Morgellons is not a disease

By Kandy Griffin
MRG President


Morgellons is not a disease. It is a process. It is a form of forced/directed evolution of the human genome. It is the fetal stage of transhumanism, and it is upon us.

This stealth project is being carried out with the use of the daily chemtrail operations, which are happening globally.  There is no escape. The chemtrail operations are terraforming the earth and everything on it, including you.

Many have died.  While the CDC and Kaiser Permanente drag their heels with its so-called study, humans are perishing, suffering “unbelievable” symptoms and are left alone with nowhere to turn.

Countless patients have been improperly diagnosed with “Delusions of Parasitosis.”

Just before the “explosion” of Morgellons here in the United States, the CDC sent letters out to physicians across the country stating that they were seeing an increase of patients with DOP.  Coincidence? I think not. They were covering their tracks, so to speak.

Last I knew, delusions do not cause oozing skin lesions, flying insects, worms, fungus, molds, plants, colored fibers and fiber bundles, polka-dotted, multi-colored plaques or crystals of different shapes/colors. These are just a few of the symptoms associated with this mutation process, based on one’s genetic pre-disposition.

Morgellons sufferers are far from delusional. They are outsourced bioresearch test subject for the Global Governments, and so are you.

Independent researchers are learning a vast amount of knowledge about this entity and are putting the pieces together.  It appears to have protein involvement as well as many different organic species and possibly nanotechnology/biosensor involvement.

It is slow, invasive and progressive.

Hundreds of samples have been obtained from people who show no outward symptoms of the mutation. The same specimens have been found with people who are noticeably infected, as well as in environmental sampling.

Imagine finding a black speck sprouting a blue fiber from a strange layer of skin that has formed over one of your open skin lesions. Then imagine finding the same black speck and the same blue fiber on a grain of rice. I did. It was impossible to distinguish which came from my skin and which was from the rice.

Transhumanism through terraforming.


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159 Comments for “Morgellons is not a disease”

  1. carolinevelasqu3z

    Morgellons is not a disease by nature, it is a manmade disease, a condition to control you and keep you weak and sick. Once a patent expires it leaves these poisons to be used in any product that another person or corp. once to use them in. You all must learn the definitions used by the medical, biologists and chemist terminology.

  2. With heart and soul I tried reaching those in the medical profession and in our govt to help me. I sought help from many attorneys in drug injury firms all who turned their backs on me. It took years to research the chemicals in an anti aging cream called Renova 0.05%. It took years to find that the developer of this biological drug was Prof Albert M Kligman, a man who worked on the MKNAOMI Projects for the CIA and on skin hardening agent and non detecting mind altering drugs for the US Army. A man who tortured prisoners at Holmesburg Prison and per the book “Acres of Skin” and other journalists who wrote about him, he tortured patients in mental institutions. He sold retinoid patent rights to Johnson and Johnson and Univer of Penn sued him and Johnson and Johnson for the illegal sale of those patents. A man who obvious was not to be trusted in business and was a monster of torture with his poisons he used on human beings. A drug that was illegally labeled and did not inform the patients and consumers of the true dangers of the chemicals and biological agents in this anti wrinkle cream. Where dermatologists and physicians would ignore the patients side effects and ignore doing biological testing and allowed the patient to suffer and be tortured by a technology used in these drugs that never should have been thought let alone implemented in drugs used on humans. I pleaded and begged those who are researching a new emerging disease that are the same symptoms of retinoid poisoning called Morgellons. I researched protein banks and chemical data banks to only find that these agents were never to be used on humans, yet the FDA approved it. I found that when a patent expires it allows all who want to invent patents and products to used agents like isotretinoin 13-cis retinoic acid in their products and none bother to label this. Patent 6461594 titled “Sunblocks-Oxide Metals, Syracuse Univer inventor Robert Birge will inform you of them using 13-cis retinoic acid in hair conditioners and other products used on humans. A toxic isomer derived from the bacteriorhodopsin the purple membrane pigment taken from the ecoli halobacterium. These agents are not sterile and contain the DNA and RNA of the species they are taken from which is why the human immune system starts fighting these toxic agents even at nano level. Nano agents are used to try to trick the human body from fighting these invaders off, but the trick didn’t work and the body is in a constant battle fighting of these self replicating and self assembling agents that build matrixes and larger structures and create biofilms. It was known that these retinoid agents known as vitamin A were toxic to the neuroreceptors and thalmus and pineal glands as well as other organs such as the liver and kidney and pancreas. These agents cause rashes, dermatitis, keratitis, hallucinations, high lipids, gastrointestinal pain, obstructions of the intestines and anal muscles do to the aluminum metals used in these agents, they cause blisters and chemical burns do to the phosphorous compounds used that were known as bioweapons that deplete the bones of calcium and replace with phosphorous causing osteoporosis and phossy jaw and can cause death. These agents were used in many drugs and cosmetic products with no warning. These agents are photogenetic agents used in many surveillance patents from holograms to optical recording mediums. Patent 6448032 will inform you that these agents are hormones and are invisible to the human naked eye. As ETC stated the theory of nanotechnology was if you couldn’t see it it wouldn’t hurt you. All knew the dangers and still allowed this technology to be released into the environment and products used by humans. Slowly, it is being released that vitamins are toxic, after decades of informing people they need them and to take them. I gave years of my time to inform all I could. It would be extremely vital and humane if someone would come forward and help me. I have suffered tremendously and the torture of these agents is more than anyone should have ever had to endure. Those who knew my pain and played a mind game with a person suffering need to worry of the Wrath of God as you will answer for your actions and are accountable. I will never lose my faith in God, but I have lost my faith in mankind. Those who caused suffering to me and others will have to answer. Fourteen years of suffering and not one supposed health care provider or toxicologists or person holding a position of protecting the health and welfare of the America ever came forward to help. I was forced to do my own research and found patent after patent involving toxic chemicals that would cause destruction to the human immune system. Chemicals that would cause alterations in human genetics and where the ecoli is used to splice and slice the DNA. I found where bacteria and fungus are being programmed and used as drug delivery agents. Review all patents given and including Patent 20050129773 WO200809628 41711815 EP0184942. Educate yourself on what nanotechnology is and nano meters and soundwaves are. Educate yourself on crosslink polymers are, nano protein robotics is about, ligands natural and synthetic made, photosynthesis, photons, protons, nucleus, how metals in medicines and cosmetics are toxic to the brain and send and receive signals and cross signals, what self assembly and self replicating agents do and nowhere is stated how they stop growing. Learn about the matrix and how skin partition chemicals like DMSO are used in drugs and were only approved for one disease, which allowed physician to use it for others even when they knew better. DMSO is used in photography for film delveloping.

  3. To the person who wanted to know about cellulose. Aminos acids cause cellulose. Pharmaceutical corps use pentose and hexose in their drugs and this creates cellulose. Hexose is derihas ved from a bacteria and they use bacteria from the instestines of animals. Hoffman and LaRoche

  4. To learn more about the “residue” and how these retinoids drugs and chemicals used in them are about read on the internet “Biophys Journal, V67 (3) 1187-11991 Sept 1994 PMC 1225474 “Met-145 is key residue in the dark absorption of bacteriorhodopsin homologs”. You will see that this is a retinal and a proton pump. This is the 13 cis isomer used in isotretinoin and other drugs not being labeled. Residue is matter left behind on a chemical reaction. Patent 4565863 Retinoid carbohydrates, Hoffman and LaRoche 1986, will inform you of residues being used in the formula and will state pentose and hexose sugar used, Hexose is a sugar amino acid and one that is derived from the butyrivibrio bacterium. Clostridia is another bacteria from the gastrointestinal system being used in these drugs. Pentose is a furan and is flammable at room temperature and known carcingen. It is produced by 1,3 butadiene and palladium catalyst. These compounds were used in the patent for Preparation of 13-cis by Hoffman and LaRoche and used in patent 4877805 by AM Kligman used in the production of Renova 0.05% and Renova 0.02% and God knows how many of other products. As I informed you once a patent expires anyone can then use those agents in their own production of a new product they want to invent. In the research above and where proteins are where our drugs are derived from, I learned about amyloids and how they misfold proteins and cause many diseaes that our society is now facing because they effect neurotransmitters and receptors. Is medicine necessary? Is medicine poison? Why are they using poisons and call them medication? Poisons are poisons and are deadly to all living beings. Take one vaccine patent or one drug patent and look up every chemical and you will see that you should not use that medicine. How do these people live with themselves and how do they sleep at night knowning they are destroying lives and families?

  5. […] [20] Kandy Griffin, “Morgellons is not a disease,” 7 Aug. 2011. http://morgellonsresearchgroup.com/morgellons-is-not-a-disease/ Many videos and other sources at: Amir Alwani, “If Chemtrails And HAARP Didn’t Disturb You […]

  6. Nik you and all of us need to worry about the word supplements and vitamins. Vitamins are toxic in quantity and should only be taken in natural foods from vegetables to fruits and fish. Sigma Aldrich article on Retinoic Acid and Gene Expression, Biofiles, 2008, 3,9,2 http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/technical/-documents/articles/biofiles/reti will inform you that our dairy products are supplemented with Vitamin A and D. Vitamin regulates gene expression, but yet they don’t know how the mechanism works–yet they still forged ahead and put supplements (manmade synthetic) in our foods and dairy products and inform people to take vitamin supplements. Do you know how vitamin intake you took today via supplements and how much you should intake? Do you know where they derived these supplements from? Were they taken from bacteria, fungus, yeast, insects, plants, animals, or fish? You need to learn about nanotechnology and proteins used as nano machines: tetrahydo, tetrahedral, octahedral, furanoids (bird like and half cages), geometric chemistry, stereoisomers, isomers, terpenes, protein docking, scaffold docking, liposomes, micelles (nanoworms), gas vesicles, drug delivery carriers, benzonase (ecoli, yeast, fungus and aluminum phosphates used in vaccines and drugs), carbon nano wires, tubes, spheres and paper, lipids, retinal, retinol, retina, rhodopsin, bacteriorhodopsin, aspargine, glycol, biosynthesis and photosynthesis, light harvesting antennae arrays, arrays, electromagnetic fields, electro static, vanderwaahls forces, ethyl, methyl, isopropyl, isomers, microorganisms used as drug delivery carriers, vaccine patents and vitamin and drug patents, diphosphate, amino acid residue, retinoid compound ##str1## and you will see the carbons, halogens, alkoxy, aryl (mercury) and toxic metals used Patent 5648385 Retinoid Like Compounds, Bristol Myers Squibb, 1994 will inform you of each of these groups used in retinoids. Look up each metal, each halogen, each carbon and you will find that these agents were not to be used on humans.
    There is a man telling his story of his fate with death do to Alzheimers on the internet today. It is known by Susan Lindquist of Whitehead Institute, that a misfolded protein will cause alzheimers, autism, cancer and other diseases. Yet, these pharmaceutical corps have been putting these proteins that cross to the nucleus in our drugs, food and dairy products and not informing of the risks.
    You might not have used a retinoid drug, you certainly have drunken milk sometime in your life and other dairy products and probably token vitamins. The lies of prosperity is what we were all deceived by. We trusted and we were screwed. They put pseudomonas aeruginosa and staph aureus in the Retinoid Drug Renova 0.05% and patent 5612036 will explain how this human pathogene causes morbidity and mortality and rate of mortality is 50-80%. How this pathogene is usually hospital acquired and mainly burn victims and transplant victims and cancer victims get it. Well, Johnson and Johnson’s own admission in the NDA 19963 proves these pharmaceutical corps are putting it in our drugs and physicians are told to look away. All left me with serious eye infections, dental infections and respiratory infections and this patents informs you what this microorganism does. Yet, in six years of pleading with every Morgellon Research organization all left me to suffer and did not do any tests for these microorganisms. I die each and every person should be held accountable for my death.

  7. The comment about cellulose you can go to free patents on line and call that up in the search field and you will see how many patents use cellulose and where it is derived from. Think about what a gel pill or vitamin are made of. Those chemicals
    we thought just melt and release the meds and vitamins. What do you think was used to make that gel capsule and that is what you need to start researching. You need to find out what formeldehyde releasers are and how they release formeldehye and why it is being used and how it effects your body. Formeldehye, aspartame, quaternium-15 is a formeldehyde releaser and chemicals as such are harmful to the body inside and out. See Senator Saxton’s report on “Nanotechnology Coming Sooner Than You Think”. It is on the internet and proves that they were using these toxic compounds that they knew would cause cancer, knew would grow larger structures and matrixes around us. Congress and Senate know the laws and were suppose to protect us and failed miserably. Now you will have ObamaCare where the govt will control what tests you can and what tests you will be denied and you will never be tested for the chemicals and side effects they are known to cause. It was not about given affordable health ins to all Americans and it is not about equal medical care. If you can’t afford a good plan than you will not get good service and that is the bottom line of all of this. You need to learn about fatty acids and where those fatty acids used in drugs are derived from as they self replicate and make long chain reactions. Myristic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, 1-hexyldocanoic acid is a binding protein in the human muscle. There is stearic acid propanoic acid. These acids are in various animals and body parts from the intestines to the brain to the muscle. Patent 4556518 will inform you of the horrific compounds being used in preparation of 13-cis retinoic acid. You will see terms like catalyst and where they use palladium or rhodium phtalocyanin (cyanide ion). Phosphine known poison used in biowarfare. Carbon atoms of methyl, propyl and ethyl (these are petroleum atoms that contain benzene that causes cancer). Alkoxy groups that are methoxy and ethoxy. Alkanoic acid that is acetic, butyric acid and propionic acid are serious health causing agents. Halogens of chlorine, fluorine, bromine and iodine. Aryl signifies mononuclear aromatic hydrocarbons and phenyl is nitro. You will see napthryl and azuly which are polynuclear aryl groups. Aryl is mercury and known chemical that is known to make people go insane. Psuedomonas is used to make polyvinyl alcohol used to make biofilms and plastic bottles. God only knowns what they have been doing to the people of the world. None of them were protecting us they were killing us. Look on the internet for a publication by a nutritionist back in 1975 titled “You and Food Population”. I will have to get back if I didn’t give you the right title. They have known for a long time there is not enough resources to feed the billions of people on this planet. So, why are we being forced to have health care coverage and why are they doing transplants? Why are they giving chemo drugs to people when they known the cancer will come back and that the patient will suffer more as there is no cure for cancer, so why prolong the inevitable? Because they make great profits from chemo and transplants. They don’t care about MRSA or anyother infections because they are short term and they don’t make money on short illnesses and they are putting bacteria frome ecoli, pseudomonas, staph aureus, yeast and fungus and viruses in your drugs to cause health issues. We are born and start dying on the day we are born. Life is not forever and it is not about quanity it is about quality. This medical profession left me with Keratitis and burnt corneas and did nothying to find the cause, to help me or expose what this retinoid drug did. Many people are getting detached retinas and having to have surgery. A gentleman yesterday informed me that his physician stated many of the drugs we take are causing this. Do you not think that pseudomonas and staph aureus pulling and scratching on your corneas would not cause the retina to become attached. If and it is a contagious disease is spreadable by contact or these bacterias are able to move by the toxic gases they live and by pulse vibrations, there will be more surgeries and loss of vision. Who profits and who suffers financial loss and medical bills they will never be ever to pay off in this life time. It is a time when the world has become so ugly with greed and power that you must hold strong to faith. We can’t bring nothing with us when we go but a clear conscious that you did all you could to make it a better place to live and you did what you could to help others. The sad things is they are driving the younger generations out of their minds with these metals and toxic chemicals. This is what makes me so frustrated in not getting people to come together and stop this. Read Rowe vs Hoffman and LaRoche A952203T3 1997. Robert Rowe was a sixteen year old who was prescribed Accutane and then suffered depression and suicidal tendencies. After years of research I found that the chemicals and metals in this drug had contained nanotechnology of carbon atoms, metals that bind to the neurorecptors and these agents send signals and alter gene expression. These agents were known to cause many health issues, but yet, they were approved. So do you think the FDA, CDC, NIH, NSF, NST and Congress and Senate are working for you and protecting your rights? No they are not. You can’t expect one person to do all the work alone and I can not look up everything for everyone. I am trying to wake up parents so they know what is in vaccines, what is in vitamins and vitamins are toxic and should only be taken in natural foods like an orange, grapes, peas, carrots and not in large quantities. I am trying to warn women not to use antiaging creams that will cause asbestosis and other serious health injuries. My mission is to expose the truth and keep the truth and the evidence all together, so people are not scrambling for information in various locations. I have been working with Kathyrn and hope she can find a way where she can put the evidence right out there near the comments that each evidence pertains to so you can see with your own eyes and see who and what are doing this. Remember a corporation is a group of people prospering. It is not just a building where people like to hide the truth and responsibility. Each person working in those facilities and in govt positions have a duty and responsibility to devulge the truth. They knew danger was involved and that a person could suffer and even die they had a duty to expose it and that includes law firms who are denying innocent victims from getting redress and where these drugs never should have been on the market.

  8. Lili,
    I am cleaning up the products and food we use and eat. What about all the derivatives of cellulose? They are in everything. Is microcrystalline cellulose and such being used in this condition to create fibers and the crystals on the sores? Is it used by the Pseudomonas?

  9. To know and educate yourselves on what fullerenes are a great patent to read is Patent 20090302029 Systems and Methods Based on Radiation induced heating or ignition of functionalized fullerenes, Univ of Fla. This patent goes into detail what these carbon fullerene structures are and their sizes. It informs you on their usage as used to explode cancer cells, detonation of explosives, ignition of a combu0.05stible mixture, photolithographic process and writing of optical storage media. It will inform you of their ability to use electromagnetic, microwave (which is ELF),ultraviolet, visible light and combustible mixtures. Remember that isotretinoin (Accutane) and Renova 0.05% chemical structure is C20 the smallest fullerene. You will find out about carboxy fullerenes and Carnicom Institute found this agent in their findings. The13-cis isomer used in these retinoid drugs is the purple membrane pigment retinal known as bacteriorhodopsin. I iinformed you that Renova per definition meant repeating small atomic exploions. I informed you of the toxic gases used in this chemistry and that they alone were explosive and no warning not to smoke or be near flames while using this product. I informed you that naphthalene and palmatic acid were used in this product and in the NAPALM Bomb. Phosphorous used self ignites. This patent is perfect in explaining fullerene bucky spheres and nano carbon walls and how they are used in drugs to cause explosions at nano level on the cell nucleus. Patent 5929069 Institute of Mechanical Molecular Design will explain Compounds activating pharmacological effects of retinoids and the retinoid compound ##str1##. Patents 20070161105 8518487 and 8105833 will explain how retinoids are used in forming organs in a lab. You will see that they are biological agents that effect cell differential and can cause cell mortality. Sad that none of these physicians who are prescribing these type of drugs didn’t think enough of human life and rights to inform their patients that they were being used as human targets in using agents that would cause explosions in their bodies at nuclear level and where these agent would be scattered throughout the body and cause cancers to grow elsewhere, hence metastatic cancer. NASA and ICTA all knew that nano carbon fullerenes would cause asbestosis of the lungs and knew it was being used in antiaging creams and being advertised and marketed to lure women in the age groups of 40-50.
    Surprise surprise that is the age group where Morgellons is found to infect the majority of sufferers. Hildegarde Staninger publicly stated when these agents cross into the nucleus the nucleus will see them as itself and start producing them as itself. Hence the self replication of nano protein robots, long chain
    self asemblers and an isomer that keeps writing the program the 13 cis isomer retinal pigment with a large storage ability. Parents of Accutane users and all who have used retinoids you must investigate these patents and all patents listed in the many blogs below. What are nano machines please see patent 20030138777 and other patents listed in the many blogs. Trust me, I get paid nothing for the time I freely devoted in this research to educate the general population and innocent children affected, because I am a sufferer of their torture and would not wish this on my worse enemy.

  10. Carnicom Institute has found the same chemicals used in Renova in his findings on his subjects tested for Morgellons. They are listed in below blogs. They are
    using geometric chemistry that pushes and pulls through the skin that causes the sensation of something crawling under the skin. Per patents on retinoids they work under the skin. The chemical DMSO that was only approved by FDA for intestinal cystitis was used in Renova and other patents and it is used to partition the skin. This is how these photogenetic and photographic agents enter into the skin and body and blood stream. Chemicals used to deliberately burn the skin and cause blisters were used. Microorganisms wee used that when excited by the blue light eject protons and capture photons to convert to energy and laser beams to control the matrix they are creating around the victim. Phosphorous is a toxic poison that self ignites causing the blue light. As stated Carnicom Institute found phosphorous and sulfur. Sufur creates disulfide brigdes and bonds in nanotechnology. Geometric chemistry is known for its taciity and uses toxic gases that create the boat configuration, chair configuration, steering wheels, propellars, wings and whatever structure they wanted to develop. These agents can be seen by cameras as cameras can see into the invisible light. Cameras don’t lie and why they are so important in surveillance recording apparatuses. As stated that microorganims like bacteriorhodopsin purple membrane retinal is used to created pixels (pictures) in optical recording mediums. They have found cyteines in both Carnicom findings and Dr. Harvey. Patent 7312058 Mutant Serine acetyltransfurase and Patent
    4278765 Method for preparing strains which produce amino acids will inform you how microbiologists are using ecoli and other micoorganims to produce amino acids used in feed stuff for animals, foods and drugs for human usage. Patent 2006177849 Protein knobs will inform of using proteins from the Super Family of Knots in making these agents in drugs. Figure 9B of the original patent by clicking pdf you will see that these knobs look like parathesis. Exactly such a structure I drew for a dermatologist who wanted me to draw what I saw when these agents illuminate. I never ever said i am infected with bugs or any infestation. I only stated I feel pushing and pulling of my skin, lips and eyelids and that I see glowing white structures that move back and forth. Well we know these agents fold and unfold, have nano carbon wires that they bind to, that microorganisms of pseudomonas and staph were used and stated in the NDA19963, we know that 13-cis isomer of bacteriorhodopsin vitamin A retinal known as smart dust illuminates purple when excited. Patent WO9603499 is about tyrosine receptor and cytokine receptor mediated signaling. Bd of reagents of Neb 759836 Method of purifying protein of the cysteine knot super family. Retinoid are in the Knot Super Family as well and the Super Family of Hormones. They use and are stem cells that keep replicating. They are photosensors and what are in our retinas to see with. They convert sunlight that sends signals to the brain for seeing. They regulate skin and bones and wings and tails and color of fish and plants and humans. They are pigments and they are proteins and contain microorganisms as the bacteriorhodopsin contains halophiles and halococcus and it is an ecoli bacteria. So, there is all the proof of what is being used in drugs and vitamins and our food and in our pesticides that are sprayed intot he environoment. The below blogs will inform you of them using retinoids and TTNPB in pesticides and how the frogs in Michigan Lake are being deformed and it was environmentalist who did the tests to find these agents in the water. Yet, no one can do a test on me to find all these compounds used in a drug and where the formula was constantly revised since being approved seems to be proof that no one really wants the public to know the truth. I pray that is not true and I pray everyday of my life that someone shows courage, ethics and compassion instead letting someone be tortured by agents that push and pull her eyes, skin and organs apart. Where nano wires are pinching and entangling in her organs and causing pain. Where the migraines are so violent and the pressure in the skull is so heavy. I want to see with my own eyes and not throught these structures that cover my eyes and block my vision and are petrifying to look at. No one should endure suffering for this long.

  11. If there are 100.000 people suffering back in 2010 per Hank Albarelli’s publication,
    there must be more by now. None seem to know about this website because no one even post or pleads for help.

  12. I have reviewed Carnicom’ report on his findings. He found carboxylic acids,
    aromatiics, amines, alkyl halides, esters, sulfur, phosphorous, and phenols. All of which were put into Retinoid drugs. Many of these agents he states are in our foods, drugs and environment that lead to brain fog and they bind to the neurotransmitters, gastrointestinal problems, hair loss and altered hair, anemia, visio problems and all of which I suffer from. Retinoid drugs and other drugs using these agents do not want of the harm these chemicals cause and how they change “gene expression” and for which Carnicom states in his report. Yet,
    not one person was there to help address this to the world nor to help me. Every chemical he states was used in Renova 0.05% and at nano level to self replicate and self assemble. Not one attorney would take this case on and to warn the public of the harms of these tretinoin Vitamin A drugs. Patent 4804834 science agency of ind. technology, Japan Tokyo will inform you of them using bacteriorhodopsin to make photosensors. Why it is used and how similar
    this retinal membrane is like the human rhodopsin. You can see how it is used as an optical recording apparatus. Carnicom states he has found bacteria in subjuects blood, Johnson and Johnson put the bacteria agents of staph aureus and pseudomonas in this cream.

  13. I believe that this has been released into the environment delibertely as a
    surveillance device that would record envirnomental data and weather and
    whatever other use it was intended to do. Using proteins from bacterias,
    fungus and insects that carry the DNA and RNA of these agents though that
    would self replicate caused a serious problem. These agents used in drugs
    and products are an atrractant to what is in the environment and are able to
    signal one another. The use of electronic chemicals in drugs are able to pick
    up signals from these agents release into the environment. Either way all it
    causing havoc to life form on Earth. Photos show these glowing white structures
    are everywhere. They sitck to everything like spider webs. That is because they are using biological glue as adhesives on these agents. They are building a matrix around our bodies using chemicals like furanoid that build bird like cages.
    Think of what that bird cage looks like and they are capable of building a wire
    cage around humans using photons and nano carbon wires. Using chemicals that self assemble and self replicate. Patents you need to review using microorganisms as liquid crystals. Patent 3947375 4212762 4746722 6906057 5053523 5278318 7573024 6304285 4866672 4032901789965 5990329 334102. These are just a few. Kent Univer and Hoffman and LaRoche had their own civil case on the rights to liquid crystal patent developed in the 1970’s. This is how long this has been going on. Look into your plasma tv and LCD tvs and look into the white light and you can see how fast these microorganisms move that create pixels (pictures). Be careful in disposing these TVs and computers modems. Be careful if they break. Remember bacteria can’t be seen with the naked eye until it is too late. I wish someone of ethics and compassion would come and help all of us. Someone has to have the income and use of equipment that would identify all of these agents . There are certainily alot of tolls and equipment at the universities and lab called forensic labs. I don’t know why they are not being used by these groups. How did Staninger have her samples tested? Why is she not exposing the truth to all of us? No one can afford to be prospering off of people suffering. The truth is do to the people and no one should have to pay for the truth. Staninger stated I needed an attorney
    to take my case on and have them contact her. It is not about prospering as
    an expert witness, it is about the truth that would prevent others from being harmed and it is about holding those responsible for doing this to innocent people to rectify and correct an reverse the harm they created. “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”.

  14. All who pretended to be researchers and how labs and equipment available to them must hold themselves accountable for all deaths wheter from suicide or caused by these disturbing cruel disease. Randy Wymore has the state of the art equipment at the OSU university available to him whether it was at another site or not. The tools were there and paid for by every citizien who pays taxes in this country. Tools that analyze proteins, microorganisms, bioweapons and chemicals, nano technology, viruses and genetically modififed organisms. Many journalist who have written articles on this disease and other inhumane govt experiments, and the harms of drugs and vaccines needed to stay with one subject and stay with it until the issues were brought to light and it harm stopped to innocent lives. All who have perished from the neglect of all deserve justice as those who are living and suffering the consequences of the harm being done by drugs, GMOS, vaccines and vitamins. All of which per patents involved genetically engineered organisms, microorganisms that cause biofilms and are ued as drug carrier devices, proteins that are toxic and secrete toxins, phosphorosus that is poison and depletes bones and teeth of calcium, toxic gases of petroleum that contain benzene and cause cancers, toix engineered viruses like TTNPB that cause sterility, birth defects and skin lesions and liver damage and cause cancer, pigments that contain arsenic and toxic metals, compounds know as aryl that are mercury liquid metal, and all of which are used at nano level to self assemble and self replicate known as nanotechnology. The public has been betrayed and the use of a technology that was talked about in the future was released for the past two decades or more in our drugs. Lives have been destroyed and people are being driven out of their minds. These agents can send signals and receive signals such as all trans retinoic acid which is known by many names such as tretinoin and Accutane and Renova just to mention a few. The 13-cis isomer is very toxic and it struture contains C20 the smallest fullerene which is a carbon nano tube. These agents are known to cause lung cancer known as asbestosis. ICTA and NASA were very aware of this. Dr. Staninger reported this in her report and the ability to send samples to the lab for nano carbon tubes used in the cream of Renova, yet she left an innocent person to sufer. Agents of MRSA known as pseudomonas and staph aureus, yet she never informed the patient. An enginneered virus was used and yet she never did tests to verify, nor did Randy Wymore. Everyone must take a good look at themselves and be held accountable for the lives lost and the lives ruined. Don’t call yourself a researcher if you are not doing the job properly nor reporting the true facts. People are not toys to be played with and all who thought that they could use human beings in experiments to be tortured and tormented will face the consequences of their actions. No one is above the law and the attorney general of the US had a duty to investigate and bring charges against Johnson and Johnson, Hoffman and LaRoche, FDA officials who approved a toxic d rug with no warnings and the physicians who are prescribing these toxic poisons. To all attorneys who allowed this to happen so you could prosper in the future and only represent a small few need to be held responsible. You are officers of the law and you knew a crime was committed and had a duty. This is not about fining a pharmaceutical who can just afford to pay the fine, this is about criminal action by all who worked and developed these drugs and sold them to be held in a court of law and charge with the crime and put in jail and banned from every practicing again. It is no wonder the younger generation has no respecet for adults. Look at the patents and see what toxic chemicals were forced into their tiny veins from the day they were born. All involved in the drug industry must hold their heads in shame. Johnson and Johnson has no morals nor ethics nor ever intending to fix the harm they caused not only to the patient but to their families as they put contagious and infectious agents in their drugs. One drug that contains all the warnings that Natural News, advocates against vaccines and gmos and that is Renova 0.05% along with toxic nano carrbon tubes and not one wanted to help a person who pleaded for so long. All journalists who had information had a duty to expose and advocate for the victims. Telling half the truth you might as well as told nothing.

  15. It has been two years since contacting this research group and seven since
    Hildegarde Staninger and Randy Wymore groups contacted me. Yet, not any
    results have been given to me by the two groups who had samples from me, nor
    any samples requested from the present group nor any others who state they
    are researching Morgellons. Numerous blogs have not been posted that gave
    vital information of our drugs containing harmful toxic metals, gases and microorganisms that are used in photography, optic recording medicums and surveillance agents like halograms. Staninger touched on finding agents used in halograms in her publications on “9-1-1 Nano Invaders. She had the opportunity and resources to expose at least one corporation responsible for putting nano particles that self assemble and self replicate and that was Johnson and Johnson along with Hoffman and LaRoche. Many of these agents are used in drugs to treat psychosis when they cause psychosis and hallucinations. You must look up all your drugs prescribed to you and get the patents and look up every chemical involved in that patent and in your vitamins. These agents are picked up by satellites and they are able to send signals to your brain. Retinoids belong to the super family of hormones and they send signals and can receive signals.

  16. Best patents to research on using nanomachines devised from bacteria and other microorganisms are patent 20030138777 nanomachine composition and methods of Use which will inform you of the use of RNA and DNA and the various chemical
    compounds used from microorganiss and patent 20030141189 DNA and RNA
    sequencing by nanascale reading through programmable electrophoresis and
    nano electrode gated tunneling. Many patents on electrophoresis refer to Kligmans experiments at Holmesburg prison on “Isolated Skin Sheets”. Using
    solar radiation and chemicals like DMSO that partition the skin to allow these
    devices to enter into the body to self assemble and replicate. Nano is referre
    to the width of human hair and one strand can hold 4000 nano particles. The
    has electric static. You need to get the patent numbers of all drugs, vaccines,
    vitamins to know what they are made from and what the chemicals functions
    are. No one had the right to put self replicating and self assembling agents
    into any human being. Patent 7375417 Nano IC Packaging was funded by Science Foundation grant BES0123287 and Federal Defense HR0011010027

  17. Patent 8067534 will prove to all that the scientific community is using microorganisms like pseudomonas and bacteriorhodopsin and others to create
    nano carbon tubes. These agents carry the DNA of their species and will multiply
    and secrete their toxins and colonize to build matrixes in the human body.

  18. All must investigate patent 6906057 and go to the UNIPROT Bank (protein) look RXR and click on P19793 and it will bring you to information on this RXR and reference the patent above. Go to free patents on line and look up 4212762 and you will find information on they create the formula ##str1## that is referenced in our drugs and other formulas they create. You will see these retinoid drugs are created by liquid crystal and toxic compounds of aryl are mercury. You will see cyannine and bromine are used and they are poisons as well as the phosphorous and proteins used in these chemistries. It is no wonder why people are going out of their minds and committing violent acts and suicide. Liquid crystals are derived from insects and bacteria. The brown ticks cutaneous, ecoli (bacteriorhodopsin is one such bacteria), nematodes and other insects and bacterias. These people hold no shame and nothing more than torturous murders.

  19. While looking up the RXR receptor in the UNI PROT Bank, I clicked on the blue highlight area that had P19793 to see what would come up. It brought up a reference document that contained patent 6906057. This patent had the ##str1## in it, which I have been trying for a few years to find out what this is. It is a formula involving liquid crystal. Patent 4212762 will explain about liquid crystal and how these retinoids and drug patents that reference ##str1## involve liquid crystal. You will see reference to parallel and optical recording and so forth. You will see about smectic and nematic and other references I have made in prior blogs listed below. You will see benzoate reference which is benzoate cholesterol which is a liquid crystal. If there are 100,000 people suffering from Morgellons, I think you need to research all drugs you have taken and find the patents on them and look up every chemical used. Liquid crystal produces threads when defected and builds walls and makes hinges. Look up liquid crystal under Wikipedia and all publication you can find on it. Look up every chemical in the above patent 4212762. Lets put an end to the poisoning of innocent people. Many of these chemicals involve cyanine and bromines and aryl and acryl which are lead and mercury compounds. Everything is written in codes to make it near impossible to trace what was being done in our drugs. It took years to research the chemicals in Renova 0.05% and in tonight I found this patent that will prove to all what is in our drugs creating lesions, fibers and threads to grow from our tissues and the altering of human genetics.

  20. A gland that is being deeply affected by the toxicity of metals, fluoride, retinoids, toxins and metals in vaccines and drugs is the pineal gland. This gland is thought of as the “third eye” and secretes melatonin and effects seratonin and DMT. It is said that it brings us to our inter spiritual selves and to see all dimensions. The NAZI scientists were known to use fluoride to control and keep prisoners docille. They knew fluoride would calcify the pineal gland and interfere with “free will” and “faith”. All knew the toxicity of fluroide, metals, toxic heavy gases, retinoids, microorganism and their endotoxins and myotoxins, yet they were used in our drugs, water, toothpaste and over the counter products. A separation of church and govt was mandated in our country. A country whose own currency states “In God we trust”. A country that was founded by Christian beliefs. We have allowed ourselves and our children to poison and their faith compromised making them hopeless and lost. Only we as a union can stop the poisoning and control methods from being done to us. We must demand synthetics and toxins be banned and banned means not used. Unlike the sv40 was banned, yet still being used in pesticides and drugs by Salk Univer. Since drugs were to be labeled with ingredients and warnings of side effects and biological changes they could create and we find that some decided to avoid those rules, those who avoided the laws must be held personally and punished by laws and “redress” given to the victims and all victims. A database is kept of all drugs sold via prescriptions and who they were prescribed to. The FDA, CDC and pharmaceutical corporations know all who were prescribed these drugs mislabeled and misbranded and those who purchased those drugs via their prescription. They have a duty to inform all people who were prescribed a drug that was not probably labeled and to address all side effects caused. This isn’t a game and human beings are not guinea pigs for inhumane experiments, and that is especially so for children. No one knows the heartache that a parent goes through watching their child suffer from autism, attention deficit, problems with social interaction, holding employment and inability to know appropriate behavior. If any psychiatrist, psychologists and their staff think it was funny to make a living off innocent children who were poisoned by your colleagues to give you employment you are sadly mistaken. To those who allowed a man or woman who worked their entire lives and looked forward to retiring and instead watch as their spouse suffered from alzeheimers from the metals and toxins put in their drugs their entire life, you are indeed a sad and pathetic monster. It is not just Morgellon sufferers who suffer from sleep disorders, mood swings, appetite problems, headaches and gastrointestinal problems it has become an epidemic. Why, because our bodies have been poisoned by microbiologists and chemists who thought of themselves and their own personal gains over the risks that outweigh the gains. After many years of research of patents, medical publications, protein banks and chemical data banks, it is clear and evident that cancers, diabetes, Morgellons, Crohns and psychosis and schizophrenia were caused by toxins of metals and microorganisms and toxic chemicals put in drugs and food. For all that prospered you need to hold your head in shame. For all that want to insult these innocent victims by pretending to be researchers and are selling so called cures and playing with peoples emotions you will be judged on your judgement day. If you can send a chicken nugget to a lab for testing then best be able to help human beings and do the same tests.

  21. An opthalmoscope, eye physicians tools, would show all how these retinoids that cause Keratitis as well as pseudomonas aeruginosa have infected my eyes and the eyes of others who have used retinoids. Retinoids are retina, retinal, retinol depending on the species they came from. They are polypeptides and are pigments. They bind to the opsin of the eye. It is now a fact that drugs and products are not being labeled with active and inactive ingredients and allergens are not being listed such as quaternium-15. It is a time released fomeldehyde releaser. Time released means programmed to release the toxic agent. It causes dermatitis and severe itching. Per NDA 19963 and the FDA, CDC hearings on Renova 13-cis Accutane isotretinoin was used in Renova 0.05%, yet not labeled by Johnson and Johnson. That is a federal violation of the law, yet no one will allow me to file charges against this known corrupt pharmaceutical corps. Go to free patents on line and look up all of AM Kligman, Douglas Kligman and retinoid patents and you will see there are thousands and you will see the horrific poisons used in them. These are agents using ligands, micelles, gas vesicles and toxic gases, where geometric chemistry and stereoisomers push and push through these gases self assembling and self replicating. Per Rutgers nano website the ecoli is used as a nano motor and other microorganisms and viruses. They create long chain reactions that would cause the victim to feel strangling and pulling and pushing sensations. These long chain reactions of nano carbon wires will entangle and strangle vital organs as even nylon is used in developing 13-cis retinoic acid. Benzyl alcohol is used to reconfigure these wires. If Mike Adams of natural news can send chicken nuggets to a forensic lab to find Morgellon fibers, then he should be able to help humans. What did the forensic lab identify these fibers on the chicken nuggets as being. OSU has the upto date lab tools from the OSU bio chip to the NEM microscopy donated by NSF and costing the tax payers $750,000. This microscopy can identify nano particles, viruses and proteins, yet it is not being used to identify what was put in the Renova 0.05% cream supplied to Wymore. A cream that in black and white states pseudomonas aeruginosa and staph aureus were put in the tube. Two known MRSA causing agents and cream known to alter gene expression. It is time for honesty and to hold those responsible for this. Kathryn states in her email to me that these nano agents run parallell to the human body. Yes we known this and these agents were developed to mimic everything they touch. They will mimic skin, eyes, nose, lips, hair and nails. They will assemble themselves to have appendages, antennaes, eyes, nose, lips etc. The victim who tries to state what they see will sound delusional as they was part of the plan in developing these agents. To get away with torture and murder.

  22. Mike Adams from Natural News email states they have found Morgellon fibers
    in chicken nuggets that they had tested in their forensic lab. What did their forensic lab find these fibers to be made of? What are these Morgellon fibers? If it is a forensic lab it must be able to identify what it found. If they can send chicken nuggets to a forensic lab then why can’t they send samples from human hair from those suffering to see if the hair bulb has been altered to pseudo hair and involve nano particles? Why is no one helping those who have pleaded for tests. Dr. Janet Starr Hull advertises on the internet that she can
    give a toxicity results from hair samples including parasites. You send her the samples and the form she requests to be filled out and what you are asking to be tested for and send a check for $180.00, and she ignores your request for bacteria and parasites and for nano particles and if the hair has been altered. That is false advertising and stealing money from innocent people who are suffering. Hildegarde Staninger states human hair has a bulb and sister genes. Alls anyone has to do is put hair samples under a microscope and see if it is real hair vs pseudo hair. Yet, all who have samples ignore this factor. No one is going the extra mile to identify the facts and to help those who are suffering. It is all about keeping the mystery going making into drama and a long running saga that doesn’t get resolved. No one wants to pin point the actual people who are responsible for creating the syndrome. No one will be courageous enough to expose those individuals and organizations responsible for doing this. Patents prove who are doing this and the names of the inventors and the organizations that own the patents are in black and white on the patent. The poisons are listed. No one has thought about how easy these agents are being spread throughout society. You did not have to use a product to become infected. You just needed to be around someone who has been infected. An innocent hairdresser can be infected by cutting someone’s hair or handling the hair coloring products that involve nano technology and carbon black. As Kathryn stated in her email carbon nano tubes involve soot. Yes, we already know this as that is what Smalley and Drexler used in creating carbon nano tubes. Soot is carbon black and is very carcingenic. Now, think how many Morgellon victims smoke cigarettes. Ashes are soot and these agents are being inhaled into the lungs and exhaled out into the air and into the environment and onto others. Drexler wrote his book on nano robots gone amok. Nanotechnology involves carbon atoms of petroleum from methylene, ethylene, cyclohexane, butylated tert etc etc. Within these gases lives microorganisms as well as in sulfur. Sulfur is used to make disulphide bridges in nanotechnology. Gases expand in open space, which means when these agents are exposed to the environment they will expand carrying these nano agents. We now know that drugs are not being properly labeled to involve all active and inactive ingredients. An isomer so toxic as isotretretinoin 13-cis isomer is being used in products and not be labeled, such as Johnson and Johnson did in their products Renova 0.05% and 0.02%. Their own NDA 19963 admits in black and white that two microorganisms of staph aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa were used. These are MRSA agents and not one researcher found that to be startling nor attorneys for drug injuries. That is stifling beyond belief. MRSA has become an epidemic in this country and no one cares that a pharmaceutical corps. is putting it in a cream that is applied to the face and that these microorganisms would be mutated by chemicals like DMSO. All keep stating that they found an intelligent fungus involved and all ignored that the 13-cis isomer (isotretinoin) is a bacteria and fungus that is synthetically make by man and is programmed by man. It is a toxic retinoid pigment from bacteria/fungus that can withstand high temperatures and is being used in many drugs and products from treating psychosis, skin disorders, Crohns, Dupryten, cancers, eye disorders and manner other health problems when in reality this agents is listed as a poison and not to be used on humans. All chemicals listed in Renova state not to be used on humans, yet the antiaging cream was approved by the CDC and FDA. I find it startling that no one adheres to the message not to be used on humans. These nano wires and enjoined head to tail terpenes, micelles of rods, spheres and cones that are used in these drugs and involve vulcanizing rubber at room temp. and nylon are able to produce long chain reactions that can cause strangulation of organs, of the throat and produce biofilms that suffocate the airwaves. That retinoids are nanotechnology and effect stem cells and alter gene expression, yet no one wants to prove the general population the facts. It won’t be exposed till it is too late. True journalism is informing the truth and nothing but the truth. Lives are being cut short and people are suffering and it is time for the truth.

  23. kandy states that chromosomes are involved in this disease called Morgellons. Again, retinoids thheat are used in drugs, cosmetics, suntan lotions, vitamin supplements and added in food and beverages cause chromosome damage to C15 and c17 and cause birth defects. They cause deletions and where the DNA sequence is missing. When biologists and chemists start creating their own program synthetic bacteria and proteins that are used in folding and unfolding the chance of errors of a missing code is very easy to make. They are program at nano level, a level that they cannot see. It has been known that misfolding of proteins cause alzeheimers, cancers and other diseases. They can not cure cancer, yet they are using agents that mutate cancers and cause cancers and calling them a treatment. The treatment risks don’t outweigh the benefits and they ignored that vital warning to patients and consumers. The fact that these drugs and products create jobs for doctors from blood disorders of diabetes, to skin disorders for dermatologists, to bone disease, to birth defects, to eye disorders and diseases, to lung diseases. Fact, these retinoids and their cytotoxic reactions create jobs for the medical profession to the teaching field who will need special ed teachers to teach the disabled child born with birth defects Does this not prove to you why no one is informing you of who and what is causing Morgellons and diseases like it? All nanotechnology talked about by Kandy and Hildegarde Staninger is involved in these retinoid products. They alter gene expression and they are using retinoids from all species of life forms and putting them in these drugs that will forever alter human genetics. I am very tired and my health is getting worse. The chronic cough caused by these agents is constant, the pulling of my organs and skin by these nano wires of geometric chemistry and entangling and twisting of these nanowires are strangling my organs. The biofilms they create from pseudomonas to the bacteriorhodopsin (bacteria/fungus synthetically made by Hoffman and LaRoche are suffocating my airwaves. Yet, so many could have helped and so many could have warned new victims and informed all who used these products. It never had to be this difficult and no one had to suffer this long. Children have suntan lotion put on them and these agents are in suntan lotions. Natural News put an article out that vitamins have GMO’s in them. For several years I have given the patents proving this to all, including Natural News. Vitamins are proteins and they are pigments and they secrete toxins and are listed as poisons, so why are they being put in products and informing the public they are good for them?

  24. Amazing enough no matter how much research and proof of what is happening no one is doing anything to stop the poisoning of people by drugs. Once a patent expires it leaves these poisons to be used in any product that another person or corp. once to use them in. You all must learn the definitions used by the medical, biologists and chemist terminology. You must learn about micelles, phosopholipids, nano carbon tubes and wires and nano carbon paper, vanderwalh forces, electrostatic forces, vibration, nano protein machines and robotics, benzonase, radiation tunneling, electromagnetic fields, light harvesting antennaes, arrays, nano electrodes, bioengineered tissue, microorganisms used in these drugs and all toxic gases and metals. Obviously, many knew this was happening and remained quiet.

  25. The bacteriorhodopsin is bacteria and fungus. It is without a nucleus. It is the 13-cis isomer used in Accutane and other retinoid products, per the National Medical Library used in isotretinoin and per the RCSB Protein Bank the 13-cis isomer is the bacteriorhodopsin. Per the patents listed below in many blogs from I have informed you that it is a biochip and used as an optical recording medium, it is used in lasik surgery and eye disorders, and it is being used by MIT as a writing tool. It is a pigment and a protein. I inform you protein folds and unfolds used as nano protein machines. I informed you that the fatty acids of stearate, caprylic acid, palmitic acid (derivatives of vitamin) are liquid crystals and the bacteriorhodopsin in a crystal. Liquid crystal cholesterol (agents listed above) make walls, wells and reservoirs and when they become defected produce threads. Pharmaceuical corps. used these agents as well as cosmetic corps. They used metals and carbon atoms to make the metal self replicating and self assemlin nano wires and tubes that these protein structures bind to. They agents fold and unfold on these carbon wires. Carbon wires and tubes are conductive (please look up conducive for the meaning physiology) and send soundwaves and impulsives through tissue and nerves. The bacteriorhodopsin is a memory chip and able to keep writing the programs that it was program to do via self replication. It is known as the purple blob and smart dust. When it illuminates via excitation it produces a purple haze. (A purple haze illuminated from the shuttle that exploded and the shuttle carries these bacteria and crystals and tumors back and forth to space for experiments and this agent can withstand extreme temps of heat). You want to know what is moving and pushing and pulling under skin. Here is one such species via geometric chemistry and nano carbon wires and tubes that can do that. They are altering hair follicles that are bundles of fibrous protein and able to fold and unfold these bundles to carry these nano structures of wires and microorganisms. Every chemist and biologists know what these chemicals and agents are capable of doing. The manufacturer of liquid crystal is Hoffman and LaRoche and Merck. The manufacturer of Accutane is Hoffman an LaRoche. Look of liquid crystals and read the history as Hoffman and LaRoche wanted to put a new look on Earth from outspace. Why? What do satellites pick up by signals and retinoids send and receive signals. This is as clear as I can make this for all of you. This is what Kandy Griffin’s theory involves. This is how they are able to monitor humans and it involves transfecting humans with self replicating and self assembling electric nano wires, nano batteries, nano motors of the ecoli and its cathode and anode. All agents used in photography and computers. These agents use pulse vibratons and sound vibrations. They can break off from one person and jump onto another and start replicating and assembling. Making one giant surveillance network. Just a matter of time before a new whistleblower comes forward after a conscience attack or wanting a name for themselves.

