MRG Mission

The Morgellons Research Group (MRG) consists of dedicated researchers conducting the study and identification of an emerging syndrome known as Morgellons.  We are comprised of concerned citizens, health care professionals, scientific researchers and microbiologists who volunteer their time, research efforts, personal funding, and research equipment towards this endeavor.

Morgellons is occurring worldwide, while few medical professionals know anything about it.  Our goals are to educate the public, publish our research and findings, share information including micrographs of artifacts under study, categories of artifacts, and to publish scientific identification of these strange and unusual biological artifacts collected from humans, pets and the environment.

We hope other researchers will contact us to participate in this investigation and help expand the network of researchers into an international team. We invite all concerned citizens to assist in this effort with donations toward lab fees and the scientific studies underway.

Additional research is currently underway HERE.

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