to solve the mystery. At this point in time, I was not educated to what was happening around the globe with this unexplainable phenomena.

A few years later, I became very ill. I was  diagnosed  with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lyme and eventually Morgellons. I began researching information on my illnesses and was overwhelmed with the information I found. The research began with adverse reaction to vaccines. I am a nurse and had countless vaccines throughout my professional career. From vaccines, the path led me to mycoplasma information and how Merck Pharmaceuticals had used recombinant DNA to create pathogenic forms of this organism. They injected this material into mosquitos and released millions of them in Punta Gorda Florida in the middle of the night. Within weeks, hundreds of people in Punta Gorda were diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from being bitten by these infected mosquitos.

From mycoplasma, I was lead to information on chemtrails. I was mortified. I was watching a video made by someone who stated that they had isolated 3 types of substances falling from the skies. He stated that the first type of material was brown and greasy. My stomach did a complete flip as I realized the material that was found on my vehicle, my home and my neighborhood was dropped from a plane. It was then that it all made sense. He also stated that the two other forms were a pinkish-red powdery substance and a web-like material.

From chemtrails, I was led to Morgellons information. It was at this time that I realized that  I too was infected with this Morgellons atrocity. Over the next few years, I continued my research, built a Morgellons Research Forum, and went on to form our research team currently known as Morgellons Research Group.

I spent only a short time in that home after the fallout and them moved to another home due to the fact that I had met my fiancee and moved into his home. My friend stayed in the original home. Every time I went to visit my friend in the original home, I became very ill. I would get lightheaded, dizzy, have severe stomach cramps and diarrhea and would almost pass out. I am convinced that due to my frail state, the material in this brown goo was affecting me severely. My friend no longer lives in that home.

Since my findings, I have become an activist educating others about this obscene operation called chemtrails being carried out globally as well as it’s connection to the Morgellons condition.



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