  26. Carbon atoms of metylene, butyl, tert butyl, cyclohexane, butadiene, dicloro, ethylene, PEG (antifreeze), propane, propylene etc. are peroleum derivatines that contain benezene and other caringenic txins. They cause lymphoa, leukemia, and nonhodgkins lymphoma. Richard Smalley succmbd to this horrific disease. No doubt from his experiments wth these toxic chemicals in making nano fullerene carbon nano wires and tubes. You play with fire you wll get burnt. In the end he tuIrned to Christianity and believed God was the cretor o life. He spent decades creating agents that he probably thought at the time were good ideas. But those agents proved to be detrimental in causing asbestosis fibers to grow in the lungs of animals as stated in ICTA report that quotes NASA scientsts stating that nano caron wires are txic. Yet, no one stopped pharmaceutcal corps and cosmetic corps from putting these nano carbon agents in drugs for anti wrinkle creams that the ICTA report specifically states. All trans retinoic acid and isotretinoin (Accutane) chemical structure is C20 the smallest fullerene. Retinoids are known as vitamin A derivaive. EWG has stated publicly it has been used in suntan lotions and that FDA knew ths for a decade. The NDA 19963 proves this and Dr.Mura Goyal stated this in her report to the FDA and that she was warned to stop her research and her skin biopsie proving this were confiscated. Who warned her to stop her research and who confiscated her biopsies? Why is no one alarmed by this startling findings in a new drug delivery application submitted by Johnson and Johnson? I have sent this NDA 19963 to Dr. James ODonnel, who warned Congress on the dangers of Accutane orally, to Hank Abarelli, Martha Rosenberg, CA Prop 65 attorney general, the US attorney general, many attoneys, Hildegarde Staninger, Randy Wymore, March of Dimes (as these agents cause birth defects and are being used in many products and not being labeled, to the Red Cross as no one is to donate blok who has used drugs or poducts with these agents in them as it could cause harm to the recipient. Yet, not one person had the common sense to be alarmed or to warn the public. I sent the NDA o EWG, ETC, ICTA and so many others. The patent 4877805 and the NDA 19963 proved that microorganisms of MRSA and genetcally modified organisms and banned drugs of Etretinante and genetically engineered viruss of TTNPB (hepatitis B that caues toxicity at nanomolar and hepatitis and liver damage and vision problems and birth defects and eczema like rashes and sterilty being used in many of AM Kligman’s patents for anti aging and cellulitis) wee used in Renova 0.05% and 0.02%. No one thought to warn the patiens who used thee prodcts pubicly. Randy Wymore stated he interviewed several users of Renova and they had no adverse reaction. Did he do physical tets on them to see if they had Epstein Barr or hepatiisB, sterility or reproductive damage, bone degeneration, catscans for fluid in the brain, biopsy for asbestosis (which takes 15 to 30 years to appear), high lipids, high glucose, vision disorders, Crohns. Did he warn them that MRSA and carbon nano agents were used? Doesn’t anyone think these people need to know? Drug ractons can take up to 30 years to show, and others who are hypersensitive will show immediately within days to months. Physicians are suppose to carefully monitor their patients and alls they are really doing is ignoring their patients adverse events and keeping secret statistic. Someone will later come forward and be expert witneses in civil suits where they will prosper like Dr. James Odonnell in oral Accutane cases only and for only certain victims and others wil be left to suffer like me. Putting these agents directly on the skin infects the eyes, mucous membranes,respiratory system and digestive tract, and blood brain barrier as DMSO and other chemical penetrating enhancers used in topical drugs allows entry of these toxic agents to enter into the body and cause a cytotoxic reations as stated in many retinoid patents. These agents are used in many drugs to treat many diseases and in many over the counter products We have ben betrayed as a society. These biological agents are being atached to fibrous nano wires that are coated in polymers of fatty acids and polysaccharides from yeast and used in vaccines as well as the ecoli and fungus. These microorganisms are programmed. These retinoids are proteins that are being folded an unfolded on these nano wires. One misfold will cause havoc and diseases of cancer and alzeheimer. The science world has assigned letters to all DNA and ligands and proteins have been programmed and why letters appear in samples. They are altering human genetics which is transforming humanism via nano wires, programmed bacteria (ecoli), transitional metals to create nano batterie, using bacteria for its internal motor, anode and cathode, proton pump to capture photons (creating laser beams and enery. Every chemical used in Renova led to nanotechnology. Why Staninger and so many others contacted me. Pretending you are going to help someone and get their research and samples of evidence and then leave that person to suffer. She has the photos showing mask of horror I live in as well as others. No one banked on the camera showing them.

  27. Kandy with both agree that nanotechnoogy has been used on humans and the patents and chemicals in our drugs, vaccines, vitamins, cosmetic prove that to be so. These nanotechnology particles involve conductive nano carbon tubes and ICTA and EWG have verified that. So, if they were able to verify that then they and others are able to do tests to prove what each and ever person is suffering. These nano wires self replicate and asemble thrughout the body. Which proves your theory on transhumanisms.

  28. Patent 20030215877 Directed Protein Docking Algorithm will inform you what protein dockng is. Always click on the PDF to see the original patent and scroll down and you can see the photos and etching of how docking is done and what proteins and chemicals they are using. You have a right to know what they are putting in your body and how it works. Patent 20100068137 Dock and Lock Vaccine for Cancer Therapy, IBC Pharmaceutical will help you understand what this is about too. Remember micelles are use as lock and keys and micelles are known as nanoworms by the medical profession. Patent 20050008624 Expansion of rewable stem cell population and how they effect hemtopoietic mononuclear cells will inform you of them using retinoic acid and the X receptors. Remember I stated a biopsy showed I have a perivascular mononuclear infiltrates from the agents used in Renova 0.05% which the pseudomoas aeruginosa causes. They admit they don’t know how retinoic acid (vitamin A) works but they keep putting it in drugs as well as vitamin D, which is listed in this patent. Drugs are obviously an opinion of the inventors and what they perceive and how they sell their perceptions and observations to others. These are people we have never met and can’t afford to trust any longer. It takes 30 years to know the real effects of drugs long term. Will that person be alive to know the harm they caused you? Prof AM Kligman is dead and we are not going to see him in a court room before a jury. Wymore and Staniner helped prevent that from happenin. The last few blogs have not shown on the website, they only show after I click on reply and log on. Someone working on this website is very good with computer technoloy. There are other websites I use to post. Either you allow the public to know the truth or someone else will. Review other patents that are referenced in patents I have listed. You need to gain all knowledge of patents and chemcals. These agents will mutate and grow over time in your body. One person I knew was giving chemo for lung cancer and radiation. The tumor expanded and exploded while he was still conscious and as his family watched in horror. The carbon atoms of toxic gases expand and move to open space that are used in these drugs. In the end these tumors are full of these gases and they will explode like a balloon explodes with too much helium in them. Tritium by the turns to helium after years. Tritium in the nuclear agent used in Renova 0.05% and Accutane and both are listed as chemo drugs.

  29. Rocks were used to tell history of the past cultures and their predictions, such as Egyptians and Moses. The books of the Bible were written by the disciples and Revelations predicts how the world will end do to supernatural powers. The Diary of Anne Frank was written to inform us of her suffering and hiding from the NAZIs. The internet has become the technology of the new millenium and blogs are use to communicate with others around the world. They will be used to inform the next generations of what is occuring now. They will be able to trace who and what transformed humans. They will know who destroyed the world as we know it. I hope and pray for that. I hope that I was able to educate and help those suffering to know how to help themselves and who they can not trust. I gave all and cared and loved my family and friends and pray that they can slow down and seek the truth. I pray that parents will stop vaccinating their children and do research on patents and look up every chemical stated being used. I hope they go to the Pharmacopeia and look up vaccines and find what microorganisms are being used and the toxic metals of aluminum that causes rage and autism and alzeheimers. I hope they observe their childre’s behavior and show patience and love. Find ways to get the poisons out of their bodies Get back to the way life use to be. Stop those who are trying to control and manipulate our lives, economy and weather and environment at nanolevel controlling atoms and molecules that can’t be seen and no one has the right to do that.

  30. Use fullerenes as your search and or nano onions and you will view images showing how these nano carbon wires spin and expand and look like chicken wire. Does anyone really and truthfully believe these agents belong i our drugs and cosmestics to be applied to our skin and internally via injects and oral drugs? Common sense would tell you no. You will find Richard Smalley was one of the inventors at Rice Univer. He later stated that nanotechnology shouldn’t be used. All knew they caused asbetosis and the chemicals involved would cause cancers of lymphoma and non hodgkins lymphoma, for which Richard Smalley succumbed to. Working with benzene, toulene, tetrahydronapthalene, cyclohexane and all the toxic gases used to create these fullerene carbon tubes, wires, onions etc. would cause cancer. Yet, they coninued to use these agents in drugs and pesticides. These retinoid drugs involve many of these toxic gases and is stated in paten 4877805. Therefore, proving nanotechnology has been being used long before informing the public. Therefore, all researchers in Morgellons investigations now know who, what and where nanotechnology agents created them and what products they were used in to cause injury to many who are suffering. We know now that these electrical components are using microorganisms and genetically altered microorganisms and electrolytes. We know from Hildegarde Staninger that they were using transitional metals to create nano batteries, such as used in retinoid drugs and cosmetics. So, it would have made perfect sense for Hildegarde Staninger to have released my results of the lab samples she asked for to help me in getting legal redress, answers I deserved to have had and medical treatment I needed and to expose who were responsible for creating a new asbestosis at nano level and grow to larger more toxic structures thoughout my body and the bodies of all who have used drugs containing carbon atoms of toxic gases of toulene, benzene, tetrahydronaphthaene, cyclohexane, butyl, tert-butyl, methylene and ethylene. The misuse of micelles (nanoworms) and ligands. The misuse of protein docking as used in ttnpb and retinoids. The misuse of protein scaffolds and the misuse of toxic endotoxins, mycotoxins and neurotoxins. Randy Wymore refused to tests that samples of hair, nails and the drug itself and left a human being to suffer. As a pharmaceutcal assistant and biology training he is aware and trained in drug reactions and it is well published that ten per cent of the population will suffer adverse events such as TEN an Steven Johnson syndrome or a form of it in a certain degree. Ignoring helping one person will prove to be detrimental to millions in the long run and long term effects of these toxic poisons that are used in vaccines and majority of drugs. Don’t follow chemtrails follow the trails of chemicals and the misuse of them in drugs, cosmetics and pesticides. Don’t public state you are investigating a new disease unless you really are and are investigating all avenues and all people asking for help. Don’t single out and discriminate. To all biologists, chemists and medical professionals and lawyers it is time for the truth and the public deserves it. It is time to stop poisoning people and time to reverse the damage. Life is short and you will pay on your judgement day for the crime you have committed or participated in covering up and profiting. The patent I stated in previous blog on nanoworms will inform you of cancer survival on numerous cancers and there is no cure for cancer and it will return aggresive because chemo drugs are cancer causing poisons.

  31. Kandy you state you are not able to do tests and that you are a nurse. Randy Wymore states he is researching Morgellons at Oklahoma State Univer., although no one hears from him nor Mary Leitao. Oklahoma State Univer has all the equipment to check at nano level for proteins, viruses (ttnpb is a man made engineered virus used at nano molar in many of Kligman’s patents for skin and cellulitis and used in Renova 0.05%), and all nano tech particles. Why is he not using these tools available to him or allowing you to use them. The taxpayers of this country paid for these electron microscopy and the NSF donated it to OSU. All universities across this country have these tools and are suppose to give access to researchers for having samples analyzed. I personally sent him many packages per his request and a sample of the cream. He said there were to many chemicals to analyze. At the time the samples were sent I did not know or have the NDA19963 to know microbile (microorganisms of pseudomonas aeruginosa and staph aureus) were used in this cream, nor other GMO agents. He had the ability as well as Hildegarde Staninger to find answers to help
    me and in which would help all. Remember only 10 percent of the population will suffer allergic adverse reactions to drugs. As you stated that those suffering Morgellons symptoms bodies are fighting these nano invaders, but others such as the entire population have been infected with these agents but their bodies are not giving them warnings as they are not allergic to the agents. Patent 20100254914, Nanoworms for in vivo Tumor Targeting, Sanford-Burham Medical Research Institute of California, will inform you what is considered nano particles and agents used in cancer research. It will inform you what is considered nano particles such as paramagnetic particles, superparamagnetic, metal nano particles, nanoworms, fullerene like materials, inorganic nanotubes, dendrimers (chelates), nanofibers, nanohorns, nano onions, nano rods. It will inform cancer starts in epithelial cells and will inform of gene expression. Retinoids effect epithelial cells and gene expression and used nano particles of paramagnetic iron oxides (fibrous pigments and they emit arsenic), dendrimers of chelates, nano tubes and pseudomonas creates hollow tubes. Nano onions is a new term for me. There is always something new being developed. Univer of Penn, Rutgers and R W Johnson are experts in nanotechnology. Renova was created while Kligman worked for Univer of Penn on his Retin-A projects. Look to see what the prisoners of Holmesburg suffer and you will find their symptoms are the same as Morgellons. Think how many products contain vitamin A and using different terminology of all trans retinoic acid, isotretinoin, Renova, Reflissa, palmitic acid, oleic acid, caprylic acid and the list goes on. It took years to put the terminologies together. The patent speaks of chromophores and the bacteriorhodopsin is a chromophore. I hope this helps you and maybe all of you who are informing people that you are investigating Morgellons skin dermopathy will know the public is very intelligent and know how to read and research and would appreciate being treated with respect and not have their intelligence insulted. We are suffering painfully and physicians have caused a huge indignation and are being falsely labeled and their reputations destroyed.

  32. When you talk about nanotechnology you must research are that is involved. You need to learn about nano carbon wires and tubes, bucky ball catchers and bucky ball throwers. Wikipedia is pretty good at making it understandable at layman’s level. You can look up medical publications on these that are out there on the internet. PUBMED is another great source as well as patents. You need to educate yourself on stereoisomers and geometric chemistry and gene expression. How they are using toxic metals that effect the neuro receptors of the brain and how these agents effect the pineal gland and other glands that secrete melantonin and serotonin. You can’t depend on just one person’s opinion. You have to see for yourself what they are doing and these agents are being injected into your children and infants tiny veins.

  33. Kandy I am responding to your email. We know it is nanotech. What you are not listening to is that the bacteriorhodopsin 13-cis isomer is biochip fungus and bacteria used at nano level. It is known as smart dust and using carbon atoms of methylene, ethylene, tert-butyl and other carbons from gases at nano level with electrolytes and nanoworms makes it your nanotech agent. It is used in many patents from optical recorders by the defense depts., to drugs to treat psychosis, to drugs to treat cancer, to antiwrinkle creams, to acne and corps. are not labeling their products to state it. It is known as smart dust and it does not have a nucelus and Staninger stated in her reports she found a microorganism that did not have a nucleus. What good is research organizations if they are not doing tests needed? How can any of you help people suffering if you can’t do tests needed let alone treat people for something you don’t what it is? Many researchers have come and gone and no one got answers. I have people emailing me with the same complaints on how they suffer and no one helps them. That is an injustice in itself.

  34. I have never felt such cruelness and lonelyness as I felt in the past decade. What happened to people? I have sought help from so many physicians who you knew were acting and trying to mislead me that the drug Renova 0.05% Tretinoin emoillent did not cause my health issues. It was a drug that should not have ever been pescribed to a melanoma patent making Dr. Booth Durham liable for malpratice and in essence making all physicians who would follow in covering up for his mistake. The attorneys I sought help from were many in trying to have my rights to proper health care given and tests that needed to be done, even for melanoma stage thee that suddenly checkups were ignored and exams and cat scans of the lungs and lower abdominal where reourring melanoma would appear. That is what they instructed me when diagnosing me. Abnormal lesions that appeared and changing moles would b ignored. My life literally put in danger just from cancer. Having three children to care about and what would happen to them if I died. Making sure there was life insrance to care for them and paying health care benefits out of my wages for all. Going to work with horrific deep chemical burns on my face that were so painful. Over hearig peoples cruel remarks and suffering severe migraines and breathing prolems. Only to find out years later in an NDA21108 found on the FDA website and suddenly deleted after contacting severalof my physcians and Seeger and Weiss, Mr. Rosenberg, that subjects tested in research sufered the same symptoms and diagnoses. My face stil bears the scars that still have actie activity of the movement of these self assemble and self replicating agents. It would take so much research in getting answers and requests under the FDA and still I am left helpless and hopeless with no one coming to rescue. My case being heard would help so many others and would stop these types of drugs from being approved and marketed. Becaue of this drug being ilegally approved violating 21cfr 201.57 and 301.84 every manufacturer was allowed to put these retinoid agents in their products. Why are not journalists helping in this vital matter? Why are attorneys not helpng and why are not judges who now know the truth and supposedly ethical governent offiials not helpig. These blogs I kept were not just about me, they were written to help al know what is in drugs, vaccines, vitamins and fod and pesticides. These agents effect all of us and the environment as they are used in pesticides. Just once I would lke someone to respond with compassion and willingness t help. I gave all to educate the public and lost all I worked for in doing so.

  35. Kandy Griffin you state you are a nurse and have research center. Can you please respond about questions on giving tests done to people. Can you please have tests done for me via hair samples and nails or whatever tests you can do?

    • Lily…I am a nurse but have no access to a lab for testing…. We have sent samples to prolabs and the results were multiple strains of fungus when testing fibers…. problem is the fungus is part nanotech….

  36. Patent 6984744 Phosphine ligands, Hoffman and LaRoche state carbon atoms = methyl, ethyl, propyl, isopropyl, butyl, isobutyl, tert-bertyl and these agents are used in retinoid patents at nano level. Phosphorous is attached to the proteins and retinoids are proteins. Phosphorous is poison. Nano worms (micelles) are used in retinoids and electrolytes of sodium chloride and salts with aromatic counterioun can induce the growth of these nano worms. Aromatic counterion are used in retinoids. Look up cystic fibrosis and you will see it is caused by the abnormal transport of chloride and sodium across the epithelium leading to thick viscous secretions. Chemists and biologists using chemicals that would cause this to occur are able to cause these diseases as well as using pseudomonas aeruginosa as stated under wikipedia on cystic fibrosis. You will see the patients, also, suffer Crohns disease and blockages in the intestines because of this chemical reaction. Accutane sufferers suffer Crohns Disease and irritable bowel syndrome. The courts protect the patent priviledges for these pharmaceutical corps. and that is an injustice to the drug injured client, the jury and the health and welfare of all consumers and patients. Drugs cause new diseases and you have a right to know in advance what is in a drug from active to inactive ingredients, all allergen such as quarternium-15 and all cancer causing agents and all agents that alter gene expression and to know and understand the term definition of what gene expression means and what and how these chemicals react in the body. No human being should be put through hell and suffer chronic cytotoxic reactions like I have. These agents penetrate the skin and enter into the bloodstream and cross the blood brain barrier. Look up skin penetrating enhancer chemicals such as DMSO. Patents on these agents will explain to this to you. Look up tetrahedron chemistry and see how these geometric structures meet and spin. Look up geometric chemistry and stereisomers. Look up lectin and phosopholipids and see the skeleton structure of these agents being used at nano level as nano protein robotics. As many state these agents are being sprayed in chem trails as well. These agents are able to signal to one another per environmentalists who are finding frogs deformity in Michigan Lakes do to retinoids and TTNPB found in the lakes. So, if you used a product containing these agents and these agents are being sprayed in pesticides you are being double exposed to them and they are able to signal and communicate to one another as bacteria is able to. There are toxicology tests for all these chemicals and hair can be tested undermicroscope for alter hair and hair bullb damage and if it is pseudo hair and both Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and Dr. Janet Hull could have done that very easily. Why is the game being played?

  37. Patent 5252719, Process for preparing protein – oriented membrane will inform you on how biochips are made and made from the bacteriorhodopsin 13-cis retinoic acid and other bacterias. RCSB, protein bank will inform you that the 13-cis isomer is the bacteriorhodopsin and you will see all of its ligands. This agent is used in aspartame sugar substitutes. One molecule of the DNA of bacteria will start growing into colonies and using mutatant causing chemicals will mutate it. PMID 23219476 will also inform you that the 13-cis retinoic acid is the bacteriorhodopsin. Now, all Accutane users can know why they have health issues and vision problems. If you see crystals and motion when you close your eyes instead of darkness and fast moving string like objects it is this biological bacteria you see that is binding to metal nano wires and tubes and all are used in bioengineered tissue. Lorraine Kligman, Univer of Penn Derm. and wife of AM Kligman states that retinoids don’t cause cancer, and that is a lie. Dr. Mura Goyal stated in her findings that is does and her biopsies were confiscated and she was warned to stop her research and that is stated in the NDA 19963. Many lies went into the research of retinoids and the wrongful approval of them. Many serious skin dermapaties occurred at the same time Renova 0.05% was approved in 1995, such as MRSA and Morgellons. The use of agents that never should have been approved and are able to cause genetic damage and damage onto the next generations. This entire website of blogs is dedicated to teaching those who didn’t know the harms of prescribe drugs. To educate parents of Accutane and treinoin users and users of retioid therapy the dangers of these drugs and why attorneys and physicans are not informing the true entire facts. Why did the FDA approve this, look up the thousands of patents on nanotechnology and you will see that these patents and drugs were funded by DOE, NSF, NST, NIH, US Army, US Navy and it was billions of the taxpayers money spent. Your side effects will keep alot of physicians employed from you having neurological problems,bone problems, skin cancer, kidney liver pancreatic and heart problems, sinus probles, lung problems. EWG needs to help us all who are suffering. No tests being prevents the truth from being told. Silencing people like me and destroying me personally to discredit me was cruel and it served no purpose. Wake up American and the World. Find out wha is in your drugs before it is too late. All the names of the people at the hearings on approving Renova and Accutane must be held accountabe for misleading the FDA and the people of this country. Those who I pleaded for help, I am still pleading and suffering more. These agents are geting larger and heavier. Remember agents at nano level appear different then at macro level. Metals are trasluscent and colors are different and the force fields are stronger.

  38. Edward Snowden, leaked the NSA ability to surveillace phone conversations and emails. He states that the government has more knowledge than we ever expected on surveillancing the population. Professor AM Kligman worked for the CIA and US Army at Holmesburg Prison for the MK/NAOMI and MK/ULTRA projects. Making non detecting mind altering drugs and use of toxic gases. The retinoid 13-cis retinoic acid ( isotrenoin Accutane ) is the 13-cis isomer and derived from the bactriorhodopsin (ecoli purple glob a retinal known as smart dust and a biochip). Interesting enough the TV show “FRINGE” 5th episode was about the MK/ULTRA project and a doctor using biochips to steal his patients dreams. Coincidental or not I do not dream anymore. A biochip is used and has been being used in our drugs and it is used to track whatever it is “they” want to track. Bacteriorhodopin is a protein with the membrane attached that ejects protons and captures photons. It is a photoreceptor and being used in lasik surgery amongst many other purposes. It creates pixels and works at nanolevel and receives signals at nano radar levels. Food for thought. Retinoids use carbon nanotubes and wires, GMO’s, and electrolytes and liquid metals of aryl (mercury). A drug called Renova 0.05%, repeating small atomic explosions by definition, is a drug developed by Prof AM Kligman at Holmesburg and involves biochips and nano carbon wires and tubes used to alter gene expression and proves Dr. Hildegarde Staninger’s findings in her report “9-1-1 NanoInvaders, and proves Kandy Griffin’s theory.

  39. If there is someone out there who stil cares about ethics and human race that can help please respond. Someone who will do the necessary tests to identify these nanotechnology biological agents. ICTA has publications on the internet and letters to the FDA on nano particles being used in our drugs, cosmetics and food. So, obviously it is being done and has been done for decades. They knew it caused asetosis and birh defects in animals studied, yet no one is helping humans. I have been toyed with by those who had the ability and tools to test for nanotechnology. That hurts even more than the daily pain I go through everyday. Dr. James O’Donnell, expert witness in lawsuits, was the last one I reached out to when finding his publication on Accutane that he addessed to Congress. He states he is only an expert on oral accutane. Whether oral or topical the side effects are the same. The chemicals, the syntesis of living biological agents from various species, the nuclear radiactive agent of tritium (not listed on the label), the electolytes, furanoids (not listed), the various biological retinoids of varous species not (not listed on the label), bioengineered hepatitis B virus ttnpb (anlogue of retinoids not listed on the label), poisons of phosphorous (not listed on the labl), poisons of toxic gases of methyl, ethylene, dichloro, toulene, PEG (polyethylene used in antifreeze), polymorpisms of crystals known to mutate cells and are to be regulted by the FDA, gastric acid used in digesting food to unfold proteins (no warning on label found on drug bank on accutane insert), use of toxic metals of titanium, platinium, mercury (aryl), aluminum and other heavy metals that are neurotoxins and why people are having short term memory loss and brain fog). No warnings of the true side effects that their own NDA states subject suffered and the Pharmacopeia MSDS in their NDA 19963. Their own insert states that they don’t know how the mechanism of retinoids work nor their known effectiveness. No one will ever know unless cases like mine are heard and the public is made aware. I had contacted ICATA, EWG, ETC, CA Prop 65 as TOCRIS MSDS states all trans retinoic acid causes cancer, contacted congressman Bart Stupak, Frank LoBionco, Rob Andrews, US Attorney General Erc Holder has and kept a flashdrive on are my research on Renova being mislabeled violating 21 cfr 201.57 and 3148 and many other federal laws, FDA David Banks and Donald Dobbs, Judge Carol Higbee (judge preciding over Accutane civil suits and she states she can’t assign attorneys to my case), Hook/Bolton, Ennis and Ennis, Seeger and Weiss, Placitella, Waichman and Parker, William Hayes, Robert Gloesser, Sal Daidone, Michael Glassman, Joseph Hoffman (whose brother Judge Richard Hoffman was allowing false allegations against me for trying to have biological testing done and I did’t know they were brothers at the time),journalist Hank Albarelli, Martha Rosenberg, Mike Adams and they have done reports on AM Kligman, MK NAOMI and MK Ultra for which he was the experimenter and developer of retinoids at Holmesburg Prison and illegally sold retin-A patent rights to Johnson and Johnson. Director Murray Lumpkin (FDA) approved retinoids when he knew he shouldn’t and that allowed everyone to use these agents in their products. Billion dollar market for vast corporations and heartache per the patients and consumers. These agents are using programmed bacteria of pseudomonas aeruginsa known to cause keratitis and cystic fibrosis and staph aureus known to cause impetigo and MRSA and pneumonaie. Your life destroyed and birth defects to your children or their futur chidren, cancers, diabetes, bone degenerations and deformities, kidney and liver and pancratitis diseases, brain tumors and eye disorders. Would you use antiwrinkle creams and drugs if you knew this? Hoffman and LaRoche brouht three people to the FDA hearing in 1990 to state how much they loved Accutane. This hearng was on Accutane and approval of Renova 0.05% developed at Holmesbur Prison) The transcript of the hearing is on the FDA website and states isotretinoin is in Renova as well as tritium and neither labeled on drug insert. Proof that proper drug labeing is not being enforced. No one would use a cream that contained pseudomonas aeruginosa or staph aureus. No one would cause themselves MRSA. No one should have to beg for help. No one should be forced to live with severe migraines, sinusitis, keratitis, blepharconjuctivitis, burnt corneas, blurred vision, dental pain, gastrointestinal pain, rhinitis (metals cause and deviate the septum), anemia from hemmorhaging, memory loss–why I keep flashdrives and notes, swelling and pain in fingers and feet, high lipids, high glucose, high easinophis, high neutrophils and a letter from a physician staing leukocytoclastic reaction to phosphorous compounds in Renova 0.05%, yet no attorney will help me. Born in the United States and suppose to be guaranteed Constitutinal rights to redress, yet denied even by the ACLU, who helps illegal immigrants. I begged for years to Johnson and Johnson for help and they refused to correct the harm they caused as well as Hoffman and LaRoche Genetech. Why, I don’t know except that only a few cases will get heard to prevent these corporations from going bankrupt and preventing the public to know the truth about biological drugs that retinoids are. Every attorney ends their denial letters with statute of limitation rules, each one is allowing the statute of limitatons to run out–not only on me but all who have used these drugs and did not know the dangers. The political game has to stop.

  40. It is now time for those who state they are researching Morgellons to do the proper tests to prove nanotecnology and altered microorganisms that are used in dugs and products that are altering human gene expression as stated in retinoid products and antiaging products. Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and Randy Wymore you ased for sampes and documents and you have had them for years leaing me and ohers to suffer. Dr Janet Starr Hull I paid you money to test for peydoonas, fusarium, ecoli, staph aureus and nanotechnology. Your website states you test for bacteria and you did not send the result I paid for. Hank Albarelli you had me send samples to Barb Metcalf and for what reason. All she did was send photos of what she saw under a microscope. You have an organiztion to help those who have been denied justic and were used in inhumane experimnts. I have sufferd for over a decade and forced to research and found that naotechnology and microorganisms are the cause of what the topical drug Renova tretinoin did to me. If it did it to me what are these drugs doing to others who are not aware of the dangers and whose body did not have an allergic reacton to inform them what is occurring. The time now is for known speciaists to speak up and defed us. Lawyers can not be allowed to pick and chose who they will help. THey have chemists and physicians working for them as Dr. James ODonnell states he consults on oral Accutane cases. Whether it is oral, topcal or IV it causes them same side effects as these agents cross the blood brain barrier. Many attorneys alreay knew this and all of these drugs should have been banned before they were approved. All drugs must be labeled in accordance with the law an are not. Renova 0.0%% violates all the laws and violated a person’s right to know. Please for the physicias involved in dispensing these drugs who caused harm to your patients and those physicians who a patient came to for help in being diagnosed and you denied that patient help it s time to come forward and admit to what is being done and help. A revese transcription must be devised by those who put this in their drugs and to show a responsibility and help those whose lives you destroyed. Whisleblowers are needed. It is a fact now of the misuse of a technology that never should have been used on humans.

  41. Micelles are self assembling threadlike wires referred as wormike by the pharmaceutical and medical field. The publication from Univer of Maryland will inform you of the different cofigurations they create and by toxic gases that are used in creating them. They can become entangled, and that means clearly since they are being used in all types of drugs that they entangle on joints, hair, internal organs causing fingers to feel jammed, tightness in the tissue and internal oganns. They are thin wires that are being pushed through the skin that feel like barbwire. Look up at the publications on this technology. Dow had a pdf report on Liquid silicone and showed photos of retinoids being enrapped in liquid silicone and had diagrams of the micelles and gas vesicles used in this chemistry. Zirconium and other transitional metals are used to create the nano battery that operates these structures. Geometric chemistry is the use of butadiene, cyclohexane, butyl and other toxic gases used to push and pull these nano structures,as well as the microorganisms. These agents are able to wrap around you and suspend themselves in midair. They have created their own biological/nano robot. You will see that electrolytes are used, phosopholipids, palmitate isopropyl, cyclohexane, hexene,alcohol isotopes and many other chemicals that are liste in patent 4877805 and in the NDA19963. Nowhere, in any publication does it state how these agents stop replicating. Wormlike is what they call them, and you as the victim state this you are called delusional.

    Using pseudomonas aeruginosa in these retinoid patents is a crime in itself. This MRSA causing bacteria causes Kerattis and cystic fibrosis. There are two young children who need lung transplants do to cystic fibrosis making the news because they are under age of 12 to be on an adult transplant list. Here is Johnson and Johnson, the FDA and other pharmaceutical corps putting these disease causing microorganisms in their products. Not one journalists, attorney advocates, nor govt employee thought to be whisteblowers on something this detrimental to the human race. Not one physician, the so called patient advocate and healtcare provider thought to do microsusceptiilty tests on patients who were prescribed such drugs containing these MRSA disease causing micoorganisms. Dr Hildegarde Staninger asked for samples and had copies of the patent and new nanotechnology was involved and left a person to suffer and never released the lab findings. Left a person not to be treated for an illness she and other physicians knew that these toxic agents were in a drug prescribed. The more information I find the more I realize how really heartless and evil these people are. It is becoming very clear who is causing cancer, asbestosis, diabetes and diseases that require transplants. It is about causing diseases to make profits. We as a nation are being forced to carry health care benefits to pay these people to kill us.

  42. Now you have a general knowledge of what micelles are and what they are made of. Now, research phospholipids and you will see the structure diagram of them and their head and tail. You will see that they are found in egg yolks etc., which is one source of where retinoids vitamin A are found. You will see they are the mechanical strength and used in nanotechnology. So, retinoids are nanotechnology using micelles, synthetic ligands and natural ligands. They use natural retinoids and synthetic retinoids. 13-cis isotretinoin is a synthetic retinoid made by man using biological material of the bacteria/fungus of the halobacterium known as bacteriorhdopsin that is the purple membrane. We know that they all molecular motor proteins and work under the skin via DMSO that partitions the skin and allows these agents to enter under the skin and where long chain reactions grow. We know per the FDA Photo Safety Toxiity reports that these photo chemicals used in retinoid drugs and other drugs alike, cause slits in the tissue as in the eyelids. This is where these agents slide into the slits and fold around them. We know that proteins fold and unfold. We know they are crystal protein strucures. We know that the are using toxic gases and micoorganisms of ecoli, pseudomons, staph aureus, bacilis subtilis, pyogenes, phosphorous that self ignites and they are using carbons to create carbon nano tubes and ttnpb an engineered virus to make nano wires. We know that they are using the hair follicles as drug delivery agent as the hair is a stem cell and thousands of nano particles can fit on a strand of hair. As these nano structures grow to larger sizes, though, the weight of these heavy metals and gases become to heavy on the head and neck. We know they are using electro static, electro magnetic fields, vanderwahl force fields and nuclear agents. We know per ETC that at nano level these forces are stronger than at macro level. We know these agents spin and create biofilms that bind to the metas. We know biofilms are used to make pixels (pictures). We know that biochips are used and that these agents can send and receive signals. We know that the scientific community is altering gene expression, yet they claim they don’t know how the mechnaism works. They knew that metals cause autism, alzeheimers and neurological problems. They knew these agents cause birth defects and sterility. We now know that nanotecnology is lose in the general populaton and we know we were the guinea pigs in a horible inhumane experiment. May God grant no mercy to those who were involved in funding, deveoping selling approving and prescribig such poisons

  43. Maryland Univer. has a publication on mcelles titled New Reverse Wormlike Micellar System: Mixture of Bile Salt and Lecithi n Orgaic Liquids.
    This publication will inform you why biochemists call micelles wormlike and how they make long chain reactions. They are called threadlike and polymer sturctures do to their flexibity. Micelle are used in retinoid drugs. You will see cyclohexane, hexene, isoprply palmitaate were used in his mixture and as well in Renova 0.05%. They the science world calls agents they make wormlike and threads, and these agents are being using on humans. Yet, if you the consumer or patient state what you describe on you the call you crazy.

  44. Patent 58888791, IPR Institute Phama Resarch will inform you of them putting pseudomonas, staph aureus, ecoli,bacilis and pyrgenes in our drugs to alter gene expession. Facts are in this patent and per FDA all are allowed.

    • Maryland Univer. has a publication on Wormlike Micelles. The pulications will inform how they create long chain structures and the agents used. Lecithin, phosopholipis, cyclohexane, hexene, isoproyl palmitate are used in making these structures. You will see the chairlike and boatlike structures that cyclohexane is known to create. You will see that the biochemists refer to these wormlike structures as theadlike structues, hence the thread disease or fiber disease. All of these agents were used in Renova 0.05% tretinoin and many other patents on drugs and retinoids. Wake up and see who your enemies are and who are poisoning your body. No one can say conspiracy theory, it is a fact and the facts have been given to you. My vision has been destroyed by these structurs of poisons and gases. My eye are in severe pain from these stuctures pushing through the eyelids and forming biofilms. Yet,I never gave up researching and educating all who wanted to know. I leave these blogs so the future generation will know who did this. So my sons and grandchildren might find my trail of blogs so they will know who did this to me and know who to hold accountable. I resent all of those who stood in my way and who pretended they wanted to help and were sufferers. For those who wasted my time and had me send samples costing me time and money and played me, may your lives be filled with misery as you are worst than those who developed these poisons. I have never met nor enounterd so many false and horrific people as have met in the last decade. God help the innocent and send to eternal hell all of those who did this and proteted such a horrific act.

  45. Patet 5888791, Method of Producing bacteriorhodopsin and caretenoids by electrosatic treatment of halobacterium halobium. This patent clearly states that “they” (pharmaceutical corps and all who develop patents like retinoids) are putting staph aureus, pseudomona aeruginos, bacius subtili, e.coli in their patents. It will inform you that the bacteriorhdopsin is the 13 cis retinoic acid. You will see tha cellulose is used and was stated by Dr. Gwen Scott that she found cellulose growing in her patients lab results. You wil find electrostatic is used and why our hair is used for these nanotechnology agens, as the hair is protein and they found a way to unfold and fold hair follicles to hold thousands of nano particles and microorganisms. You will see that they are altering gene expession of humans, animals, trees and all forms of life. The IPR Insitute for Pharmaceutical Reseach developed this patent, which as stated by David Banks of the FDA, it allows everyone to use these agents in their own patents. You will see pyrogene were used as they cause a chemical reacion to ignite and cause explosions at nano level. They create “bridgewires” that act like a match. I informed you that retinoids work under the skin via DMSO and geometric chemistry that pushes and pulls these agents through the body using hair follicles. You will see the term K+/NA pump and biological chips. The patent refers to seeds, seeds at nanolevel suc as retinoi seeds. They start at nanolevel and grow to larger structures. Many of these researchers get funding to investigate a new disease and to develop drugs alike. They are not in a hurry to find out what Morgellons is because it is not prosperous to them. No one is doing susceptbility testing that would identify the above. Hair tests would prove this and if the hair has been altered to pseudo hair as the skin has been altered. Too much money is being made includng endorsing products to allevite symptoms. The human race is in severe trouble. Kandy Griffin if you are able to do tests for the above email me at ashbnnett1@yahoo.com. No one can afford anymore games.

  46. […] [20] Kandy Griffin, “Morgellons is not a disease,” 7 Aug. 2011. http://morgellonsresearchgroup.com/morgellons-is-not-a-disease/ Many videos and other sources at: Amir Alwani, “If Chemtrails And HAARP Didn’t Disturb You […]

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  48. […] where the transhumanism comes in.  The President of the Morgellons Research Group, Kandy Griffin writes, “Morgellons is not a disease. It is a process. It is a form of forced/directed evolution of […]

  49. Research free patent and use TTNPB (hepatitis B engineered–genetically altered by man) you will see 493 patents, Accutane the synthetic engineered retinoid you will see 755 patents referenced, 13-cis retinoin acid (gerneric of Accutane and man made) you will find 3,128 patents, sv40 simian virus that causes cancer and contaminated the poliovaccine you will find 58,031 patents referenced, hepatitis B virus you will find 69,897 patents referenced. We now know that these agents are not being listed on some products used or are being called by a different terminology. Don’t think you might not have used a biological agent that alters genetics and involves the genetics of other species. That these very agents cause severe itching, contain filamentous and fibers, contain crystals, contain PEG, silicone, titatnium, sol gel and other known biological glass that using chemicals that cause these agents to be heated and feel like burning glass (patent 7628997 informs you on biological glass used in drugs), gases, dipoles, chemicals that partition such as DMSO, EDTA used as a chelate and in photo film developing as many of these agents, bacteriorhodopsin 13-cis isomer retinal is a chromophore and used in making biofilms for optical recording and halograms, patent 5994698 will inform you on using piezoelectri crystals, retinoids that are pigments and polypeptides known as organelles and many other terms. You need to research photomasking patents and put together what these chemicals are really about and they are not for your benefits. In any event we were lied to and used as experiments with drugs they knew were hazardous and altered DNA and that physicians looked away while their patients suffered and they are issues of importance to bring criminal charges against all who participated and violated laws on mislabeling and misbranding. How many people do you know who have been diagnosed with cancer? Simian virus causes cancer and there are over 58,000 patents referring to it. We know these patents came after the fact that the FDA knew since 1960’s it causes cancer. How, many people were vaccinated with this poliovaccine and where this virus shows in their tumors and bloodstream? They all knew what biomarkers are and what tests to do for drug toxicities and reactions and did not act responsibly to their pateint’s health concerns. Why? What were they hiding and why would they allow toxic poisons to remain on the market to hurt others? All who are suffering from unknown infections are suppose to have lab work done and ordered by the physician as unknown cause, which then allows the lab to look for everything and not just one infection and causation. They must test for biological organisms that have been genetically altered and no one is doing that.

    • Lily, I am writing again in hopes of you joining us here:


      there is a thread there entitled “Comments By Lily”

      It contains all of your posts from here….please come and discuss with us…you are sooo informed and we welcome you!


      Kandy Griffin, Associate Researcher-MRG

      • Many are not understanding that Vitamin A is a toxic protein, also known as retinol, retin a, retinal, caretenoids, retinoids, isotretinoin, accutane, Atralin, Retin A Microspheres, Tazarotene, Differin, Isotrex, Reflissa, Renona, etc., and they are being combined with other toxic retinoids that are made synthetically and using engineered viruses like ttnpb, along with toxic gases of methylene, ethylene, cyclohexane, dichloro, napthalene (used to make moth balls–pesticide), palmitic acid(combined napthalene and palmitic acid and aluminum and you get the NAPALM Bomb), nylon as stated in patent 4556518 preparation of 13-cis retinoic acid and toxic metals. You will see cyanide being used. Patent 5571692 will inform you of them using simian virus (sv40), vitamin D.sub3 receptor,
        rous sarcoma virus, mouse tumor virus, luciferase fire fly and the drosphila fruit fly. Using the DNA of these species will alter human genetics as these agents are spliced and sliced into the human dna known as gene expression. Many cosmetic corps. are using these agents in their over the counter creams and cosmetics. As Accutane was not labeled in Renova 0.05% patient insert and falls under mislabeling laws of 21 cfr 201.57, it proves that other products are not being labeled properly either. Look on ever package of food, vitamin waters you ingest and in your cosmetics, hair dyes and lotions and you will see how much of this toxic vitamin A you are being given without your knowledge. These agents have been used in sunscreen lotions we put on ourselves and our children. EWG has been trying to alert the public that these agents are carcingenic and involve nanotechnology of nano particles and nano carbon molecules that create nano carbon tubes and wires. They are using the dna of insects and bacteria and fungus. You don’t think these agents of DNA won’t develop in your body? Takes one speck of bacteria to grow and colonize. The NDA 19963, clearly states that pseudomonas aeruginosa and staph aureus was used and they are MRSA causing agents. Pseudomonas will bind to metals and grow. Accutane is known to cause overgrowth of staph aureus and why is that, because these bacterias and fungus are being put into these drugs. DMSO used is a mutant and will mutate these microorganisms. The use of fatty acids known as liquid crystal cholesterol that is known to create walls and when defected will create “threads”. They are attaching wires to these walls via the nano carbon wires and tubes used. These agents are used to create bioenginered tissue. Go to free patents on line. Look up with key words vaccines, retinoids, tretinoin, isotretinoin, 13-cis retinoic, and you will see what they are putting in drugs and cosmetics. Retinoids are a chemo drug and no one had a right to put them in creams that are put directly on the face and where the fumes, vapors and mists of these agents will travel to the eyes, respiratory and digestive tracts. No one had the right to use toxic chemo drugs on people without their knowledge. What I have been trying to inform you is that this is being done not just to me, but everyone. GMO’s are genetic modified organisms which are using the toxins of bacteria, fungus, viruses, insects and putting them in products we use from drugs, to food, to energy drinks, to pesticides. How many people were innoculated in the 1950’s and 60’s with the sabin polio oral vaccine? How many now in their fifties and sixties are dying from cancer? The vaccine had the sv40 virus in it and known to cause cancer. Has anyone diagnosed with cancer been informed that the tumor was tested for the sv40 virus? No and they won’t be informed. Michael Horwin had an education in medicine and law and he knew to have his son’s tumor tested for the sv40. None of the rest of us know this and did we past this virus onto our children? We are not allowed to use our medical insurance for tests we want done, and physicians will only order tests they want done and nothing to do with proving that a drug caused your illness. Come 2014 you will have to carry medical insurance or be fined a penalty. You are being forced to carry medical coverage that will only be used for what your physician deems necessary. You are being forced to see physicians and that is wrong. A physician destroyed my life and his colleagues covered it up. If I demanded tests done the physicians would become annoyed and these very people you count on and trusted will then call the state authorities and try to have you deemed delusional. They will destroy your family, your credibility and all that you loved and lived for. Journalist talk about AM Kligman and the MK-NAOMI and MK-ULTRA projects being done by the US Army and CIA at Holmesburg and how Renova and retin A were developed there. The same agents that destroyed the prisoners lives and that the subjects suffered who were tested on these drugs were approved by the FDA to be used on the general population and that is a fact. Yet no journalists nor physicians wants to admit that these agents should have never been approved on used on humans. The law states products and drugs are to be labeled properly and that you are to know what drugs alter lipids, cause hair loss, cause hepatitis and hepatic dysfunction, cause diabetes, cause migraines, cause vision problems, heart problems and death, yet Renova did not and yet no drug injury attorney will help. Why and what was cover up about? Why was I forced to go through years researching patents, protein data banks and chemical banks, when all knew this?

  50. A must read pdf n FDA website on phototoxicty is “Guidance for Industry Immunotoxicology Evaluation of Investigational New Drugs”, US Dept. of Health and Human Services FDA, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, October 2002, Pharmacology and Toxicology. Go to the first website I gave you and in the search field put guidance for industry phototoxicity and then scroll down and even read all reports out there. You will find they knew what Assays to do for drug toxicities from Type I, II, III, IV and that proteins and peptides cause toxic reactions as well as adjuvants in vaccines. You will find the definition of what “hypersenitivity” is. You will find that penicillin and sulfonamides cause these type of reactions. You will see they cause anaphylaxis reactions, lupus like reactions (so it does not have to come from a tick bite as they have been informing you that you have Lymes), drug allergenicity, vasculitis, pneumonitis, thrombocytopenia, anemia. Drugs such as protein (retinoids) that cause “photoallergy covalent – binding metabolite (heptan) acts as sensitize Blactms and sulfonamides response.” Under Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act review 505(d) and 21 USC 355 (d). Review “Guidance for Industry Developing Medical Imaging Drug and Biological Products Part 1: Conducting Safety Assessments”, June 2004. On page 9 I am quoting “FDA weighs the benefits and risks of each proposed drug product when making its decision about whether to approve a marketing application (eg., an NDA or BLA)”. “Even if risks are found to be small, all drug development programs must also obtain evidence of drug effectiveness under section 505 of the Act.” All known drug reactions are to be labeled on a drug and that was not done on Renova 0.05% and if it was not done on this cream it was not done on other drugs. These reports will inform you of IgE Assays that should have been done and other known biomarkers that should have been used from EEG, EKG, blood tests, biopsies, examination of lymph nodes and spleen, liver and abdomen. We have a serious problem here and proof physicians are not doing their jobs when drug reactions occur and leaving their patients to suffer. The only physicians telling the truth are the ones who work for drug injury attorneys and drug injury attorneys are not helping all sufferers. In discriminating who they will represent that in reality are leaving toxic poisons on the market and the true statistics of drug injuries are not being reported to proper authorities nor the public putting innocent people in danger. This is what I have tried to inform all of you. It is not whether you used Renova tretinoin emulsion, or Accutane it is the danger of a biological drugs from insulin to cholesterol to using suntan blocker that contain proteins or vaccines that contain these agents and other biological agents. These reports will inform you how serious drugs are in causing future health issues in your life and you are to be informed of this and to know if the risks outweigh the benefits. Many want to lead you away from this major fact, that commercial are stating what the reactions are to drugs if you listen to the entire drug commercial, many even state cause death. For those who want to believe chemtrails caused your health issues, please correlate that proteins (signaling agents) used in drugs and fact that DMSO is used in topical creams and other drugs that partition the membrane (tissue) allow entry of microorganisms in the envirnoment and therefore allow these nanoparticles of chemtrails and the microorganisms and toxic gases of tetrahydro into your body and proteins used in these agents that are able to signal to the proteins used in your drugs that alter genetics and these reports will inform you that these biological drugs damage tissue, DNA, and organs. If you are hypersensitive of these drugs and microbial agents you are in danger, if you are allergic you are in danger.

    I did see on the morgboard someone took the time to look up the bacteriorhodopsin and cited a website and found the correlation of this crystal protein being found in Morgellon patient’s samples. Alls of this could have been resolved by Staninger, Wymore, Savely, Rutgers and Harvey had they taken the time to investigate and all have knowledge in the are of drug toxicity and tests that could have been performed, yet all left me to suffer painfully and indignantly, as well as many of you.

  51. The website I listed for Guidance for Industry Photosafety Testing was moved to another website and that will appear when you click on, just key in the search field Guidance for Industry Photosafety Testing and then it will say is this what you mean and will repeat what you typed in red ink and just click on that and it will take you to all the PDF reports on this including the May 2003 report. or you can try
    http://www.fda.gov/downloads/Drugs/GuidanceComplianceRegulatoryInformation/Guidance/ucm079252.pdf or

    It is easier to just key the title of the report in the field. As I informed you they are removing alot of documents that I had found and scanned and sent to attorneys and to David Banks, FDA in asking for help. You see how they like to make you look crazy by cloaking information knowning the public would never find it. Why it is important to print as soon as you find these reports, as they took the NDA 21108 off the website that took me years to find and only found it accidentally by clicking on blue highlighted prompts. The put back a partial NDA 21108 on the Pharmaceutical Toxicology but let the medical and microbial reports out and the NDA 19963 was never on the internet. “Seek and you shall find” is alive and well. They have more resources then you know.

  52. I found the reports that the FDA had on the internet titled “Guidance for Industry Photosafety Testing” and one was dated 1/03/00 and there was another, I am supplying the website of the 17 page report.
    I hope they are still out there and not deleted as they are very busy reviewing websites like this and deleting the information. This report will inform you that these compounds can enhance UV-induced skin carcinogenesis without being photoactivated. You learn about photoallergic reactions, skin blisters and sloughing. And that the long term consequences may not appear to years later. You read about the primary targets in photosensitivity reactions which include “nucleic acids, proteins, and cellular and organelle membranes.” You will see that these agents involve photons and cis-trans isomerization, fragmentation, ionization, rearrangement, and intermolecular reactions. You will find that these agents partition the tissue membrane and cause slits in the skin, especially eyelids and why the cornea becomes burnt by UV light and other toxic gases and chemicals used. These are agents used in drugs, cosmetics, pesticides and photography. Retinoids are knotting agents and these knots fit into these slits and spin and lock in place like a button fits in a shirt hole forming a structure around you. Retinoids are terpenes, monoterpenes, geometric and stereoisomer chemistry. They are molecular proteins that fold and unfold and assemble and unassemble. They are at nanomolar and are nanotechnology, a technique that can’t be seen, and they admit to that they don’t know how they work, so why would they put them in humans not knowning or understanding how they work. These agents are transcriptions that are instructions for gene expression. These reports were apparantly out on the internet for some time, and where they knew they cause carcingenesis, so why did it take EWG and other advocate groups so long to inform us, as I knew this and tried to inform all several years ago. Every document I found I printed and scanned and forward to Consumer Advocates everywhere, to ETC, Woodrow Wilson, Green Peace, attorneys, and govt officials, yet these agents remain on the market and their numerous manufacturers are profiting. These agents were in sunblock lotions that you smeared on yourself and your children. One of my sons has already been diagnosed with pre cancerous cells in a mole biopsied. Why is melanoma and skin cancer on the rise? Maybe someone needs to hold those working in the FDA division these questions in front of the public where they will have to answer. Federal Register / Vol. 72, No 72/Monday, April 16, 2007/Notices 18999 will inform you of the Dept of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program Report on carcinogens (RoC). You will see the Social Security Act 42 USC 405 and many other laws that are suppose to protect the public, yet we no one at NIOSH/CDC is reporting anything on how we the public can be tested for asbestosis from carbon nanotubes that were put in our products without our knowledge, retinoids causing cancer, aluminum and titanium and other metals at nano level causing toxic reactions, the sv40 simian virus being used in polio vaccines and in other patents to date that I found, nor TTNPB the engineered hepatitis B virus known to be toxic at nanomolar and used in many patents that I found. Viruses are being used to make nano wires and the Health and Human Services is the assignee for “Molecular Motors” patent using various viruses and the structures they are used to build. We have the NSF, NIH, DOE, NTP, NST, CDC, FDA and God knows how many govt divisions who staffs are paid by our tax dollars to protect us and they are not doing their jobs. Doug Trout from NIOSH wouldn’t help me, David Banks and Donald Dobbs wouldn’t help me, the FOIA FDA is taking over a year and half to respond to my requests leaving me to suffer. NIH paid Dr. Robert NASH to investigate metals in medicines and his report came back that metals are causing autism, alzeheimers and behavior problems and medicine must find an alternative method, yet the metals and poisons are still being used. What good is your tax dollars being spent on a investigation that proved metals need to be removed from drugs, if the drug manufacturers are still allowed to use these metals? What good is it for manufacturers to do subject testing on new drugs and when they knew it caused health issues and presented it to the FDA, the FDA still approved these drugs and with no warnings or mandated black box warnings?

    Natural News has been slowly releasing all my reports via his website, today was about emulsions (smoothing agents that are used in retinoid drugs and many products). He has yet to touch the retinoid situation. He was given this website with these blogs. He has released the sv40 virus being in poliovaccine that I sent him. Hopefully, someone will listen and someone will stop the poisoning and maybe we won’t see so much violence happening. Maybe when the world sees who is causing the cancers, these people will be forced to be reckoned with and forced to undue the harm they caused. Maybe the birth defects will stop and the March of Dimes will do their job in preventing these drugs from being used on women. Maybe the Red Cross will start examining and screening blood donations for these agents before given them to patients who will suffer long term effects from these agents. It is one thing to make a profit, it is another to make a profit that involved destroying someone’s life and having physicians cover it up. Not everyone is a Christian and not everyone is as patient as I have been in pleading for help. I am not afraid of death, I am more afraid of living in a world where there is so much disrespect for human dignity and quality of life. I work in an environment that involves people from all walks of the world. They are from Russia, India, China, Viet Nam, Africa, Pakistan, South America and none are my enemy. They are all kind hard working people who just want to support their families and live comfortably. They breath the same air, they feel love and pain, they need nourishment, and they need shelter and just want peace. Why can’t the governments and military officials just let people be able to live their lives without the wars and the greed of power and control of what oil fields and gold mines and things that were put on Earth for all to enjoy, not just a select few? What joy do they possible get out of hurting another human being? Where and what are the churches around the world doing in stopping this? Many were given my documents in pleading for help and in stopping these pharmaceutical corporations from poisoning and altering the genetics of the human race. Until these CEOS sit in front of us and allow us to inject and smear these agents on them and their families to prove they are safe, don’t get vaccinated and don’t take their drugs. It can’t be their choice it what they can say they will allow you to inject and smear on them. It has to be the drugs that were prescribed to you by your doctor that these pharmaceutical CEOs prospered from. Let them sit and be injected with chemodrugs first.

  53. I hope readers were able to review http://www.vxm.com/21R.58.html and see that the US Govt.via Army and Navy are funding these projects using the bacteriorhdopsin (bacteria/fungus retinal crystal protein) as a biological computer. This 13-cis retinoic isomer known as Accutane isotretrinoin is what is used in retinoid products and not just drugs and are not being labeled. Kligman worked for the US Army on MKNAOMI projects and for which several jounalists informed us of. Reason for so many wanting to silence me and no one wanting to reveal the truth. You see Kandy and Kathryn all my research sent to prior researchers was the correlation that I was able to put together as a layman. How I was able to take data researched just by the chemicals that were on the patient pamphlet that led me a private citizen suffering to nanotechnology and then to the patents and chemical data banks and proteins and was able to pull it all together. They are no longer experimenting just on the prisoners, mentally challenged and elderly. Their new victim on middleaged women and for which the general practice physician can blow off her complaints as menopausal, depression delusional and not do any tests at all on her. They lure this age group into using these anti wrinkle creams with promising to make them look younger, glowing and radiant.They enjoy picking on the vulnerable and desperate and then torture them and make them feel they are crazy. No one scatches their skin off the bones unless something is there driving them to scratch as in all chemicals used in these products cause and for which the prisoners all suffer severe itchng that goes on for hours. These agents per Vasonid drug pamphlet cause Leukocytosis for which I have a letter written by a doctor stating I have from these drug and where no treatment or prognosis given, just saying there is no antedote to let me die. Causes Retinoic Acid-APL and both were to be boxed WARNINGS and were not on Renova. Any signs of headaches, vision disturbances, nausea, vomiting, and papilledema were to be evaluated for pseudotumor cerebri and was not to date. Lipids, elevated liver function were to be performed. The patient’s hematologic profile, coagulation profile, liver function tests performed. Respiratory compromise and/or leukocytosis were to be monitored. 23 % of patients suffered ear problems from fullness to hearing loss, 66% had malaise, flank pain 9%, pleural effusion 20%, pneumonia 14%, expiratory wheezing 14%, abdominal detention 11%, diarrhea 23%, constipation 17%, pulmonary infiltration 6%, bronchial asthma 3%, abdominal pain 31%, dyspena 60%, weight increase 23%, anorexia 17%, cellulitis 8%, myocardial infarction is blanked out on the percentages (how convinient and the drug bank won’t let you call the pamphlet up anymore, insomnia 14%, GI hemorrage 34%, hepatitis 3%, cerebral hemorrhage 9%, arrhythmias 23%, hallucinations 6%, gait, agnosia, aphasia, CNS depression, coma, convulsions, encephalopathy, enlarged heart and the list keeps going. Would you use these drugs if you knew this? Vesanoid is tretinoin and tretinoin is all trans retinoic acid and isotretinoin and they are using butylated hydroxytoulene which is a gasoline. Is there any biologists or scientists that can give a simple explanation of what the boat and hair chair configuration is and what its purpose is in these drugs that have cyclohexane?

  54. http://www.vxm.com/21R.58.html has an article by Felix T. Hong, Dept of Physiology, Wayne State Univer. Detroit MI informing us how the bacteriorhodopsin (13-cis retinal, purple memebrane) is being used “As An Intelligent Material”, as in a biological computer and will inform why this biological agent is so useful. The same agent that is being used as the synthetic retinoid Accutane isotretinoin. Synthetic means it is made by man to look like whatver man wanted it to look like and be used for. It is use for miniaturization capability as it is nano size This is one of the biological agents used in retinoids with the use of metal oxides that self replicate. I informed you of how many patents are using the synthetic retinoid known as Accutane, then there are more thousands using the gerneric brand (made by other manufacturers using their own technology) known as 13-cis retinoic acid and isotretinoin. I informed you that David Banks of the FDA, stated when the patents expire anyone can develop their own gerneric version and that is horrifying in itself to what all are using in their products and apparantly neither the manufactureres using Accutane nor the gerneric brand are informing us that they are in their product. This biological agent is used in aspartame products. It is a biochip and it was released onto the public without our knowledge nor the function and purpose of it. Remember the manufacturers “trade secrets” are kept out of civil suits and from being known to the public. The point that I have been trying to relay to all is that these agents are not being labeled on products the public is using and these agents are teratogenic, mutagenic, and carcingenic and are derived from various walks of life. Since mainly women use these antiaging products, skin care products, hair dyes (that we now know nano carbon tubes are being used in all), cosmetics and go to dermatologists who prescribed these agents of microbial (living organisms and who DNA will start producing in your body and replicate) is why the majority of Morgellons patients are women. Lymes they say is involved and I proved to you that liquid crystal is derived from the cutaneous of ticks, nematodes and the ecoli and other microorganisms. Liquid crystal are used in retinoids and they build walls and when they become defected form threads (fibers) and they are crystals that keep reproducing via cubic phase that create three dimensional bilayer matrixes.
    See pubmed 2468194 9287223 2591367 15223320. Visit the next website known as “SMART:About SMART where you can view the structures of proteins and visit htt://smart.embl.heidelberg.de/help/smart_glossary.shtml and you can learn the terminology being used from the terms signaling, transport (proteins that straddle the cell membrane and carry specific nutrients, ions across the membrane, coiled coils, replication and other terminology. Was science using humans to create a biological computer? I given you enough patents and information for you to answer the question and to what I have been saying for six years, what Dr. Staninger has been stating and for which my samples given to her could prove to the world who and what are doing this (but her own website states she would serve as an expert witness in lawsuit–which the jest of that means I can only have my results if I get an attorney to sue and where she can profit–otherwise I am left to suffer, and for which Kandy Griffin has stated in her above article on transhumanism. I am truly sorry to have had to learn this information and truly sorry to have to deliver it to you. In numbers we are heard, one person trying alone will be silenced. It is the human race that they are altering with their stupid games of control and power and greed. The pain of these agents in a body is horrific and the buidling of these rubber structures are pulling your bones and skin apart. Aluminum cuts like a razor and at nano level is slicing your organs, tissues and brain causing hemorrhages and other infections within your body. Aluminum is used in vaccines injected into your childrens bodies known as an adjuvant. Our children depended on us for protection and we failed them tremendously and we depended on our physicians and they failed all of us. I don’t find this funny and anyone who found this amusing and thought of this as way to make a profit for themselves really need to take a long look in the mirror at themselves. Many wanted me to stop my research and now we know why. Those whose immune system cannot handle these agents will die and a false death certificate will be written, as long as these researchers continue not to do the proper microsusceptibility tests and all biological tests and that all can witness to what is being done and how it is being done. All need to be in a room and look under the microspies together, review photos and videos to together. Really you just need a professional photographer is known all about photoisomers and photoagents and why are they being used in drugs. Review PAN pesticide database for mineral oil and formeldehyde and you will see they have the skeleton head and are carcinogenic and used in our drugs and food and pesticides. Chemical corps put the warnings on their chemicals and supply the pharmaceutical corps and the pharmaceutical corps and cosmetics are using agents they knew were not to be used on humans and are not labeling their products to inform you of the dangers and they are violoated Prop65 and the rights of humans. Your cancers are not genetic they were caused to you for the profits and the researchers to have jobs. You won’t be working because you will be too sick and on death’s bed. You will feel the cramping in your miscles from these wires of metals, nylon, fibers and coiled tails of microorganism entangling in your muscles and organs as they weave in and out creating larger structures and matrixes of biofilms and long chain fatty acids. Review PAN pesticides for tetrahydronaphtalene and all chemicals in products you use and in vaccines I gave you and on vitamins and retinoids. The more you try to pull them off of you the more they will replicate and the bigger and heavier they will grow via oxygen and light waves. This is “murder by medicine”, and the chemical corps. knew these chemicals were being misused and should hang their heads as low as they can be dropped in shame. It is late and I am exhausted and have endured serious migraines and can’t sleep as my eyes never see darkness as they agents glow in the dark and as the publication above state these agents bind to the opsin of the eyes. Shame on Will’s Eye hospital and all eye physicians involved for allowing this to happen to people’s vision and shame on all who knew this and could have ended the misery.

  55. To help you understand better how science is developing vitamins that are causing health is issues are not just Vitamin A but review patent 20100248315, Fermentive Vitamin C Production. This patent will inform you of how they are using microorganisms to produce Vitamin C and telling you that you need this and will prevent illness. You will find acetobacter sp. accession number ATCC 15164 submitted 1975. This is used to convert ethanol to acetic acid in the presence of oxygen. This patents names of microorganisms. In reserching acetobacter it brought me to cellululose, which many researchers have found in Morgellon patients. I went to find the definition of GMO – “Genetically modified organism or genetically engineered organism.” “An organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Recombinant DNA technology.” This is under Wikipedia and scroll down and you will find tissue engineering and click on and scroll down and you will find the spinning carbon nanotube being used. Retinoids (vitamin A) are about altering genetics and bioengineering tissue. Furanoids are used to make nanotubes and you can review PMID 18300344, 17345749, 21574633, which uses bacteria such as fusarium. It is amazing that Kligman’s patent 4877805 is titled the same and written the same as patent RE36068 that the courts declared interference on in using RE36068 in Renova 0.05%, which was revised to used patent 4877805, which was issued 1989 along with Patent 4888342 with the same title of “Methods For Treating Sundamaged Skin with Retinoids”. Both patents give a list of retinoids being used and state not limited to the list. Patent 4888342 gives a horrific lists of retinoids in addition including the AM580 (mus mouse liver membrane) the AM80, TTNI, TTNT, TTNF, CH-55 and TTNPB. The TTNPB is an engineered hepatitis B virus more toxic than all trans retinoic acid at nanomolar, for which no one is doing tests at nanomolar and how these agents are able to be hidden from normal testing that a patient can have done that will come back with a false negative result. A.Xylinum is one of the main microbial agents used in the production of cellulose and being used by pharmaceutical corps. Apparantly, the Wikipedia organizers knew what was going on in biotechnology and nanotechnology and developed this website to help the public know what is being done to people. You want vitamin C, don’t be lazy and just squeeze a few oranges or eat a few oranges. You need vitamin A, eat broccoli, asparagus, peas and eat fish (yet we know our fish and seafood is contaminated with mercury, benzene and other petroleum poisons) so I don’t know if that is a good idea. Anything that is fermented has arsenic involved. These corporations from pharmaceuticals to vitamins and cosmetics pretend they are helping you and they are profiting immensely by your laziness and eager to believe they care. They don’t care. You want to control high cholesterol stay away from bread that is made from yeast, stay away from cakes, processed food, cheese and eat healthy. Stop the fast foods and go back to cooking for your family by baking and grilling and not deep frying. You don’t need the pill, listen to the end of the drug commercials and all the side effects and you don’t have to have a degree in science to know you don’t need that drug. My life was ruined emotionally, financially, physically and my marriage destroyed because I trusted my dermatologist and Johnson and Johnson who I used its products all my life and never thought they would betray my trust nor did I ever think I would have to research to find out what was in drugs, cosmetics and juices and food that I consumed and used. Look up the bacteria that is in sulfur, methanol, ethylene, and all gases and these are being mixed with other microbial agents. The recombinant DNA technology is involving the RXR recombinant ecoli, psedumonas is used to make polyvinyl alcohol used in these agents as well as numerous microbial agents. These agents cause severe itching, rashes, dermatitis, impetigo, MRSA, cystitis fibrosis, autism, memory loss, alzeheimers, central nervous system problems, Epstein Barr virus, hepatitic disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, vision problems, headaches, blurred vision, Keratitis, silicosis, overgrowth of commensal microorganism, sinusitis as these pseudomonas and staph aureus are infecting the nare of the nose and hair follicles, high lipids and glucose. We don’t have to worry about “Apocalytic” we have to worry about “Apoptosis” the release of suicide cells and the release of neutrophils and macrophages that are trying to attack these nanoparticles and microbial agents that don’t belong in or on our bodies. I found an interesting article on Eugenetics and Margaret Hamburg, FDA Commissioner and her parents who are involved in Society for the Study of Social Biology, formerly the American Euegenics Society, by Byron Richards. His article horrified me and it was about population control. Back in the beginning of my research I found an article by a nutritionalist who stated the world was too overpopulated and not enough resources to feed all and he was asking for the medical community to help in minimizing the population, PUBMED had a citation on this too. If all of these people are so worried about population control, then they should volunteer themselves to be removed from Earth to make room for others. They are not God and do not have the right to say who lives and who dies and who should eat lobster while others eat genetically modified rice and other garbage. These people have millions and billions and have the capability of building farmland out of deserts and putting in irrigation systems and rebuilding the Earth instead of building technology that is being used to cause radiation poisoning, and to spy on people and track them, and create vaccines that sterilize such as a virus like TTNPB and retinoids that cause impaired fertility. You want to make it a better place to live and create jobs and supply food, build farmlands with real animals and real vegetables and fruits and stop with the nuclear bombs, toxic drugs and wars that are useless and costly and cause destruction. That is what leaders are suppose to do make it a better place to live. With all the technology and all the billions spent on useless experiments and research that never comes up with answers just more hands out for donations. It is not that hard. Just my opinion based on what I have research and seen happening in my life time.

  56. Natural News is reporting that the FDA is trying to outlaw vitamins and he feels this is criminal. He feels vitamins have never killed anyone. NDA 21-108 on Renova 0.02% (retinoid tretinoin which is Vitamin A) states that subject 117, a 63 year old woman died of a myocardial infarction five months into the study and they are saying not related to Renova. Vesanoid drug pamphlet and chemical corps material data sheet state tretinoin Vitamin A causes myocardial infarctions, which proves vitamins cause death and it is stated in the Wikipedia on retinoids. This woman died 4/10/1990 and Renova 0.05% was approved in 1995 and 0.02% was approved in 2002 and no one thought to inform the patient/consumer. Subject 328 had facial cellulitis and was admitted and given intravenous antibiotics, for which my physician should have admitted me and seen me right away, but he didn’t nor did he do any tests. She developed post hyperpigmentation. Subject 123 was a 67 year old women developed congestive heart failure and gastrointestinal bleeding five weeks after the study, they said she had a history of palpitations and was controlled with digoxin, if she had a history of heart proplems why was she being tested with a drug that can cause heart attacks? Second she is 67 yrs old and is more than likely on mediacare and that is False claim Act being violated using medicare to pay for drug reaction which you will have the rest of her life, yes they can say that they paid her medical costs, we will never know. Subject 153 is 67 years old and suffered facial tingling and developed edematous facial rash accompanied by redness, swelling, and itch. The redness, swelling and itch is the only warning given on this drug pamphlet. They said her reaction was not related to drug as she had a similar reaction to penicillin and was taking proponal. This proves what type of people are being used to test drugs. The elderly who are trying to make some money by testing drugs because they can’t afford to eat. Subject 337 a 52 year suffered facial burning beginning after 4 days and discontinued. Subject 216 a 55 year old female developed jawline impetigo after 12 days and was treated with Bactorban (Bactorban was the ointment that was contaminateded with microorganisms in the Whistle Blower Lawsuit last year). She suffered dry, scaly erythematous patches on the face and temples (temples are where I stated something in being pulled tightly like it is being screwed into my bones), and extended to the neck. Subject 325 a 68 year old femaled experienced moderate peeling on her earlobes (I sure she didn’t put the cream there so how did it effect her earlobes which proves these agents are systemic cytotoxic agents effecting the entire body via bloodstream via DMSO), moderate irritation to the neck and facial burning. Discontinued. Subject 328 a 60 year old male developed facial cellulitis (funny Kligman treats cellulitis with these retinoids when it causes cellulitis). He had papular, confluent, erythematous rash of the cheeks, nose and eyelids with edema, crusting and oozing with 102-103 fever. He had rigors and bronchitis and hospitalized for four days. I think these reactions should have been listed and are viollations of 21 cfr 201.57 and a violation of a person right to known if the risks outweigh the benefits.

    “NDA 19-963 was approved on December 29, 1995 with five Phase 4 commitments as follows” and one of those commitments was to follow up on long term adverse events of tretinoin. That commitment was breached and J&J never follows up with a patient who suffered nor asked to see them nor helped in paying their medical, wages loss, nor fix the visible damage to the skin from these toxic poisons, nor the vision problems nor the migraines and fluids in the head, or the bone fractures or the silicosis of the lungs. Not one attorney or govt official would intervene and help and that is what happens to people who suffer drug injury from these agents.

    “Allegations made by Muna Goyal, MD. Dr. Goyal, alleged that tissue slides had been confiscated from her and that she had been advised to discontinue follow-up work on a project that had indicated that Retin-A application to human skin resulted in “the same antibody expression as the most malignant form of squamous cell carcinoma.” There is your coverup of the FDA reviewer ignoring vital evidence of harm being done to innocent patients/consumers and to the subjects, who seem to old to be put through such horror and if I had known this I would never had used this cream. Your vitamin cartel are your pharmaceutical corps. Don’t use anything unless it is freshly picked and washed from a tree or pulled from a plant or vine known as fruits and vegetables. Cut a cucumber or put it in a blender and put the mix on your face and that is where you will get real vitamin usage. Vitamins are natural what is in a gel capsule in a bottle is not. Hand lotions and face lotions are full of garbage no matter what the endorser or manufacturer is stating.

  57. I visited your morgboard to see what was being discussed. A message from Skywalker was there that he/she had emailed me. The email address used in not
    an email address I go to. I can not respond to emails as too many have hacked my computer and throw viruses and a few days ago my security system stopped another attack from a website. I spent all I have on a computer and in researching to inform others and can not afford to have anyone cause me anymore harm or financial problems. I am sorry, but this is how I can communicate only. This message blogs have been going on for years too long, it is time for results and it time for the necessary testing to be done. It is time that an attorney comes forward to represent all who are being denied proper medical care and use of their insurance. It is time that the CEO’s of these pharmaceutical corps and medical institutions hold true to their Credos and undo the harm they caused. Maybe when Wallstreet Protestors find out about what harm has been put in their vaccines and meds and food suppy they can stand on the steps of the manufacturers who are killing people with poisons.

  58. I have given you alot of information to absorb and that must be absorb in a short amount of time as in reality these corrupt individuals have committed warcrimes against innocent lives in using biological warfare agents that have the ability to eject and penetrate into other human beings and animals and insects causing mutation beyond belief. Don’t think that using a rat’s retinoid would not cause a future human race generation to grow tails and other animal extremities. That is the purpose of retinoids to regulate color, skin, vision, bones etc. What you need to know is that these retinoids and metals bind to the pineal gland (once was thought to be a third eye which science is using to help blind people to see and using holograms) where melatonin is secreted that regulates sleep and moods as well as seratonin; which I stated in previous blogs the patents that are using the synthetic chemicals to mimic these enzymes from pesticides to retinoid patents. Today on the internet was a young Vietnam women who was given steroids to treat an allergic reaction and in days aged 50 years. Why because steroids and hormones are being misused and are altering genetics. This is only story being told to the public, how many others are there? Why are some people’s voices being heard and others are not–to prevent the public from knowing the true statistics of the harms of biological drugs being used to alter genetics and the human race. You can call up circadian clock molecule and you will find many websites including the PDB (Protein Data Bank) and view photos of these structures that are being used in drugs. View the molecular tweezers and the zipper molecule. You will find again the referral of the drosphila (fruit fly) and Salk Institute, Ron Evans uses it in retinoids. It is Fall now, and how fast we see the fruit fly multiply and cover our fruits in supermarkets and fruit stands, how fast do you think it takes to multiply in your body as it is binded to nano suspended wires. Barb Metcalf states she coughs up these larvae. What kind of sick people do this to innocent people and then just watch them suffer. When we are dying suicide cells are release and bacteria and worms and insect of death begin to attack the body and the medical personnel know this, yet they are using retinoids and chemicals that cause these suicide cells to start attacking the body long before they are suppose to be released naturally when we are suppose to succumb to death. The Chapel Hills nurse stated I will suffer a long slow death because these agents start killing a nano level a level so small not to be seen until it is too late. Bones will fracture from these nanoagents drilling into them via wire coils and metals and adhesives used to bind and adhere to. They declared war on us whether it was for population control, transhumanism, transgenic, or whatever their sick minds think up. All should be given the fair opportunity to prove what was done to them and use of their medical insurance and not one dime should be expected out of anyone’s pocket. Anyone can become a victim like that young Vietnam woman. Too many murders going on and too much violence all because of metals, neurotransmitters being messed with, and misuse of proteins that secrete endotoxins and mycotoxins and entereotoxins such as the phage projects. TAF doesn’t want to help me the False Claims Act, where the FDA approved a product and knew the harm and didn’t list these harms and toxic agents and microbial agents and allowed physicians to write scripts having Medicaid pay for the drug. Go ask a pharmacist about Renova 0.05% and what is the cream made of and see what answers you get. A pharmacist is suppose to know what is in a drug and reactions it has what drugs it reacts to, yet when I asked them they walked away from me and those who made statements just said call Johnson and Johnson. I called Johnson and Johnson a decade ago and still waiting for the answers to my questions as well as with the FDA and CDC who were both present at the hearings and approved this evil poison. A year and half later I am still waiting for the FOIA dept. to send me the vital information I need. No one in govt has to abide by laws apparantly. What I really hate saying and what has become a reality is most of the people I have come in contact with are men and these drugs are mainly prescribed to women. These men don’t have a clue to know what it feels like to have your inside pulled up and outward by these carbonwires known to spin and grow or. To have your eyes being pulled from the sockets as these agents bind to the eyes and as photos given to Wymore, Rutgers, Staninger and physicians involve show. Lay on a bed with head slighly elevated and takes photos a chest level towards your face, forehead and head. Take photos holding a camera above your head facing downward and behind your head and keep clicking at all angles and then view the photos and negatives carefully. Still frame photos show what you can’t visibly make another to see and videos can be played back on time delay response like nature photographers do. View on the pdf of each patent I gave you and the original patent will appear and you will see drawings and illustrations of what they are putting in retinoids, cosmetics, pesticides and vaccines. Revlon is using a plant extensin is a cream to alter your skin to look smoother, it is about optical illusions making things look different then what they are with biofilms and other agents that pull your skin tight. Remember stereo chemistry states stereoisomers push and pull and make the steering wheel configuration. Geometric chemistry is about circles, squares, triangles, hexagons, octagons, pentagons.

  59. If you search the internet for bacteriorhodopsin (retinal, 13-cis isomer, smart dust) you will see the many facets this agent is used for from drugs to optical recording mediums and are being attached to nano carbon tubes (carbon black derived from petroleum products) and is being contained (encapsulated) in sol gel chemistry, View patent 20040052861 Sol Gel derived bioactive glass polymer composite. When sol gel cracks it feels like broken glass. Due to certain chemicals used in these products (drugs so forth) these chemicals become heated such as pyrolle chemicals and these broken bioactive made glass fragments feel like burning glass piercing the skin and for which Dr. Staninger states in her reports that her patients feel like burning glass is piercing their skin, because burning glass is piercing their skin. Look up bacteriorhodopsin images under AOL search. You will find the bacteriorhodopsin cubic biphase. This structure would fit where on the human body–the “Ward Triangle” and the trachea at the center of the neck where the collar bone is. See the structure in the middle that resembles a nail, which in the ICTA report on nanoparticles the quotom dots resemble a nail like structure that is used to hold these films against the tissue in laymens language. Patent 20080193802, Protein Coupled bioelectric solar cell, will inform you about cyclical portion flow, electromotive force between microporous electrodes, cytochrome sandwiched and the bacteriorhodopsin makes the sandwiched fold and produces hundreds of crystals within hours and crystal replace themselves when one falls off and for which people state they are finding crystals on them and falling off of them and these crystals have biofilms attached to them that you cannot see with the naked eye. You will learn about proteins encapsulated and retinoids and proteins of crystalline powders synthetically altered by scientists. You will learn about polymer gells (sol gel) and PEG is a manmade synthetic polymer and is used in antifreeze for cars, doesn’t belong in the human body.

  60. I didn’t notice that the blogs were going from new down to the oldest and posted information in answering “social Dis-Ease blog above, if my lasts blogs sounds like I am responding to someone, it is because I was reponding to him. Tonight I received an email from a contact who states this was developed to kill off the population who are collecting social security and pensions. The babyboomers (the 1950’s babies) are becoming of age for retirement and collecting their pensions early. The disease was devise to prevent that from happening and to create economic growth for sciene. Keeping doctors in business and hospitals and research centers pretending they are looking for the cause and cure, when apparantly by the above patents they created the disease, with a special cocktail of chemtrails added to the mix to put stress on the environment. He states only the fresh will survive. Maybe when the next chain on the ladder needs to be taken out and it becomes a time where there are too many doctors and nurses, these people will know what we will feel and would have hoped that they helped us and not them. Being out for yourself and proving that you will even participate in murdering innocent people to prosper, shows these evil monsters that you can’t be trusted and would be betray them in the end and that makes you just as indispensible as us. When the these people are dead they don’t need you for a doctor anymore and you lose that income and that makes your field overflooded and then you are the next to be axed and the same goes with any govt official who is participating in poisoning the human race. You are only needed for the moment, better choose wisely what side of the fence you might want to be on. As in the WallStreet protestors who can’t find jobs and have no medical benefits, this is apparantly apart of the big picture for the email. Unemployed when benefits run out count in no statistic and are just out there unaccounted for. You serve no benefit and are not employable to pay your mortgage, taxes or medicare and are just a burden to these people. The rest of this country needs to wise up and help take care of these unemployed as one day it could and will be you and will be you anticipating to retire and enjoy the good life that will not be awaiting you.

  61. I left a reply to your above statement, but it must be being modified for approval. You state the term bi-engineering, it is bioengineering and it is was our scientific community has been doing for decades. Start with biopanning and then every word or term highlighted click onto. See the four steps in biopanning which is the use of phage (enterobacteria lambda the filamentous phases used in clinical research of cancer and disease. You will see terms like supercoil, heads and tails and their ejection into the cytoplasm, M13 bacteriophage. They are about using bacteria/fungi and creating polymers and binding peptides and proteins. See chromosone 7q11.323 duplication syndrome causes autism, oppositional disorder (CODD and ADHD) attention defecit, speech disorder, behavior disorder and for which metals of aluminum in vaccines cause as well as aryl and akyl compounds of mercury. How many children and adults are being tested for this chromosone duplication gene? I can tell you no one I know nor any of the children being sent to alternative schools for behavior problems. Why, ask your self? Having children with behavior issues creates jobs for the school system, state social workers and physicians hired by the school system like psychiatrists and psychologists. Just like the pharmaceutical corps create jobs for physicians and revenue for themselves from treating and causing more health issues instead of curing. It is not profitable for you to be healthy, happy and enjoy quality of life and the right to the pursuit of happiness, liberty and life. You are not only the experiment to be studied on how these agents react you are their bread and butter. All researchers states the terms filamentous, black specks which are pigments of carbon black used to create carbon nanotubes and highly carcingenic, red, yellow and blue specks are iron oxides that emit arsenic used to fuel the transistional batteries that assemble from paramagnetic particlees, there is the head and tails of these phages that eject (anything that is ejected falls under biowarfare agents) into the cytoplasm. The G-C sticky ends that bind to tissues and organs. The single and double strand DNA and their supercoils that unwind and drive transcription. Look up Trp cage, peptone, envelope of glycoprotein, peptides, amino acids, tunneling using radiation such as nuclear agent tritium used in tretinoin. Retinoic acid binds to chromosone 15 and 17 used in treating leukemia. Retinoids and the pesticide agents of tetrahydronapthalene effect melatonin, seratonin, melancytes,neutrophils, easinophils, monocytes, hemocrit. They effect your moods, your speech, your vision, your bones, your heart and respiratory system and they are attached to zinc nano wires, rods, belts and propellars known as geometric and stereo chemistry that was discouraged from being used in drugs, yet the technology was approved and dispensed around the world. The patents prove they know exactly what they are doing and it is altering the human race. You state X-factor the X involved in Retinoic X Receptor.

  62. You have no idea of what their knowledge is and how long it has been going on. How long do you think cloning has been going on and nanotechnology–for decades.
    Research biopanning and the filamentous phage and the head and tail, enterobacteria phage (lambda and head tail fibers), supercoils and the G-C sticky ends that unwind and drive transcritions. Not only used in cancer and disease “clinical research” but used as forensic and paleontological samples. A forensic scientists can identify what is infecting people and forensic is used in criminal cases. A foresenic psychologists who is destroying the reputation of a person who has been infected with these synthetic (manmade agents) and stating a diagnosis of “DOP” without ordering biological tests and who is trained to know what these agents are has now put not only the victim’s life in danger to protect the “scientific community wrongdoings” but has lied to the courts and that is “perjury” that by law has jail time and fees and penalties, as did Dr. Alan Lee, foreensic psychologist. Yet, he is free to do this to others. As Dr. Hillemann, Merck Scientist, admits that the scientific colleagues will not devulge information on other scientists in his interview on the sv40 virus and other viruses put in vaccines. Remember the Roswell Crash, and where these suppose aliens were taken to be disected and researched by the defense, then suddenly new technology from kevlar to lasers became developed. Your defense departments are who are funding all of these scientific projects that the universities are performing. They are using volunteer humans as subjects and then write their reports to have these drugs and patents approved by no other than the FDA to be used on patients and consumers. All terms used in Dr. Hildegarde Staninger’s reports and Dr. Gwen Scott are used in the patents listed above and the terms bacteria and fungi are what is used in cloning, vaccines and drugs. Start with peptides and then research every word that is highlighted and research biopanning and the four steps involved in this technique. Doesn’t matter what project name you want to apply to it, it is being done and has been being done and released into society for decades. You will never know what truly kills a cancer patient, whether it was chemo destroying the heart and organs, they will just state metatastic cancer on the death certificate. They will never devulge the truth until they are put against the wall and questions are ordered and demanded by the public and true ethical physicans. All are trained in biology and chemistry and all are part of the scientific community and fall under the “code of silence”. Their mistake was putting information out on the internet and not thinking the uneducated scientific mind would investigate. Science is funded by the defense departments around the world.

  63. Patent 7923109 is very graphic on the viral geometry being used and it is functions as flexible rods, forming liquid crystalline and structures. Remember liquid crystals form threads when defected and where the fibers are coming from. They build walls and wellls and reservoires, and are being built around you. They are transparant and transluscent and hidden being cloaking agents of minral oil and benzyl alcohol and benzyl alcohol is used in nanotechnology for reconfiguration of nanowires. You will find out about the envelope, the term engineered (manmade), self supporting forms and films and fibers. This patent ties everything along with patent 4704692 and other patents referenced on what I have been trying to inform people for years. Patent 4704692 goes back to 1995, when Morgellons emerged, hepatitis B epidemic, MRSA, and the release of the transgenic nematode and approval of drugs like Renova 0.05%. They stated this was futuristic and that was a lie, they have been used these nanotech agents for decades in our products, just like using the sv40 in the polio vaccine to cause cancer to the babyboomer generation. I found the sv40 information on Michael Horwin’s website whose sone died of brain cancer and the sv40 was found in the tumor. Mr. Horwin was an attorney and did research on cancer in children and where he came across the sv40 causing cancer. He had the ability and knowledge to know where to find information and sued. Unless you were looking for the sv40 or polio contamination and had a computer and internet ability you would never know this information kept from the public. His son Alex was only three years old and that was back in 1997 when he was vaccinatated and died in 1999. Dr. Leonard Horowitz had a website on the sv40 and Merck and where I gained more knowledge. I left blog after blog and then emailed him for help. He refuses to respond and deleted all blogs and then I found the webpage to be bland. If we don’t help one another on these issues then we have gotten nowhere and their information is useless and just for entertainment. If you had knowledge of wrongdoing why won’t you help others suffering. Not all of us are attorneys and doctors to know how to file suit for our pain and suffering. Again it proves only certain people are getting redress while others suffer being silenced. Our tax dollars are funding these murderers who are killing our children and causing them to committ violent acts and suicide and suffer diseases.

  64. Patent 4704692, Computer Base System, will inform you on how they genetically altered biological agents and the use of microbial. Tonight’s news states that the use of Vitamin E and selenium did not prevent prostrate canncer and can cause it. The truth about vitamins are coming to light and the misuses and misinformation that was deliberately given to the public. How many had to suffer before the truth was told. How much overdosing of vitamins have been done over the decades by individuals taking various vitamins a day? How many prospered from this?

  65. The news stated last night that vitamins are causing women to have heart disease, as the above blogs from extensive research state Vitamin can cause myocardial infarctions, and yet I found patents using it to treat heart disease, this is the most contradictive and misinformed drug known as a vitamin on the market. Acids are used in batteries and they are used in nanotechnology, and acid eats away skin and membranes and cause severe pain. The scars on my face prove this and from research found it was known to cause chemical blisters and other people who used Accutane have stated they were scarred from the drug. How good can this be for skin if it eats it away, causes blisters and sores that burn, cause impetigo, dermatitis, atypia melancytes, perivascular mononuclear infiltrates and other severe health issues? Vesanoid drug pamphlet states the true adverse events of tretinoin and Johnson and Johnson Renova deliberately did not, nor the dermatologist and all physicians involved.

  66. Thank you Kandy and Kathryn for allowing me to leave this information for all to know. I am so very grateful and appreciative of this ability to inform and it is that vital for all to know. I know these agents are getting heavier and stronger, as forces at nanolevel are stronger than at macrolevel per ETC own publication, yet they denied me help as did EWG. Advocate groups are apparantly out for theirselves and whatever they obtain from civil suits they pursue and not really for us the individuals suffering. I had hoped that Robert Kennedy, Jr. advocate against vaccines and riverwatch would get involved, but he doesn’t respond and neither did his uncle Sen. Ted Kennedy. Maybe had they helped things could have and would have been different. Maybe alot of us would be having “quality of life” and not just existing not knowning if these agents are going to kill us now or be a long slow death like the nurse from Chapel Hills stated I was going to have do to retinoid poisoning. She stated not to give and keep looking for an attorney and I will find one, hundreds of denials later and years later I still have not found the one sincere and ethical attorney or person to stop the pain. Thank you again.

  67. The above websites are not being allowed to be linked for some reason. It is very important to print anything your find right away. Just key in M13 bacteriophage images and TTNPB images and search all websites that appear. Print as soon as possible, many links I found including finding ProAssay stating and showing lab results that the RXR is the human recombinant ecoli. Please, please read and research before putting anything into your body, I don’t want anyone to suffer the severe horror and pain I what I go through everyday. I am extremely devastated by those who rejected my pleas for help. I truly feel though what goes around comes around and one day they will be suffering and no one will help them and they will know the pain and suffering and how it feels to be left alone and rejected like a piece of garbage. These blogs that I leave are not only to help those suffering, but to inform my sons in the future to what was done to their Mother and so they will understand all that I was put through and by so many heartless monsters who pretend to be civilized educated people. People who held govt positions, people who were trained physicians including specialties of skin, infectious disease and eyes and surgeons who remove cancer but wouldn’t do a biopsy for horrific lesions of unknown causations, pharmaceutical corps. who developed these agents and researchers who pretend they are investigated a new emerging disease and journalists who state allegations against pharmaceutical corruption and FDA corruption, but yet handed a story that could have stopped pain and suffering and prove their allegations just turned their backs. That is what I don’t understand in all of this. It 3:21 am in the morning and do to not being able to sleep from the pressure of fluids in my head and the fear of another serious migraine I am up in the middle of the night researching and leaving enough information to help prevent this from happening to others and to inform the future generations when they are faced with the consequences of these horrific acts. I live my life trying to be the best I can be and to offer my help to others to know what horrors are being done to our children and ourselves by those we trusted the most. These agents are wrapped and entwinned in and out of our bodies via scaffolds and nanowires that interlock like a chain necklace is interlocked. Top down and bottom up meeting and connecting using magnetic waves and electrical and static forces. If your one of the victims of losing your 401 retirement money, maybe you will see justice when the stock in nanotechnology and biotechnology crashes and those invested lose all their wealth. Only you as citizens can help to expose these horrible horrible technology of nanotechnology. Only you can stop Congress and Senate from allowing your tax dollars to be invested in it. Let them know what you have learned and you want it to be stopped.

  68. By using M13 bacteriophage images you can find the site that shows what these viruses are being made into. The hooks and how the fold into making long chain reactions. It will state engineered as ttnpb is an engineered hepatitis B virus used in Renova 0.05% per patent 4877805 and used in many other patents.


    This site shows you the cathode and anode and litium ion (used as a battery). I informed you that the ecoli and bacteriorhodopsin (13-cis retinoic acid) have internal cathodes and anodes which are used in electronic agents.


    will show you the wiry structures of nuclear receptor superfamily. The zn fingers, ttnpb, RARa and RARb are the hbv (hepatitis b virus). Now, maybe you will understand better what and how they are altering our genetics and wiring us with these electronic devices of biological DNA of viruses and retinoids used to regulate growth. How these agents are programmed to perform a function and it is not to our benefit and the risks outweigh the benefits and they were not warned nor informed to us. It is, also, the reason why Wymore and all researchers and universities would not analyze the samples requested, do to exposing this evil act that is being done by pharmaceutical corps who are funded by the NIH, NSF, DOE, DOD, and NASA and govts around the world.

  69. Tonights news states that vitamin supplements maybe causing more harm to women than good. What I have been trying to state to all. Why I tried so hard to get the media and journalist to listen to me. Vitamins are extremely toxic and should only be taken via natural foods. I have seen so many researchers informing people to take vitamins and ignoring what these agents really are and the severe health condition they cause.

  70. Dear Kathyrn and Kandy — Please review patent 7923108, Bd of Regents University of Texas System and MIT, Cambridge MA Filed 2003 and published 2011 seven years later. You will find them using virus bases scaffolds, peptides (retinoids are peptides), filamentous capsid of the M13 bacteriophage, nanonucleation, semiconducors, crystalline nano wires, magnetic materials all for which I have been stated and Staninger had stated in her reports. They are using the M13 virus for genetic programming. How they are making longer scaffolds which make longer wires. These wires and scaffolds drop from the hair follicles that contain these nanotubes. Search M13 bacteriophage and you will find Joachim Messing, a Rutgers Professor and Rutgers is a joint institution of Johnson and Johnson. The M13 used as templates in construction of single-wall carbon nanotubes. M13 is a cloning vehicle. Look up PMID 8220775 and you will find its contribution to DNA sequencing. MIT, Rutgers and Johson and Johnson are in a joint partnership with NASA on developing nano protein crystal robots and bio engineered tissue. Mr. Messing is a pharmacist and a bioengineered scientist who also worked on the Plant Genome Initative at Rutgers on the maize, sorghum and rice genome. This man can answer all questions and must be confronted. Rutgers was the one who had me send my samples to them via an exterminator who brought samples to them three months after collecting them and they were supposedly too old to test. They called me and wanted me to send them new samples and how to package them. We drove two hours to bring these samples and week later they were retuned with a note sorry we can’t analyze them and the photos sent them were stated as anomalies, which in one definition means that they are what satellites pick up, so you see the satellites can see these as the camera can see them. It is stated that this agents are being used for photovoltic devices. You will see in the patent listed that these agents make cage like structures. Why are the encaging humans and encapsultating them in these matrixes? Rutgers is in charge of the protein bank on the east coast. Rutgers released the transgenic nematode in the nano cylinders that the wind will pick and blow to other areas and onto people and animals. The universities work for the govt agencies and pharmacueticals. Rutgers is creating robots using the ecoli (do to its nano motor) to inject into the bloodstream to perfom medical drug deliveries to areas man can’t reach. Dr. Thomas Lee, advocate against vaccines and scared apparantly of the medical mafiaso, states to review the movies the Matrix, SuperMan (nano spider turns boy into spiderman altering genetics and for which MIT is working on developing spider silk for the Nano US Army) and other hollywood sci-fy movies. It is about altering genetics for the military purposes. It is about the tissue and I believe the parabens and formeldehyde is used to preserve these tissue samples. God only knows what happens to our bodies after we die and before we are buried what is taken for science without our knowledge. No one stands by our bodies from the moment we die, the body is taking to the morgue and undertaker. The patent will show images of this technique and those images are what I see and samples show. In the crystallization article on Wikipedia they show a video of a citrus crystal on time delay and videos of people infected will show the same Still photos and negatives show them. It is not just wires and fibers in bundles, no one is showing the photos of the white glowing organism and the crystal robots, and the claws that are no longer nanosize as nano is the beginning of creating larger structurers. The patent 7923109 section 8 will inform you that the use of filamentous virus is directed evolution andor biopanning. It refers to patent 5223409 and patent 5571698 as well as patent 5403484. Hope this helps you.

  71. If the above websites for natural news don’t bring you to the links try the following:

    http://www.naturalnews.com/033816 swine flu vaccines neurological/disorders.htm

    The links above when I clicked onto to check if they brought you there came up moved or website keyed wrong. I checked and was keyed as Mr. Adams email states so if it doesn’t work try above or key Natural News in search field and you may find his website. Remember the only thing that is natural is if it is picked from a tree or pulled from the ground in its original state. You want apple juice, put apples in a blender. You want grape juice put grapes in the blender. You want V-8 juices put vegetables in a blender. Anything bought in a jar, can, or carton is not natural. Vitamin supplements are not natural. You need vitamin D, it is by going outside and talking a walk and that is where vitamin D is best received. We have paid dearly for convnience from plastics, aluminum foil pans and wraps, styrene cups, toxic wastes of TV’s and electronic devices and ink cartridges that are poisoning the Earth, the environment the animals and the human life. The compounds put in our foods cause obesity and chemical reactions to our bodies. The misuse of parabens and formeldehyde in our food and drugs are causing severe damage to our organs and we don’t even need to be embalmed when we die we are so preserved in these toxic chemicals. They said they created all of these conviences just for us because of our busy hectic schedules. Maybe it is time for one parent to stay home and cook good old fashion meals for our children and not fast foods. The Equal Rights movement did more harm then good. Now both parents work and women are still paid less and when the main bread winner leaves the woman is left behind trying to do it all, and it can’t be done by one. Children need to know there is someone always home for them and the family unity must b e retrurned for the sake of the children. They need a healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch and a healthy dinner made from real food and not a take out window. Funny the happiest times I can remember of happier times were the early sixties and that is when there was a Mom at home taking care of the family. People lived on one salary and people were happier and they had time to know their neighbors and see family members. Now two income families are struggling and when one loses their job they lose everything they worked for. Something went wrong and it went drastically wrong. How could life become so much more expensive when humans were replaced with machinery that only costs electricity to run them and the machines were to save labor costs and could reproduce more productivity than a human could? If it was cost efficient why are we paying so much more than any other generation has paid for living costs? When stock markets crashed, who prospered. Who got the money that everyone else lost? Someone had to have gotten that money, how did they know to invests against the majority?

  72. Information is being admitted by Finland that vaccines cause severe neurological problems in children and health issues. Dr. Jonas Salk’s experiments on the mentally disabled are being told now, like always 50 years too late. Review the websites listed for information on this that has been sent to me by Mr. Adams of Natural News, who has been given much of my documentations for what I have investigated and I sent him information on the sv40 being in the polio vaccine over a month ago when I found it in a patent by Salk Institute for retinoids and pesticides still being used when knowledge that it causes cancer since 1960. The FDA staff are approving vaccines and drugs that they knew were toxic and cause harm to human life as well as animals they tested these drugs on. FDA and CDC knew that retinoids caused cancer and still allowed pharmaceutical corps. to put them in drugs and cosmetic corps to put them in over the counter products and not list the harm.



    Remember that the ecoli is used in vaccines as a delivery agent of these toxins. Remember the ecoi is used to splice and slice genetics. The are altering our genetics with mutatant agents and carcingenic agents and crystals are programmed devices used in electronic devices. They are polymorphs and will cause mutations and why the FDA is suppose to regulate these agents. A urine test for crystals is another tool that is not being used by anyone to see what crystal proteins are being used to alter genetics. In the above natural news reports you will see that the government agencies are funding these pharmaceutical experiments. The NSF donated a $750,000.00 electron microscopy to OSU, your tax dollars spent on a tool that you are not allowed to use to find out what is poisoning your body. You are not being allowed to find out what protein, nano agents, viruses are being put in your drugs that are causing your health issues. Wymore could have done this six years ago. What has Wymore found out about Morgellons since his research began in 2002 with Mary Leitao, who he left to begin his new project of research with the New Morgellon Order that sounds too much like The New World Order for comfort? Where is the MRF with reports on their investigations? Dr. Harvey past away in May of 2011, yet he is still listed as a Board Member on their website. There is a new Morgellon Research in Connecticutt and the spokesperson speaks to people like they are five years old instead of adults. We are educated people and don’t need to be spoken to like we are babies. We need the truth and we need honest ethical people. We need to be allowed to use our insurance that we pay for and is suppose to be used for health issues. There is no new disease called Morgellons, we are suffering from drug and food reaction to poisons by their manufacturers. Every single person who has suffered a drug injury whose symptoms are drug reaction must be entitled to compensation and without having to give a dime to a drug injury attorney, who are violating laws of discrimination by picking and chosing who they will respresent, which in essence is working for the government in preventing the true statistics of drug injury from being known to the public. All who are in their fifties and are being diagnosed with cancer, their biopsied must be tested for the sv40 virus that was put in the polio vaccine. Now, that we known Salk Institute and others are still using this virus in pesticides, retinoids and other patents all tumors from all ages must be tested, as Dr. Horowitz son died from brain cancer and his website is out there on this virus sv40. The FDA officials need to be investigated on how they would approve patents that involved mutagenic and carcingenic agents and not have them labeled, polymorphs, engineered viruses like hepatitis B (TTNPB), and how they are making synthetic pseudo bacteria and using pathogenic parasitic agents in these drugs. How and why nanotechnology was used in drugs before the public was even informed of this technology. The FDA has labs to do this tests and in the NDA 19963 it states that Johnson and Johnson had to give a tube of Renova 0.05% to the FDA for testing. They have and had the capability of testing all drugs they approve. Their responsibility was to protect the public not the pharmaceutical corporations. It is time for auditing all government officials personal bank accounts and where their wealth came from. What is their salaries as government officials. You the public pay their salaries and have a right to know why they betrayed you (otherwise known as treason).

  73. Correction to the protein bank http://www.uniprot.org/uniprot/P19793
    Once you get into it you can call up retinoic acid, RXRA (alpha) RXRB (beta) and any protein you want to investigate. Go to the drug bank and call up drugs you have taken and scroll down and it will take you to drug banks and protein banks. Then decide if you want these agents in your body. Go to the chemical banks and see what the chemicals and metals are about and if you want them in your body. I know if I was informed the truth about this drug Renova 0.05%, I would never had used it. I don’t think any person would use any of these agents if the physicians did their jobs and informed the entired truth, counseling, and testing of their patients before prescribing such toxic poisons.

  74. Via the drug chemical bank on Alitretinoin it will take you to various websites from gene banks to protein banks to pubmed. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez?db=gene&cmd=Retrieve&dopt=full_report&list will take you to the Gene -NCBI and will explain RXRA retinoid x receptor, alpha (homo sapiens)
    http://www.uniprot.org/uniprot/P1973 is the swiss protein bank and will give you more information on Retinoic acid receptor RXR-alpha. It will give you the “tandem” and how a simple lab test can identify these DNA agents used to alter genetics and the ecoli (RXR recombinant) is used as a carrier of these agents of drug molecules. Science is very aware of how to put their own transcription codes in these protein agents of various species that are being incorporated into the human body with the use of nanotechnology. The brand names of these tretinoin drugs are Retavit, Effederm, Locacidi, Dermairol, Alberela, Retrieve cream, Reflissa by Coria and manufactured in San Anotonio TX, Retin- A microspheres, Vitamin A Acid, Stieva-A, Retavit, Vesanoid, Avitcid. To just warn some women and men who might have used these products, which are and contain many of the toxic agents in Renova 0.05%. Go to the Wikipedia and learn about zinc (ZnO) used in these agents to make transparent and transluscent nano wires. They create transparent electrodes and are used as semiconductors. It is luminescence at room temperature. These wires make nano belts, propellers, comblike, pulleys and other nano tools used in these drugs to alter our genetics and incorporate nano wires. Bacteriorhodopsin is a light harvesting antenna and illuminates when excited. None of these agents belong in the human body and these madmen and women have lost their minds. These agents are pizoelectricity and use the tetrehedral chemistry. You will find out about stearate and oleates (oleic acid). The misuse of fatty acids being used as carriers as they alter there structure do to various temperatures. How will the body dispose of these agents? That is the question that these sicentists and biologists must answer. Many of these scientists and biologists are working with these Morgellon Researchers. Maybe they can answer for us. This is not new research it has been going on for decades as well as nanotechnology, it is only new to the public. It has been used in our drugs and pesticdes for a long time and now the health issues are being seen. It takes thirty years to see the real adverse reactions to biolgical drugs. What do you think these vaccines are going to do to our children. Every manufacturer of vaccines now must answer to what is the ecoli and other poisonous microorganisms and toxic metal doing being put in a vaccine that is injected to innocent newborns? They must answer to every question we have and they must answer to why they are using agents that they don’t know how they work such as retinoids (proteins). No one can afoord to allow this to continue. First it was for biowarfare, then cancer patients who had no hope, and then they slipped these toxic microoragnisms and toxic metals that will self replicate and self assemble into our other drugs and cosmetics. They state drugs and products must be properly labeled for active and inactive agents, then we find that is not being done and that they use code names for these agents that mean nothing to us in trying to identify them. Many of these chemicals are explosive and release toxic fumes and vapors. They might as well have put us in a gas chamber, no it was more fun and more lucrative to do it at nano level killing us slowly and watching and recording the data.

  75. For more information on what crystallization is about and having to do with the above space program patent 4919000, type crystallization in the side and will take you to wikipedia crystallization and click and read and be informed on this technique used in
    nanotechnology, the field that was kept from the public knownng about until it was too late. You will see a term “controlled nanotechnology fruits”, click onto it and you will find more information about what nanotechnology is about and who is using it. You will find about “grey goo” and “nano machines” and the developers Eric Drexler and Richard Smalley. You will find out that Richard Smalley got a conscience and had second thoughts about this and debated with Eric Drexler. Richard Smalley succumbed to non-hodgins cancer and before death became a Christian. The chemical compounds used in this technology is benzene and its ring open and closure and other petroleum derivative that cause non-hodgkins and lymphoma and chemical leukemia. Further proof that cancer is caused to us by these agents used in pharmaceutical and pesticide manufacturers. You will find the term polymorphs, which the FDA is suppose to regulate, yet every chemical in Renova was of crystalline agents and powders. Europe is very strick on crystals being used. Crystals are electronic components that can be programmed. They form spheres and needles and various structures and photos of samples seen match to a tee the photos viewed on this website. Think of the damage being done to tissue, vital organs, lungs, and bones of these needles piercing into these vital body parts. How various temperatures of the body transform these agents from liguids, gas to solids and causing pressure in the brain and skull, causing gas in the intestinal tract, causing blockages in the arteries causing vision to be obscurred and blurred, causing the airways to be blocked, causing pain as these needles pierce the tissue.
    You the sufferers are not delusionals, the madmen and women of science are, who did not think about the consequences of their actions. You will learn about self repliction and self assembly. Then you will see the theory of how these agents were on board a space shuttle that exploded and released these nano protein crystal robots into the atmosphere to self replicate and assemble onto whoever or whatever they fell upon, or sprayed on by pesticides, or injected or topically or orally taken in medication. Expose the inventors, developers and manufacturers and hold them accountable for fixing the damage they caused.

  76. Proof of what is on board of these space shuttles is patent 4919000, 4/24/90 System for crystal growth particularly for space vessle, Assignee is Aeroospatiale Socete Nationale Ind., Paris France. It will describe taking protein crystals to be grown for crystallization. You will see the term inert as it is used in retinoid patents. This words obturation disc, orifices, membrane, elasticity, needles, and tubular element and many other terms. It is very important to these scientist to take proteins, viruses and photobiological agents to space for research. Crystals are used in electrical chemistry in building structures for optical recording and other photo means. Not about your health by copying your DNA and how your body reacts to these agents. We were kept in the dark for a reason to prevent overthrowing of govts. People who stated microchips were implanted in them were not crazy they were victims of a horrible, invasive and experiments violating and disregarding human life. There are over 9,000 patents listed using crystals and proteins. I don’t ask for donations, I only ask for you to read and educate yourselves and protect you and your family and friends. Listen when someone tries to inform you of something that at first might seem strange and delusional. The technology, tools and know how have been there for decades, making it into nano size to prevent the victims from knowning has been here for awhile and we are just hearing about nanotechnology. Fifty years later we are finding out about the polio vaccine, that the CIA killed Frank Olson and poisoned a town with LSD. We can’t afford to hear about this nanotechnology mistake fifty years from now. No one not even the inventors and funders of this horrific technology.

  77. Using polyvinyl and nano tools as your search see what you will come up with using these agents and phltlates that make they flexible and soft like gel. How they make end caps and caps and conveyor belts and torsion agents and propellars all in trying to mimic nature. Mimic nature to build protein crystal nano robots used not just for outspace, not just as nano agents in drugs to deliver to tumors they macromolecules can’t reach, but to monitor humans and their behavior and copy DNA. Learn about ligands of metal structures made to look like the scorpion, the bear claw, the lobster claw, the safety pin ligand usied in developing the bacteriorhodopsin safety pin ligand that forms a head that can unwind and wind into a circle, the cylinder structure and the tail that can open up and close tightly to interlock on the long chain reactions of biologcial fatty acids taking from various species that bind to metals. Ligands and proteins that secrete toxins and shoot out spheres, cones and rods using nuclear agents like tritium and gases. Propene that creates nano needles which many state they feel something sharp and prickly. Free patents is a must see website. In search field key in nano protein robots, ligands, scaffolds optical recording medium and then scroll down to view pdf and click and it will take you to the original patents and drawings and photos if available then the literature on developing them. Same as vaccines that you can call up hib, hepatitis c, hepatitis b, HPV, and the list goes on. Don’t wait for an advocate to inform you of only what they want you to know and to buy their books and their secrete posions to make you better. Noone is in this for free or for your own benefit, they have something to gain. What the majority of what is taught in public schools or any school has it really helped anyone learning about histroy that live in the everyday world. Shouldn’t the schools teach about how to do and get a job? How to budget and live on your income made? How to read and write and do math that is being used in the workforce area? Not everyone goes to college and all need to make a living. What I have seen people in the professional world learning are not things that should have been taught. Biologists calling poison chemicals medicine and govt officials approving it and physician dispense it, sounds like a conspiracy, but we can’t call them conspirators or we would be delusional. They can call three people standing on a street corner trouble makes, conspiring to do something wrong. Like the protestors in NY on Wallstreet on being monitored for causing riots and disruption. They say something that is not like they are inciting a riot. Laws broken and contradicted to protect evil wrong doings and that is not what this country was about. If the govt was doing the rights things by the people, they wouldn’t have to worry about protestors and being overthrown. If there is a FOIA Act that requires the govt to respond in twenty days, then why is it being violated and taking over a year and half to get the information required in a life and death situation and leaving a person to suffer? When there is required time lines in the justice system and getting a document is taking more than a year and half we have a serious violation of the law and endangerment to the public. If lawyers are required do to their knowledge gained in college to be advocates for people’s rights, why are certain citizen rights being denied? If there is an ACLU, which means American civil liberties union, why are they not coming forward and helping those who are American citizens whose rights are being denied? Illegal immigrants are giving reprentation by these groups and the rights of the citizens are being ignored. Our country was founded and fought for by Christians who believed in God Our own currency is about In God we trust, yet we are not allowed to prayer in school and we are not allowed to do the fundamental things we were brought up to believe because of people coming to this country wanting freedom from their harsh govts and then wanting to reform what we believed in as a country. You come to a country that had strong faith and values and you knew those values and wanted to be welcomed by those citizens; then you want to inforce your values that you ran away from on the people of this country. Life use to be good hear. We hear of racisms, if people only woke up and saw the reality of this. It is not black against white or any other color, it is about rich against poor and controlling people. All colors need to wake up and all need to stand by each other and work together and a whole or we will all be destroyed by greed and power. We see families’ turning on one another. We see young people with anger beyond belief and can’t trust the older generations because we let them down. People are suppose to be the most trusted of all from nurses, doctors, clergy, teachers are poisoning them and soliciting them and assaulting them. What is the crazy fade going on with taking lude pictures of yourself and emailing them to others. The fade of sexting and sending thoughts that should not be thought of let alone relayed to another person. These are the issues hitting the headlines and what is causing people to do these things. What would cause a teacher to seduce a student? Look at the chemicals I have stated to you and you will see that the drugs you take effect the brain.

  78. Today on one of the internet’s videos which comes on after a short video of Simon Cowell’s last night episode was a flame thrower melting ice and ice cream and then him trying to set aerogel on fire and it didn’t catch on fire or burn at 1727.6 degrees. Staninger stated these fibers only burn at very high degrees. These fibers are encapsulted and entrapped in aerogels (sol gel) and for which Hoffman and LaRoche, Johnson and Johnson and others use aerogels to encapsulate the bacteriorhodopsin the bacteria without a nucleus, and Staninger stated she found microorganisms without a nucleus. I informed you how many patents are using retinoids and how many thousands are using 13-cis retinoic acid, derived from the bacteriorhodopsin and these agents are used in drugs, cosmetics and sunblock. Staninger referred to titanium being used in sunblocks, but she left out the main fact that retinoids are used in these sunblocks and are known to be carcingenic. For those suffering Morgellons symptoms which are idenitical to all trans retinoic acid and over exposure to vitamin A, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find out what has caused your rashes, blisters, itching, bone degeneration and pain, joint and swelling, high lipids, high glucose, headaches, vision problems, fluids in head and lungs, heart arrhythmia, gastrointestinal pain, bloating, chapped lips, Lupus and other symptoms caused by vitamin toxicity. The very people you are reaching out to are leaving you to suffer and are misleading you. You see caprylic acid, palmitate, oleic, laurate, the term retinoid, all trans retinoic, 9-cis,13-cis, isotretinoin, Etretinate and the many other names given to these toxic agents you need to demand medical attention. Go to the Pharmacopeia website and call up each term and if it doesn’t show there go to chemical data banks and to the drugchem bank. Go to Wikipedia and call each drug up, scroll down to the references used and you will normally from drug chem banks, pubmed and national medical library and protein banks. Click on every highlighted word you can and research and you will see who caused your illness. Remeber drugs that are only approved on one condition can’t be used for others, like DMSO for intersia cystitis, yet it is used in many retinoid products. You will see where J&J had to pay 85 million misbranded drug civil suit for Novatretin. That is so coincidental that the prefix Nova is like Renova and tretin is likeTretinoin. It was used for heart failure. None of these pharmaceutical corps. have a conscience and will market anything and have physicians prescribed total toxic garbage to us and worry about the aftermath later after making billions of dollars on it. What will the protestors think about CEO’s in the drug industry and the FDA officials approving these poisons? Can’t be just mad at Wall Street, there are many streets that contain this type of corruption and many hands are being greased at the expense of the everyday hardworking citizen. I have so many sending me emails on these type of lawsuits, yet no one is there to expose the true evils of these drug manufacturers and the lives they are destroying. Judges look the other and state they don’t assign attorneys, attorneys look the other way and pretend that are only interested in certain adverse events and not all adverse events that the drug they are fighting against causes. It is a massive contradiction and a vicious cycle played by so many, who for decades knew the consequences of these toxins. Wall Street is just the beginning and as more knowledge is gained the louder the voices will become. You take someone’s job, you destroyed their health, you take their home and you take their retirement money is hard enough to deal with and then they find out you poisoned their child, wife, husband and parents just fuels the fire more.

  79. As the protest numbers grow against WallStreet across this country, maybe unite everywhere on all the harm that is being done against the citizens of this country. In researching a drug reactions, which caused severe injury to my body as whole, and found that the symptoms were identical to what has been termed Morgellons, I was
    astonished to find out many wrongdoings being put in our drugs, vaccines, pesticides
    and food and beverages. The research led to toxic metals and you can find metal toxicity charts on the internet of how these toxins effect the central nervous system from memory loss, tremors, behavior of violence (God knows how much violence is now going on in this world), alzeheimers, autism, gastrointestinal problems, rashes, itching, vision problems, heart problems. It led to the pharmaceutical corps. putting microbial agents that human pathogens of pseudomonas aeruginoas, staph aureus, ecoli (RXR recmboinant), cloning agents, bioengineered viruses like TTNPB (hepatitis B virus), SV40 simian virus (rhesus monkey kidney cells that cause cancer), nanotechnology (the abililty to move atom and particles at nano level that can’t be seen so how does anyone know how it works and grows to build these larger matrix complexes of stringing long chain fatty acids derived from various parts of living organisms that self replicate and self assemble), transgenic organisms mixing various species together like in Rutgers Yersinia Pestis Nematode used as a pesticide and contain in nano cylinders, chimera agents derivied from various species and agents, the misleading of the public to use what is termed retinoids that were not to be used on humans due to their toxicity, the misuse of the these agents used in chemodrugs, psychotic drugs, antiaging, skin disorders, suntan lotions. I found that microbial is being put in vitamins and some patents are using the whole organims of insects. They are using the jellyfish and the umbrellla structure of these organisms. Terms like “smart dust” and “intelligent electrical chemicals” are being combined and used in our drugs. That artificial sweetner, known as aspartame, is a deadly substance and derived from the bacteriorhodopsin retinal is being used in chewing gum and diet sodas and many other products. Doen anyone think that a child in elementry school would know what aspartame is and known not to buy gums containing it and soft drinks? The children are the true victims and the ones whose little bodies are being poisoned with toxins from the time they are born. Maybe when all of the world awaks from the stupor it is in, as the protestors at Wall Street have woken up about the loss of jobs and rip off by CEO’s, they willl find that the CEO’s are prospering as well by poisoning people with toxic agents that are intended on causing life long health issues to cause more loss of wages and misuse of your insurance. What is beind done by these so called educated elite is murder with torture and torment. The majority of citizens, mainly the lower middle class and poor will not get attorneys to help them nor an honest ethical physician to help. Their pleas will fall on deaf ears and if they try to fight back they will be destroyed via ruining of reputations and credibility. Bailouts were not given the private citizens only to the banks and car manufacturers CEO’s bonuses. Dr. Harvey worked for NASA and NASA is funding these nanobiotechnology projects that via research were not to be used on humans and have been, do you think he is going to expose the hand that feeds him? Randy Wymore’s univerisity OSU gets funding from various government agencies in nanotechnology, the fursarium project, retinoid development, pesticides and many other technical endeavors. OSU has the GEO chip and the $750,000. Electron microscopy to detect nano particles, proteins and viruses, yet he refused to analyze samples that would expose that retinoids used in everything might be the culprit of a new emerging disease. He is not going to expose the many hands that feeds his university that supplies him with a paycheck. Other researchers are scientists of toxicology and medical personnell so they say, and they are not going to expose who did this nor will they risk losing the grants giving to them to do this fraudulent research as in cancer research that has been going on for decades and decades and no cure came forth; just more toxic poisons and radiation and all of which causes and mutates cancer, yet they calll it a cure or their term treatment. Until all unite and make these inventors and CEOS and government officials who approved these agents have to sit in front of jury and smear these agents, inject these agents and swallow these agents on a daily basis to prove they are safe and effective the poisoning of our children will continue. Until a chemist and biologist come forward and identify and inform the public of the misue of microorganisms, metals and toxic heavy gases the murder,torture and torment will continue. Look at the heads of people, see how many are losing their hair at a earlier age and especially women. All the toxins and retinoids cause hair loss. Since I was a child it was informed to us to use sunblock lotions and now we find they contain retinoids. Study the hair that falls from your head and in your hair brush, look under a microscope. These crystals agents open and shut used to pinck and clamp onto the skin and fold around it and strangling oxygen that the skin needs. If it is doing this on the outside what do you think they are doing inside body?

  80. I hope you understand that Morgellons is not a disease by nature, it is a manade disease, a condition to control you and keep you weak and sick. Get every prescription you have taken for decades, find the patents on the boxes or on the pamphlet inserts. Look up every patent on those drugs, read every hygeine product you purchased, every cosmetic and every, hand and body and face cream you have used and find the patents. Research every patent and every chemical. If you see the term retinoid, palmitate, retinal, retinol, Vitamin A you must request from the FOIA, FDA for all active and inactive ingredients. Those of you who were given vaccines and your children had vaccines you must get what patents pertain to those vaccines and research them and all chemicals listed. The misuse of pathogenic microorganisms and microbial agents has caused your conditions. All patents listed in the above blogs will inform you of what they are putting in your drugs. Retinoid are biological organelles from various species that do not belong on or in your body and are being mixed with other microbial agents of pseudomonas, ecoli, staph aureus, listeria and other pathogenic bacterias and fungus and yeast. Using mutagenic agents like DMSO and other toxic and corrosive agents will destroy the structure of the skin and damage it, burn it, blister it, and cause many health issues. We can no longer trust what is being put in drugs, cosmetics and hygiene products. The CEO’s and all involved in making profits off of your suffering must be held accountable to the fullest extents of the laws. Those in our governtment agencies responsible for allowing this must be punished and held accountable. Retinoids are biological agents that regulate skin, color, bones, vision of the species they belong to. Using a rats retinoinds that regulate the growth of rat’s eats, face, tails, feet and limbs are being mixed into the human genome as well as other species. These agents along with other mutagenic agents will cause future deformities and mutations in the next generations to come. They knew this and they knew the hazards of these agents and they marketed them a antiaging products and used for many diseases when they knew they caused thoses diseases. They added metals, silicones, crystals, and gases that are used as semiconductors, transistors, batteries, on and off swithches like melanin is being used at nano level to build structures that entwine in and out of body and that create dipoles and microtubles and plastic nano getters to use light waves and radio waves. Not one aluminum phosphase or hydroxide was to be used on skin or injected into a vein. Not one phohsphorous compound should have been used in or on skin as it burns and deterioates the bones fromcalcium. These agents are explosive and combustible and no warnings are given on this. THese agents are known to disfigure the lips (Acitretin, accutane, tretinoin, all trans retinoic acid and others known as vitamin A) because these agents adhere to the lips and tongue and fold themselves and can unwind themselves as they are attached to long chain chemical reactions. Why people suddenly have problems speaking and have tingling sensations on the tongue. These agents bind to the opsin of the eye and cause vision problems, these agents work under your skin and move by pulse vibrations and sound. The fatty acids will clog your arteries and cause heart attacks and strokes and intracranial pressue, they are using fatty acids from the brains of living organisms and other parts of these organisms. These proteins carry the DNA of that species and that DNA will be spliced and sliced into your DNA. These agents cause severe itching and chemcial data banks will inform you of this. Arsenic and mercury compounds are involved and arsenic causes severe itching, ask the prisoners at Holmesburg Prison. Read Youseff Anthony’s own testimonal on his health issues and how his nails on his hands and feet have been altered. Holmesburg Prison and University of Penn is where these new emerging skin disorder and health issues began with developing retinoids and there toxic compounds used with it. If you are a cancer patient and as much as you don’t want to know what is in chemodrugs, you have to find out what microbial and other human pathogens were used in your therapy, as these agents are contagious and infectious to others. It isn’t the poison that are killing your cancer as they are killing you and your good cells, it was your will to live. No one informs us of how many died while on chemo and there are many who do die while on chemo. You r physicians is not going to tell you that chemo killed you they will say that the tumor is growing and spreading at a fast pace and has spread. They are not going to tell you that poisons ate away your ligaments and you will need to replace knees and hips and your health will always be weakened. I know and I am a cancer patient.

  81. Patent 5407957 will inform you more on hexanoic acid and how it was given the name MK8840 and accession number 40750. This is an agent that is not fully understand nor how it works as retinoids are not fully understood. How do you put agents in a prescription drug or baby food and not know how it works in the body and what effects it could do to a person brain’s brain and the development of an infant? If they know so much about bacteria and making synthetic biological agents, then why don’t they know how to cure a disease? Look at these patents and publications on retinoids and cysteine,kinase, actin, biotin, and other biological agents. Look at the chemicals they use in preparing these agents. Chemicals we have never heard of. How they are coding these biological agents with transcription (cryptics) assigned letter codes and one missing code would cause chaos. One misfold of these proteins as stated by these researchers themselves will cause cancer, alzeheimers, mad cow disease and other diseases to occur. Cancer, alzeheimers, autism, neurological disorders, bone disorders are all on the rise and it is due to the misuse of biological agents that these scientists admit to not understanding how these agents work, but forged ahead in putting them in drugs. The dinoflagellate and other micorbial agents are used in nanotechnology and patents prove it. They are used for their internal motors, cathodes and anodes, which are what are used in photochemical optical recording mediums. Which in essence these agents are able to record and send back these recording via biofilms and radio waves to their manufacturer. They are using electrodes, semiconductors, biochips as stated in patents listed the bacteriorhodopsin in a biochip and stores data, nano wires and belts, rubber polymerized at room temperature use to create pulleys and belts used in electronics per Rutgers own publications on nanotechnology for NASA aerospace. Satellites are able to pick up this signals that these agents are able to send as well as receive signals. Dr. Staninger was right on her publication about nanotechnology being found in her patients and electrodes and the bacteria without a nucleus (which is the bacteriorhodopsin) and the same agents she reports finding are the same agents used in this retinoid drug called Renova 0.05%. Her TDA report and letter sent to me was all about legal terms and what you need to prove to sue a pharmaceutical on. Her own website states she is an expert witness for lawsuits. Her last email was that she can not help until I retain an attorney. The same labs she used to get her results she could have used to get my results from samples she asked for. This cream proves her theories, yet I can not have answers to these lab tests until I obtain an attorney and those tests results are imperative to my health and well being and in getting proper treament, for which she is hindering me from having, as well as others. This too is morally wrong and unethical. You put an publication out that we are being invaded by nanoinvaders devised by men and women working in these labs of pharmaceutical corps. and yet won’t devulge the vital information needed to stop this from being done to others. I don’t know what has happened to human beings, have they all been infected by this technology that they allow innocent people, especially children to be harmed and altered by a technology that is so detrimental to the human race. These agents are not just in drugs that would effect the person prescribed them, they were on board the shuttles that exploded, they are sprayed in pesticides, they are infectious and contagious to anyone who comes in contact with them. Contact dermatitis occurs when you come in contact with a bacteria, an allergic chemical like quaternium-15, etc. Someone comes in contact with you that is allergic to said agents becomes infected or if their immune system is compromised, which seems there are millions of people whose system has become compromised by biological agents used in chemo drugs, cholesterol drugs, heart disease, lung disease and allergies. A flu vaccine will compromise your health as you will get flu like symptoms as do children with measle vaccines. The theory informed to us by ETC, is that they thought if you couldn’t see it you wouldn’t know it was hurting you. Nanotechnology was devised so you couldn’t see it. When I saw the prefix of MK on the hexanoic acid, it reminded me of the MKNAOMI projects. God, only knows what is going on in these GENOME PROJECTS and PROTEIN FOLDING PROJECTS. They know so much but no so little. Patent 20060081835, Scaffold organized clusters and electronic devices, was given govt grant money by the NSF under grant DMR9705343. It uses collagen triple helix, RNA hairpin (get to know what the hairpin is about), metal ligands and magnetic nanoparticles. Scripps Labs has many pubications on ligands and proteins and scaffolds. Their latest is the GPCR (G protein coupled receptors) which can recognize an array of signals including odors, hormones, neurotransmitters and light. You see the human body to these scientist is nothing but a machine. It is all about transmitting data and signals, just like your computer and your cell phone. People need to wake up soon, no one is exempt. Maybe biologists will realize when they are done being used they will be shut off and shut out. Someone needs to blow the whistle now and blow it loud before more damage is done. A bad conscience is a horrible thing to live with. Dr. Leonard Horowitz released information on the sv40 being in polio due to his son dying of brain cancer. He puts a website out their and asked for people to contact him, yet he doesn’t respond. Most people don’t get involved until something happens to them or to a family member and then they become part of an advocate group for just that one purpose. My research started on a cream called Renova 0.05% Tretinoin, and brought to nanotechnology, vaccines, poliovaccines causing cancer, chemical and protein data banks and government projects which in full essence of the meaning they are causing our diseases and immune system to be compromised. We start dying the day we are born. When it is our turn to die there is no escape and we have to make room for the new to be born and that is natural population control. But what is happening is we are being caused diseases to be experimented on for various government research programs. Anyone who worked for the government and those projects are not allowed to devulge what they know or they are violating their contract and will not get their pensions. In many of these research programs you will find the researcher stating they worked for the government, so how can they help you find out what is wrong with you if they were apart of these government research programs? Are they just getting statistics facts to report back on how these agents that were not to be used on humans are effecting humans? That is a question that needs to be answered. We were vulnerable in taking drugs that were compromised our immune systems because we trusted our physicians, can we afford to be vulnerable and trusting a second time? Don’t take anything that is not of natural origin. Eat vegetables and fruits that are picked or better yet, they you grow yourself and don’t spray them with pesticides. Take them and make your own juices. Drink water that is not in a plastic bottle as it contains PVC and PVC is derived by pseudomonas and other toxic chemicals. Find faith in God as Earth is just a stepping stone for better things to come. Watch over one another and respect each other. Help those less fortunate and be kind and compassionate and you won’t have to worry. As bad as life can be for you there is always someone worst off that needs a smile and a kind word. Educate yourself like President Lincoln did by just reading and finding out what is in your medication and you would be surprised that you are better off without that prescription. No one will take care of you but you.

  82. Please don’t remove this blog, as the one from last was removed, maybe it is just waiting for review before being posted, it took alot of time to research and post it. I have a granddaughter whose young mother is being intimidated into given the baby vaccines and these formulas. Long chain fatty acids are what cause heart attacks, strokes, obeisity and other health issues. In patent 4877805 they used many retinoids of fattty acids from various species, toxic gases and toxic metals. Retinoids affect the color of your skin, eyes, hair they are biological agents that are incorporated into your body that your body requires and they are known as organelles. You do not need the organelles of rats, mice, canines, bacteria, plants in your body, fungus or any other species to be spliced and sliced into your genetic makeup. I spoke with a holistic doctor the other night. His job is to use chelate IV agents to remove the toxic chemodrugs from cancer patients. One doctor puts these toxic chemical in your body receiving payment for service rendered and another gets paid to remove them. I don’t know if insurance carriers pay for holistic care and I don’t beleve they do. But it is ironic that chemo drugs are put into a body to poison and then another makes a profession to remove them. No one removed them from my Mother’s body as they kept coming up with new chemo drugs. How long does a person have to wait after chemo therapy to have them removed from their body? Who informs these patients that the toxins need to be removed? I have seen so much contradiction from patents to publications. Who can be trusted and who can not be? Sad to say if someone is making a profit from sponsoring a product or developing a product or dispensing they can’t be trusted. Let see them inject, IV it, smear it on their skin or swallow it first. Think about the gel coatings on vitamins and drugs and how does the body dispose of these cellulose polymers.

  83. Another fatty acid is DHA, docosahexanoic acid. They are Omega 3 fatty acids and its primary structure of human brain and retina. It is a carboxylic acid of 22 carbon chains, six double bonds. It is known as cervonic acid. Dinoflagellates is another source with hexanoic acid is being derived and put into baby food and infant formula from Beech Nut to Gerber to Martek Bioscience. Patent 5397591, 6149964, 6579551, 7141266. 5248515, 5415879 (chicken feed to make chickens produce eggs with long chain reactions, 4670285 Infant formula. You need to review what phosphorylation is and attaching phosphorous to proteins. To prove conflict of this theory is patent 5213835 Method of removing phosphorous from milk and whey. Phosphorous depletes the bones of calcium and replaces the calcium with phosphorous. High levels of phosphorous lead to organ damage due to calcification deposits in the tissue, fatigue, muscle weakness, cramping, bone problems, kidney and gastrointestinal problem and diabetes. http://www.labtestsonline.org/understanding/analytes/phosphorous/tab/test

    High levels of phosphorous in the body are occurring by overuse of Vitamin D supplement, soft drinks, laxatives and IV glucose administration. I have seen many websites of sponsors informing people to take vitamin supplements, phosphorous products such as PHOSFOOD. Informing people to take cleansing products such as laxatives. People stating their products are all natural agents. A natural agent is something you picked off a tree, you pulled from a tomato plant, a carrot plant, a pepper plant a potatoe plant etc. Anything that is made into something else using those agents are not natural they altered with other agents of silica and metals and toxic agents. Eat sprouts for energy, carrots for vision, green vegetables for vitamin A, sit in the sun for short period of time or take a walk and you will get vitamin D that comes from the sun and you will get exercise. Eat prunes to cleanse your body and only take a laxative if completely binded and constipated. God put these foods on Earth for you to eat. It is biologists and scienctists who took them and altered them and their genetic makeup and adding toxic chemicals of metals and cellulose (secreted by bacteria), 13-cis isomer is the bacteriorhodopsin (bacteria/fungus), furanoids are derived from fusarium used to trick the olfactory system from smelling the toxic gases and vapors and mists of gases of methylene and ethylene and dichloro. Plastic is derived from aphids of the galls of insects known as octatrienoic acid and pseudomonas to make biofilms. Bacteriorhodopsin creates biofilms and known for its plasticity. Stereoisomers and geometric chemistry are known for their stickiness and adhere to anything they come in contact with. Xanthum gum is derived from xanthomonas pestis the fungus/bacteria on plants and is very stick and used in Tretinoin and retinoid products and in chewing gum. Bacteriorhodopsin is used in making aspartame and aspartic acid used in retinoid products, pesticides, and chewing gum and other food and beaverages as an artificial sweetner. It causes cancer. When you take biological microorganisms and ferment them to create other agents that is called genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) When you see the term RXR that retinoid bind to that is the human recombinant ecoli used as a drug delivery agent and is used in vaccines as well as yeast and fungus per the Pharmacopeia website on vaccines known as Benzonase and term used in Baxter patents and other patents on vaccines. Those who develop vaccines must inform the public to why they are injecting microorganisms into the veins of children, infants and adults. What is the purpose and what happens to these microbial roaminng through our bodies? Inform the parents of the truth of what is involved in these vaccines and other drugs. Show them the patent documents and the chemical material safety data sheets on what these toxic poisons do to the body. These protein molecular motor retinoids are known as tiny robots to the world of biologists and are being used in drugs for decades. These microbial agents adhere to tissue and create pseudopod (fingerlike structures) and attaching nano wires and electrolytes make these structures work like fingers in grabbing and pushing and pulling these long chain reactions. Creating synthetic bacteria and creating the heads and tails and synthetic mouths using zinc salts to make stator teeth and yeast with its zipper molecule are building structures in and out of our bodies. This is in layman language what they are doing. One research document and one word in that research document will lead you to another publication and astonishment. The time and energy in looking up these terms is exhausting and will be prove how our health has been jeopardized.

  84. To all advocates against vaccines, your best method of educating parents is to post one or numerous patents on vaccines. Let the parents see for themselves what are in these vaccine patents. Then show them documentations from chemical corporations and the Pharmacopeia on these agents how they were not to be used on humans they were research only agents. This is how the chemical corps. protect themselves, that they gave warnings to their buyers like pharmaceutical corps. It is the pharmaceutical corps, FDA personell and physicians not informing the patients and caretakers of the warnings not to be used on humans and what adverse events can occur. Not all adverse events give you physical visible warnings right away, it takes decades for these agents to build up and cause damage, such as alzeheimers and degenerative bone disease and asbestosis and silicosis and the list goes on. You can’t see inside your body to know the harm being done, and physicians are not going to inform you. I see some physicians now publicly stating the harm of vaccines and drug and are turning to holistic med., so why won’t they help in getting tests done that prove their theory for people like me and others? To make allegations you need evidence and evidence are cold hard facts of toxicity tests and samples looked at under a microscope by a certified biologists, pathologists and toxicologists. Hair under a microscope can tell you if the hair bulb has been damaged, if it is real hair vs pseudo hair as stated by Staninger, and the heavy metals and parasites that could infect the body and for nano technology. Yet, these researchers are preventing themselves from being trusted and anyone to believe their allegations when they fail to provide adequate tests that are just a matter of looking under microscopes. If everyone would just stop the “bull” and the scamming and just do the tests that all need to have done, this entire problem could be eliminated and work begun are reversing the reaction, the altering of genetics to God only knows what they are altering our genetics to, but they altering it and vaccines is one method being done. Parents do you want your infant to be injected with ecoli, yeast, fungus and toxic metals and live viruses and find out 50 years from now they will cause your child to be severely ill, read up on the polio vaccine and the sv40 virus. Your doctor wants to see you and your children more than once a year, or he doesn’t get rich and can’t pay off his medical school bills, his office staff, his mansion, his BMW and his vacations by you being healthy and that is the bottom line. How many decades has cancer research, MS, muscular distrophy, AIDS, diabetes been being researched and still there is no cure, but we are suppose to believe that their vaccines are for our own good. Read the chemicals and then decide. Sorry, but all of these diseases are being caused to us from high cholesterol to cancer.

  85. Todate, Johnson and Johnson refuses to answer the one of many emails asking what they put in this cream and to help with the adverse reaction their prescription FDA approved cream caused to me. I have not received a response from the FDA, via FOIA on documents requested over a year ago on all microbial, nanotechnology, toxic gases and metals were put in this cream and cancer causing agents. What good is the FOIA Act if the personnel in charge of responding to requests don’t abide by the time line that requests are to be granted? What good are the documents when then can be revised and blacked out before receiving them? Why do public advocates avoid helping a person who is suffering when they knew how toxic these agents were? You make public statements that these agents are cancer causing and cause severe injuries and when a person suffers injuries from these agents and report it to them, wouldn’t be to their benefit to help and for which would prove their advisory warnings? Wouldn’t it be to the benefit of mankind to have assist someone suffering and prove to the courts, the jury, and the public that these agents are being used on humans when all chemical publications state they are not to be used on humans and to have them recalled and prevented from ever harming another person? No statute of limitations should be put on any drug, as the general public are not educated in chemicals and biology to know how to find this information out nor what the technical terms mean. Much of this information is not available to people as many don’t have computers nor would know how to look this up. Attorneys have this information available to them as proven in the civil suit against Accutane isotretinoin 13-cis isomer and that they use NDAs (new drug applications) to gather information on the adverse events that the “subjects” tested in these trials of testing these drugs. Yet, hundreds of attorneys have refused to help me who has suffered the same injuries that their own websites advertise if you have suffered these side effects contact them. There is so much contradictions going on and that is wrong. Just reviewing patents that contradict one another is confusing and amazing that drug patents are being approved and that contain nothing but garbage cancer causing agents. The right to know if the risks outweigh the benefits is not being labeled or informed by the physicians prescribing them. It is the law to label this warning and tests that are to be labeld and that is not being done. Why are these murderers being protected, you poison someone that is murder or attempted murder. You cause injury to another human being that is a crime. Because of the wrongful approval of Accutane and Tretinoin patents they allowed anyone to put these toxic poisons in their products and the above retinoid, pesticides, cosmetic and tissue paper patents prove this. It is a pity that for the past few years that individuals have done so much to prevent me from researching and finding out what these agents really are and the harm they really cause to humans and animals and crops. How the patent developers, pharmaceutical personnel and FDA personnel who approved these patents and physicians who dispense can sleep at night is astonishing. My life and the lives of other women, teenagers and men who have used these products and suffered injuries that were hidden from them are just as vital and just as important as the rights of those who were given representation by Seeger and Weiss, Ennis and Ennis, Hook and Bolton and hundreds of other attorney advocates. The fact that a pharmaceutical corp. would put a person through severe pain, scarring and injuries to the eyes, respiratory system, cranial, intestinal and bone degeneration and inability to conceive (sterilization without consent and knowledge) and not even try to reach out and help is truly a criminal and inhumane act. The fact that the harm of retinoids were kept from the public eye is a criminal act. The fact they were too toxic for cancer patients was proof they shouldn’t not have been used in antiaging creams nor any product that is on the market from prescriptions to over the counter products to pesticides sprayed on our foods. Fact that liquid silicone and silicone waxes are be put in shampoos and other hygiene products is a crime as you wash your hair in the shower the water brings this toxic compound into your eyes, your nose and mouth for these agents to get into the lungs and cause silicosis which is just as deadly as asbestosis. Go to a hospital and see how these patients suffer, then tell how proud these pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies should feel about these toxic agents being used in all of these products from drugs, to tissue paper to shampoos to pesticides.

  86. I receive emails daily from Natural News on pharmaceutical corps. being sued, from their vaccines being health hazards such as the Gardazil HPV vaccine and I informed of the patent “Molecular Motors” assigned to the US Health and Human Services, using Epstein Barr, HPV virus and other viruses to make these protein robotic agents and where you can view what they are creating using virues, bacteria, nano particles and stereoisomers and geometric chemistry. The chemical corporations admit these retinoids (proteins that emit toxins), cancer causing, mutagenic and teratogenic agents in these vaccines, drugs we take and in pesticides. Natural News email alert states Monsanto’s chemicals are being found in air samples contaminating our environment, yet nothing is done to stop this. Advocates go after one chemical or one product, these agents are involved in many agents that we are informed are safe and prescribed to us by physicians that were suppose to be only research agents and not to be used on humans, I have a real problem with this being done and don’t understand why no matter who I write to or inform nothing is done about it. Most attorneys sit back and wait until there is massive damage done to a large statistic of people,when they knew all along these agents they were found to be detrimental in one drug and were still being used in other drugs and no one is going after the other drugs it was used in nor the manufacturers nor physicians who knew this. The 13-cis retinoic acid is being used in many retinoid products not just Accutane and it is not being labeled to inform the patient nor the consumer as it is used in Chesebrough-Ponds patent 5989572 and Unilever patent 6395286 and the titles of these patents are Cosmetic compositions, which informs you they are used in cosmestics that are not being regulated for polymorphs and toxic agents. Lipstick contains lead and that is not being regulated or informed to women. If we don’t force the government to release the true facts to us this will continue to destroy the human race. Young girls wear makeup more than ever. The heavy metals and crystal polymorphs used in makeup and in vaccines will destroy their lives forever. Polymorphs are agents that destroy DNA and cause birth defects. Retinoids and liquid crystal cholesterol and all other synthetic liquid crystals are polymorphs which the FDA is suppose to regulate. The FDA was well aware that retinoids were being used in over the counter products and knew they were toxic and teratogenic and cause skin cancer. This is betrayal and a waste of your tax dollars paying these people a salary to protect your rights and life and they are not doing that. Remember what you put in your body becomes a part of your life forever. These metals in vaccines will cause autism, behavior problems, violent behavior and alzeheimers, there is more than enough proof of statistic showing the amount of autism, behavior problems, attention defecit and alzeheimers being diagnosed and the metal toxicity charts and chemical data will inform that metals cause this. The email address showing ashbonnet is not a website I use nor do I use the one that was hacked into last year and where someone is using a mobile device and sending emails from it. Many of those emails sent to various contacts in my list on that email have come failed delivery and it is being investigated to find the vile person doing this. If anyone wants information to prove further what these retinoids and toxic agents are doing or information on the NDAs involved, you can leave your email address here and I will send what you need, but I will not being using an email address that is active or that I will respond and open an email from you do to the serious hacking of my computer. I only open from those I know. Sending viruses and hacking someone who is trying to help others is such a disgrace and proves that they are people pretending to want to help Morgellons and other people suffering drug reactions like me who want to stop you from warning others. They really don’t want you to know what and who caused your health issues. I have been informed by the original people who contacted me six years ago that these researchers get funding and donations to find new diseases and make remedies to alleviate symptoms. They are not going to help you find who did this to you or cure you. As long as you are sick they will continue research, such as in cancer. How much money has been funded to Johnson and Johnson and others in finding a cure, and their own drugs they create cause more cancers. No one gets rich when a cure is developed. No doctor gets rich when their patients are healthy. The stock market is full of these markets of drugs, cosmetics, nanotechnology and biotechnology making alot of investors rich by these corporations coming out with inventions that will make the consumer and patient try them. Even if you bought it one time and times that with how many others bought that product they became instantly rich. Go to your local pharmacy and look at the aisles of hair dyes, cosmetics, vitamins, facial and body lotions, toothpastes and mouthwashes and then the unlimited amount of drugs being sold at the counter. Your pharmacist is suppose to know what is in your medication, but not one would help me with the reactions I had with Renova and only one pharmacist who wanted to be not identified informed me of a chemical attorney on drug injuries and was suppose to be the best and he wouldn’t help me. Why, was this product the first to use Johnson and Johnson’s nano crystal protein robots or other nanotechnology that shouldn’t have been used? The chemical agents speak for themselves from stereoisomers to cancer causing retinoids that are crystal proeins having electrolytes and furanoids and other carbon agents and zinc wires attached.

  87. Last night on the news was a story about animal right protestors at the Univer. of Penn bioresearch lab torturing animals. The story in on the internet. If they are doing this to animals what do you think they are doing to human beings and children suffering cancer and other terninal diseases are part of these experiments of using toxic chemicals. Univ. of Penn did the MKNAOMI projects using these biowarfare weapons on prissoners, mentally retarded children in institutions and the ederly in institutions under researcher Prof AM Kligman, who developed Retin-A (retinoids of tretinoin, all trans retinoic acid and numerourous others) used in Renova 0.05% and Renova 0.02% patent 4877805. Yet, noone is concerned about human dignity and quality of life and protesting and demanding answers on these toxic agents now being used in the counter products including tissue paper for blowing noses and hygiene products. Ignorance is not bliss in this matter. I wrote to many of these animal activist, such as PETA with no response as I did to Consumer Products, NJ Consumer Products Bank In Trust, hundreds of attorneys, FDA, CDC, NJ medical examiner, govt officials, news media for years and years, besides doing research on endless hours. Yet, today I still suffer and no help coming. The evidence is clear in their own publications what retinoids are and how toxic they are, yet noone is doing anything to stop it. Those who wear makeup, dye their hair, use hair loss products are at the greatest danger of harm from these biological agents that were too toxic in cancer research. Maybe, Louise Mandrell of the entertainment business might want to help in leading researchers to take a look at this, as she is now a board member of Morgellons Resarch Foundation, for which I have emailed on numerous occasions with no response. Daniel Bellvaneeden states he received an email from Mary Leitao in 2004 stating a coccoid was involved in this Morgellon disease. Coccoids are bacteria and bacterias like staphyloccus aureus are being used in biological drugs like Renova 0.05% approved in 1995 leaving the ability of all to use these agents in their products. Staphyloccus is a coccoid and it is involved in MRSA that has become an epidemic around the same time line as Morgellons. Hank Albarelli’s allegations of Morgellons being linked to MKNAOMI projects are not just allegations but the facts. If animals have rights as living beings, where are the rights and activists for humans? What is being used on animals are being used on humans called drugs. Read the NDA on Renova and you will see how these animals were inhumanely treated to give them tumors, necrosis, fracture bones, deformed embryos, dermatitis and other health issues. These very agents were approved to be used on humans by the FDA.

  88. I have left another message with Johnson and Johnson today. In this email I have asked them to inform me of all ingredients (active/inactive), all microorganisms, if accutane isotretinoin, Etretinate and Acitritin were in this cream, to give me all information on nanotechnology agents used from carbon nanotubes and why types to nano particles, and if TTNPB an engineered hepatitis B virus was in this cream. Do to no one should donate blood while on these agents and since these agents can cause a systemi cytotoxic reaction making these agents staying active in my system can I give blood and if I have given blood in the past, shouldn’t the Red Cross be notified. Shouldn’t all who have used Renova 0.05% and 0.02% know this and if they have given blood shouldn’t the Red Cross be on notification to warn the recipients. Shouldn’t the March of Dimes be on alert for the products using these teratogenic agents for children born with carnial facial deformities such as cleft palates, nose and eye deformities? Doesn[‘t Johnson and Johnson owe the public an apology for misleading them and endangering their health and all others who have mislead people into believing these were miracle cures when in fact they were more toxic than the disease and condition being treated?

  89. In information I read, Dr. Edward Spencer, researcher of Morgellons stated these nano agents are coming out of toilets. Well using these nano protein microorganims in tissue and toilet paper that are put into the toilet would cause these agents to come from toilets. These agents are devised to self replicate and self assemble using paramagnetic iron oxides (pigments that emit arsenic used as the fuel to transport), magnetic force fields, static electric and vanderwahls forces, dipoles and aerogels that suspend in midair and toxic gases that move to open space. These microorganisms that are in your intestinal tract and are being mutated with mutagenic chemical agents like nuclear tritinium and carcingenic agents like DMSO. These microorganisms genetics are being altered and spliced and sliced into our genetics and they are pulled from the intestines via efflux uptake and blood stream. If God wanted a jellyfish fluorescent protein in your body he would have put it there. If he wanted the umbrella structure of the jellyfish on you he would have put it there. If he wanted insect body parts attached to transluscent nano wires that form branched long and short chain reactions on you he would have put them on you. There are retinoids patents and product patents like adult diapers using the sticky substance and feet of Geckos, that help these creatures adhere to glass and other structures. Man wants to use these agents to walk on ceilings upside down and making patents for this useful event. Man just can’t leave nature alone. They state it is for the betterment of mankind. Our air is polluted with toxic gases, barium, bromide, and nano particles that our body is toxic to. Our food is genetically modified and doesn’t taste like food anymore, our food is sprayed with pesticides of toxic metals, gases, and microorganisms that are turning into human pathogens. Our drugs are toxic gases, heavy metals, and microorganisms that break down our immune system. We are told to take vitamin supplements without any tests done for vitamin deficiency and if there is vitamin deficiency it is caused by poisons in our medications that are depleting our bodies of iron and B12 that occur naturally via natural foods sources, not supplements that are toxic and phosphorous that depletes our bones of calcium and cause osteoporosis, anteriolithesis and other degenerative bone diseases. Read up on phoshorylation which is where these geniuses attached phosphorous to proteins used in drugs. Why don’t they use a Wood’s Lamp and proper tools in dermatology, because then they would be forced to see the glowing nano particles of phosphorous that also self ignites. ETC states in one of their articles that these scientists thought if we couldn’t see it we wouldn’t know what was hurting us. Read up on nanotechnology another grand mistake in man’s invention to have power and control. To be able to manipulate atoms, molecules, particles and genetics and electronics. To build larger structures starting at nano level. How big do they grow, since they use lightwaves. Will they grow towards the sun like the nano tree like molecules and leaf like molecules they are creating in these labs. These agents and their gases emit green gases that are bad for our environment, which means they are bad for us and animals. So much for “go green” theory. Read up on the “phosphorous ponytail ligand that was not to leave a lab as they had not built “bugs” to eat the carbons. I listed the patent where they are using pseudmonas and other MRSA causing pathogens in bioreactors in hospitals to eat hydrocarbons and ammonia. You see bacteria are bugs, such as in the yersinia pestis that cause world plagues and the fleas that hop from rats to humans. Alls I wanted to be wa a good wife and mother and not a person who had to study biology, chemistry and patents to find out the wrongdoing being done to me and others. They stole vital years from me and years that will never be able to be given back to me nor my family. They tried to cover up the inevitable exposure of the crime with false allegations to destroy reputations and creditbility and that is proof of how evil these people are. They are not physicians for healthcare and for the wellbeing of their patients. Another old saying is “oh what a web we weave once we start to deceive” is alive and well and involved in these webs of protein and wire matrixes called proteinous and nano protein robots have come to life. Not an imaginery figment of your imagination but the reality of those who head our universities and government agencies across the world in their speed for nanotechnology and gaining the first to create, without thinking about the consequences as they did not think about the consequences in all the govt experiments that have been going on for decades, yet the media waits decades to inform us after it is too late and the monsters who created the harm are dead and can’t be punished. Wake up world before it is too late. Time is of the essence and the world belongs to all, not those who think they are the elite and powerful. They weren’t too smart with this one as they bragged too much on the internet on their publications and patents, thinking we the layman would never research nor think to research what they were doing. I found a civil suit against Johnson and Johnson and Walmart putting toxic chemicals in baby shampoo that are carcingenic, that is how evil they are to pick on innocent babies. To think how many baby products I used as a trusted consumer from this corporation. Look at the lastest Children’s Benadryl and Tylenol recalls that were done, yet this corporation’s CEOS and personnell never go to jail, they just pay the fine that the government charges them with. Who just got rich, but the government, and the infant will grow up to become strickened with cancer. So, that Johnson and Johnson and other cancer drug manufactureres can get richer. We have got to stop the poisoning of our children from the day they are born by these corrupt individuals shooting poisons in their veins, prescribing toxic vitamins to them, and what I found out is in baby food and formula was shocking, to the pesticides sprayed on their fruits and vegetables, to the genetic modified organisms used in making chewing gum with aspartame and other harmful cancer causing agents. They depended on us to protect them and our government oersonnel (not the laws of our land that were good laws and laws to protect us and are being violated, but these corrupt individuals who think ahead and hurry to amend and find loopholes to approve poisons) are taking away that right from us with these mandated laws, economic distress, unemployements and sheer lies. Until someone investigates these officials bank accounts and make them account for how they accumulated all their money, the corruption will continue. All who are responsible for protecting us with safe and effective drugs and allowed this to happen must be held accountable; their names on the hearings of approving these drugs and on the NDA’s (new drug approvals). They are phd’s of biology and chemistry and knew what the chemical compounds of these drugs involved. A citizen is allowed to be a whistleblower when the government is paying Medicaid and Medicare payments on drugs that were mislabeled and Renova 0.05% and 0.02% were mislabed violating federal laws and the FDA knew these agents were carcingenic and contained microbial agents and were to be labeled with microbesusceptability tests, blood tests because they are known to alter stem cells and genetics and cause chromosone damage and birth defects whether topical or orally taken. They knew that you should not donate blood and it was not labeled and they knew that nuclear radiation and other radioactive agents were involved and were to be labeled and they were not. Let the sv40 virus cancer causing agent be one big example to all of us that were given this poliovaccine and none of us were aware of this. I would not have known this unless I began investigating patents on retinoids, tetrahydronaphthalene and pesticides. I don’t know who or what watchdogs advocates are watching for, but someone missed this completely.

  90. Only you the consumers and patients of the world can make them pay for their crimes. Boycott their products and their drugs and force Congress and governments around the world to hold hearings and devulge pertinent information you need to know about drugs and products you have been using and trusted the manufacturers and inventors that betrayed you. Hold them responsible for the health issues you are having and make them reverse and cure your health issues. One physician stated there is no antidote for what they did to me, well there won’t be an antidote as long as physicians remain silent and not report the adverse events that are occurring and advocate for their patients health issues that were caused to them.

  91. In trying to get as much information as possible to all of you in researching retinoids and their toxicities, I found another “common thread” and the two patents
    Iisted are of many out there. Patent 5525345, Proctor Gamble Co 1996, Lotion Composition for making soft lubious feel to tissue paper. Using mineral oil, petrolatum, laurate,methyl palmitate, methyl stearate, myristate and fatty alcohols. Palmitate and laurate are retinoids being used to make tissues soft for blowing your nose and toilet paper. Patent 55665426, Kimberly Clark 1997, using vitamins (retinoids), beeswax, silicone wax (silicone inhaled via fumes and mist go to the lungs and cause silicosis–for which was used in Renova 0.05% and shows in my blood and for which Dr. Staninger diagnosed me with silicosis as well as Jan Smith), dimethicone. A tissue being used to wipe your nose and informed was safe and soothing and we use on our children is really detrimental to our lives. David Bans of OSHI-FDA, stated in email that when patents expire anyone can put these retinoids in their products. EWG released last year that palmitate was being used in sunblock lotions and that FDA knew a decade ago that they cause skin cancer. THe NDA 19963 states that Johnson and Johnson and the FDA who approved this cream knew that it caused skin tumors, per research done by Dr. Mura Goyal, whose biopsies were confiscated and she was warned to stop her research. Totally is disbelief that this would be in a NDA (new drug application) and the product was approved and that they would even supply this information to me via FOIA request. I notified EWG, ETC, Green Peace, Consumer Products, hundred attorneys, TAF (whistleblowers attorneys), attorney general of CA Prop 65, and many others, yet noone would help. I found under US patents in using patent 4877805, that you would have to pay a fee to request the patent because it is under public examination, which I guess via all my blogs over the past years has brought attention to someone and that someone is leaving me to suffer, while they take credit. Under free patent website you can review this patent and by clicking view pdf you can review the original patent written by the inventor, so you don’t have to pay a few. Patent 6764698, Controlled drug release system of retinoic acid, Kwangiu Institute of Korea, informs you of using microsphere, as I stated Kligman’s partner in alpha hydroxy products and subsidy of Johnson and Johnson developed their own patent using microspheres after Renova was approved in 1995. This patent will inform you that high levels of retinoic acid will cause toxic side effects, breathing spasms, comatose and death known as all trans retinoic acid. St Mary’s Hospital of Korea has its own report out on the internet on All Trans Retinoic Syndrome and that these agents cause infiltrates of the lungs, ground glass opacity, weight gain and other severe side effects including death. Yesterday one of my sons had to have a wide excision for precancerous cells that were found on a mole he had removed. Funny, I took him to a dermatologist for a cyst on his neck and she asked to do a skin exam and found a mole on his back she wanted to remove, just a small mole, yet I have moles that have changed in appearance since using Renova and I am a melanoma patient and can’t get these moles and lesions removed. Is there a coverup, you better believe it. We have retinoids used for cancer knowning they were toxic, used to treat psychosis knowning they cause psychosis and mental issues, used for anti aging when they cause dermatitis and many skin disorders and health issues, used to treat emphysema when they cause lung and respiratory problems, used to treat Crohns when they cause Crohns, used to treat acne when they cause dermatitis and overgrowth of commensal microorganisms, used in sunblock agents when they cause skin cancer, used to treat eye diseases when they cause eye diseases, and now used in our tissues that will release toxic fumes, vapors and mists to the respiratory system, eyes and lips to the digestive tract. One man who started it all was AM Kligman who worked for the CIA and US Army on experiments at Holmesburg Prison using these toxic chemicals that he knew would be toxic to skin and were nothing more than toxic gases, heavy metals, proteins that poisons and release endotoxins and mycotoxins from various species of life and that alter genetics of skin, hair, nails and DNA. You have these agents being sold as vitamin supplements over the counter and who prospers but the vitamin cartels of Hoffman and LaRoche and Johnson and Johnson (both listed on the top one hundred of corrupt corps.) and other vitamin corps., attorneys, govt officials who received rewards for approving these agents, consumer advocates who wait for time to pass and they file civil petitions. Who loses but the consumer and patients.

  92. Proving that these chemist and biologist knwon as scientist don’t care about life is the satellite that was allowed to fall through our atmosphere where no knowledge of where it would land. These are the same scientists who put biological and hazardous agents onboard this space shuttles and without knowning if they will explode before takeoff and returning back are allowing these toxic hazardous, that per their own publiations and patents will self replicate, self assemble and with stand extreme temperatures. These are viruses, tumors, bioengineered tissues, viruses, proteins, crystals and the toxic agents they are preserved in. Words you must learn are polymers, peptides, self replicate, self assemble, crystal bacteriorhodopsin, cis and tran, geometric chemistry, stereoisomers, optical recording medium, transgenic, chimera, chiral, retinoids,
    endotoxins, exotoxins, mycotoxins, genetic engineering, bioengineering, nanotechnology, nano wires, nano belts, nano, propellars, butadiene, cyclohexane, transgenic, cysteine seat belts, cyclohexane and benzene ring open and shutting, liquid crystal, benzoates, flipase and flopase, ecoli hair pin, proteins that walk and glide known as walking protein transporters, These are agents used in space and in our drugs and pesticides. I listed numerous pubmed citations on dermatological malpractice and it was do to problem drugs like sulfones, vitamin A, corticosteroids, antineoplastic and that citation is PMID456036. See Pmid 15965433 166549709 2404514 1554975 3521997 3771853. Learn about neurons, dendrites ( arm like structures) melanin, electrochemical stimulation. Learn about tools like dermascopes, confocal scanning laser microscopy, wood’s lamp and wood sticks to scrape off hazardous burning chemical phosphorous that deterioate the bones and replaces calcium with phosphorous, these are the tools not being used by the dermatological physicians and why because they caused this new emerging disease with these toxic medications and never warned their patients and left their colleagues to the embarassment of covering up for them. Who were the physicians to start the “DOP” diagnosis and they were the dermatological field of medicine.

  93. PUBMED PMID will inform you about malpractice of dermatologist do to facial burns or scars caused by chemicals and lasers used in their cosmetic procedures, drug reactions do to the use of retinoids Vitamin A, sulfones, antineoplastic, corticosteroids and cantharidins (blister causing agents). It states “care must be exercised in use of problem drugs” and then list the above drugs. Obviously, retinoinds Vitamin A are problem drugs stated by their own medical website and it is dated as far back as 5/23/1979. PMID 15965433 is another publication on malpractice. PMID 63317197 will inform you about atopic dermatitis. You will see publications of the best tools used in examining a patient for lesions and atypia (precancerous abnormal cells) are confocal scanning laser microscopy and dermascopes, yet no dermascopes were used by the numerous dermatologist I visited since using Renova 0.05% Tretinoin. Dr. Warren Heymann of Garden State Dermatology who stated I was DOP and to see Dr. Caroline Koblenzer, didn’t wait to see biopsy reports, didn’t mark in his medical notes the six inch scar on the knee nor the five inch long and one inch wide skin graft scar on the thigh from level III malignant melanoma. The biopsy report came back increased basilar pigment, focal lentiginous increased of melanocytes, cytologic atypia (precancerous cells), strands of nevus cells, scattered malanophages and perivascular mononuclear infiltrates that was taken from my right arm where he states tan skin halo nevi. I haven’t been in the sun in over 15 years, the chemicals in Renova alter the color of the skin and leave white blotches from the bleaching agents of these retinoids and dichlorine used. He refused to remove lesions I asked to be biopsied and that were abnormal structures and the mole on the center of my ribs, and the blue lesion on the inner thigh. He as well as all dermatologist refused to remove moles and lesions I asked to have removed and I am a melanoma patient and was able to get as many moles that I wanted removed before using Renova. So, if melanoma reoccurrs in my body these people have committed severe malpractice and negligents and why these type of people are justly sued. They are prescribing drugs that are deemed “problem drugs” and when these patents expire it gives anyone the right to use these agents in their products such as cosmetics and sunblocks and antiaging creams overthecounter, putting all in danger. David Banks of OSHI, states they don’t need Johnson and Johnson’s permission to put gerneric retinoids in their products once the patents expire. Gerneric retinoids that is scarry in itself and what exactly is a gerneric retinoid and where does it come from. What is a synthetic retinoid and does Hoffman and LaRoche make this synthetic retinoid known as Accutane and how do they make the engineered Hepatitis B virus known as TTNPB? Since these trade secrets are so detrimental to the wellbeing of humans, it is time that the trade secrets and all microbial that these attorneys representing drug injury cases release the truth to the public. It is time the courts enforce that all be held responsible for creating harm to all that have suffered from these known toxic agents. Remember when someone endorse a product they are being paid to do so, and unless you see them put it on their face in front of you, not on TV, you can’t believe what they are saying and you have to investigate on your own. Because it states it is natural it does not mean it is safe, poison ivy is naturally grown and it is not safe to wipe on your skin. Rubber derivatives are not safe to put on your skin, petroleum derivatives are not safe to put on your skin it is gasoline, microbial (MRSA causing organisms) are not safe to put on your skin and the above blogs proves how many patents for drugs and retinoids and vaccines are using these microbes in them, propionic acid nor butylated acid should not be put on your skin, anything that states it is an acid should not be put on your skin nor infected in your body nor ingested. Acids are what are used in car batteries and it will eat your skin away if touched. Metals are toxic and should be injected into your body nor put on your skin where DMSO will allow entry of this and microbial agents to enter into the body and into the bloodstream.

  94. Now, what after all of this research that led from nanotechnology, genetic modified organisms, ligand natural and manmade known as synthetic, retinoids that are known by many names and belong to many species and are biological self replicating and self assembling agents used in humans, animals, bacteria, insects, fungus and plants, toxic gases and heavy metals and proteins which retinoids are used in protein robotics that will alter genetics and used in transporting drugs. I found out about transgenic nematodes of the yersinia pestis and released into our society by Rutgers around 1996. I found out about chimeras, stereoisomers, geometric chemistry and liquid crystal chlorestorol benzoates. Liquid crystal was derived from the tick and if those ticks have lyme disease and used in drugs and other products it will then be transported to the human. They took bacterium, yersinia pestis gene, wax moth, green fluorescent protein and created these transgenic organism to use as a pesticide, which proves they can create their own organisms and no one to this day is being checked to see if this microorganism that was contained in nano cylinders and released in Salem Extensin field of Rutgers was a human pathogen or not. It was released on golf courses and how many rich people who walked on these golf courses are aware of what is sprayed on these courses? How many golfers or spectators have reported health issues? Andy Coyle is the only one I know of and who states he suffers Morgellons. Physicians have refused to do a microbe tests for yersinia pestis and any of the above microorganisms used in Renova 0.05% and known body flora that they are known to mutate and cause overgrowth. Kligman worked with canthardins (spanish fly and blister beetle) to create blister causing agents. Kligman worked with the silkmoth and brown algae and anthropods and the use of their toxins and endotoxins and mycotoxins. These scientists have no conscience for harm they cause to anyone and proof is how they left the prisoners to suffer and how they left me and others to suffer. They knew they devised agents that would cause severe adverse reactions and these agents were not for the benefit of mankind. These agents sterilize, cause sores, cause blisters that are severely painful, bites, itching, dermatitis, Keratitis, bone degeneration, bacteria infections, hair loss, migraines, abdominal pain, high lipids, glucose, neutrophils, easinophils, perivascular mononuclear infiltrates, fatigue, weight loss and weight gain, epstein barr so how can these agents be safe and cause wrinkles to disappear and skin to feel tight? How these agents of crystals and gases and microorganisms are spinning biofilms, the claws and pincers of scorpions and ticks are attached to nano wires used to clamp and pinch the skin, micelles are wormlike spheres, rods and cones that self assemble and spin and the stereoisomers are used to steer and push and pull through the skin via DMSO. They were using humans to experiment on making bioengineered skin. They programmed these agents with transcription codes and if one transcription letter is coded wrong havoc will happen and which has happened. You create artificial intelligence and you program bacteria and fungus for bioengineering purposes and you release it onto innocent humans you have committed a crime against the human race. You engineer viruses that you knew were toxic at nanomolar and you put it in a cream to be put on a face you have committed a crime againt the human race, whether it was just one person or thousands or millions. It takes one infected person to cause an epidemic. There are over 19,000 patents on these retinoids and thousands of vaccines using these agents and they are injecting them into the veins of infants and children and that is a crime against humanity and against the truly innocent lives. Not one physicians ever handed me the patent nor information on what was involved in the vaccines mandated to be given to my sons. Many of these vaccines caused them to get measles, and rashes and flu like symptoms and then came the inability to concentrate. What my research has shown is that we are being poisoned by the profession we trusted the most and who betrayed that trust and then denied adverse reaction tests, microbesusceptability tests and biological and physical tests. People need to stand together now and stop what is being done in numbers too large too ignore. No one has the right to sterilized innocent people and without consent and knowledge and that is per our rights as human beings and that is one of the biggest crimes being done, beside the birth defects of the unfortunate children that are conceived to a person who has used these agents and was not warned. Too many patents contain these agents and they are not warning people of this.

  95. PUBMID 18572976, Seborrheric Dermatitis due to isotretinoin and toxic retinoids is published by Dept. of Dermatology Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv Israel, AMJ Clin. Derm. 2008; 9 (4) 255.61. Will inform you that isotretinoin and toxic retinoids cause overgrowth commensal microorganisms in susceptable individuals. I inform you in above blogs that 10 per cent of the population are hypersensitive and that physicians are not doing skin patch tests for allergic reactions before prescribing drugs, do to cost of these tests. Since it is only 10 per cent that would have a reaction we are not important nor worthy of this extra cost of testing us before prescribing drugs that would have a reaction. That is violating 21 CFR 201.57 nor warning a patient of this reaction. This proves that these retinoids cause overgrowth of microorganisms and why the law states microbesusceptability tests are to be labeled on the drug and are not. These agents mutate microorganisms and TOCRIS material safety data sheet states these agents are mutagenic and not to be used on humans, yet they are and doctors are reporting the adverse events and leaving their patients to suffer and future patients to suffer and that is a crime in all essence of the meaning. These toxic agents cause blisters, rashes, lupus, migraines, Keratitis, coagulase neg staph, impetigo (all are which are signs of MRSA due to pseudomonas and staph aureus human pathogens being used in these drugs), swelling joints and bones, hepatitis, intracranial pressure, myocardial infarction and heart problems due to the fatty acids being used, respiratory problems, cystitis fibrosis and silicosis and asbestosis from silicone and carbon nanotubes and pseudomonas, intestinal pain known as Crohns and irritable bowel syndrome, lesions, sores on the roof of the mouth and lips, sinusitis, rhinitis, deviated septum from the heavy metals, brain fog, hallucinations, ear fullness and pain. Some researchers in Morgellons state lupus is involved and blaming it on tick bites. Retinoids cause lupus too but there is an avoidance to blame the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for causing this. Check how many products in your home state Vitamin A, retinoid, palmitate, coconut oil laurate, and there are so many names being used for these retinoid agents and carbon black (pigments used in hair dye). Alls it takes are medical tests that are who state they are doctors and toxicologists knew what tests needed to be done and the known agent of drug or cosmetic that caused it. Look up parabens, quaternium-15 and formeldehyde used in drugs and look up the toxicity of them and you find out they cause severe itching, rashes and are irritants to gastro intestinal system, skin, eyes and repiratory system and are carcingenic. Who is causing this new emergining disease and cancers?

  96. Today, the justice system proves even more how unjust it is. A man is executed who may or may not be innocent. Why we build prisons to keep someone from the public when they do worng or may be unjustly convicted and where time and someone who may care or want to make a name for theimself might get involved and help him or her. We say murder is wrong yet we have execution, and find out later that the convicted was innocent as recently the trio who impriosoned since teenage years were found via DNA not to have commited the crime. Yet, our government allowas pharmaceutical, FDA personnel and physicians to inject and prescribed toxic agents that will long term health issues, pain, suicide, murder, violent behavior, haullcinations, disablement and death. In some cases of prejudicial choosing some people will get justice and compensation, whiles others are forced to suffer in silence to cover the mass adverse reactions that are occurring. A corrupt sysmtem and system of people that have no conscience. Tests that were done for those in drug injury cases such as Accutane and proof of research done what tests should have been done for all who have been prescribed this toxic poison and drugs like are not being done to cover up the true statistic of the criminal acts of pharmaceutical corps and physicians. Tests that were done by Staninger for some people but didn’t do for the people she asked for samples from are proof that she, attorneys in drug injury cases, and physicians via publications knew what tests should have been and yet were deliberately not done and left many to suffer from a severe drug reaction, and that is murder and that is torture and that is torment, yet they go unpunished. I am confused on how these matters are justified in these peoples minds. I am confused at allegations that are made about what is causing a new emerging disease and that samples have been tested, yet samples that would prove who and what exactly caused the same reaction in my case are being denied being tested. If you want to stated nanotechnology, ligands, toxic gaes of hexane, crytals used in electronics, chemicals that cause rashes, microbial, wires that emerge from skin from zinc salts, platinum, and other metals used in these drugs, microbial of staph aureus, pseudomonas, ecoli, yeast and bacterium then why wouldn’t they analyze the cream and samples of a person who was infected with this by a prescription drug? Very confused. I don’t need to go to Morgellon’s board blog, I need samples tested to expose and stop what is being done by drugs. These are signalling agents and are sending signals to the brain and are communicating with cells per all publications. Retinoids are molecular protein agents. They are not understood and how they work, yet there are over 19,000 patents and products using them.

  97. Two of the above websites that I just checked to see if they would bring you directly to the information are stating not available and one is Berkley. Just use protein robots NASA as search and Walking Proteins move cargo and they will come up along with other websites on this technology.

  98. Thank you again. I am extremely tired and just got done working and suffered with an extreme migraine today. It very hard on my eyes to be on the computer and I try writing as much as I can and don’t see well and mispell, but I am not a writer and don’t have alot time available to edit, it is vital to me to get as much information out to people for them to understand what is happening by greed of power and money and disrecpect for the lives and quality of lives of human beings and our environment.

    People need to understand what molecular protein motors are and what walking proteins are and how they are being misused by science to create protein robots, artificial intelligence and singularity. Two websites that will give insight to these technology that is not in the future it is being done now and has been being used for decades. I am listed several websites that will give insight, diagrams of these microtubles, kinesin motors, flagellar and dyesin motors and how NASA Ames Research is working with Singularity on these projects. They will show you videos of how these proteins walk and climb. There are many patents that will inform you that these protein robots have been developed and approved:

    nesteduniverse.net titled Walking Proteins move cargo


    Research news – Robots Score Big With Protein Crystallographics – contact Lynn Yarris 4/9/2004

    Rutgers Univer, Johnson and Johnson, UMD-NJ, Merck, MIT, Bell/Lucent Lab and NASA are in a joint adverture in creating these agents. Rice, Singularity and universities across the country are being funded in this. University of Penn
    has its own nano community involving numerous universities in this. Retinoids are proteins of various species and from various parts of these organisms. They are molecular folding proteins. Genome Folding Protein projects are collecting data on all proteins and can identify every protein there is. Apparantly you don’t have to be a biologist to find out how they fold and unfold as what is termed “gamers” were able to figure out the molecules of the HIV and is stated on the internet today. As shown in videos from above they showed a umbrella structure and the jellyfish unbrella structure is being used in patents as stated in previous blogs given the patent. They are using the tentacles and whole organisms in these patents and patents on vitamins. I found a patent on baby food and formula using the dinoflagella and this is another nanotechnology organism being used. I have learned terminology of crawling, climbing, walking, ring flipping and flopping in investigating Renova 0.05%. I have learned that the 13-cis isomer is the bacteriorhodopsin purple membrane bacteria/fungus used in nanotechnology and accutane and other retinoid patents, optical recording medium, biosensors, and used in lasik surgeries and retinapigmentosa treatment. I found terminology of retinoids being 4 enjoined head and tail terpenes. I had to learn about synthetic and natural ligands were and they are binding agents and the synthetic ones are made to look like insects such as the scorpion, the claw of the lobster (which photos I have show these claws), pincers, drosphila (fruitfly), sonic hedghog and taking the toxins of these insects and attaching them to these ligands and nanotubes. You will learn in the websites given under microtubules that they can grow and shrink depending on the forces, which proves using the hair follicles that these agents have the ability to reach down and grab and pull and then shrink back in nanoseconds. A victim can see and feel them, but when they go to show them to another person they are no longer visible as they have been pulled into these microtubules and via DMSO enter into the tissue of the skin. Crystal structures via cyclohexane are opening and shutting can expand and pinch into the skin and then close tightly. These agents are known for their stickiness and adhere to the tissue and mimic the tissue. To pull them off causing severe pain and bleeding as they become a part of the tissue as they use biological adhesion agents. The game was cruel and they never ever gave thought to a human beings instincts to survive and their ability to read and research. Not everyone is tied to reality shows and sports shows and many of us can’t afford to waste time when it involves our lives and the lives of our families. I endure the humiliation of two vicious men trying to silence me and bringing false allegations against me and threatening to take my sons. I endure a judge ordering me and my husband and son to see a psychiatrist and a forensic psychologist who made false reports to cover for their colleagues and the wrongdoing being done by pharmaceutical corps. A forensic psychologist and all physicians knew what tests should have been done and that biological agents and toxic metals and gases were used and the I was suffering from all trans retinoic poisoning and they left me to suffer and that is murder, torture and torment. They demoralized me in front of my teenage boys, and that is something you do not do to a teenager nor to their Mother. That very horrific act made me stronger and more vigilant on finding out what they were covering up. The old saying don’t scorn a woman is alive and well. What they did is unforgiveable and I want their family to know what low lives these men and all participants in these are and to have them exposed publicly for the additional pain and suffering they caused me, and after years of research found others like them caused to others in the Morgellon socieity. I am amazed at Dr. Greg Smith, who states he suffers from this and states that people are to stay away from dermatologists and that physicians are denying proper health care, yet he never responded to my pleas for help. You can’t say you are investigating an illness that symptoms are lesions, fatigue, blurred visions, headaches, gastrointestinal pains, high lipids, high glucose, high neutrophils and easinophils, short term memory loss and when a person suffering all of these symptoms comes to you with the knowledge I have learned and then ignore that one person who will expose a billion dollar business and God how no one should be able to do that. This is a recession that is being felt in all honesty by the hard working American citizens who have worked all their lives and are being laid off, loss of benefits, loss of retirement funds and loss of their homes, yet the CEO’s of these pharmaceutical corps developing poisons, physicians prescribing poisons, labs who are denying testing, and govt personell who are approving these poisons that are living lavish lifestyles for poisoning innocent hardworking people, who trusted and in essence allowed these people to profit and live these lavish lifestyles. This saddens me tremendously. It saddens me that they forced me to vaccinate my children with toxic metals, microorganisms, and nanotechnology to alter their minds, their bodies and their future generations. It saddens me that two women only 51 years old died from cancer and cancer treatments that weaken their bodies and I can’t help but think that the Merck and Salk polio vaccine was involved. I can not tell you how many people I have lost to cancer and how many are being diagnosed that are of this age group having lung cancer and never smoked, have pancreatic and thyroid, stomach and brain cancer. It took fifty years to find out that the poliovaccine contained sv40 virus and I am so angry at the irresponsibility of all involved. What are we going to find out about the vaccines given to our children? Are they going to wait fifity years from now to let us know after the damage is done and the developers are dead and can’t be punished. What are we now finding out about nanotechnology and its toxicity and it was and has been developed since the 1950’s, yet we are just finding out about it.

  99. Thank you Kandy for responding I am truly appreciated of your response. Yes, it is very vital that people know where and who are creating this devastating and disabling and painful disease. My entire life and family lives have been turned upside down by the severe adverse events caused by a prescription medication that I was informed was safe and wonderful and that my dermatologist stated he used himself. No warnings of the severe adverse events on the drug patient pamphlet nor physician pamphlet, no warning nor counseling by the physician. Forced to research every chemical in the patents of the prescription cream Renova 0.05% were toxic to the human body and were not to be used on humans. The harm done by others who contacted me stating they were sufferers too from retinoid drugs and pretended to befriend me and had contacts with researchers who were investigating a new emerging disease that contained these agents of polyethylene, crystals, proteins, microorganisms, viruses and toxic gases had me send research and samples to their researchers to be analyzed. Six years have past and no response to the analyzing of those samples. Photos taken of each sample before sent to them and mail confimation delivery that was sent paid for. The time, the money in taken photos and developing them and copying them, copying my reseach and cutting hair sample after hair sample and ruining my hair, and the hope of help and answers were costly financially, emotionally and was a high price to find out more unethical practices and “good faith” betrayed and I am still suffering severe migraines, fluids in my head that are causing severe pulsations and throbbing, my bones are weak and in pain for which I found these agents cause and not stated on the pamphlets, severe bloating and stomach pain, my vision blurred and where I drive to work and scared that I could hurt someone. These past researchers and one who states he is only interested in Morgellon syndromes, failed to compared the symptoms of Vitamin A toxicity of retinoids to the symptoms of Morgellons and the nanotechnology used in retinoid drugs. He failed as a self proclaimed humanitarian in researching a disabiling disease to help a human being suffering. His university has all the tools to do that involves proteins, nanotechnology and viruses and our tax dollars paid for those tools and left me to suffer in tremendous pain. In the end he left many others to suffer who used these agents from chemodrugs, skin disorders, antiaging products, sunblock products to pesticides for which I seen so much documentation on chemtrails contributing to Morgellons. Years of research of patents, chemical banks and protein banks on the agents used in this retinoid product and thousands of other patents using them are brought them same adverse reactions that are felt by Morgellon patients and all are what I have found in publications from Staninger and your above publications, so why would anyone deny a person who suffers the same symptoms the access to having samples analyzed that could help thousands to millions that are suffering and may have come in contact with these types of products. It has been publicized that more women have Morgellons than men. More women use antiaging creams, prescriptions that contain these hormone and steroid products that are biological agents, use cosmetics and hair dyes that contain these agents. What I have concluded in my research and proved to be stated in the NDA 19963 and NDA 21108 and patents researched that they are using staph aureus (which is a normal flora on our skin) and using pseudomonas aeruginosa in these products and other microorganisms that bind to the metals of platinum and other metals that are mutating these microorganisms and using derivatives of other micoorganisms to makes esters, vinyl alcohols and fatty acids and this is known as genetic modified organims and for which Dr. Gwen Scott and others have stated is involved in Morgellons. Using proteins and viruses at nano level as delivery agents and to create nano wires and using electrolytes and chemical reactions to alter genetics. Hair and blood are stem cells and they are using cloning organisms and that was stated in a TDA by Dr. Staninger who used blood work done by a GP, after he found out she had samples from me. It took years to get a doctor to do anything and still when blood work came back abnormal he did no further tests and many of his tests were done after her TDA was done and was not done to involve all tests results. All tests were faxed and mailed to her and the report still remains unfinished. I have a four page letter from her with her promise of helping me, an incomplete report and samples sitting in a lab and in her office is not helping me or anyone else who has been prescribed drugs that contain nanotechnology and pathogens. What I have found out that via contact with someone who is infected will cause a contagious and infectious reaction to that person. Which proves that chemo drugs, retinoid products and all biological drugs are infectious and contagious to family members, friends and so forth. Under federal laws 21 CFR 201.57 biological drugs are to be labeled with microbesusceptability tests and that was not stated on Renova and if it is not stated on this antiaging cream then it is not stated on others like it. I am glad you responded and since you were able to anaylze the samples you state above, are you able to help me have samples analyzed too?
    I have the return package unopened that was sent to the FBI, samples that Barb Metcalf was able to photograph under a microscope and sent a CD of these pictures she took, she herself was a victim of Accutane and other biological drugs and is unable to get help from anyone. Hank Albarelli speaks of her story in his publication on Morgellons and MKNAOMI articles. A M Kligman developed Renova and Retin-A and he was the expert hired by the CIA and US Army to do MKNAOMI projects and developed non-detecting mind altering drugs and gases of dioxin. He did work at nano level as retinoids and the use of viruses of TTNPB and microorganisms at nanomolar were used in this drug. The use of zinc salts that create nano wires, belts, propellers (see stereo chemistry and geometric chemistry) that are transluscent at nano level and has been published in many documents. You state above hexane has been found in samples you have, cyclohexane is involved in patent 4877805 as well as polyethylene, transitional metals used as batteries in nanotechnology, gases, tartaric acid, liquid silicone and silicone is used in nanotechnology for electrical transistors and so forth. The reason I state that my blogs have been deleted is each day I check the blogs to see if anyone has read and responded. Each day I have added more blogs. Yesterday and on other days the blogs ended on Sept 4 2011 blog and there were blogs added everyday, since finding your website. I feel it is imperative that all work together and no rock be left unturned in finding answers. The biologists and chemists who are developing these patents and using agents that were not to be used on humans, and are carcingenic and mutagenic and will cause long term health issues and cancers must be exposed and must be stopped and punished. It is no different that a private citizen trying to poison a spouse, child or anyone. Poisoning a human being withouth their knowledge of the detriments of these agents is murder and torture and torment. The wasted medical costs and costs my insurance carrier is proof of physicians lying and billing false diagnosis codes to cover up this atrocity and allowing poisons to stay on the market to hurt other victims. Again, thank you for responding and would be grateful for help in having samples tested. These agents per all publicatons show on cat scans, xrays, microscopies, microscopes and photographs and that is per the FDA’s own publication on Photo Safety Toxicity Reports on the internet on PDF. Just the time of research spent and cost of printing patents, data protein bank information, data chemical bank information, NDA21108 report that has now been deleted and was 400 pages, copying and mailing to many people has been a financial hardship, and still I was left to suffer. Ignoring the obvious is not going make me go away and prevent me from warning others about what is poisoning them.

  100. I sent Mike Adams, Natural News, the article on the truth about Merck polio vaccine contaminated with the sv40 simian virus. It contained a video by scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman who released this information. Today I received an email from natural news releasing this video and articles on the contamination of Gardasil having the HPV virus vaccine giving to young girls and the health issues it is causing them. http://www.naturalnews.com/033585_Gardasil_contamination.html http://www.naturalnews.com/033584_Dr_Maurice_hilleman_sv40.html

    You can call up Merck sv40 polio vaccination also and see Dr. Leonard Horowitz website displaying this video. I informed you above about TTNPB (engineered hepatitis B virus being used in patent 4877805 as a retinoid analogue) being used in retinoid patents. In 2002 and 2003 the hepatitis B became an epidemic and mandated HIB vaccines were issued for school children and if your child was not innoculated that could not attend school and it was a three series shot. I informed you of them using aluminum as a adjuvanant in these vaccines and retinoid drugs and that is available under vaccines or use benzonase in the search on the Pharmacopeia website and it will inform you of this and the microbial of genetically altered microorganisms being put in vaccines. In researching patents on TTNPB I found 489 patents using this genetically altered hepatitis B vaccine that was taken from a carcingenic human liver flank. Under retinoid as my search engine I found 19,845 patents using these systemic cytotoxic agents being used from cancer chemodrugs (a list of chemo drugs are given on chemodrug website and all trans retinoic acid, isotretinoin (accutane), and tretinoin are listed, skin disorders, antiaging, Crohns disease, treatment for psychosis and schizophrenia when it causes these disorders and hallucinations, sunblock lotions and cosmetics. Patent 5767155, is used in ventricular muscell cell atrophy, Regents of Univ of CA, pub. 6/1998, Patent 7223397 Research Devlopment Foundation, 6028088 Flavenoid derivatives, Univer of Miss, 7126017 Method of reducing retinoid toxicity (many of the many will inform you that these retinoids are systemic cytotoxic agents and inform you of some of the known side effects they cause, except for Kligman and Johnson and Johnson patents used in Renova 0.05%), 5514821 informs you of them using tritium which is a nuclear radioactive agent and the Transcription Hearing on Accutane and Renova in 1990 will inform that tritium is a major metabolite of tretinoin. It will inform you of pharmaceutical salts used. Patent 5990163, Salk Institute, Ronald Evans, is another retinoid patent using TTNPB. Salk institute created the polio vaccine and knew that the sv40 simian virus causes cancer, yet there are still patents from them using this potent cancer causing agent in pesticides and retinoid patents. Patent 5776687 Retinoind induced Gene, Allergan, 7/1998 using tazaroten inducible Gene-3 (TIG3) RNA present. These are enough proofs and above blog containing patents to prove we are not just being poisoned and altered by chemtrails. We are being altered by retinoids and the misuse of them in many patents and products containing them. Melanin is being misused and is known for its electrical capacity as an on and off switch. Retinoids effect melanin and cause precancerous cells known as atypia for which the only biopsy I could have done as was taken from my arm showed atypia and perivascular mononuclear infiltrates (leukocytosis), yet no further tests were done and I have a level III melanomo survivor and have not been examined for the reoccurrence of this deadly disease since being prescribed Renova 0.05%, and that is more than enough proof of a cover up.

    • Dear Lily, I am not quite sure why you are acusing us of deleting your information. Everything you have posted has been approved for comment. The truth is, I got so excited when I began reading your posts, that I took them to our “research board” and posted them there.

      You will find the link here


      We are a team of researchers, some of whom belong to MRG..some who don’t. Our goal is united. We thank you for all of this infomration you have given us…detailed facts, patent #’es, ect…..

      Everything you are posting about has crossed our research desk at one time or another. You, my friend, are helping us pull it all together.

      We would like to unite efforts with you. Please fell free to join the morgboard. It is our own little sanctuary where we are free to research to our hearts content to figure out why we are all so sick and some of us dying.

      We are researchers like you. We know the sacrifices you have made in order to obain all of this information. We also know how much time is dedicated to putting this info out there for others….only for it to fall on deaf ears most of the time.

      Thank you again for everything you are doing in the name of this atrocity.

      Much Gratitude,

      Kandy Griffin~President Morgellons Research Group

  101. Truly saddens me that information people need to know continues to be deleted from here. No matter what remedies people are stating they have, they are only alleviating the symptoms and not curing them. Physicians have been causing future health problems for patients for decades by prescribing drugs that alleviate one problem and cause others, unbeknowst to us and now we are finding out these facts and why pharmaceutical corps. are suppose to list all side effects and yet they are not and violating 21 CFR 201.57 federal laws. We are now finding out that the oral polio vaccine was contaminated with the sv40 monkey kidney cells causing new cancers. Today, two women died one from brain cancer and one who had lung cancer and their fathers were known politicians. Both women were only 51 years old and both were born at the time of this oral polio vaccine that was contaminated with a virus that causes cancer. Yet, this virus continues to be used in patents by Salk Institute, Ronald Evans, in his retinoid and pesticide patents and other universities. Is anyone checking these two women’s tumors for this simian sv40 virus or any of us who have been diagnosed with cancer. As stated in pubmed tumors that were analyzed for the sv40 virus came back positive. Retinoids were known to cause cancer and Dr. Mura Goyal stated this in the NDA 19963 for Renova, and yet the FDA and Johnson and Johnson did not warn women of this antiwrinkle cream causing cancer, nor did the cosmetic industry who are using these agents in their products and sunblock lotions. They used an engineered hepatitis B virus in this cream and not one advocate group I wrote to, nor attorneys, nor govt officials nor any of the Morgellon Researchers seem upset over this nor want to help in exposing this. If you are a researcher and want to find out what is causing people to be sick with lesions, rashes, fatigue, feeling of something biting them (NDA 19663 had listed on a chart of side effects felt by subjects tested with this cream felt skin bites, so is subjects felt this and these agents use stereoisomer chemistry known to push and pull which means they work under the skin pushing and pulling these toxic agents of nylon, zinc metal transluscent wires, toxic gases and organelles and other biological agents that bind in these hexane nano tubes as stated above–cyclohexane was used in Renova has is a hexane and it is known that carbon nano tubes are used in antiaging creams per ICTA and its publications and causes asbestosis of the lungs). These retinoids and the toxic metals, and gases causes rashes, lesions, fatigue, obesity and anorexia depending on your own physical metabolism, high glucose, high lipid and epstein barr virus, heart arrythemia, abdominal pain, memory loss, hallucinations, reproductive and impaired sterility, headaches and vision problems. These agents are not only used in drugs they are used in pesticides for which are being sprayed from planes onto our crops and fed to our animals and food that we eat, and they were on the space shuttles that exploded and are floating in our atmosphere and brought down by rain, snow and wind. Some of these researchers have eluded to NASA being involved and their videos even stated the astronaut biologist Shannon Lucid inventions were found on Morgellon victims. Why not put the whole picture together, and if you have identifying samples with writings on them, then those involved in these inventions must be exposed and held responsible for the injuries they caused. Kandy Griffin states in numerous publications that the human race is being altered, well it is well known in the medical community that retinoids alter genetics and they are at nanolevel and involve nanotechnology, so why is this website and other deleting vital information that people need to know and is backed up with patents containing these agents, protein data banks identifying these microbiological organisms, and chemical banks identifying that these agents were not to be used on humans. People need to know what products are causing their health issues to know to stay away from them and need to know what health problems they cause. Many of these agents will cause secondary reactions if the person comes in contact with the allergic compound later either by the drug that caused the problem or another containing it. People need to know what the poisons are and to get them out of their system and hold those accountable who thought so little of human life and wanted to prosper at the suffering of human beings. These researchers are picking and choosing who they will help and that is wrong. No one should have to put a dime out of their pockets who are suffering and carrying health insurance. I have seen alot of exploiting and extortion going on in the past few years, just as Ms Mandrell was put on the board of Morgellons Research, whose husband has Morgellons because she has money. That is wrong and it is prejudice. Many of the researchers state these Morgellon sufferers have lost their jobs and homes and spouses due to this disease, where are they suppose to get money to pay for testing and to pay for products that will aleviate their problems, so they are just left to suffer? You have the ability to put things under a microscope and a camera to photograph as these agents can be photographed and the organism created by these so called intelligent biologist can be photographed and has been, they are the only tools you need. The universities across this country have the tools and our tax dollars paid for them and they should be accessible to all citizens and researchers. You state the human race is being altered by these agents, then time is of the essence isn’t it?

  102. The above webstie given for the Accutane and then called Renuva 0.05% Transcript of 1990 can be reached via that website that states was moved, by keying Accutan and Renuva transcript 1990 it will bring you to the transcript. This transcripts proves that since 1990 both Hoffman and LaRoche, Johnson and Johnson, FDA, CDC and all medical experts in appearance at that hearing knew the side effects and teratogen of these products. They knew they caused Crohns, opacity of the cornea, high lipid counts and yet Renova 0.05% was approved with no warnings and contained many serious toxic retinoids combined together and were known teratogenic, mutagenic, caused severe health issues and contained human pathogens of pseudomonas and staph aureus. The protin bank website will allow you to call 13-cis isomer as the search and bring you to the bacteriorhodopsin and it is ligands and helices. It will show you the spinning wiry structure of this biological Vitamin A retinal. Many of the websites that I researched and put in my “Stop Nanotechnology and Retinoid Therapy” have been deleted and moved, but you can find them. ProAssay removed their catalog page proven that the RXR is the human recombinant ecoli that all trans retinoic acid binds to and stated in publications. All trans retinoic acid are gut flora and plasma and contained microorganisms that digest food in the intestines and processes the waste from our body, used in folding waste elimination. Dr. Oz receives “heat” from the FDA on releasing arsenic in apple juice boxes served to children. This is what happens when a doctor tries to tell the truth the FDA and colleagues in the medical profession will try to destroy you. Why all must stick together because in numbers we are heard. All chemicals that are listed not to be used on humans and are being used by pharmaceutical corps must be exposed and those held repsonsible and not just by fines, but by loss of licences and jail time. They spend years in jail and are heald for murder where their victims die because of their neglect they will stop poisoning people.

  103. Today, Mike Ranger of Natural News released in his emails the truth about the HVP vaccine being given to young girls containing an active virus. He released the information on Merck contaminating the poliovaccine with the simivian sv40 virus that is now causing lung cancer in those who were given this virus, which my above blogs stated weeks ago after finding the word simian in a retinoid and pesticide patent. I looked up simian and found the website of a former scientist revealing that Merck did contaminate this polivaccine. PUBMED released that tumors biopsied showed this simian virus being in the tumors, how many tumors are being tested for this and how many patients are being informed? I am a cancer patient and know many cancer patient and none of us were informed whether our tumors were tested for this simian virus and we are of the age group that would have been given this oral vaccine. This oral vaccine was given as a method of the scientific minds that it would also innoculate those who were not given the vaccine, just by brushing against someone who is innoculated. So, you see all is spread by contact of someone who is infected. All of these nanotechnology devices are made from biological human pathogens of bacteria, fungus, insects, ecoli, bacteriorhdopsin, clostridium, aspartatic acids of bacteria, organelles of various species, viruses, and electrical chemicals known as “electrical intelligence”. I informed you that patent 4877805 has TTNPB in it as well as many patents and it is a potent toxic teratogen and mutagenic agent and is a man made engineered hepatitis B virus that was taken from a human carcingenic liver flank and will cause hepatitis, epstein barr, and cancer in its unknowning victims. All is coming to light and the sooner the better. These children are being given too many useless vaccines that are being used to alter their genetics forever and their children and their children. They will be more cancers and diseases coming that will wipe out our race. They lie when they want these new drugs approved and they lie to the patients and never inform of the dangers. Thank you Kandy for putting the blogs back on. If we could all work together to expose this evil occurring now it would be for the benefit of the human race. All people need to be tested and the tools are there for doing this, our mainstream physicians are denying us that ability and the ability to use the medical insurance we pay for and that is a violation of human rights.

  104. Kandy Griffin is writing an article on her thoughts of where Morgellons comes from. She states she is a researcher and can help. They leave a blog for people to write comments. Then if they don’t like the comment or the comment disagrees with their ideas they delete the blog. Isn’t that violating a person’s freedom of speech?
    Chemtrails is not the only cause of Morgellons. The very same chemicals used in pesticides that are sprayed from planes are in our medications, cosmentics and foods as they are sprayed with these pesticides that are retinoids, microorganisms, transgenically altered microorganisms, heavy metals and gases all at nano level. Instead of deleting pertinent data that people need to know and you are giving them some data where it came they need to know all data as not to be reinfected. Wouldn’t be kinder and easier on everyone if all just worked together and really opened their minds and realized that all ideas are right in this matter and the bottom line it is from the chemicals being produced by manufacturers knowing they would come in contact with humans and cause harm. To treat a person you must find out what is wrong with person and what caused their health to deterioate. No can nor should disagree with this. It is not to bright to delete blogs and prevent readers from knowning the truth. You will lose trust as some have already read my blogs and then come back and see it is gone, you are causing mistrust of your convictions.

  105. Review Hoffman and LaRoche patent 4267382 using dichloro. This toxic poison makes the zig zag chain reaction and is derived from clostridium teuranum and chloroplast. They cause metabolic reactions and are known as capacitors. Learn terms such as actuator, capacitors, molecular motors, ligands, residues (for which Dr. Vicotr Mellul, dermatologist stated I was suffering from residues but would not elaborate on what that meant). These agents can accept or change discharge electrons. They are using tetrahedra configurations. Look on wikipedia and chemical data bases and will show ball and stick of these molecules and how they connect. Proteins are pigments and are being used from drugs, cosmetics to paints at nanolevel. Propene used is a gas and produces nano crystal needles that are being ejected and makes this a bioweapon. Pubmed 8157082 will explain the hazards and potent reaction of tetrazol and how it causes brain damage. It is highly explosive and is discourage from being used in drugs as are stereoisomers, yet there are thousands of patents using them. Dichloro causes blue lips, nails and skin and confusion, convulsions, dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches, redness and pain of eyes and abdominal pain as well as many of the other agents used in Renova 0.05%. One toxic agent on a hypersensitive person can be deadly let alone the numerous toxic agents used in this cream and creams and drugs like it. Review patent 4877805 you will see toxic chemicals being used like trimenthylphenyl, propene, tetrazol, xanthum gum (explosive and used in TNT gel patent), napthalene (pesticide moth balls), hexatrienyl, butadiene, inden, ethylsulfony, benzyl alcohol, hydroxy, thienyl, didehydroretinoic acid, octatrienoic acid, TTNP, tetramenthyl, 2,4,6,8 and 5,6,7,8 tetrahydro (pesticides), 2,3-dihydro, nanoactetraenoic acid, benzoic acid, cyclohexane, dichloro, 3,7-dimenthyl and many other toxic poisonous compounds. Who caused my health issues and those millions of people who were prescribed these drugs from cancer to skin disorders and when the patents expired gave corps. like Avon, Estee Lauder, Loreal, Unilever and hundreds of others the right to put them in over the counter products from makeup, antiaging creams to sunblock lotions that will cause skin cancer and other cancers. Time for the so call researchers of Morgellons, chronic fatigue, hepatitis B epidemic, Epstein Barr epidemic to work together as it is the agents being misused by all to be punished and exposed.

  106. Again, I ask to excuse typo errors and misspellings as I don’t see well do to coagulase neg. staph and Keratitis from these retinoid Vitamin A derivatives that were prescribed by Dr. Booth Durham and his colleagues left me to suffer and not be cultured or biopsied or treated for this known adverse event that Seeger and Weiss and other attorneys are representing certain chosen clients and not, which effects the true statistics of drug injury cases. I am trying very hard to educate those who want to know what is causing their health issues and condensing six years into these blogs, while someone is busy trying to delete them and preventing your from knowning the total truth.

  107. In above blogs I informed you how they are using cnidocytes and nemacysts as stinging capsules in cosmetics and tattooing and that these agents shoot off hairlike threads as weapons to catch their prey, see wikipedia cnidocytes. You know need not look for textile threads any longer Mr. Wymore and need to concentrate on biological threads of marine parasites and liquid cholesteric benzoates and hairlike organelles known as whips. As a professor of pharmaceutical and biology you show be aware of the misuse of these agents in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. They are using whole organisms in these products as well as in vitamin patents. Why people will have parts of insects coming through their skin and stools. Because pharmaceutical corps are putting them in their products. They are using the umbrella structures of the jellyfish and using the tentacles. Patent 6406709, Nematocyst discharge, assignee Nanocyte Inc., Wilmington DE, Patents 6337389 and 5714582 Bioscience L.L.C., Norfolk VA using the jellyfish for collagen used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and its coils. Dimethicone and cyclomethicone used to enhance shine. The many uses of the bacteriorhodopsin purple membrane 13-cis retinoic acid are patents 4711815 Recording medium, 5628934 Photochromic color, Patent 5922843 Analog bacteriorhodopsin molecules, Robert Birge, Patent 6461594 Robert Birge Syracuse University, Patent 6190677 and 6224884. http://www.alct.com/publications/pt3.pdf “Thread” will inform you about liquid crystals as well as the wikipedia by using liquid crystal as search engine. The various phases and the hedghog and how crystallography and microscopy tools can view these agents as well as the OSU microscopy donated by the NSF via your tax dollars, which should entitle you to free of charge for analysis of samples to prove what has infected and invaded your body. Lipid membranes of these various species used in biologoy as biomimetic to mimic nature. These agents flip and flop known as flipase and flopase. Patents 5922843, 6140012 and 5223355 are more the bacteriorhodopsin patents. Read US District Court Master File NO CV-92-P10000-s and see the toxicity of liquid silicone and how it was not to be used on humans, yet Johnson and Johnson’s own patent is using it directly on the face in the cream Renova 0.05%. The fumes will burn the eyes and respiratory system. The DMSO will penetrate the membrane of the skin and allow entry of this toxic agent into the body and bloodstream and when it goes to the lungs and solidifies and causes silicosis of the lungs and there is no antedote for this disease that use to occur in miners and now women from breast implants to people have TMJ implants to now being used in retinoids and shampoos. Reasrch leukocytosis, Sezary Syndrome (leukemia and caused by chemicals in Renova and other retinoid products and pesticides due to benzene). Phtlates and pyrolles are poisonous agents and used in these products. Phttlates are used to make plastic soften like gel used in these products and it is the feeling of a gel that I can feel falling from my hair over my face. See how many lawsuits are against Johnson and Johnson for false advertising as Renova was falsely advertised and they were only given a warning letter in 2002, a few years too late for those of us that used it in 1999 and before that date. Where are the whistleblowers to inform us of the truth and why are these whistleblowers being given large sums of settlements for telling the truth, and why did they wait so long in doing so? The settlements should be given to the sufferers and nothing to anyone else. Attorneys for drug injury cases knew for decades how dangerous these agents of retinoids and toxic agents used with were and they wait till there is enough injuries before advertising to the public and then they only accept cases they want to accept and leaver others to suffer. This is an outrage and insult to the Constitutional rights of all citizens of this country and it is discrimination. When adults stop lying and stop extorting and stop murdering one another then maybe our children will have a chance. A this point in time they can’t trust adults in any manner. Your children hear and see and learn from your behavior. They hear your phone conversation that you think they are not listening to. They hear your prejudice and your abusive language and they mimic it, just as these biological agents are being used to mimic nature. Kandy Griffin mentions NASA biologist Lucid in above article, I called her name up in search engine of free patents to see what I could find on her inventions. What I was amazed that came up was patents 20080199538 and 5507716 which were patents on Compounds to enhance lucid erotic dreams assigned to Lucidity Institute. They even have chemicals to make you have erotic dreams and for which is a mind control agent. What prevents this person who is have these dreams to wake and carry out these erotic acts on a innocent child or person? As I stated above they can chemicals to make you do anything they want you to do. Don’t take anything until you research it and research every chemical and don’t leave anything out. Trust has been taken and it will take a long time to regain it. Physicians need to wise up fast because their profession will suffer forever and then they can see what it is like to be unemployed and not be able to care for your family. Many have lost everything they ever worked for do to this profession poisoning its trusted patients.

  108. Daniel Bellvaneeden, Silentsuperbug emailed an article to me toady on another microbiologists being infected with bacteria (yersinia pestis) in a Chicago lab. One died from the bacillus cereus infection two years ago in this lab. Man can’t leave nature alone, it has to mess with it and alter it and wants to be the creator of agents that cause death. Then we have those who pretend they are heroic human beings trying to help the less fortunate sufferers of a disease caused by this monsters called biologists. A heroic person doesn’t charge to help another person. They don’t extort money and call them donations and then only do tests for the ones with the highest donations, yet don’t ever really give them the answer to what caused or who caused their health issues. They don’t make promises to help and put it in writing and then when they get the documentations and samples of evidence turn their back on the person to whom they stated would help. They don’t falsely advertise that they can do hair samples for metal toxicity and parasites and then cash a check paying in advance and they don’t do the analysis promised. They don’t steal someone’s research and then make it into their own research publications. Honest ethical people give credit to who deserves and gives help to all who need it. For years I read so many publications and found so many supposed researchers stating they can help and are researching a new emerging disease. No one hears from Mary Leitao, Ginger Savely, Dr. Staninger, nor Randy Wymore in the past few years. No one knows how many true sufferers there are in this new emerging disease and we only hear of a few who are getting testing done, including Kaisar Permanente. All univrsities have the tools to analyzed for nanotechnology, proteins, viruses and all had the capability of having these agents tested. The above samples per Kandy Griffin, have the inventors names on them and those individiuals can should be held responsible for causing harm to the individuals they were taken from. Ligands and retinoids carry the crypted encoded transcript to aler genetics. The human race is in serious trouble right, and not one researcher or self proclaimed toxicologist or scientist with ethics should be playing games with anyone’s life nor charging them.

    A woman who stated she was an advocate for Dr. Staninger, Theresa Brown and Gwen Simmons (infectious disease nurse) contacted me via biology-online, after I gave my knowledge from researching chemicals in Renova 0.05%. They pretended that they used retinoids as suffered the same adverse events. Then they wanted my research and that Dr. Staninger wanted my samples as well as Randy Wymore. Theresa Brown brought her knowledge of the yersinia pestis and the Andy Coyle story (which no one hears from him anymore and he states he was set up by both women to meet a man that would help him, and who per Andy was a Monsanto personnel and stole his documents). She asked for my password on my email as was going to create an email to Dr. Randy Gaugler, at Rutgers who created and released this transgenic yersinia pestis nematode. She sent an email to this man at Rutgers using my email address of my old email that I haven’t used since it was hacked and all my emails pertaining to her and Sunny were delted an to others. Those emails had been sent to my other emails address before that time and were printed out. I print ever email concerning my conditions and those who I have consulted with. It is called CYA. Yesterday, I received an email from that old email address to my new email address and where I found my blogs being deleted from this website. This person sent this email to Sunny (Gwen Simmons) and to another person I had been in contact with upto last year. Maybe these people don’t realized that hacking a computer and sending fictious emails using another person’s email is a criminal act and falls under fraud. The the govt can track back to who is doing it. Having these people who have stated this new disease has been tracked back to NASA, per Staninger publications, Gwen Simmons statements and Theresa Brown statements. That this had to do with electronics and nanotechnology. They are able to trace anything and everything they want to trace. The bacteriorhodopsin (purple retina membrane known as smart dust) is a retinoid (vitamin A polypeptide) used as an optical recording medium and known for its memory storage. The retinoid known as 13-cis retinoic acid. My entire life I believe in doctors as healers. My entire life I told that Salk cure polio. Now I find out that Salk created new cancers by putting the sv40 simian virus in this oral poliovaccine. Do you know how many people I have lost to cancer who fall into the age group that would have been given this oral polio vaccine? I now find out that pharmaceutical corps. are causing cancer, MRSA, and other life threatening health issues with this 13-cis retinoic acid and other retinoids known as vitamin A; as well as comestic corps. from Avon to Loreal to Unilever and many others. I don’t find this funny and I don’t find false advocates funny. If any of you have had a child you would not find this amusing that innocent children are being misused in torturous experiments. That this vitamin A derivatives cause cranial facial deformities, blindness, death. Be a parent of a child who is severely suffering from a toxic poison put in a drug that you took that caused this and were never informed of the dangers to your children or their children. Be a parent has to endure the pain and heartache of watching their child suffer. The heartache of worrying who will take care of that child when you are gone or become disabled and can’t care for them. This is not about suing a person, this is about having those people who invented these agents punished and put far away from human beings so they can’t hurt another person or animal or our food supply. Maybe, someday all will wake up to realize that the longer you prolong exposing these people and taking the physical evidence to the proper authorities with witnesses, you are helping in causing the alteration of the human race and creating mutants and cancers that will consume all inhabitants.

  109. Sad, again people are trying to delete the truth and don’t want Morgellon sufferers to know the truth and where their disease truly has come from. If the person who has spent time deleting a week worth of blogs furnishing needed information to the public wants to make speculations of nanotechnology and protein and crystals found on samples, please take the samples I have a test them the way that you tested the above mentioned samples. I have an unopened package returned by the FBI several years ago, who refused to test the samples and stated it was situation for state officials. Now, knowning the knowledge I gained from patents, chemical data banks and protein data banks, pubmed, articles written about AM Kligman and the MKNAOMI Projects, and medical publications and nanotechnology over the past six years, these samples would prove who and what is major developer of nanotechnology crystal protein robotics and that is Johnson and Johnson, AM Kligman now deceased and unpunished, Univer of Penn and those individuals from the FDA and CDC who approved this drug Renova 0.05% and Renova 0.02%. The name of this cream was changed from Renuva 0.05% to the hi-scientific name Renova (definition is repeating small atomic explosions). Fact they are using explosive chemicals and combustible chemicals in this cream, ligands, crystals, proteins, microorganisms used in cloning, viruse engineered by chemists and purchased from the other known corrupt pharmaceutical corps Hoffman and LaRoche known for light emitting diodes derived from liquid cholesterol. As stated above liquid crystal that builds walls, reservoirs, wells, uses hinges and binders and creates threads when defected. Liquid cholesterol are fatty acids. Retinoids are chemodrugs and can be verified at http://www.chemocare.com/bio/ and on this website you can look up isotretinoin 13-cis retinoic acid (Accutane), tretnoin, all trans retinoic acid and click each drug listed on this data bank and it will bring you to descriptions of each of these Vitamin A agents and their toxicities and that the adverse reactions are the same as the Morgellon suffers from headaches, high lipid counts, high glucose, vision problems, intestinal pain (Crohns), hepatic disorders, swelling of feet and hands, rashes, blisters, loss of hair, heart problems, respiratory problems, sinus problems and severe itching. Morgellons is caused not just from chem trails that the above and other researchers want you to think it is just chemtrails and it is not. The pesicides sprayed in chemtrails are also used in these retinoid drugs and cancer drugs and they were used as biowarfare agents and contain mustard gases and other toxic agents that are poisons. These agents are being put in cosmetics as Avon and Loreal have retinoid patents as there are hundreds and hundreds of retinoids patents out there. Vitamins are toxic and should only be taken in small quantities via natural food supply, not supplements. Johnson and Johnson and Hoffman and LaRoche are large vitamin suppliers and are causing severe vitamin poisoning in people with these supplements and synthetic vitamins used in these drugs and hand lotions. Carbon nano tubes are used in antiaging creams and that is per ICTA own publication on nanotechnology and knew that they cause asbestosis of the lungs. If these researchers truly want to prove their statements, I have the cream, hair samples and photos that prove what they created in this product Renova. Photos are the only true tool used to prove what they created and photos don’t lie and can see into invisible light. To whom is deleting vital blogs that you asked people to comment on, you are violating a Constitutional Right of freedom of speech and preventing people from knowning the truth. You want the truth analyze the samples. These blogs have been printed, scanned and sent to others, as this website was copied and pasted and sent to others, so all you are proving is that you want to prevent the truth from being known. Johnson and Johnson, NASA, Merck, UMD-NJ, Rutgers, Bell/Lucent Labs, and MIT, DOE, NIH and others are in a joint venture in creating nano protein robots and bioengineered tisse and THE CANDIDATE is just one publication of many on Rutgers Aerospace projects. The space shuttle explosions, drugs, pesticides and cosmetics are the ways that humans, animals and our food supply are being contaminated with these toxic poisons.

  110. To verify to you that retinoids are chemodrugs go to http://www.chemocare.com/bio/ and it will take you to the website and give you a list of chemotheraphy drugs. First on the list is 13-cis-retinoic acid and generic name is isotretinoin and trade name is Accutane. You will find tretinoin and all trans retinoic acid and list of many other drug names. Click each name and it will inform you of doctors using chemo drugs for anything they may feel would benefit you and not inform you that they are chemodrugs and the known side effects. You will find a list of the known side effects listed under each drug you call up by scrolling downward and you will side that the side effects listed are the same effects felt by Morgellons and the same abnormal lab results that are starting to be exposed from high lipids, glucose, neutrophil and easinophil etc. etc. There are now articles appearing on occupational workers who mixed and prepared chemodrugs coming down with cancer diseases. Amazing that these toxic mustard gases used in WWI for biowarfare are being used as chemotheraphy drugs to cure cancer when they cause cancer and what a web of deceit this has been. The occupational worker in danger, the one who is administering these agents in danger, the patient and what about the caretakers and family members who are touching these patients who are exposed to these toxic agents, radiation agents and microbial agents used in this cocktail of poisons? I find where advocates for the publica sue these corporation are getting settlements, but where are the settlements for the patient who is suffering and was given no choices on what these agents were about. Now, we find they are used in creams for antiaging and cosmetics and causing health issues and death to all of us unknowning of this. Drug injury attorneys knew this was going on as well as Congress Stupak, CDC and FDA personnel and advocates of the people, yet it was allowed to happen and none are helping the true innocent victims. These agents can and will cause impaired fertility (a way of sterilization of the human race without your knowledge and consent and a violation of your Constitutional Rights to conceive and reproduce a healthy child) and to cause you life long health issues that a physician will prevent you from knowning. Drug injury attorneys are picking and chosing who they want to represent and not informing the client of the entire extent of their injuries and what these chemodrugs are really made of. The FDA will not expose to you under the FOIA act what the trade secrets are in these patents of pharmaceutical manufacturers. They will black out certain information as we seen in Hank Albarelli’s documents from the FDA. How is that freedom of information if it is blacked out from you knowning what has poisoned you? Dr. James Bowen is a witnessed in Johnson and Johnson’s false advertising of spenda and has stated that splenda is a deadly poisoned and it is carbon tetrachloride and methylene chloride and they were used in Renova. Johnson and Johnson was giving warnings for falsely advertising Renova as a device to use instead of a facelift in a Martha Stewart magazine which was the article in the dermatologist office that attracted my husband and when he asked me to ask the dermatologist about it. Lured in with lies and false advertising and false labeling of a drug that was nothing more than a chemodrug used for people who had no other options being used as an antiwrinkle device that would cause life long health issues and even death because of the fatty long chain acids used that clog arteries and cause myocardial infarctions, fecal impactions, intestinal obstructions from the aluminum used and other heavy toxic metals and gases. Who is there for us? Why the game being played when all knew carbon nano tubes were being used in antiwrinkle creams, toxic metals, microorganisms and toxic gases? To find out if your hair has been altered to what Dr. Staninger stated in an email as pseudo hair, is just put hair under a microscope to find out whether the bulb has been damage or altered. That is all Dr. Janet Hull had to do and report and was specifically asked to do in my request for hair analysis along with a report on microorganisms (parasite pathogens).

  111. The ways in which Morgellons is spreading and infecting people:
    1. Prescriptions drugs and vaccines using ecoli, yeast, fungus, organelles, pigments of biological agents such as fatty acids of cholesterol that self replicate and self assemble with paramagnetic iron oxides (yellow, red, blue, black specks), zinc oxides that create the transluscent nano wires and electrolytes and transistional metals that create batteries such as in nano wafers.

    2. Explosions of two space vehicles that involved these nano agents of microbial and self replicating and self assembling nano wires attached to these microbial agents called ligands that were contained in bioreactors. These agents are treated with heatshock proteins and coated with teflon agents and the forces at nanolevel are stronger than the forces at macrolevel per ETC Group’s own publications. The Netherlands report on nanoparticles state that when nano particles become lose from the matrix is when they become more toxic and you have Morgellon sufferers and others infected with these nanotechnology agents trying to pull these matrixes off their bodies, and where these agents that were created to self replicate and self assemble will rebuild themselves even the ones that have been pulled from the matrix.

    3. Pesticides being sprayed from planes and lawn care personnel.

    4. Contact of someone who is infected as these agents cause of poisons called drugs and pesticides cause dermatitis, rashes, blisters, etc. upon contact with skin. The person infected contacts another person with these blister and rash causing agents has now been infected. The viruses and diseases carried within these microbial agents used in drugs are infectious via airborne droplets from coughs and breathing. We now know that they have been using simian sv40 monkey viruses in drugs and pesticides, ttnpb an engineered hepatitis B virus, organelles from various species that contain viruses and diseases as per the NDA 19963 these agents are not sterile, epstein barr and tobacco mosaic virus being used in molecular motor patents as assigned to the US Health and Human Services. These patents were not created for reading entertainment they were created to be used in humans and now we know they have been being used for decades from Avon, Loreal, Johnson and Johnson, Hoffman and LaRoche, Baxter, Novartis, Merck and private dermatologist like AM Kligman whose was in partnership with his son Douglas and whom have many patents using them. All above along with the FDA personnel who approved these patents and agents to be used on humans and in pesticides and cosmetics must answer for what they caused to happen. I sent samples to the FBI several years ago and they failed to analyze the samples and sent them back to me and said it is the state’s responsibility. In the past years I have the state send me to the FDA and the FDA send me back to the state wasting precious time and causing more suffering. I have contacted congressmen and senators. I contacted OSU, Dr. Staninger, Rutgers, Ginger Savely, MRF, Rebecca Carley, Dr. Gwen Scott and many have been given samples to test and one states they are stuck in a lab. I sent samples and paid Dr. Janet Starr-Hull to analyze for pseudomonas, ecoli and all pathogens and she did not do what she advertises she can do and cashed my check and only did metal toxin tests which shows I am severely poisoned by barium, bismuth (both used in creating nanogetters which Lockheed Martin and others have patents on which are vaccuum systems of gases and for which you can feel at the middle of my neck by the collar bone and where I feel severe strangling and can pull wires that connect from both sides of my head at the center of the collar bone), titanium, mercury and other known toxic metals.I would have hoped by now the an honest ethical researcher would have offered to help me and by helping me they would be helping others who have used the same prescription drug and are suffering and drugs like it. It is just a matter of putting the sample under a microcrope as is suppose to be ordered by our physicians and sent to labs, yet is not being done. If nanotechnology is so toxic then it needs to be stopped being engineered and those who have used this in their products must be held accountable for damages. Congressman Saxton has a pdf report on the internet stateing “Nanotechnology Coming Sooner Than You Think”, which means our congressman and senators knew this technology was being used on us before it should have been and they allowed our lives to be put in danger and used as experimental guinea pigs. Apparantly our government hasn’t learned from past human experimentation and it should not take 50 years for it to be exposed such as been done in the past. Kligman did this to prisoners and then put it in in retinoid patents. He was allowed to die with dignity that he did not deserve to have. I waited since 2006 when learning he developed Renova 0.05% at the University of Penn and sold the patent rights to Johnson and Johnson to have this man exposed and see him in front of a jury, they stole that righ from me in prolonging me from having tests. Many journalists have written about the horrors of Kligman at Holmesburg and the MKNAOMI Project, yet they did not want to help in exposing what his retinoid agents are really about and that is altering human genetics and causing mutations and that they are photonic and optical recording agents. Those prisoners suffer severe itching that goes on for hours, their nails on their toes and hands have been altered, their bone and joints are in pain and degenerating, they suffer the same symptoms as Morgellons as do those who suffer retinoid poisoning. Now suddenly everything I stated on biology on line and in my own reports is coming in the above websites report on nanotechnology and altering human genetics to incorporate these nano wires and matrixes. So, why wouldn’t you as a researcher want to test the very samples that came from the retinoid drug that was developed by the man who worked on the MKULTRA himself and the pharmaceutical manufacturer who is one of the biggest developers of nanotechnology and bioengineered tissue and who is partners with NASA for which the above researchers claims to have samples with NASA researchers names on it? I very confused on this and why they would allow one person to suffer and not help that one person who just might have the evidence to end the nightmare of all.

  112. The only way to get back your life is to force the hands of those who did this to you to come clean. This was done by pharmaceutical corps and their biollogists and chemists, the government agencies may have funded it but it is the pharmaceuticals corps who developed it and physicians dispensed it into your bodies. Start with not going to doctors as they are not helping you to have tests and diagnosis which is their job and responsibility above all. Stop taking pharmaceutical drugs and stop buying quick remdies nor using anyone’s relief remedies. Get the answers you need from the ones who created it. Let them see what it is like not to have revenue coming in and in which leads to them not having income. THey developed and played the game with your life to keep you sick and to keep you coming back to them so they can prescribed mores poisons. Many of the researchers are making an income off of your suffering and are not giving you the answers you need. They speak of a few patients who are getting tests done that come back to nanotechnology and many are telling your that you have to pay with cash to get tests done. I know where my disease came from and it was from a FDA prescribed cream that involved proteins, crystals, fungus, bacteria, and microbial, electrolytes, furanoid and many other electronical devices. Retinoids are acids and acids are used in batteries to generate engery. Retinoids are poisons and listed as poisons. They secrete toxins. Retinoids are protein. The American people have lost their jobs and many foreigners are living here in this country owning businesses at 0% interest and don’t taxes and take their money back to their homes to be wealthy. Many have no insurance and have lost their home. The very system is controlling what you can and cannot have as you watch others have a life. People don’t realize until it happens to them that they should have gotten involved when they seen someone be abused by the system as is being done with Morgellons and other diseases. You can’t treat a disease until you know what the disease is. We don’t want treatment we want a cure for what they created. Cancer is an examples of a disease created by these agents that are treated and not cured to make great profits for the men and women who created the disease. Until they are exposed and brought to justice diseases like Morgellons will continue to occur. Americans have allowed for too long the same men and women to be in congress and senate. Too long in one position will lead to corruption and passing legistration that violate your rights.

  113. Thank you for the info Lily, and yes seeing and observing is our best shot
    at this point. There is a plan, and it is very technical, the latest are the silica
    nanowires into cells. These nanowires yes are small, but nanotubes, and
    many non organic items are now used. This is all part of what they
    call “the change”. But, it is on false negative energy probes. These nanowires
    become the signals into the cell. I just posted some on our board.

    Again, the patents are there. Yet, we do not know the delivery system.

    Yes, through foods, gmo, through the organisms in the environment, new
    species were created from DOE/EPA Genomes to Life. Some for
    remediation, cleaning up water, and polluted zones, however, these new
    species have now become part of the environment, because they do not

    Extremophiles from volcanoes and hydrovents and glaciers have been
    incorporated into cells, all part of the plan to trans humanize the human.

    Thank you for reference to the retinol, very important.


  114. Patent 4826825, Avon Products, 5/21/1989 using retinoids and butylated hyrdroxytoulene and ethyl cellulose and cyclomethicone tretramers to prevent wrinkles. Retinoids and butylated hyrdroxytoulene were AM Kligmans inventions and how he made millions on poisoning people and prisoners with toxic agents and poisons, which allowed other manufacturers like Avon, Loreal and pharmaceutical corps to put in their products. Patent 5976555 and 4247547 are Johnson and Johnson other patents along with many many more. Patent 4595586 ELI Lilly Moisturing lotion, 20060127422 patent using borides and spherical geometry agents, Patent 4333924 is the Beecham Group, patent 5451254 is Loreal and patent 4968497 is Clairol. These agents were not to be used on humans, yet there are thousands of patents doing it and anyone who is hypersensitive or photosensitive will have an adverse reaction and no one is doing skin patch tests to see if you are hypersensitive which can lead to death.

  115. Click on the above http for tocris in previous blog and will take you to their website. In search engine key in retinoic acid, tretinoin, ttnpb and it will take you to each retinoid and analog then scroll down to material safety data sheet current batch and click and this will take you to the report on proving they were not to be used on humans, that they are teratogenic, caused impaired fertility, carcingenic and mutagenic and must be labeled in accordance to 21 CFR 201.57 and they were not labeled on Renova 0.05% and they are being used in over the counter products from hair dye to Rogaine, ROC and sunblock agents and not being labeled.

  116. Many chemical data banks are removing their information and reconfiguring it to make you not find the information that I found. http://www.tocris.com/dispprod.php?itemid=183 is such a website that moved the material safety data sheet on all trans retinoic acid which is known as tretinoin. Key on the website and scroll down to material safety data sheet current batch and click on. You will see that this agent is teratogenic, mutagenic and carcingenic and must be labeled per Prop 65. Organs targeted are eyes, skin, cardiovascular, hepatic, respiratory, bones. It can impaired fertility and is not labeled and therefore violates the rights of human beings to conceive and reproduce offsprings and that is a Constitutional and natural born right.

  117. To give more evidence of the misuse the intelligent bacteria/fungus known as the proton pumping purple membrane are the following patents used in drugs, used in cosmetics and used in suntanlotions and as optical storage processing. Patent 4711815 Recording medium, Patent 5628934 Photochromic color rendering regulatory composition and cosmetics, Patent 5691091 Optical Storage process, Patent 5922843 Analog Bacteriorhodopsin molecules,Syracuse University, Robert Birge filed 1996 and when Renova 0.05%, Yersinia Pestis and other drugs and patents using this intelligent bacteria/fungus were approved and filed and released into the envirnoment and lives of humans, and when Morgellons, MRSA, Epstein Barr Virus Hepatitis B became emerging infectious diseases, Patent 6224884 and Patent 6190677. Patent 522843 will show you diagrams on developing these molecules and state 13-cis and 9-cis. 13-cis and 9-cis are stereoisomers and geometic chemistry. Morgellon sufferers are known to be teachers and nurses and more women than men infected, why because women use cosmetics, hair dyes, antiaging products and combine all products combined you have been totally overdosed on these agents. Patent 6461594, Syracuse University, Robert Birge using this bacteriorhodopsin in sunblock agents. Men who are vain have used above products and all are infecting their children as well via sunblock agents. 13-cis retinoic acid the purple membrane is why Accutane is such a serious toxic drug and caused violent behavior, suicide, migraines, intestinal pain, intestinal obstructions, tuberculosis, Keratitis of the eyes, intracranial pressure, bone degenerations, cancers, weight problems anorexic to obesity, joint and muscle pain and many other known side effects including teratogenicity and none of us in the public knew that others were misusing this agent and putting in products we use. Many have donated blood and shouldn’t have and the above patents will show and prove they are used as computer bio chips in optical recording and optical storage. What the researchers are preventing you from knowning the absolute truth. Hoffman and LaRoche known as the Vitamin Cartel (Genetech) and Johnson and Johnson have been using these agents and knew how toxic they were for decades. Why Rutgers, OSU and others refused to analyzed my samples or refused to release the analysis to me as they knew Renova 0.05% contained these horrific microbial agents of bacteria and fungus and allowed me to suffer and to infect others. That is what is so serious in this entire matter. They have allowed innocent children to be infected.

  118. All above blogs give you vital information that will inform you of the wrong being done in using biological drugs. These biological drugs contain psuedomonas, staph aureus, clostridium, propionic acid, apartame, organelles from various species known as retinoids Vitamin A, ecoli, engineered viruses, viruses from other animals, and many metal toxins of that self replicate and self assembly at nano level. They are using transluscent bacteria at nano level and translucent metals at nano level that grow to larger structures. They are using carbon nano tubes that have been in use for decades without our knowledge and knew they cause mesothioloma and other cancers. These microorganisms are being used as biosensors which in reality are surveillance agents. These agents alter genetics and carry viruses and disease from the species they came from. These agents are used in chemodrugs on cancer patients, antiaging creams prescription and over the counter such as “ROC”, suntan lotions, body creams, hair dyes and skin disorder drugs. It is apparant and clearly documented that psuedomonas aeruginosa and staphyloccus aureus and viruses are infectious and contagious. If a cancer patient gets MRSA they are infectious to their family and MRSA is these supernatant bacterias of pseudomonas and staph aureus that are not only acquired in hospitals, but in contact of one infected, gyms, bathrooms, restaurants etc. They are using these bacterias in hospitals and labs to eat carbons and ammonia in bioreactors. It is known that psuedomonas binds and grows on platinum and platinum is used as a catalyst in liquid silicone and in the drug cisplatinum and many of these drugs and pesticides. These pesticides of toxic agents are being used in these retinoid and drug patents. They created a new species of microorganisms that live in the invisible light and only cameras, xrays, cat scans and microscopy can see them. The cover up was obvious when physicians stop examining their patients and started writing DOP as a diagnosis. They won’t expose their colleagues nor the pharmaceutical corps. It is our job to hold them responsible and that can only be done by working together. These researchers are separating people as in segregation and due to their science backgroung they are not going to expose those responsible and that includes all that are responsible from univerisites, to pharmaceutical, physicians and labs that are developing them. It is going to take a very special person to help each and every person to know who poisoned them. Side effects of Morgellons and retinoids toxicity are exactly the same symptoms from the rash, fibers, crystals, fatigue, high lipids, high glucose, intestinal pain, memory loss, flu like symptoms and muscle and joint pain, headaches, vision problems, Epstein Barr vrrus (mononucleosis), mitchondria disease, high neutrophils, high easinophils, anemia. People need to reach out to each other and find out who is getting tests and who are not and what tests are being done and what labs are doing the anaylsis.

  119. Patent 20070224119, IGF Oncology (MN) Toxins and radionuclides coupled to IGF-1 receptor ligands for treatment of cancer, will inform you of what they are putting in cancer drugs. Patent states 1.3 million are diagnosed with cancer in the US a year and 500,000 will die a year. This patent is using radionuclide like iodine 131, yttrium-90, indium-111, rhenium 186 and letretium 177. Included are bacteria toxins such as diptheria, clostridium perfringens, pseudomonas and the ecoli. Using insulin like IGF1- receptor (Dupont referred to). If the cancer doesn’t kill you the cure will. Do you think the funding involved in these projects will ever inform you that the treatment killed the patient, no they will say the cancer was too radical and spread too fast. If these human pathogen bacterias are infectious to others and via contact they are you and your family will never be informed. Many patents and publications state there is no cure for cancer and for a century research has been conducted and funded in the billions, yet there is no cure just toxic poisoning being injected into a weaken suffering human being. In the end we find out that these agents are carcingenic and mutagenic and will cause new cancers. As stated in the NDA 19963 if you stop retinoid therapy skin tumor can occur, not can will occur is how it should be worded. Dr. Hildegarde Staninger’s reports are about superperoxide dismutase, ligands, black and white worms, purple aura, proteins, crystals, silicone, polyethylene glyco, electrodes, nanotechnology and all of these patents are involved in what is in her reports. Mixing various species of bacteria and fungus and plant cells will create a new life form. The patent will inform you that clostrium is transluscent and colonizes. This bacteria is found in the intestines, soil, plants, insects and causes food poinsoning and gas gangrene, necrosis and bacteremia. Mortuary workers know this bacteria as tissue gas and we the dead are enbalmed and the foul smell. Killing cancer cells is also killing healthy cells and when cells die bacteria is created and in these patents they are using bacteria pathogens and why we have MRSA and other flesh eathing bacteria as they are being created in these labs. The intention might have been well intended but the outcome is taking a toll on human beings and causing tremendous suffering. How they come up with chemicals they are using in developing these drug is astounding and horrifying. Who would think to take poisons and mix together and state this is a cure or give false hope to people when they knew full well these toxins would more than likely kill the patient. But to be using these in perfectly healthy people and stating they are safe antiaging agents and will make you look younger is wrong. In both matters they are playing on people’s vulnerabilities and desperations and that is ethically and morally wrong.

  120. Many say this is from chemtrails, I don’t think they would spray something in the air that they too would be breathing and that their families would be breathing. I do knowt that these crystal proteins, cancers, tumor and bioengineered tissue and bioreactors were on board the space shuttles that go to the space station and return back. They take tumors to space to see how they grown without gravity. The space shuttle that exploded had these agents listed above on it and nematodes. They are still finding parts and agents from these space shuttle disaster. Chemtrails maybe what they are using to try to pull these self replicating and self assembly agents from the air that was released from the space shuttle, but I truly don’t think they would spary agents that would contaminate themselves as they go outside as well. There is a large investments made into bioengineered tissue and used for transplants and growing organs and tissue? Who are first in line to get organ transplants, but the rich. Who wants to live longer than anyone else but the rich and powerful? The more tissue samples they receive the more helps them in their research of bioengineered tissue. Somehow researchers do not what to look at the obvious and want this to be chemtrails only as the cause of Morgellons. The same agents found in these chemtrails samples are the agents used in pesticides and drugs.in altering genetics of humans, insects and plants. Phosrylation is attaching phosphorous to protiens and phosphours is known to burn the skin, deterioate the bones and deplete bones of calcium and replace with phosphorous, yet this technique has being going on for decades. The Rothchilds and the Rockefellers having been using it. Per the lung doctor the phosphorous compounds in Renova caused the scarring on my face and these agents of retinoids, which are proteins with phosphorous attached to them are proteins used to speed up cell turnover. Why, because these agents spin and using gases of cyclohexane and nano wires create structures that adhere to skin tissue and spin and create steering structures as stated in geomric and stereo chemistry. Look up Molecular Motors and you will see them using viruses and proteins and microorganisms to build nano machines, look up nano protein robotics and bioengineered tissue patents. These use the oriphice and gas pellets. The hair follice has oriphice and it is our hair follicles they have altered to perform these duties of bioengineering tissue. As stated none of these agents were to be used on humans, yet they are being used on humans. Johnson and Johnson and Hoffman and La Roche and pharmaceuticals like them are using these agents in their drugs and chemical corps. knew this, the Pharmacopeia knew this as well as the FDA personell and it is the CEO’s and FDA personell who allowed these drugs to be approved knowning they were poisons that need to be held accountable for the harm done to lives. I found a website that states Dr.. Karooj is accepting samples to be analyzed, he was partners with Dr. Staninger and has had my samples for six years, where is my analysis? They asked for my samples and cat scans. Why hinder one person from knowning what caused them harm and when are literature proves that these vary agents used in Renova 0.05% are the very agents that these researchers speak about in their reports on Morgellons. Ginger Savely states she believes it is hidden infections, well putting hidden viruses like TTNPB and staph aureus and pseudomonas in a cream are hidden agents that cause MRSA and severe health issues, yet she does not take insurance and you have to fly to Texas, where are you suppose to get the income to do that? Staninger and Griffin found nanotechnology, fungus, hexane buckballs, and letters writing out names of labs doing this research. Renova 0.05% and products like it contain protein crystals, nanotechnology, cyclohexane, transluscent nanowires made of zinc salts, bacteria, pseudomonas, staph aureus, octatrienoic acid (apids used in making plastics), tritium nuclear agent used in nuclear warheads as a fission, stereoisomers, geometric chemistry, ecoli, bacteriorhodopsin (fungus and bacteria known as the purple membrane and as smart dust), yet noone thinks that those who used products like this should be given help and that maybe the answer are in these antiaging tubes that contain agents that were not to be used on humans. We hear them state that the MKULTRA is involved and the man who created Retin-A is the man who worked on MKNAOMI and worked for the US Army. A man known to torture priosoners, the elderly in institutions and the mentally retarded children in institutions. A man who worked for DOW, Dupont, Revlon, Univer of Penn whose own dermatologist neglected to do tests on me for all trans retinoic acid syndrome and to cover up the adverse reaction I was suffering and to allow Renova 0.02% to be approved. All make allegations, yet refuse to analyzed the evidence of what would lead us to answers.

  121. Retinoids are used to speed up cell turnover growth. They are used in bioengineered tissue and ligaments and organ patents. Patent 7851200 Bioreactor growing engineered tissue, Patent 6121204 Apparatus and method stimulating in vivo conditions while seeding and culturing three dimensional tissue constructs, Patent 6287340 Bioengineered cruciate ligament, Trustees of Tufts, MIT, Boston Univer. These patents use collagent, metals and gases to create tissues. A microorganisms that replicates skin was missing from a NJ lab, we were unable to get into the website to find out what that was about and the website was deleted. Many websites are being deleted that I had gotten into and found information on, but not before printing those documents as the RXR is the recomibinant ecoli spoken about in many patents and publications. They are using mechanical forces and vanderwaals forces, electro static and electromagnetic fields in speeding up cell growth. Retinoids are used in hair loss products such as Rogaines, antiaging products like Renova and alpha hyddroxy products, and prescription drugs for acne, cancers and suntan lotions and hand lotions. Look at your household products and vitamins you are taking.

  122. Randy Wymore needs to stop looking for textile threads and look into biological threads that these chemicals are known to create. Liquid crystal creates threads and retinoid are choloesterol benzoates liquid crystal and fatty acids of various orgnnisms. The Mitochonria deisase creates red threads. The human body as what is known as “climbing threads in it”. These biological agents and manmande bacteria/fungug, pseudomonas and retinoids and ligands all bind to these muscles, joints, bones, various glands and organs. Using nemacysts and cndiocytes use hairlike threads to capture prey. There is the flagellin which is hairlike organelles and for which is the main component of Etretinate. 13-cis retinoic acid is developed with nylon and that has been found in many samples tested Many researchers such as above are finding nano agents from various universiities and manufacturers, but did the victim use a product from that manufacturer and that organization is still liable in a court of law. My reactions came from pharmaceutical manufacturers, yet the researcher don’t want to identify those US and Switzerland based pharmaceutical corps for some reason, leaving a person to suffer. Why, none have ever met me and yet wanted my samples and research and then left me to suffer. Are these people that can be trusted? I am not the only person to have used a product containing Vitamin A, AKA retinoids, nor the toxic chemicals contained in these drugs. Pesticide use the same ingredients as the patents of retinoids, they are one in the same. Robert F Kennedy JR, states he is an advocate against vaccines and polluted water. Same biological agents and metals used in vaccines and pesticides are used in these retinoids drugs, so why does he not answer to my emails at riverwatchdog? My research helps all of them to know what these is and they have the access to labs to help me, yet they leave to suffer and for what reason? Do we want the answers or are we just playing a part in pretending to help? Nobody has time to play games anymore and this is very serious and it involved everyone on Earth and the human race. Many of the Christian hospitals knew these agents of poisons called medicine were being used on innocent people and looked the other way. If you are a Christian hospital then you have a duty to the Christian beliefs and these drugs violate those beliefs and are altering what our failth believes that God created man and all living things. If he wanted monkey kidneys cells in a human body he would have done so. If he wanted bacteria/fungus from the hot springs of Colorado in a human body he would have put them there. If he wanted electronical devices in the human body he would have put them there. If he wanted to take protein from jellyfish, waxmonth, bacterium, the blue light that creates excitation, and the yersinia pestis to create a transgenic yersinia pestis he would have done so. The same sickness that makes a person have sex with an animial is the same sickness going on here. Using whole organisms and parts of toxic tissue from other species and putting in the human body is wrong and it is poison and they knew it. They use people’s desperation and fear of dying with chemodrugs. Then they used vanity to use these very chemodrugs on health human beings stating they were safe and will make your skin look better and look younger. Informing people to use pesticides and herbicides to kill insects and weeds and not informing them they these agents will bind to the vegatation and be eaten by humans and animals that contain these toxins. That insects and bacteria will become mutants and resistant to these agents. It was about the profit and not about the well being of nature and animals nor humans. I can not believe how patents and medical research publications I have read and saw how many animals were tortured and killed by these people, who state it was in the benefit of mankind. It was in the benefit of making a quick buck that will in turn create more profit in their pockets when you become sick. Many journalists waited till it was too late to inform us of this wrongdoing. The damage is done and knowledge should have been told decades ago. Many knew what Kligman was doing with the CIA and US Army and for these pharmaceutical and cosmetica corps at Holmesburg. Many knew the suffering of these prisoners and what caused their suffering. Yet, he was allowed to use the very toxic poisonings of skin hardening agents, retinoids, blister causing agents, toxic gases and microbial on human beings. How many of his own patients at his practice with his son Douglas suffer that same symptoms as the prisoners and Morgellons sufferers? Look at vitamin patents and you will see that they use whole organisms from insects to bacteria to the ecoli and toxic metals and oxides. Yet, your physicians tells you to take vitamins if you feel tired. Retinoids are vitamins and are biological agents of various species. They are part of the superfamily of hormones and receptors and steroids. Being misused from birthcontrol pills, to athletes, to cancer patients, to sunscreen, to acne, to wrinkles to hair dye and hair loss products such as Rogaine. Retinoids make you lose your hair yet it is put in products that claim to make you grow hair. It is not hair you are growing it is artificial hair of flagellin and cilia and fungus and other biological crap. You hair and skin look alive because it is full of microbial agents spinning biofilms. None of us every thought to question the good doctors on what they were prescribing to us, because we trusted. You now need to use as natural agents such as boiled water, lemon juice from the lemon just a tsp spoon in water a few times a day. A teaspon of vinegar organic if it really exists, and baking soda to bring the ph normal. A chef infomred me of this and there are websites out there to inform you of this. Cleanses your body is foremost of the toixins. Eat natural foods of fruit and vegetables don’t take vitamin supplements. Note they have been given to us since the day we were born for what reason, when we are not a vitamin deficient country. God created food for you for a reason to keep you healthy. He did not create a vitamins in a bottle man did to get rich. Don’t eat processed food and unhealthy foods. Drink plenty of healthy water and not in a bottle because they use pseudomonas to make plastic as well as aphids from the galls of insects called octatrienoic acid and polychlorine known to leach into the water. Water has fluoride put in it also which is bad for you. They have pretty much contamnated everything with their pesticides and nanotechnology and you have to research and make choices, Our labels are not giving us the full story either so don’t trust the label on a product go to the patent. Let free patents be your be resource of knowledge. Let your camera be your best resource of what is on you. Take photos at dawn and dusk at all angles of your body and head. Shake your arms and legs and take a photos as these agents pull out by vibration. Go outside in the wind and take photos of your hair as the wind pulls these agents out. It is all about force fields and electro static. How it clings to you and forces that pull it from you. The ecoli is such as agent that repels from danger. So if you go to put it out it will move and change its configuration as it is known in nanotechnoldy as the transformer.

  123. In researching Morgellons in Europe I came across a post that states this and all new emerging diseases involve “Singularity” and he refers to Ray Kurtzwell. I went to his website and found an article by Amara D. Angelica that states gut bacteria can cause chemical reactions to the brain and cause mood changes, irritable bowel syndrom etc. Many researchers are informing you to take Probiotics and that is wrong. You gut bacteria replaces itself when antibiotics that are being misused are discontinued. Antibiotics also upset gut flora and because they are being misused by physicians are making these human pathogens being misused in drugs resistant to antibiotics. Singularity is about artificial intelligence and these agents of microbial that are being genetically altered by artificial means and encoded transcription being instructed on them are artificial intelligence as they are using electrical chemicals (mercury liquid metal) and zinc salts, platinum, gold, copper, tritium and many others in these drugs and cosmetics, crystals that are computers chips, biosensors using bacteria, transitional metals like zirconia and batteries and electrodes. Ecoli is used to transport these agents as it has the internal nano motor, flagella, cathode and anode. These misinstructions to use agents that cause more harm then could is wrong. One needs to be tested and diagnosed and to look at who and what cause the illness and hold those responsible for correcting it. No more alleviating symptoms it is time for the cure to de devised now for what they created and the harm done. The weakness and inability to raise your arms is from the rubber solutions being released from these nanocarbon tubes and the heavy metals and gases involved that are putting your body in a bubble of rubber and holding your holds from being raised, like a rubber suit. My Mother from chemo treatment was under able to raise her arms and they would inform you it was from being weak. She stated it was like a weight holding her arms down. It is a weight of heavy metals, gases, and rubber and methylacrlics (concrete used to conceal nuclear agents like tritium) that are hidden from the naked eye via gases, transluscent agents as they knew zinc becauses transluscent at nano level as does all metals, gases and vapors are not seen, and benzyl alcohol and mineral oil and lightwaves make these nano crystal robots of bacteria invisible to the naked eye called “cloaking”. Using fragrances (furanoid=pesticides and nano tubes) trick the olfactory system from smelling these toxic gases of sulfur, methylene, ethylene, PEG, dichloro (chlorine), cyclohexane, butadiene, propene, propenyl and others used. Research Rice’s nanocar a single molecule car and uses fullerene for the wheels to glide and roll on the metal nano wires. Wikipedia will inform you of this and take you to website to view it. It has an aklyne axle. Akyl and aryl are mercury compounds. Many researchers want to just specifically stay with their own idea of what caused Morgellons from chemtrails to nanotechnology it is all areas pulled together that use this nanotechnology that caused this disease from pesticides, cosmetics, drugs, artifcial intelligence and the shear misuse of biological organisms from various species and their toxins and the misuse of metals and gases. All corporations who were involved at Holmesburg are involved in many of these patents being called drugs from cancer to antiaging to skin disorders to suntan lotion etc. etc.
    You carry medical insurance and you pay dearly for and no one should stop you from using it in getting the vital physical tests you as a citizen ask for as you by law are allowed to participate in your health care protection and physicians are denying a person from having toxicity tests, cholesterol tests (because retinoids and their compounds are fatty acid lipids being taken from plants, bacteria, fungus, animals and humans and carrying DNA of all viruses and diseases that donor (species taken from) had involved in its DNA composition and transfecting it to the recipient. Knowledge of chimera, transfection, lipids, micelles, gas vesicles, nano pellets of barium and other metals and heavy gases, molecules, geometric chemistry, stereoisomers you must gain to know what they are doing behind your back. Biosensors, living cell sensors, biochips, artificial intelligence must become part of your education. You can’t count on anyone especially if they are selling a product to alleviate your symptoms. Maybe someday someone will come forward who is truly honest and intelligent enough to know that they are not exempt from this. It is infectious via contact, so why is there no fear from Savely, Staninger, Wymore, Leitao and others? Another question that needs to be answered as it is stated it is airborne and floating in homes, air and offices and hospitals. I was floored to find out that they clearn bioreactors with pseudomonas and staph aureus to eat the carbons of chlorine and hydroxides, is that why they are putting them in these drugs to eat all the carbons used in these drugs and then the pathogen creates MRSA on the patient? Noone thought this out and just decided they had the right to use a technology that can’t be seen by the naked eye and that self replicates and self assembles to make larger structures to be released into society and it is they who have to be held accountable and to reverse what they created out of greed and notoriety and fame. These people receives science awards and funding and that was the botton line.

  124. I have seen many blogs and publications on Morgellon sufferers stating they feel claw like structure scratching them and tentacles. It is not your imagination it is the evil wrongdoing of inventors and those who approve these patents. I informed you of their ability to create ligands and these ligands create claws (we have been informed that retinoids regulate growth, skin, bones and vision) and teeth. Zinc salts are used to make stator teeth, nano wires, belts and properllars and are transluscent to make them invisible to the naked eye. Patent 6923976 will inform you of them using the jellyfish and its tentacles to make what is known in the “art” of stinging capsules in cosmetics from the phylum cnidaria. Patent 6337389 fro Bioscience, 10/28/1997 uses the umbrella structure of the jellyfish in developing collagen. It uses the tentacles, mantle and whole organism to provide collagen dispersions or solutions. NanoCyte Inc., in Wilmington DE uses these agents and many pharmaceutical and cosmetics corps incorporate these agents from jellyfish, insects, bacteria, fungus, yeast into their products and why there are more women effected with Morgellons then there are men. Why we feel stinging, we feel burning from the phosphorous compounds and propionic acids, we feel hot broken glass piercing our skin from the aerogel (solgel or whatever the manufacturer wants to titled their own product line of these light weith gels made of silica and when they become broken they shattered like glass) and the chemicals used create heat, we feel severe itching because the agents used in our products cause severe itching from arsenic, mercury, quaternium-15, retinoids and agents use with, and the list goes on, we feel sticky because of the biological adhesions used and the hairlike organelles and rubber agents used in these products, these agents bind to metals and bind to our internal organs and our outside membranes and the nare of the nose and lips. Acitretin causes lip deformities as it causes birth defects of the lips. These agents bind to these metal structures of metals of platinum used as catlyst in silicone gel and the zinc salts used to make namo wires. These agents were used as research only supplied by the manufactures of these research agents and they had warnings not to be used on humans. They can photograph them stinging skin, but yet no one is doing tests and biopsies for these agents and to identify them, because they are not going to expose the billion dollar markets of nanotechnoloy, biotechnology the pharmaceutical corps and cosmetic corps putting them in their product. Instead they will pretend they are doing research and ask for donations and funding and they will continue to prosper as did the cancer researchers are and as these agents cause cancers. It is not about your health and well being it is about causing you health issues for them to prosper and if you don’t go along with their protocol you will be declared delusional and told to see a psychiatrist or put in an instutition to silence you. To add more insult to injury you paid for these agents to be developed by these corporations via tax dollars used to fund them.
    You paid for your children to go to college to learn how to create these agents all done violating trust, ethics and constitutional rights. You don’t have to buy book to find out what this is, I give my research freely and inform you how and where to go to look for your information. Look at every drug and product in your home and find the patent number and look up the patent and identify the chemicals and research them via chemical data banks. Where on the consumer watchdogs on this? Why do they make publications about reseach they have done on nanotechnology but when you contact them they don’t respond nor give help?

  125. I have been informed by an internet person that aryl and akly are mercury compounds. Medscape will inform you of this by searching mercury and aryl and akyl or http://www.emedicine.medscape.com/articles/819872-overview and you will see other websites with this information. Mercury causes pneumoitis, bronchitis, chest pain, dyspnea, coughing, stomatitis, gingivitis, salviation, diarrhea, central nervous system effects, tremor, neuropsychiatric disturbances, loss of appetite, sore gums, loss of teeth (amazing dentist use these agents to fill cavities to cause us to lose more teeth), rashes. You will see that pigments and iron oxides fall into this category and many of the retinoid patents will state they are using these agents as well as ##str1###. Phenyl, thienyl and indoly are such chemicals and are related to benzene. We need and have to Congress and Senate involved in investigating and holding these people responsible for poisoning us. Those personnel working at the FDA who looked the other way and allowed this to happen must be dismissed and held individually in their capacity as govt personnel for endangering the health and welfare of the citizens of the US. Those in Congress and Senate who knew this was happening need to resign and be held accountable for their participation. Time is of the essence and the more time goes by the more people and children will be poisoned. Your loss is their gain.

  126. Please research liquid crystals under Wikipedia which is the best place to learn in layman’s language. Here you will find out what nematic, smectic, phase transition, blue phase, discotic phase and the many phases of liquid crystal are. You will find out about polarizations and other articles on polarization will inform you that some insects possess this like an antenna. Bacteriorhopsin are light harvesting antennae arrays. You will find out that proteins and lipids are liquid crystals. You will find out about flippase and floppase and the ecoli and bacteria are biological agents that flip/flop. A publication titled “Defects in Liquid Crystal”, William F. Brinkman and Patricia E. Cladis will inform you of the “threads” that occur when defects happen. http://www.alct.com/publications/pt3.pdf You will learn about anchoring and interwall and what and why and how liquid crystals are used in photonic chemistry. You will learn of the disc like bicelles, micelles, rectangular and hexagonal arrays in both research websites. Merck Co. and Hoffman and LaRoche are the largest suppliers of liquid crystal. Retinoids are proteins and are 3 D liquid crystal structures. How these crystals replace themselves and can be suspended in midair and spin. You will find out about the “hedghog topological” and the electric and magnetic fields. I informed you that they are used as mimetic agents to mimic nature. Ligands are named after the hedghog, drosphila (fruitfly), TIE, Troll like receptors, scorpion, claw like, and etc. etc. The soap we use to wash with is a liquid crystal. You will see how research from MIT is about the protein secreted by spiders to make spider silk that is used to make bullet proof vests and parachutes and other products for military use. You will find out about lipid polymorphism and biomemetic chemistry and the FDA is suppose to regulate polymorphs such as Acitretin and other retinoid biological drugs. Polymorphisms are what cause birth defects as stated under the drug research on Acitretin. These cholesteryl benzoates melt in cloudy liquids and create crystallines and retinoids are crystallines. Cyanobiphenyls are used in this chemistry by Merck. You will see that alls Randy Wymore and Dr. Hilldegarde Staninger had to do was look at the samples they requested from me under a microscopy and crystallography tools. You will see that the tobacco mosaic virus is involved in this chemistry as well as other viruses such as TTNPB engineered hepatitis virus. How many Morgellon sufferers smoke cigarettes and did they transfect this virus into the human DNA? Our researchers in this new emerging disease have all stated photonics, crystals, proteins, transcription letters, ligands (using the structure of insects using synthetic wires and toxins), bacteria without a nucleus, viruses ( many have found that Morgellon Sufferers have Epstein Barr Virus), cyanobiphenyls which comes from cyanobacteria, The spinning axis of these agents and the creation of biofilms used as a optical recording medium used by the defense department for surveillance and photos show these agents do to satellites being able to see these invisible agents that are hidden by cloaking agents like benzyl alcohol, mineral oil and lightwaves. How in patents listed about they are making nano belts, seatbelts, nano wires and stereoisomers and geometric chemistry create the steering wheel configuration and propellars and knobs that in the patent listed above resembles the configuration of a paranthesis. All letters and symbols on a keyboard represent a command to a computer program and in DNA all letters and symbols represent a command for a encoded crypted transcription. These researchers have a degree in toxins, pharmalogical agents and were able to analyze samples and chose to leave a person who gave them all research in 2006 and who suffered the same adverse events that they used to determine what Morgellons is and denied me help, and in which they denied all help in determining who and what caused this disease. If you have the ability to help one person and allow them to gain their health back and you deny that person help then you are just as guilty as the person who developed this and caused that person harm and that is my personally opinion and I don’t think anyone can dispute that fact. Now, it is apparant that my research and was put out on Biology on line in 2005 and 2006 and sent to all listed above in blogs was correct. Retinoids are being misused in many products and drugs and have been for a long time and are a billion dollar market for pharmacologists (cancer drugs, acne drugs, eye disorders, vaccines, Crohns etc.), cosmetics and military defense used from optical recording mediums, to glowing radiant skin so called antiaging creams as the bacteriorhodopsin illuminates and produces crystals and protons and uses photons for energy, for liquid crystals arrays, to lasik surgerious and used on patients who suffer retinapigmentous, to acne, to cancer, and biochips to soap. Soap leaves a film on the body does it not? Please excuse spelling and typo errors as I do not see well and working as hard as I can to give as much information as possible. In the past few months I have seen new Morgellon Researchers popping up and we hear nothing from Morgellon Researchers like Mary Leitao, Randy Wymore the New Morgellons Order (sounds like a spinoff of the New World Order and that terrifies me), and others that were out there in the mid 2000’s. Remember your pharmaceutical corps and cosmetic corporations worked at Holmesburg Prison and other prison facilities and institutions and paid AM Kligman to do their research on these prisoners on MKNAOMI, MKULTRA (if anyone saw the new series on TV they did an episode on MKULTRA and using biochips that binded to the thalmus gland and caused sleep deprivation that drove the victim to see hallucinations that drove them crazy and committ murder as a scientist who implanted them was trying to steal the victims dreams for a “high”). It has been stated in “conspiracy theories” that Hollywood was a front for CIA projects. Are these stories sold to Hollywood by biologists to warn us about where futuristic mutants and and people possessing special powers such as in “Matrix” that one doctor stated to me, and it involved moving objects in the air into a body by photonic and electromagnetic waves, Wolverines giving people special powers of reading minds, strength as in altering genetics and seeing powers, Star Trek and mutants, robots as in protein robots and the patents are out there? Only the inventors of these patents can tell us what is really going on and it is only them that can reverse the transcription encrypted codes, not the so called Morgellon Researchers. Donate your money wisely and don’t be fooled by those who are selling products to alleviate the symptoms and not cure them. Pharmaceutical corporations have created enough to alleviate and treat on symptom to cause another health issue and disease. It is known that pseudomonas causes cystic fibrosis and yet it is being used in these patents of drugs. Accutane is now known to cause tuberculosis and it took decades to find this out. Irradicating a disease decades ago to bring them back is what is occurring. It is know that retinoids cause respiratory infections and is stated in the NDA 19963 and 21108. It is stated in many patents that retinoids cause systemic cytotoxic reactions as they are chemo drugs and effect cells in the entire body. No one heeded the chemical corporations warning not to be used on humans, and these chemical corporations knew these agents were being used in drugs and cosmetics as they knew liquid silicone was being used and causes silicosis, scleraderma and other connective tissue diseases. I pray someone of ethics sees these blogs and helps us all.

  127. Please review Transcript Proceedings of 5/21/1990, by the Dermatological Review Board for fertility and maternal health on Renova 0.05% and Accutane isotretinoin
    http://www.fda.gov/ohrms/dockets/ac/accutane/2034+1.pdf and you will see that they knew in 1990 the adverse events caused by these two agents and that 13-cis isomer was in Renova 0.05% as well as the nuclear radioactive agent tritium. They then preceeded to approve these agents to be used on child bearing women and teenagers for cystic acne and then for wrinkles and for psychosis and schizophrenia, cancer, and psoriasis and suntan lotion. All knowing the horrific health issues they would cause including suicidal and violent behavior, yet no one from journalists to researchers want to put the equation together and expose the inventors and manufacturers and allowed these products to remain on the market. Renova was stopped from being sold in USA in 2006 and Accutane was taken off the markets recently, why because they knew from my research that they caused all health issues that were now emerging. Not only were they murderers and tortureres they are cowards as well as all who protected and covered up for them. I pray that President Obama reads these blogs and websites and sees how the former presidents allowed their FDA personnel to approve toxic poisons that would cause so much devastation to innocent lives and the lives of children. This act can’t be blamed on him, this was done before his time, and he needs to know that these personnel in the FDA are still employed and need to be removed and punished and the people compensated. The RISKS DID NOT OUTWEIGH THE BENEFITS AND THERE WERE NO BENEFITS TO BE RECEIVED IT WAS A HOAX IN STATING THESE AGENTS WERE BENEFICIAL. THEY WILL DESTROY YOUR SKIN, MIND, VITAL ORGANS, BONES, RESPIRATORY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM AND EYES. A must know for all parents, people who have used these agents and my use these agents and how many products contain these agents must be exposed. Time is of the essence.

  128. Today was another tragic story of a Mother murdering her two small children violently. In the story it referred to her being on medication for mental problems. These psychotic and schizophrenia and depression drugs are far worst than the disease. Patent 4808630, assignee United States of America, 2/12/1989, is a patent for a drug to treat psychotic and schizophrenia. In this patent they are using 13-cis retinoic acid isotretinoin (a synthetic retinoid developed by Hoffman and LaRoche). This 13-cis retinoic acid has been known to cause suicide, murder and violent behavior, yet it is being used in a drug to treat what it causes. As stated above that they know everything about the neurotransmitters, seratonin and how to mimic it and melatonin and how to make people become addicts, obeist, anorexic, depressed, anxiety, sleep deprivation and hallucinate. All trans retinoic acid causes hallucinations as well as 13-cis retinoic acid. They are and have had the ability to drive people crazy and are using it in patents like this, Prozac, Zoloft and others. A family is destroyed, a Mother will be charged for a murder that she was forced to commit by the horrific and careless physician who prescribed it. A husband will be left with no wife or children and funeral bills to pay. They have the ability to turn family against family–husband against wife-father against son-Mother against daughter just as the Bible stands will happen in the end of times. The Supernatural war is the war where you can not see your enemy as it is nano microweapons of mass destruction and nano microbial agents that will cause disease and the pesticides that will cause mutated insects and the food will be contaminated causing famine. I never believed in conspiracy theories until after I researched the chemicals in Renova and found that the developer was AM Kligman master of mass destruction. How many family murders and suicides have we seen. How many Mothers who tried to kill their children and have killed their children because of monsters who developed mind altering drugs that make people do the unthinkable?

  129. Today’s internet posted that attention defecit is on the rise. What does it take to make people understand that vaccines and drugs contained heavy metals of aluminum and other metals that cause this disorder and rage and alzeheimers. Please for the sake of the children and the elderly read Dr. Robert Nash’s “Metals in Medicine” that is publicized on the internet in pdf. He was hired by the NIH to research this and states that a new alternative method must be developed in drugs to eliminiate metals being used as an adjuvant. It is not just mercury it is all metals. The fact they are using benzonase which are microorganisms that secrete toxins. Look how much medicines were prescribed over a life time and how much metals were in those prescriptions, plus add what is put in other foods and beverages that are consumed. Aluminum leaches into these food and beverage products. NDA 19963 states that the aluminum tube used to contained Renova 0.05% was bleeding into the cream itself. How many oitments have you used that this has occurred in? Per Eric Drexle’s own book on nano machines gone amok these agents need resources to thrive, continuing to thrive from metals and gases (gases move into open air and are used in these products) and other vitamin supplements these nano protein structures can continue to resupply themselves. Find out what “grey goo” and nanotechnology is about. Learn where chitan, cellulose, biofilms are formed from. Research and learn that biofilms are used to create pixels (pictures) and are photogenetic agents used in photography and optical recording mediums. Where the term “Big Brother” is watching is really about. All patents on protein scaffolds and ligands show the wiry structures of what ligands and proteins are, using the same chemicals used in photography, holograms, and optical recording mediiums, biochips, live cell senors, CRT’s, plasma TV’s that bring characters to life and make them move are what brings these ligands to life and make them move and push and pull through the body. Using biotin and muscle proteins and adding electrolytes and wires to coat these wires with and move and push and pull through your body spinning biofilms and branching out these metal matrixes. Go to wikipedia and look up these drug molecules and you will see their structures from the gases to the retinoids and there you will find protein banks and chemical banks to find more information on these agents that form long chain reactions and branch reactions. University of Penn and others have developed skilike molecules, leaflike molecules, treelike molecules and sol gel chemistry will explain how these agents used in retinolds and known also as aerogel branch out, where do you think they are branching out in? Liquid crystal (Hoffman and LaRoche and Kent University) use cholesterol liquid crystals to make these light emitting diodes. Liquid crystals are fatty acids and they create wells, reservoirs, walls and when they become defected they create threads. Is not Morgellons known as the fiber disease and doesn’t the sufferer complain of threads and fibers. Retinoids are oganelles (biological organisms from plants, ecoli, fungus, insects, animals and humans) and can cause Mitochondria disease which causes red fibers to grow in the muscle and seen by xrays on a biopsy. Iron oxides are pigments and retinoids are pigments and they are fibrous. Microorganisms used are filamentous and these are all terms used by several of the Morgellon Researchers. Smart fungus is used by Dr. Gwen Scott and Dr. Hildegarde Staninger refers to it as “smart dust” and that is the bacteriorhodopsin known as a biosensor and/or biochip. It alters genetics. DMSO is a mutagenic and carcingenic agent as well as many of the other agents used. If they FDA only approves drugs for certain diseases why are doctors taking it upon themselves to prescribe it for other reasons? Why is it being allowed? Why did someone confiscate Dr. Mura Goyal’s biopsies that proved retinoids are carcingenic? Why was she warned to stop her research? Why were these chemo drugs of retinoids allowed to be used in suntan lotions known as palmitate. Palmitate is found in the human body and animals it is a biological agent knwon as a retinoid. Research terpenes, stereoisomers, geometric chemistry and then decide if these agents should be in anyone’s body. Not only are your children being injected with toxic metals,microbial and viruses in vaccines they have been poisoned by suntan lotions smeared on their entire body that cause skin cancer and other health issues. They depended on us and trusted us to protect them and we depended and trusted our physicians who betrayed us and caused us to harm our children. The generation in their twenties, teens and children today are angry and for good reason. They have seen more than any other generation has via internet, TV, movies, CD’s and the violence alone in their music and other entertainment along with the toxic poisons in their medicines and mix it with street drugs and alcohol there is no wonder why we see so much violence. They are left alone more than any other generation do to women having to work and wanting to work. The family unit has been broken and there is no one able to keep a keen on eye on these children. We are at the mercy of day care centers, babysitters who we really do not know. They are seeing priests, rabbis, ministers and trusted adults abuse them in ways unthinkable that the newsmedia publicizes. Many are from broken homes where the family was broken from violence and don’t see the other parent. Their parents remarry and some remarry multiple times and they are involved in multiple family settings. Think what it must be like for those children who come from his and hers and then are part of a new family of his and hers and theirs. Whatever actions you take in life effect that child forever. Some women are left to do it all by themselves and think how hard that is on them, especially with a child who has autism, attention defecit or other health issues that were caused to that child. Dr. Robert Nash, Dr. Recbecca Carly, Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, Dr. Timothy O’Shea, Dr. Thomas Lee and many many others can talk to their blue in the face about the hazards of metals and vaccines and drugs, but until you the parent understand what is happening and that you as a group of people banned together and stop this the poisoning will continue and so will the health issues and the violence and torture. Until every doctor and every pharmaceutical corps is held responsible the poisoning will continue. Attorneys for drug injuries must represent all parents and must take a step back and see what was done to us and not take huge portions of settlements. Settlements are a need that these families need to pay expenses for the rest of their lives. Many of these children can’t hold jobs or in this day and age get a job. In the long run you helped in allowing the poisoning of these children and knew long before we as parents and as patients knew the harm that was being done by pharmaceutical corps. and physicians. At the first onset of a case of a drug injury that drug should have been recalled and the public warned in a way that the FDA knew the person received the warning via certified mail. All drug prescriptions are sent to a data bank and when a reaction occurred a person should have been notified by certified mail. Not every person has a computer or access to one. Not every person knows how to use a computer or where to find information. It has taken me years and many years I did not have a computer and depended on librarians and others to help me. It has cost thousands to print out documents in the library and only to find out that attorneys, FDA, physicians, and pharmaceutical corps already knew that these drugs cause these health issues. That was a waste of many hours and money and was a cruel and indecent act by all. My life is not a joke nor are my sons nor anyone elses. Profiting from someone’s heartache is just as criminal as the action of those who caused the injury.

  130. Research Robert Birge, Syracuse University and his patent 5922843, and you will see how they are using the bacteriorhodopsin (bacteria/fungus that makes the sandwich fold where electrodes are sandwiched between and uses microtubules) to make protein based computers. Patent 6140012 and 5223355 are others using these bacterias and there are many more. The FDA Photo safety testing reports are out on the internet and will inform you how these photoisomers slit the eyelids and tissues and allow harmful UV radiation to enter http://www.fda.gov/cder/guidance/3281dft.htm This report informs you how a camera can see these agents via invisible light. All knew how toxic these photobleaching agents are and why they leave their mark behind in white spots bleached into the skin. The petroleum derivatives of cyclohexane, butadiene, ethylene and methylene and silicone and tartaric acids cause the tar sweats seen by sufferers and rubber coating felt on the skin. Patent 6406709 Method for Inhibiting Nematocyst Discharge will inform you of using cndicytes and nematocysts in tattooing devices and cosmetics and photos will show these agents when viewing the pdf of the patent. A person who does tattooing in Hawaii has come down with Morgellons what do you think happens to the person being tattooed? US District Court Master File No. CV 92-P-10000-S Silicone Breast Implants and other silicone court files will inform you of the known toxicity of liquid silicone and how it was not to be used on humans, yet implants continue to be done on women and liquid silicone is being used in retinoid products like Renova 0.05% and Renova 0.02% being applied directly to the skin and its toxic fumes and vapors will burn the eyes and mucous membranes. Many of the ingredients used in this product and others are explosive and use ejectile agents like propene and tritium used as a fission as it is used in nuclear warheads. Light excites the bacteriorhodopsin and changes its conformation and protons are ejected. That makes these agents and devices developed biowarweapons. Propene creates crystal needles and these ejecting chemicals are able to eject onto other human beings, animals etc., making human beings biological weapons to spread viruses and diseases and bacteria of pseudomonas and staph aureus and fungus and manmade engineered hepatitis B virus of TTNPB. Many of these agents used in Renova were purchased from Hoffman and LaRoche as stated in the NDA 19963. Proving that Johnson and Johnson did not use a gerneric brand 13-cis retinoic acid but instead used Accutane isotretinoin 13-cis retinoic acid and all who have had health issues due to this toxic teratogenic, mutagenic and carcingenic agent are entitled to the same civil suit being handled by attorneys across the country in Accutane Civil Suits, yet firms like Seeger and Weiss, who held onto my documents for an entire year and then denied me representation, as well as Hook/Bolton, Placitello, Sokowlove, Hoffman and DiNuzio (NJ best drug injury attorney that a Rite Aide pharmacist sent me to) and many others have denied me. Randy Wymore and Hildegarde Staninger could have ended by misery five years ago and both had the samples to tests and the resources to do so. Not only would they have helped me they would have helped the thousands to millions who used these products and products like it. It is now known that these agents are used in cosmetics and suntan lotions and are not being labeled as such for all to know their known toxicities and adverse events. They refuse to return documents that I sent them by mail confirmation and refuse to release the analysis they knew. The cost of printing, copying and mailing was a huge costs to me and to find out all along that all knew how severely toxic these agents were is wrong. Last week I found that Acitretin causes severe pain in the right side of the ribs and chest where the pancreas and gall bladder are and where I have stated I feel severe pain and gas and bloating. It is evident that this retinoid as well as Etretinate that Acitretin turns into in the body can cause pancreatic cancer and gall bladder disease, but they left me to suffer with this horrific pain and fear and intracranial pressure and severe migraines on a daily basis as well as those who used these products. Keep in mind your government agencies such as NSF, NIH, DOE, Health and Human Resources are funding this universities in these research and patents of these nanotechnology agents, engineered viruses, and use of human pathogens of bacteria, yeast and fungus. I am truly sorry for your pain and suffering and loss of financial resources that interfere with your quality of life and what they did was very cruel and I know first hand of the pain and loss. You are in my prayers nightly and may God protect us and bring justice to us all.

  131. In all that I wanted to state I that quickly forgot, in one of Dr. Hildegarde Staninger’s reports she stated about the white and black worm and that the future children will have a purple aura around them. That purple aura is from the the “purple membrane”, known also as the “purple blob” and known as the 13-cis isomer the bacteriorhodopsin “smart dust”. She in one report she found a microorganisms without a nucleus and that is the bacteriorhodopsin used as a retinoid synthetic agent and not being listed in products such as Renova 0.05%. The micelles are wormlike cones, spheres and rods and retinoids are retina, retinal, retinol and others that bind to the opsin of the eyes and where you will find rods, cones and spheres. It was about mimicking nature and copying DNA. Trust me your researchers know exactly what has made you sick. Keept reading her and others research and then read the patents I have given and every publication on nanotechnology, paramagetic iron oxides, micelles, gas vesicles, self assembly and self replications. Read Rutgers Aerospace Nanotechnology reports and THE CANDIDATE. You must become as educated as you can.

  132. Mother Nature showed this week how a normal day can turn your life upside down and how short life can be. I have endured the scare of the Earth moving under my feet and just returned from hurricane Irene evacuation. I am truly exhausted from not only these two occurences but the twelve year hell I have been forced to live in from Johnson and Johnson and Prof AM Kligman and University of Pennsylvania thinking they were God and they had the power to alter genetics and destroy human dignity and rights of the Constitution of the United States. All those who followed in covering up and allowing this are not US citizens they are traitors and have committed treason againt the people in endangering life and rights guaranteed to every US citizen in this country and per WHO rights to all citizens of the world who would have used such agents developed by these people. Johnson and Johnson has proved over and over again in just recalls of their contaminated products that they don’t care about their consumers or patients, and the recalls are only done after someone blew the whistle on them. All the money that Mr. Jobs from microsoft has made did not make him exempt from cancer and maybe much of the technology he worked with and the toxic chemicals caused his cancer. Senator Ted Kennedy’s money did not buy him life as he succumbed to cancer. No CEO nor multibillionaire will escape death and all will answer for their sins. Sins are forgiven when people show remorse for their actions and try to right the wrongs they committed. In this matter of destroying so many lives with a technology that never should have been thought of nor implented into medicines or cosmetics, pesticides or household products and continuing the crime of indecency there will be no forgiveness not from the “bottom up” to the “top down” involved in covering what these monsters have created. My hope and wish is that these science journalist who have known about this and remained quiet speak up now and not wait 50 years or five years to expose this to the entire world public and that includes the mainstream media. Not one inventor involved in putting bacteria pathogens and fungus and particles that were devised to trick the immunue system should be proud of themselves. No matter how good your intentions might have been the harm has been immense and you have a duty and responsibility to correct the harm you have done. Every CEO of these pharmaceutical corps. and cosmetic corps who were using chemicals that were not to be used on humans must correct and fix the harm you have done to innocent trusting lives. It was these trusting lives who supported your corporations in buying your drugs and products and allowed you to become wealthy people and you betrayed that trust in all essence of the word. You may not believe in God, Amighty the Creator of life now, but on your death you will wish you had and you will wish that you had tried to right the wrongs you have done. When people become aware of what you did you will not have the riches you have now and your prison will be something you can’t ever be released from. You have played with peoples hormones, receptors and neurotransmitters and you have made people obeist, anorexic, mentally ill, suicidal, given them cancers, diabetes, eye complications, hepatitic disorders, kidney disorders, bone disorders, serious migraines and muscle and bone pain, and you have given them disfiguring skin conditions all with the misuse of Vitamin A biological derivatives synthetically and naturally in trying to alter genetics and caused mutations beyond belief. You have caused unborn babies to be deformed and caused innocent children to suffer autism, behavior problems, attention defecit and caused their parents heartaches beyond belief. There is no forgiveness for this and for each and everyone of you who put families through this hell and denied them legal “redress” for the damages and your attorneys may God show no mercy on your souls. This world belongs to every human being and in the end “good” will prevail “evil”. As tired as I am and all I have been through, I will continue to educate and inform people of my findings. America is about freedom of choice and the right to know in making those choices. Every doctor who prescribed these poisons and never informed your patient of the harm you have committed murder. That is the bottom line.

  133. If you research nanotechnology community you will will find the University of Pennsylvania at the top of the list http://www.nanotech.upenn.edu/ and you will find a list of people are the board from many universities. These people are able and trained and have the technology to analyzed samples for nanotechnology. On this web page will see photos of their work the molecular motions photo I sent to many journalists and Morgellon researchers as I have described seeing this on me and photos and catscans show it. Doesn’t it resemble a picket fence and these agents pull up and push and they are involved and cross the eyelids and eyelashes. PMID 103296343 informs you of the picket fence in lipid proteins for which retinoids fall under and have been misused. This involved the Johnson Foundation team effort. Johnson and Johnson and University of Penn had teamed up to experiment and torture the prisoners of Holmesburg Prison. Their techniques were past onto their patients we the people. Many disease I have researched have severe itching involved, swollen glands in neck, armpits and groin and for which my physicians were suppose to examine me for every six months for melanoma and neglected to do so since Renova 0.05% was prescribed. Many of the chemicals used in Renova 0.05% cause non-hodgkins, especially the pesticides. Many of the chemicals in Renova cause severe itching, yet these “pompous asses” state delusional, why because they caused this to happen by calling poisons medicines that chemical corps. state not to use on humans. They used agents that activate the B cells and T cells that the body uses to fight invaders. For all who are really suffering a joint effort needs to be made in forcing these researchers to test all people at nano level for pesticides, engineered viruses, retinoids synthetically created and natural and all samples must be analyzed by equipment that places like Univer of Penn and OSU have to analyze nanotechnology particles, viruses and proteins. We paid for the equipment and we have a right to have tests done for a disease that was man made and caused to us, whether it is retinoid poisoning, pesticide poisoning or any other man made disease for which are research proves is occurring. THis is not a time for anyone to try to get people to use any product they are trying to profit from the suffering of innocent victims that ten years from now we will find those agents were even more toxic. The members of Congress and Senate were suppose to protect us from this occurring by pharmaceutical corps and pesticide corps which if you research long enough you will find one is a subdivision of the other. Advance Polymers in CA is a subsidy of Johnson and Johnson and was a partner with AM Kligman in aphahydroxy products, which women use to fight aging and is poison. Advance Polymers stock rose as well as Johnson and Johnson when Renova 0.05% was approved. Advance Polymers came out with their own retinoi microsphere product a year after the approval of Renova. Advance Polymers makes the starlike and other ligand polymers. Polymers are definitely involved in this nanotechnology from PEG (polyethylene glycol) to retinoids that are polypeptide polymers. They have the ability to attach elastomers and fastners to these agents and to make scaffolds that drop down and spin into the skin surrounding and entrapping and encapsulating the body from head to toe. You can not count on any of these researchers as they are bein given funding and if they come up with an answer to the cause they will be committing career suicide and will have to expose the names of the inventors and corporations involved. Kandy Griffin has already identified manufacturers as everything has a barcode including nanotechnology and retionds and agents like are encrpted with codes for transcriptions to alter dna.

  134. Important to remember that isotretinoin, acetritin, etritinate, tretinoin and ttnpb are teratogenic and cause severe birth defects. Three are to be labeled category X and not to donate blood. DMSO was only approved by the FDA to be used on intersia cystitis. EDTA was only approved by the FDA as a chelate to remove metals. Renova 0.05% did not have a “black box” and was labeled a category C and no counseling was given on this fact for a patient to know what that meant as it is on the physician pamphlet and not the patient booklet. It was not tested on cancer patients so it never should have been prescribed to a melanoma patient. It was known that it causes skin cancer and tumors if you stop using it and per the patent your condition will worsen if you stop using the cream as it is meant to be used for the rest of your life and not stated. You are not to donate blood if taking three of the above retinoids alone as they are stated on the oral phamphlets of these retinoid drugs, via DMSO it partition the membrane instantly and allows these agents to enter the skin and cross the blood barrier, as well as the blisters and open sores and rashes it causes. Isotretinoin is known in many cases to cause staphyloccus aureus colonization and staphyloccus aureus and psuedomonas were used in the cream per the NDA 19963 and all microorganisms are not known waiting for the FDA via FOIA to send the documents stating what was in this cream. You are not to donate blood on this oral drugs and DMSO enters into the system and any topical creams would get into the blood sytem and should be labeled not to get pregnant nor donate blood for three years and did not. Fact the liquid silicone used in this product showed in my blood system so fact these agents get into the blood and no physician did any blood work for all trans poisoning, microbesusceptability tests for the known microbes used in the cream that physicians are giving information on nor for staph aureus for the skin reactions that occurred and the patient stating she feels pushing and pulling which stereoisomers cause and was known to all but the patient and stereoisomers are discouraged from being used in drugs as they are unstable, these agents contain pesticides that are endocrine disruptors and no lab work was done to see if there was harm to the endrocrine system as these pesticides mimic hormones. No tests were done for two years for the eye infections and blurred vision that can cause blindness and when one eye test came back coagulase neg staph cipro was given but did not cure the eye infection and no other tests were done to date and Keratitis was hand written in a doctors notes who did no tests. No lipid counts nor glucose counts were done till eight years later, as well as no exams for melanoma nor any routine tests dones for a person in their forties. I went to a free cholesterol test at a CVS pharmacy who contacted my physician to state the choleterol count was high. A positive epstein barr virus showed and lab states treat patient for the symptoms as test can’t differentiate between old and new virus, no treatment was given for the extreme fatigue, muscle and joint pain and abnormal pain, doctor wrote in his notes old mono virus. Severe migraines and my head full of fluids and couldn’t move my neck and was found past out and taken to the clinic where an head xray was done as physician assistant stated cervalgia stand in hot showers and do neck exercise, xray came back anteriolethesis (spine slipping do to fractures) and further xrays required, no further xrays order and not informed of the diagnosis, found it in the medical documents requested. No endoscopy nor lower GI ordered for the severe abdominal pain. The acetritin is known to make skin felel sticky from what I just found and for what I have complained about as these toxic protein vitamins secrete toxic substances. Here is a quote from David Banks, PhD of OSHI FDA Office of Special Health Issues “Regarding tretinoin products from other manufacturers, those other manufacturers did not need to receive permission from J&J. Once the patent had expired for the J&J product, other manufacturers were free to market generic versions of the product.” He admints anyone can put these agents in the product and not label all the known serious side effects nor all the various toxic retinoids being used. J&J’s own patent 4877805 did not state it was using gerneric isotretinoin it states Accutane isotretinoin 13-cis retinoic acid, Etretinate, Acitretin and TTNPB and tretinoin. Many other retinoid patents refer to patent 4877805 using various retinoids. Fact it is known to cause heart arrythmia and no EKG was done nor EEG for the serious migraines and known intracranial pressure these agents cause. Retinids are organelles, ecoli proteins and other microbial and these proteins carry the DNA molecules of these self replicating and self assembly biological agents and the metals of iron oxides, platinum, zinc salts, 13-cis isomer, tritium, zirconia and other heavy metals yet no metal toxicity report was done till eight years later and where arsenic showed and a wrong retest was done and the physician said it must of been something you ate a month later when he did the retest and no way to know if food caused this. The FDA states it doesn’t do lab tests on the cream. The NDA 19963 states that J&J had to give a tube of the cream to the FDA and the FDA does have its own lab to test for microbial. PMID 3460532 3472492 19894373 informs you that staph aureus is caused by isotretinoin. We have some serious lies and coverup going on. I have tried my bests to get attorneys now in the hundreds that I have contacted, the ACLU, EWG, ETC, Woodrow Wilson nanotechnology, Doug Trout CDC/NIOSH nanotechnology, CA attorney general prop 65, FDA, whistleblowers attorneys, congressional and senatorial members, judges involved in these cases and in the false allegaition case made against me and the attorney general’s office to investigate and help resolve this and to notify all patients/consumers who may have used Renova 0.05, and 0.02 from 1995 – 2006 and especially from 1998-2000 when Renova 0.05& was revised to include patent 4877805. Kligman has many patents using toxic retinoids for his patients at his own clinic and dermatologists were dispensing it like candy stating it was safe and that they use it themselve. One was asian and the NDA clearly states not to be used on asians so she was lying as well as lying in her documents and taking photos of me and then trying to touch them up. I notified the March of Dimes to be aware of birth defects that this cream may have caused and the Red Cross that blood may have been tainted and the donor did not know nor was made aware of not to donate blood. I did all I could and the hell I live in and the pain I live in is proof that the risks outweigh the benefits, and the risks are not being informed that are vital to be told to the patient and tests are required before, during and after using such toxic agents that are known as chemodrugs under the chemcare websites on chemodrugs. Chemotherapy is the most feared word there is and no one would volunteer to use chemodrugs for any reason.

  135. Conclusion of these blogs are per David Banks, FDA/OSHI, women’s advocate website stated in his email to me that because of the patents on these drugs expiring it allowed anyone who wanted to put these teratogenic agents in generic forms into their products and the problem being these agents are not being labeled for what they are and their toxicities. Acitretin is known as Soriatane and turns to etrinate in the body when used with alcohol beverages and will stay in your body for years even after discontinuing. Isotretinoin, tretinoin, acitretin and etretinate (known as Tegison) main metobolite is 13-cis isomer. Read up on the packaging of just this one retinoid Vitamin A drug used for psoriasis. You will note there is a pregnant women with a red circle and line going through it stating do not get pregnant. You will see a list of known side effects of this agent from sticky skin do to its components being organelles, stereoisomers known for their tacitity and rubber agent and cellulose, headaches, dry nose, dry mouth, dry eyes, scaly skin, chapped lips, peeling from the palms, fingers and soles of feet, itching, hair loss, changes in fat lipids which can cause blocked arteries and heartaches and strokes, shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pains, trouble speaking, thirst and hunger, frequent urination, effect blood sugar – diabetes, aches pain in bones and joints, muscle and back pain, loss of feelings in hands and feet, night blindness, depression, yellowing of skin and white of eyes, vomiting, loss appetitie, blurred vision, increased brain pressure that can lead to blindness and even death (yet my physicians did no monitioring of these tests when side effects arose and waited years to start doing tests and when abnormalities showed they did no further tests but for almost a decade they pretended they saw nothing wrong with me and even wrote the infamous “DOP” in their medical notes is that not a coverup then I don’t know what is. mk:@MSITStore:D:|Tony%20Files\Med%20Journal\Medical\Dermatology\Fitzpatrick has a 12 page report on these agents known as Vitamin A retinoids title of document is Ovid:Fitzpatrick’s Dermatology in General Medicine. It will inform you of the side effects from skin and mucous membrane, ocular, hair and nairl, musculosketal, central nervous sytem and gastrointestinal. The package insert will inform you of the active and inactive ingredients which all prescriptions and products are suppose to include yet Renova 0.05% did not nor the list of retinoids being used in combination, and it is stated that you should not use a retinoid drug if you are using vitamin A supplements and certain drugs so why are they combining them in one cream in numerous amounts? http://www.uniprot.org/keywords/?query=vitamins&sort=score will inform you on the various vitamins and their biological process. From this website you can find out about ligands and RXR and RARa and RARb and other proteins. Retinoids are proteins and proteins secrete toxins. Did they think because it was a cream they did not have to label it as a teratogen. They used DMSO and that partitions the tissue to allow entry of these toxic agents into the tissue and into the blood stream especially when it causes blisters and rashes that are open wounds. There was nothing stating not to drink alchohic beverages or the word ethanol. You will see that this one retinoid package contains microcrystallines, cellulose, sodium ascorbate, titanium oxide, red, yellow and black iron oxides, benzyl alcohol as all retinoid patents included that I have researched and gelatin. These agents like Soriatane and Accutane are not just in pill for and are used in creams and gels. Hook/Bolton law firm and Seeger and Weiss were trying to insist that isotretinoin is only in pill form. Isotrex is the topical form of isotretinoin. Patent 4877805 and other of Kligman’s patent clearly state that he used Accutane Isotretinoin and not a gerneric brand. He states he used etretinate and acitrein and tretinoin and other toxic retinoids.

    Morgellons syndrome is exactly like retinoid poisoning side effects are and they state they see black, red and yellow specs and they would be the iron oxides which are pigments which are proteins. You need to chekc you suntan lotions, your hand lotions, your hair dyes, hair loss products and everything you may have used on your skin and hair to see if it had contained Vitamin A and all the various names it is known as. Review EWG’s reports on retinoids being used in sunscreen. Find the product’s patent and review it for all agents used. They state they found cellulose, proteins, titanium oxides, silicone, metals, microorganisms without a nucleus that would be the bacteriorhodospin 13-cis isomer per protein data bank. Fungus secrete cellulose. All want to ignore these facts and wanted to pin point chemtrails. These very agents are in our products and retinoids use vanderwahls forces and electro static and electromagnetic forces at nano level and lightwaves that make laser beams. Facts are facts and we have been poisoned in many ways, but more by drugs and the misuse of toxic stereoisomers, geometric chemistry and retinoids and DMSO. Go to the FDA website and call up Accutane, isotretinoin, Tegison, Etretinate, Tretinoin and you will find more information on these agents, warnings letter to these manufacturers who never get punished in jail just fines that the FDA profits from and not you the sufferer. You will see that you should not donate blood or have children while and after using these agents. Yet, Renova and other agents never stated this on their products. How unfortunate for blood recipients and babies born with cleft palate deformities and craniofacial deformities. If aspartame causes retardation they why are children allowed to buy chewing gum that contain it without an adult to read the warning and find out what phenylamine and PKU are about? Does it cause it to an unborn child or can it make a healthy child become mentally retarded the warning label is not very clear on this and the word warning is not even listed. I give my research freely because I don’t want this to ever happen to anyone what was done to me and what I am seeing being done to others who suffer the same symptoms. Until everyone is giving the right to use their medical insurance and have the tests that are required to be done we will never find out what this is. As long as researchers pick and chose who they want to tests, the majority are left to suffer. I found on the internet on the FDA website a Citizen Petition on Soriatane and it states it is a polymorph (polymorphisms are crystals that the FDA is suppose to regulate) It is from Connetics Corporation dated 3/24/2006 and includes Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act 21 USC 355 and 21 CFR 10.30 and I cited 21 CFR 201.57 and misbranded and alter labeling 21 USC 342. I am told that I can only file suit against the FDA if I find that Renova 0.05% that is used to lure women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and used on pediatrics for skin problems if it involved using Medicare or Medicaid insurances. In my case you have medical carriers being falsely billed by physicians who are stated DOP instead of retinoic acid poisoning to cover up for the dermatologists who prescribed and the pharmaceutical corps who did not properly label this drug with all side effects known and all serious teratogenic retinoids used and microbial agents. The Connetics report also states you should not donate blood for three years after discontinuing the product. There is a Advisory committe report stating that people are willing to be sterilized to use these agents for psoriasis dated 4/17/1997, yet Johnson and Johnson didn’t think to put that extremely vital warning and information on their physician nor patients pamphlets. Freckles are not a life threatening disease to use such a teratogenic and severe adverse event product nor would I have used it had I been informed, counselled and giving the right to know. I found under pubmed that Accutane is known to cause colonization of staphyloccus aureus and the NDA 19963 states it was used in this cream as well as pseudomonas. We have a huge problem here and a violation of rights to proper health care, testing and diagnosing. It is amazing the Horizon Blue Cross and other medical insurance carriers have not gotten involved and to stop these drugs from being dispensed that cause life threatening health issues.

  136. Lightwaves are being used as laser beams in this nanotechnology methology. Using vaccum systems to pull agents up through the uptake efflux from the intestines. These agents are folding in and out of the body and being pushed and pulled via stereo chemistry. As in the patent on cysteine knots and Johnson and Johnson’s publication they thread themselves. Aerogel and hydrogel the sol gel chemistry knits itself. These agents are pulling on tissues, muscles and bones. These agents are smothering the tissues and causing carbon monoxide poisoing and loss of oxygen to the cells and brain and lungs causing extreme fatigue and loss of memory and body functions are being interfered with. These agents cause allergic reactions such as Steven Johnson Syndrome and will react differently in all because our genetics and chemistry makeup and degree of hypersensitivity are different. All deserve to have the necessity of microsusceptibility testing and at nano level, lipid counts glucose counts, endocrine disruptor tests, antigens for bacteria, silkworms, spiders and yeast proteins as stated in a TDA by Staninger yet physicians refused to do those tests. The patents prove that proteins of these agents are being used in our drugs and vaccines. Tests for pyrollles and phtlalates need to be done, easinophils, neutrophils and other blood stem cells need to be done. It is about cloning and stem cells and altering genetics of these microbial organisms and using them on humans to alter genetics. Facts are the facts and stated in their own patents and publications. Nanotechnology has been being used for decades unknown to the American public and world. They market to make you think you need these things as they did with computers and cell phones. Staninger has done publications on cell phone radiation and much of this is the microwave radiation projects that have been going on as radiation agents are used in retinoids and tritium is a nuclear radioactive agent and not labeled on the drug pamphlet that mutates and causes cancer. Cancer is on the rise and EWG knew that retinoids were carcingenic and used in suntan lotions and states the FDA knew for a decade the NDA 19963 states it and Dr. Mura Goyal had done research on it in the NDA and her biopsies were confiscated and warned to stop her research.

  137. There has been many theories in the past few years where and what caused Morgellons Disease. One, person informed us it was from hospitals and the chemicals used in hospitals and that was Trisha Yearstead on the Rense program and she states she does not go to hospitals. Daniel Bellvaneeden stated in his emails that it was from staph in hopsitals of the equipment and that it was infected with ecoli, pseudomonas aeruginosa and yeast and other microorganims which is now resulting in MRSA outbreaks of staphlyloccus aurerus and psuedomonas aeruginosa and pseudomonas putida. Patent 58441885, Allied Signals Inc. NJ, Bacterial strains for Bioremediation will inform you of them using all above micoorganisms and numerous genetically modified organisms put in bioreactors to convert ammonia monooxygenase and hydroxylamine into nitrate, which are environmental hazardous chemicals. So to alleviate hazardous chemicals from being put into the enviroment they used pathogenic micoorganisms to convert these poisons that have become resistant to drugs and are growing and festering in the hospitals and labs. One cure that causes another health hazard. These agents are put into creams like Renova 0.05%, I guess to eat the ammonia and hydrocarbons in the chemicals of the drugs, Johnson and Johnson doesn’t want to answer to any questions that I have asked them in many emails and letters, nor does the FDA personnel. So, I guess via all patents listed above and the thousands of others not named the new emerging disease is caused by all and the inventors thereof. The space shuttle they blew up upon entry in 2003, contained bioreactors and microorganisms, protein crystals, viruses, tumors, nematodes that were recovered still in their petri dishes and these agents are floating in the atmosphere. The patent 5441885 was publicated in 1995, same time line as the approval of Renova and products like it using nanotechnology and microbial, same time line as the release of the transgenic nematode yersinia pestis and same time frame of the chemical testing of Wright’s Air Force Lab documentation on the Morgellon’s website. MRSA (staphyloccus and pseudomonas), Epstein Barr Virus, Hepatitis B Virus, and Morgellons became epidemics in this time frame. Look at the Mitchondria disease and you will see that many of these agents cause Mitchondria disease and that a red fiber grows from the muscle that is biopsied to diagnosis this disease, yet has anyone with Morgellons been biopsied and tested for this? Organelles being misused in drugs and causing an overabundance in the body causes Mitchondria. Kandy Griffen shows photos of lettering being found in samples, lettering is used in cloning and deciphering DNA codes and this patent will show you the DNA codes used for this patent. Another misuse agent that was never to leave a labe was the flurous phosphorous ponytail ligands. Photos on glass, sideview mirrors and the metal of the car’s body show exactly what the one photo I was able to get off the internet of this phosphorous ponytail ligand that is attracted to glass (mirrors) and metals, The reason it was not to leave a lab is that they did not “create a bug” to eat the carbons yet. So, there is proof they are making bugs and that are bacteria that eat their chemical hazardous waste, but what gets rid of the human pathogens left behind after they turned these chemicals into nitrate? What happens in the air of the lab when you open the bioreactor after it was contaminated with this bacterias and fungus microorganisms? Morgellons sufferers have similiar conditions, yet not exactly the same as every biological system is different and is effected by chemicals and pathogens differently. Some are more hypersensitive than others. Yes they are altering genetics of insects with pesticides and the misuse of the superfamily of hormones and receptors, and yes they are altering human genetics with the misuse of the superfamily of hormones and receptors used in drugs for birth control, thyroid, cancer, skin disorders and many other diseases. We are now learning that these agents were not to be used on humans, and these same agents are deforming frogs and that Vitamins are derived from these agents that are showing toxic in the human body as supplements and drug agents and we are finding that these toxic agents are microorganisms of bacteria, ecoli, fungus, yeast and the known names are listed in the above patent as a bioremediation for converting toxic hazardous carbons. Yet, carbons are used to make toxic nano carbon tubes, fusarium is used to make nano tubes as is known as furanoid and used in Renova 0.05% and pesticides and is a photoisomer, which are stereoisomers which were discouraged from being used in drugs as they are not stable. Yet, that didn’t stop the pharmaceutical corporations from using them and geometric chemistry which is gases. The Jewish community knows very well how toxic gas is and what the Nazis did to the decendants, yet it is used in the majority of patents. Many of these inventors and these physicians are of Jewish decent and they knew better than to use these types of chemicals on humans and allowed them to be sprayed on our crops that we eat and our animals eat. These protein robotics survive in gases and per the what I have read about “grey goo” and “nano robots” gone amok, they can’t be destroyed until they run out of resources and they produce heavy gases, metals and secrete toxic sticky substances. Stereoisomers are known for their tacitity and nano particles were dubbed “sticky fingers” as they stuck to the fingers of the occupational worker. The occupational workers are given weekly lab tests for toxic poisoning of benzene and other chemicals, yet the patient who is prescribed these agents to be applied directly to their skin and injected in their body is not given any type of tests and that is to cover up drug adverse events because of the cost that the pharmaceutical corps. put of to get these drugs on the market, God forbid if they should lose a profit to something being hazardous to human health. If I was able to learn what I have had to learn without having a college degree in chemistry or biology what do you think the educated person should have informed us about before putting something through the torture of researching patents, NDA’s, chemical data bases and reading publications on stereoisomers, nanotechnology, geometric chemistry and retinods while suffering severe eye pain, blurred vision, severe migraines, being attacked by these agents that bind to the hair follicles via static electricity that bind to think hairlike wires created by engineered viruses and zinc oxides? Anyone who states they are a toxicologists, pharmacologists, physician knows what caused Morgellons and MRSA. It is now time to bring justice to all who suffered from these drugs, pesticides, and hospitals that are contamined with MRSA. It is time to ask the patient what did they use from pharmaceutical drugs to pesticides. Since nanotechnology has been being used without the public’s knowledge and that these agents are so small that they are getting in the atomosphere via the ventilation systems of these pharmceutical corps, especially those in countries that don’t regulate or knew to regulate. Norvartis own pharmaceutical corps in Puerto Ricos Bactorban ointment was contaminated with microorganisms and that was per the release of the Whistleblower winning her lawsuit against the corporation. I was given Bactorban in the early 2000’s to treat the adverse skin reaction to Renova, and no one everyone warned me that it may have been involved in the contamination of this factory. The FDA knows every prescription filled by a patient as it is regulated and why we are given a script to be filled by the pharmacy, and if there is one reaction that a patient has, the FDA should be notifying every patient, the FDA should be mandating that every adverse known event should be put in the physician and patient pamphlets and every known monitoring tests should be listed and that is stated in the 21 CFR 201.57, and it was not stated on Renova 0.05% and that falls under mislabeling and misbranding a product and I have notified all that I could notify about this and it is a crime and I want criminal charges filed against Johnson and Johnson and all that covered it up and left me to suffer for a decade. Let this be public notice of this, since lawyers and govt officials allowed me to suffer for so long, and if they allowed me to suffer they allowed others. Per above patents in blogs listed above it is apparant that isotretinoin is being put in products and not being labeled and that violated the labeling of a product and that this agent is a teratogenic and that women are not being informed of the seriouness of the product they are using and per the Red Cross no person using isotretinoin or etreinate should donate blood as it could cause serious harm to the recipient. Both isotretinoin and etretinate are listed on the patent 4877805 and other patents I found. It is the 13-cis isomer that is toxic or the aspartic acid it secretes which is used in aspartame products that is known to cause retardation? Someone needs to answer these questions and those responsible need to be held accountable.

  138. Proteins fall under crystallography and use cryto codes. Crypto are secrete codes used in transcription of DNA agents such as retinoids that alter gene expression or otherwise known as altering genetics. Patents 20100128869, 20100088518, and 20080253557 will help you understand this. You need to educate yourself on encapsulation, entrappment of particles and molecules, molecular motors, tweezers, scissors, zipper protein from yeast, liposomes, asparome vesicles, gas vesicles, PEG liposome, self replicating and self assembling at nano level. Not one article have I found that states how these agents stop replicating, stop assembling into larger structures and how the your body will dispose of them or react to them. THey are using rubber agents to make belts just like when were a piece of machinery and these biologists and chemist think of the human body as a machine. Patent 6484103 crystal structures and how they are derived and used. Patent 20100016610 is frictionless molecular rotary motors using flagellars. Patents 4942125, 4777240, 7758858, 5906920,4981784, 5548063, 5290699, 20100047901, 4556518, 5844085, 5643567, 5728915, 44422005 will inform you of what is being put in your drugs, vaccines, cosmestics and pesticides, tumor drugs. You decide what they are doing to your body and your childs.

  139. Dr. Warren Heymann, dermatologist with Cooper Hospital and joint institution of RW Johnson, who refused to remove the lesions I wanted removed, decided to remove a halo freckle on my upper arm. Instead of waiting for a biopsy report he writes DOP on my medical notes that I requested from him and to Dr. Carolyn Kobelenza Bd certified at Univ of Penn, where Renova and Retina A patents and products were developed by Kligman. The biopsy report contained contained information that he never informed me of and meets the detailed documents of the NDA 19963 that retinoids cause aypia (precancerous), and there was a perivascular mononuclear infiltrates and retinoids are known to cause infiltrates. Signs of leukocytosis and he left me to suffer and not be informed. Yes, these type of doctors you don’t want to go to and are involved in a cover up and are literally murdering their patient. Dr. Robert Perin refused to do allergy tests as he is an allergist and I went there to see if I might be allergic to certain chemicals that were in Renova so that I would stay away from products that contain them. He nurse did a PFT test showing mild restrictive ventilator defect and Dr. Perin held the report in his hands and states he won’t do anymore tests on me and he did not want to be a witness in a lawsuit. No one stated lawsuit or any product, does that make him paranoid? I thought it was a citizen’s responsibility to testify when you know someone has been poisoned and by what and by whom. I guess doctors are exempt from being witnesses and murderers and possess a licensed to kill. So is the patient delusional or are physicians just really bad actors involved in a cruel and inhumane coverup? These type of physicians are destroying people’s lives deliberately and cruelly and labeling people and destroying their credibility and reputations. It is long overdue that these type of people are punished publicly and barred from every practicing medicine and the same with attorneys who knew a person was poisoned and left that person unrepresented and to suffer. No one is above the law. No one has the right to conceal evidence and deny a person the right to know what was done to them. No person should have to go through years of pain and suffering and having to research and print and write and beg for help. No researcher should be informing people to contact them and then not respond her help that person get the tests they need done. Picking and chosing who you will help is the same as discrimination.

  140. I have seen Dr. Gwen Scott talk of the term cloaking in her reports and in an interview on one of Staninger’s radio shows she is now doing. I informed them of cloaking in my research on chemicals. Benzyl alcohol, mineral oil and light wave make crystal structures and quartz invisible to the naked eye. Search benzyl alcohol and in the WIKIPEDIA it will lead you to links where benzyl alcohol is used to reconfigured nanowires that at nano level metal is transluscent and objects appear different. There are many cloaking patents from cloaking attennaes to cloaking transplant cells. Patent 6368612 Device for cloaking transplant cells and this patent informs you why as I have stated the immune rejections of transplanted allogeneic or xenogeneic tissue by transplant recipient. It will inform you of them using cytokines and Dr. Harvey has found high levels of cytokines in patients he did studies on. There is mention of a hollow fiber being used and hydrogel. Patent 7848026 Chirped Metamaterials, 7826504 Active terahertz metamaterial devices, 7795596 Cloaking Device Sytem, 5307162 Cloaking system using optoelectronically controlled camouflage and using photonics, Patent 7885952 Cloaked web pages, Patent 7604653 Selective Cloaking Circuit for use in radio frequency identification and method of cloaking RFID Tags. Many of these researchers have the photos of what these organism look like and they are not just bundles of fibers and wires. Microbial was used in these patents on retinoids/pesticides and they are one in the same and being used in drugs and in sprayed pesticides which anyone whose immune system is already fighting these nano particles and nano microbial agents via chemo drugs, retinoid therapy, thyroid, birth control or any drug using the superfamily of hormones and receptors are being double dosed with chemtrails or rather pesticides being sprayed as these agents are able to single one another. Rutgers has already proven the use of proteins from the jelly fish, bacterium, waxmoth and the yersinia pestis nematode in creating the transgenenic yersinia pestis nematode used as a pesticide released in Salem NJ and on golf courses. Many pesticides under the Federal agriculture patent websites show the use of microorganisms being used. No one to my knowledge is being tested for the transgenic nematode becoming a human pathogen and it does not make sense since Randy Gaughler who released stated he doesn’t think it would be an environomental issue. He doesn’t think doesn’t mean it can’t happen and preparation for that should have been in placed and microssusceptibility testing done. If a doctor is frustrated and don’t understand what is occurring to the patient then instead of writing a script for antidepressants and antipyschotic drugs and do physical lab tests to find out. In my research I found hundreds to thousands of diseases that have been diagnosed and their symptoms are so similiar to mine and others, yet we are not given physical tests and as a cancer patient that should have been done. The dermatologist associated with RW Johnson Research (which I found out later they were connected) refused to take a biopsy of the lesion on my forehead and the one strange structure in the center of the collar bone (the area where you see trachs placed) and where I feel I am being strangled by nylon and wires which show in samples set to others who have photographed them under a microscope. Bacteriorhodopsin is a protein crystal structure and it spins and a sketch diagram on a nanotechnology website that I found showed the figure of a head and neck and the 13-cis retinal and the flagellar going from the center of the head and down and around. This was deleted from the internet, but not before I printed it and scanned it. The photos of the rhodopsin heads and their strands or known as tails has also been removed. Go to bacteriorhodopsin images and you will see how this microbial is being used. Do to the mutagenic chemicals and oxidation it is growing and it can be photographed as cameras can see into the invisible light. Nano technology is about self assembling and self replicating and this nano made organisms self replicates and folds onto the wires that it binds to. This organisms shows as glowing white agents with wings in photos of many people, yet no one really examines photos they just briefly and move one and their eyes don’t study what it is seeing. Cameras see into the invisible light and see this. Gwen Simmons (Sunny), Dr. Staninger, Randy Wymore and all physicians and others have the photo of the organism that lives in gases. Remember retinoids are about regulating limbs, wings, eyes, bones, color of feathers and they are used in the start of life so what did they create? Take photos of yourself. Lay on a bed and hold camera at your chin facing towards your forehead, hold camera above your head around the crown and take photos from behind you, take photos standing in front of a mirror. A professional photographer states to put the negatives on an overhead projector and it will show what is on you and then he stated it not good to open a blind man’s eyes. They know about photo chemicals and photogenetic agents and they know what the negatives show as xrays and catscans show this the physicians are refusing to address it. If you have catscans and xrays taken get the origingal copies of them.

  141. Review pubmed William T Harvey “Morgellons disease, illuminating and undefined illness: a case series” July 1, 2009. It will inform you of high cytokines and patent 598356 will inform you of using cystein knots to form “disulfide seatbelts”. “Glycoprotein Hormone Assembly in Endoplasmic, Johnson and Johnson, Rutgers and UMD-NJ publications will inform you of them using these agents and how they assembly. Patent 20060177894 informs you how they create “protein knobs” which I drew back in 2001 for a dermatologist long before knowning anything about retinoids, nanotechnology, protein robotics. It is not hallucinations as the 13-cis isomer illuminates and the victim can see what surrounds them, it occurs when the bacteria becomes excited and eject protons that use photons to convert to energy. All patents investigated speaks of spheres, nano needles, flakes, prisms, platelets (to look like blood platelets to trick the immune system as nanotechnology is about putting nano particles in the human body in hopes that the immune system won’t see them and reject them but it didn’t work and the immune system is fighting the invaders). Time to end the game and give people the answers to who the inventors and manufactuers all of these pesticides and retinoid and other drugs using these agents and time to take them off the market and spend govt funding on fixing the problem they caused by fundin these universities and pharmaceutical corps. It is well past time. Nano carbon tubes are spinning and growing towards the light as are the plant cells used in these products and crystal proteins made syntheitically. Cameras, xrays and catscans, and electron microscopes show these agents so stop stating these people are DOP and state they were poisoned and work on getting the poisons out. EDTA is used in Renova and Kandy speaks of this and this agent is also used as a film developing agent and you can look up Kodak and other film agents. Many of the agents used in Renova are using in film and film developing and they are using microbial agents to produce biofilms used in optical recording mediums, which is what they are doing in these pesticides and retinoid products. Filming the produce of altering genetics.

  142. Kandy is informing us that hexane is being found and cyclohexane was used in patent 4877805 and other Kligman patents on retinoids. She is stating that they are using cagelike pesticides. One such agents is furanoid and per the NDA 19963 was used in Renova 0.05% and per research makes the birdlike cage and half cage. Why are they encaging humans? Why is no one looking into retioid drugs that contain all of these chemicals that were not to be used on humans. Staninger, Wymore, Keck, Rutgers and others all have the samples and knew nanotechnology using molecular proteins and electrical intelligence was in this cream that was approved around the same time line as Morgellons, Hepatitis B epidemic, and MRSA and Epstein Barr began to emerge. It is not just chemtrails and if it was the DOE g1 research is involved in those tests and it is publicized on the internet, these agents are signalling agents and that is per environmentalist who fear of these agents being sprayed on our food and animals feeding on these sprayed fields. Getting doubled doust are those who have used retinoid products and drugs containing these agents that send signals to the brain and if they can send signals they can receive signals.

  143. A Website of shame needs to be built and dedicated to the names of who invented, manufactured, apporoved, marketed (that include salesman and women who have to know what is in prescription drugs and all side events, physiicians who prescribe and give out free samples must know what is in a drug and all side effects and severe adverse reactions, how to treat the patient for all-trans-retinoic-acid syndrome, leukocytosis (chemical leukemia caused by chemicas such as benzene, retinoids as they contain benzene as tetrahydronaphtalene contains benzene as is a pesticide and why would a drug that goes on a woman’s face, near her respiratory system, eyes, and digestive system via lips to tongue to throat to respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts. Retinoids are the biological derivative of Vitamin A, and biological means life and therefore this would involve microorganisms contained in Vitamin A. They will tell you that your body has phosphorous in it and has iron and other minerals and therefore it is okay to take products that contain these including vitamin supplements. Your body contains the essentials it needs any more would be toxic, and in the US there is no vitamin deficiency. Vitamins come naturally via your fruits, vegetables and natual foods. Well our food is being heavily contaminated with pesticides as well as our water supply. Frogs are being borned deformed do to retinoids and ttnpb and pcbs found in the lakes of Michigan. Robert F Kennedy Jr., is an advocate for riverwatchdog and has a protest rallies, he is against vaccinations and as spoken publicly on this. I am a woman who was in the age group receiving the oral polio vaccine that was contaminated with cancer causing sv40 from the rheus monkey’s kidney cells. Why and how would a mouse’s kidney cells needed to be used in a polio vaccine? Who comes up with these DNA test assays, genetic assays, microbesusceptibility tests which I have never been given to even know if my body is producing these micoorganims that were put in Renova a biological prescription FDA approved cream. Which means as citizen I am suppose to believe my doctor when he states it is safe and uses it himself, as Dr. Doris Day states on an Oprah Winfrey website that Oprah Winfrey is endorcing. It is fair to Opray Winfrey that you never informed her of the serious consequences that these retinoid products cause to a women’s health, to her unborn child and his unborn child. These agents alter genetics. Do they alter genetics to the ecoli that is used, do they alter genetics using a monkey’s DNA, or a rat, or a mouse or any other living organisms used to create this drug. These proteins that retinoids are and most vaccines and drugs use secrete toxins that are toxic for the human body, metals that are too toxic for the human boy, arsenic, tritum a nuclear agent used in this cream and how many others. Do they alter your hair genetics to that of the flagellin and cilia the hairlike organelles being used? Will your child or his child have a rat’s tail, or monkey ears, or a cat’s claw. They use k9s, rabbits, mice, rats and antying they can come up with that breaths to experiment their toxic gases on human beings. WWII people were gases in large structured buildings now they have it down to a nano science. They can make bio weapons at nano scale and the patents are out there by their inventors. The supernatural war of not being able to see your enemy. To be able to destroy them a the flick of a switch by using frequencies of light wave and sound waves at nano level. These patents will show you the DNA codes that are encoded in these molecular motor proteins, that they tell you is for bone, vision, hair and color. They don’t inform you that VItamin A is toxic and was not to be used on humans. It is pretty clear and simple to understand not to be used on humans. Yet, no one in the public eye is having a problems with this. I am a mother who children had vaccines mandated. They were once happy children and then they were having a hard time concentrating, comprehending and getting yelled out for misbehaving because they were lost do to being poisoned by these metals and toxins put in vaccines, yet who do I and my family go to as we have been banned from justice in any matter and that was stated by one attorney in a letter that he firm won’t represent me in any matter. I find it pretty serious that attorneys and judges knew the severity of these drugs just by representing drug injury clients that you have stated you won cases for. You then knew what these chemicals in this drug could do to a person’s health and you allowed them to be on the market to cause to another person and then you will only pick and chose who you will represent, don’t want a client that knows too much. If Accutanue pills were causing health issue, it is not the pill that causes the health issues it is what is in the pill and that is fungus, bacteria, pripionic acid is what a pimple’s secretion is and that is sick, these acids come from the intestines that acid is used to digest food, so why are they putting that on skin? Why are they using heavy metals when Dr. Robert Nash stated metals in medicine are causing severe health issues such as alzeheimers, autism and behavior problems. Aluminum used as a adjuvant in vaccines and in drugs is knwon as a “rage meta”. How many young people are involved in violence, suicides,altercations? People are turning on one another out of frustration, stress, overburden of finances, loss of jobs, loss of homes, loss of families. Siblings are stealing inheritances away from their sisters and brothers. No one is caring about one another not really caring. Not one physician should have denied their patient the right to proper health care, testing, and diagnosing with correct diagnosis code. National Medicine Library states for poisonng not to write it as a diagnosis to state adverse reaction or side effect, never state poisoning and preventing the truth from being told that patient’s are being poisoned. By law that constitutes murder if the patient dies and if they are unfortunate to survive and live with life long pain and suffering that constitutes causing harm to a human being and knowning in advance your poisons would cause these health effects and that the “risks outweighed the bennefits” you have committed a crime. When you cover up for a physician who poisoned their patient and prescribed a known cancer causing agent on a person who is photosensitive which means they have had melanoma or skin cancer do to being sun sensitive they are not to be prescribed this cream. Dr. Booth Durham knew this very well and was my melanoma physician and where I was to have checkups every three months to six months and that has not been done since 4/1999. Proof they were not examing patients at all they were informed to stand back and try to make the patient believe it was their imagination. When neutrophils, easionophils and other blood work came back high and per the NDA retinoids effects those blood stem cells. Retinoids are stem cell cloning agents. In patents you will find that these codes are crypted and each letter is a compand program. These agents cause chromosone damage and not one DNA, genetic tests or any other tests were performed for cancer or disease. Glucose fasting was 128 sign of diabetes physician never informed me. Lab work came back Epstein Barr and here I am at his office for fatigue, stomach pain, migraines and head full of fluid and he states in his notes old mono virus. I never had mono or a mono test in my life and the lab tech states don’t assume it is an old or new virus the tests can’t tell treat patient for symptoms. Labs refused to do others tests that Staninger stated in a letter needed to be done, the physician has his own lab at the office but he refuses to use it to do the tests. Being denied the ability to a tube of cream analyzed by Rutgers, as a state citizen I am entitled to that priviledge and the cost is to be $35.00, I was denied. Other citizens state they go there all the time with whiskey bottles, pesticides, water samples etc and don’t have a problem having it analyze. These researchers have had my samples for six years and I was left to research and suffer to only find out in the end what was harming everyone and what could it be that we all might have in common. It is using a drug, product, pesticide, vaccine that contained biological microorganisms such as the ecoli, psuedomonas, staph aureus, fusarium, viruses and metals and aerogel. Furanoids are made from fusarium and are the sugar amino acids. Many researchers state stay away from sugars as it feeds this intelligent nano fungus such as Dr. Gwen Scott. Bothe Dr. Scott and Dr. Janet Starr Hull state stay away from aspartame products, why aspartame is derived from the bacteriorhodopsin and other microbial organisms. I am finding that 13-cis retinoic acid is in many patents and products and the public was not informed of its truth danger. David Banks of OSHI, women’s advocate site with the FDA, Donald Dobbs and the CDC knew of my adverse reaction and the FDA still approved Renova 0.02% a year after receiving my complaints and two years after Johnson and Johnson received my complaints. Per federal law Johnson and Johnson is suppose to report this adverse event and the FDA is suppose to post it on their adverse reaction logs. There is nothing that I could find on the adverse event site that had my reaction to this cream. That is a violation of federal laws and 21 CFR 201.57, yet no attorney will help me in filing charges. It is the criminal acts that have to be punished by these people. These drugs cause severe birth defects and I as a Mother had a right to know that and they cause impaired fertility which I had a right to know. I hear one woman state she is going to call Erin Brokevich’s law firm, go ahead I already tried and tried with that law firm. The same chrominium six her firm fought against is involved in the chemistry of these pesticides of tetrahydro . These chemicals are going from these manufacturer plants right into the water. The same toxic agents of the Gulf spill are in these products called drugs. I don’t get what an advocate is and what a drug injury definition is to these attorneys. One attorney saw me face to face with the blisters, chemical burns and rashes from these agents. Quarterminum -15 used in these drugs cause severe dermatitis, rahes and severe itching. Many of the metals and acids used in this product cause blisters, rash, itching, scaly, crusty skin and especially the eyes. These agents effect lips, eye and skin and respiratory tract and intestines. Yet, no one thought to help. Personally I don’t understand people saying they are one thing and turning out to be the complete opposite. Daniel Bellvaneeden (silentsuperbug) states new disease involves staph aureus, psendomonas, ecoli, yeast and fusarium all agent used in these drugs and cosmetics and all are pathogens and called by the health care profession as bugs and parasites that is what bacteria is called. Have you ever gone to a doctor back before Morgellons with aches and pains and cough and he say you got the “bug”. They can call things a bug but you can’t. These agents are traveling under and on the skin via DMSO and wires that self assemble (right their is artificial intelligence and they use chemicals called actuators. After reading about sv40 I left a week of blogs on the website of his stating Merck admits to contaminating the polio vaccine and I emailed him. He hasn’t responded, but his email address contained a peculiar title having the word tetra involved in it. One of the person’s receiving samples from me was Roy Keck and his email address had g1research in it. G1 research is a project by the DOE in analyzing nano particles and the atmosphere. Looks like the researcher like to collect data and not give answers. Who are they collecting the data for? Daniel Bellvaneeden states they are collecting data for the scientific community who created this. One works for a university that is creating nano technology and retinoid synthetic drugs and they are funded by these govt agencies and drug corps. One states they use to work for the govt and states nanotechnology is involved and all my research proves it is. You can not treat someone unless you have diagnosed them and you evidence for diagnosing them has to be substaniated with tests and what the tests show. Some researchers are not informing the patient/subject what they have found. Savely’s documentation states they will do biopsies that are for only research purpose and not diagnosing purpose. You are going to cut my skin and not tell me what you have found after putting under a microscope in a lab that does assay tests for biological, protein, metals. She doesn’t not take insurance either. Why are we paying for medical insurance when we can’t use it for our health issues no matter what the issue is or will expose? People are talking fast and forgetting that we are not stupid people and we have an intelligence about us and you just don’t cut someone and not inform them of your findings. You don’t tell a person who pays for medical coverage every week of my life that I would have to pay cash upfront and try to bill my carrier on my own. These are constitutional rights that are being violated by alot of people. A person’s health comes above all. The WHO organization states in their credo that ever citizen on this planet deserves good health. The inventors of these agents have a duty to come forward and state how to stop this and what this was really about.

  144. Why are blogs being deleted from people trying to inform people of who created this inhumane act? Why are only certain people being tested and others left to suffer. We only hear of a few names that Dr. Staninger speaks about. I see that there are 100000 reports world wide and that was posted a year ago. How many Morgellon Research Groups are there? What has Mary Leitao and Dr. Harvey research been about?

  145. I was informed by Karen Marsh, advocate for Randy Wymore and guest appearance on Rense, that Gwen Simmons (Sunny), Cindy Casey, Theresa Brown were using my research, photos and medical documents to start their own research, breaking away from Dr. Staninger. Gwen Simmons has been notified for five years to return my documents and has refused, and now I find this website and using the chemical compounds that I researched and were in Renova 0.05% and 0.02% as nanotechnology agents found in Cindy’s research. Staninger, Wymore and Casey all have my documents and all knew that at least in my case that my condition came from Renova 0.05%, developed by Prof Am Kligman (torturer of prisoners, the elderly and the mentally retarded children in institutions with harmful chemicals for the MKNAOMI Project and othe CIA and US Army projects) in making skin blistering agents and skin hardening agents. Proprionic acid and other acids involved in Renova as well as butadiene, cyclohexane, silicone and other agents are rubber hardening agents. Kligman’s report on “Isolation of Skin Sheets” will inform you how he used catharidin chemicals which the Spanish fly and Blister beetle far under and are chemicals used to affect sex behavior per Wright’s Lab Air force base documentation on the internet under a Morgellon’s website. I would greatly appreciate Cindy Casey resolving results of all tests done on my samples that I need to bring to justice those who caused my health issues. Kligman developed at the Univer of Penn, sold the patent rights to Johnson and Johnson and who marketed it under Ortho Mcneill and the Univ of Penn who get s royalty rights for suing Johnson and Johnson and settle the case for royalty rights. I have notified the CA prop 65 agency of this product not being labeled and their documentations state that public advocates for the rights of people can only file suit, that astounds me since it is the citizen who suffered the pain and scarring and health issues and medical bills, how do they get compensated? Attorneys have these NDA’s and adverse reactions that people suffered and know how many suffered from these types of drugs such as Accutane, how does the citizen get compensated for their medical bills, pain, suffering and chronic health issues if attorneys refuse to help them? Who are the chosen patients to get help from these Morgellons Research groups who state contact them and then they never respond to you as in OSU? Staninger stated in her TDA that my health issues were from Renova and that cloning agents and viruses and nanotechnology were involved and she requested my samples and to this date I do not have the results of those tests. If everyone could just be honest and put end to this and use the proof given to them and the evidence given to them, people could go on with their lives and hold those responsible for doing this. Retinoids are a common thread used in many agents that people are not even aware of that they used and it is known also by Vitamin A used in your suntan lotions, hair products, shaving cream products and alpha hydroxy products, cosmetics. You might want to check your shampoos as silicone is being used in them and will cause silicosis of the lungs. This is what Jan Smith and I were both diagnosed with by Dr. Staninger as for me it was in Renova. I have printed and copied this blog site in case the web manager wants to prevent the truth as others have deleted my messages. Pieces of biolog on line are still out there to prove that I was on that website as msc in trying to find others who suffer what I suffer from when I found out about Morgellons and Theresa Brown had contacted via biology on line and introduced me to Karen Marsh and Gwen (Sunny) Simmons. They spent daily phone calls with me for a year then started problems for Andy Coyle and me. I was in contact with Gina Thompson via Karen Marsh, who put me in contact with Dr. Michael Castle, polymer chemist. Retinoids are polypeptide polymers. All had the opportunity to help me and had they helped me they would have help many others who had used these types of products. Cong Stupak was given my information and his son killed himself while on Accutane. These agents will cause suicide tendencies and depression, joint pain, migraines, bone pain and bone fractures, myocardial infarctions, respiratory complications, intestinal complications, sinus, severe burning of the skin as phosphorous compounds burn the skin, epstein barr virus, hepatitis, kidney problems, leukocytosis, Keratitis and vision disorders. These agents slit the membrane especially the eyelids and allow harmful UV rays to enter and burn the cornea as they are phototoxic agents. I am printing this out and scanning before it is deleted. Anyone who wants to know about patents on nanotechnology I would be glad to inform you and of what these chemicals do and who is inventing them and who the patents are assigned to. They are the ones who need to be held accountable and who need to reverse what they caused to us.

  146. Ask Yusef Anthony and other prisoners at Holmesbur Prison who were tested by AM Kligman, Johnson and Johnson, DOW, DUPONT and others what their symptoms are? Prisoners are the ones who are tested first by these madmen scientists. In several articles I seen by Kandy, she speaks of patients feeling like they are strangling, yes they are with nylon and zinc oxide wires that self assemble are looped like a hangmans rope loop. EDTA is anothoer chemical she speaks about and is another chemical as well as nylon found in Kligman’s patents used in Renova 0.05% and 0.02%. These structures have been photographed and show on cat scans and have been given to Dr. Staninger, whose four page letter promises she will help me and still I suffer and have not been the lab analysis. Randy Wymore has received four packages and refuses to analyze them as my samples of the same strange occurences felt by others came after using this cream that causes the same symptoms the Morgellons sufferers feel, and brings you to one of the many corps. who are developing nanotechnology and retinoids are at nano level. The use of tetrahydronaphtalene was used alot in this cream in many chemical structures and is another chemical compound that Kandy speaks about in publications. Retinoids are organelles and they use hairlike organelles known as flagellar and cilia, the flagellar is “whiplike” and uses the tail to grasp and pull. You can take these structures and smear them on glass and see clear transluscent letters appear. DNA are structures that letters are assigned to and where these scientists use microorganisms cloned to splice and slice DNA. DMSO is used to partition the skin to allow entry of these particles. Butadiene makes the crown points and they are using the crown of the head to screw these transluscent structures into the skull and using the hair follicles to transport these agents. Staninger knew this by my blogs I put out on Biology on line six years ago under msc and justicequeen and other blogs when I was blogged out. Her advocates contacted me and wanted my research and samples and she did a TDA report on me and stated that the cream involved nanotechnology and cloned microorganisms. TTNPB is an engineered hepatitis B virus and viruses are used in nanotechnology to create nano wires as well as zinc oxides that will be transluscent. Cloaking agents used are benzyl alcohol, mineral oil and lighwaves that makes these crystal protein robotics invisible to the naked eye. These researchers have one such manufacturer in this country doing this but ignore my pleas for help to do all tests necessary and they in essence are leaving me to be strangled and suffer. Rutgers was given my samples by an exterminator and then they requested new samples and then stated they can’t test it when they have all the equipment in the world to do so, as they are a leader in nanotechnology and bioengineered tissue and protein robotics,but they are a joint institution of RW Johnson and UMD-NJ and they are not going to ruin their funding they get from Johnson and Johnson nor release detrimental information about their partner nor their institution who are being paid by NASA, DOE, NIH and others. Read THE CANDIDATE on the internet and will inform you who is involved in this project at Rutgers on bio engineered tissue using carbon nano tubes, microorganisms like the ecoli and organelles, beaded magnetic necklace, actin and other biological agents and electroyltes and metals. It is not that hard and if all researchers have the information about analyzed on chemicals and Renova has the same chemicals and the patient suffers the same side adverse effects, wouldn’t it be a good idea to investigate the cream and person suffering? Yet, they ignore her pleas and her vital evidence to be analyzed. Cancer research has been going on for a century, will it be cured, not as long as donations keep them in business and the CEO’s and others are making a living of these funds.

  147. Salk Institute created the polio vaccine and this vaccine was contaminated with the sv40 simian virus, that was supposedly banned from being used in 1963, after it was proven to cause mesothelioma. Ronald Evans from Salk Institute has patents using retinoids from various species of life forms in these patents as retinoid insect receptors. Patent 5071773 he uses the drosphila melanogaster, which is the fruitfly. We see in August how fruitflies multiply on fruits in supermarkets and fruit stands. Using retinoids made synthethically and naturally from other species carries the DNA in these proteins of that species and one molecules will form new life. The sv40 simian virus may have been banned on paperwork but not in theory. Patent 4981784, Salk Institute, Ron Evans and 5071773 and 5548063 Regents of Michigan are using these monkey kidney cells in their patents and Unilever is using the green monkey cells in their patent for retinoids. Retinoids are crystalline and the bacteriorhodopsin 13-cis isomer is a natural crystal protein found in nature and used in optical patents as in lasik patents and in photonic crystal patents like 7277614 nano imprinted photonic crystal waveguide rods of retinal. Patent 7097718 is a self assemble patent. Retinoids effect the cytochrome P450 reductase. Research patent 7083958 and 7691414 you will see how they make “HDL disks” at nano level. You will find the terms “protein folds” , belt, nanoscale structures, tetrameric species and PUBMED PMID 17388356 will further inform you of this chemistry. Retinoids are stereisomers, geometrics and terpene chemistry. You will see in the National Medicine Library that retinoids are four enjoined heads and tails. If God wanted monkey cells in humans he would have put them there. If God wanted plant cells to grow from the human body he would have put them there. These biological living microbial agents that are known as organelles are used to regulate bone, skin, vision, hair, limbs and in plants are used for the purpose of growing leaves, the color of plants and the purpose of that plants life, in rats in used for developing of tails, limbs, ears etc. of that specie. Mixing species of bacteria retinoids, fungus, yeast, plants, rats, mice, and monkeys into the human DNA will cause mutations and diseases and viruses of that species into the human body. Using chemicals like tetrahydronapthalene and methylene and ethylene, PEG and other toxic chemicals will cause new cancers and health issues. TOCRIS Bioscience states that all trans retinoic acid causes hallucinations, bone disorders, heart disorders, migraines, teratogenic and mutagenic and it is not to be used on humans. All trans retinoic acid is tretinoin. I have found many patents using isotretinoin and this is a serious potent teratogenic and causes Crohns and bones disorders, migraines, intracranieal fluid and hallucinations. Tetrahydro chemistry is used to mimin seratonin and these agents are causing people not to be able to sleep, depression, appetite disorder and many other complications. Yet, this has been allowed to occur and poison people. DOE G1Research uses the G1 aircraft to spray chem trails to analyze how the atmosphere handles nano particles, barium and other agents. There are publications on the internet to inform you. Roy Keck from Washington pretended to be a victim of Morgellons and was asking people for samples to send him. His email was g1research and after investigating his email I found it was a DOE project. Watch who you trust as many of these people are gathering data not for your good but for these projects.

  148. To learn about retinoid history see pdf “A Transcriptional basis for physiology”, Ron Evans. This will give you a background on how these toxic agents were developed. You will see the drosphila (fruitfly) being used in this chemistry. I saw an article by Hank Albarelli on linking the CIA MKULTRA project to Morgellons disease. In this article a woman named Barb Metcalf speaks of larvae and spewing bugs from her mouth. Well they are using insects and another insect known as an anthropod is aphids from the galls of insects call octatreinoic acid. AM Kligman was the developer of Retin A and worked at Holmesburg Prison for the CIA and US Army on the MKNAOMI projects. Patent 5641652 Insect Retinoid like receptors and Method and you will see the ecoli and other living organims. Retinoids belong to the superfamily of hormone receptors. Patent 7276088, is Duponts hair dye using carbon nano tubes. You will see that they are in forms of spheres, needles, flakes, platelets (shaped like blood platelets), tubes, fibers, cubes, prisms or may have irregular forms. These agents are expandable do to elasters and the use of heavy metals of gold, tunsten (fibers), palladium, platinum, cadminum and selenium, silicon and titanium. All agents that Dr. Staninger found and reported in her reports. Patent 20100003329 is biological adesives using chromosones, mitchondria, chloroplasts, organelles (etretinate main componenet is organelles per drugbank), golgi apparatus. Patent 3301848, Pillsbury Co and US Army is mentioned with the assignee using microbial to make polysaccharides. Dr. Pillsbury worked with Kligman at Holmesburg and was the person to have the FDA reinstate Kligman after he was banned from experiments on humans. Patent 3906108 is Johnson and Johnson using xanthomonas to make xanthum gum. Patent 5923046 will inform what quantum dots are. In researching tetrahydronapthalene that was used in retinoid products I found it is a pesticide and patent 5637738, 5594034, 5455265, 3856875, 4880941, 6133240 will inform you of microorganisms and these toxic benzene agents being used in retinoid/pesticide patents. Patent 5962534 will inform you of them mimicking the seratonin which regulates sleep, memory, appetite, anxiety, depression and hallugenic. Were they trying to cure you or were they controlling you and yours moods, your eating habits and sleep habits. They know every neurotransmitter and receptor in your body and what makes you function and what chemicals are addicting to you receptors. Using electronical chemicals, microbial and toxic gases in and on your body is what these patents are about they will have life long adverse reactions, alter genetics, and cause mutations. Read and beware and do not trust until you researched and decide whether the risks outweigh the benefits. It is your life, your property and your right to know.

  149. For some reason our researchers don’t want to acknowledge the truth about what is being put in our prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, hair dyes, hair loss products and cosmetics. From years of extensive research on a retinoid cream I used known as Renova 0.05% Tretinoin, I have gather so much information about microorganisms being put in these drugs and cosmetic agents. That these microoroganisms fall under nanobiotechnology and are being misused by scientists and biologists. Review Loreal patent 4820512 developed for hair loss and you will see that magnitude of micoorganisms being used in just this one patent. I want to let you all know up front that retinoids cause severe itching and why become they are proteins that secrete toxic endotoxins and mycotoxins and they are known as organelles that come from plants, bacteria, fungus, yeast, and the intestines of humans and animals. They are called oleic acid, retinoic acid, all trans retinoic acid, isotretinoin, etretinate, palmitate, caprylic acid and many other names known by their manufacturers. This Loreal patent and Loreal’s other patent 5192534 clearly states it uses tretinoin, isotretinoin, 13-cis. Patent 4820512 will clearly inform you of them using bacterium (bacteria) from xanthomonas campesti purchased from Kelco and is in Renova 0.05% manufactured by Johnson and Johnson. They used pseudomonas ATCCC31644 accession number, S-38 Alcaliecenes and many other bacteriums to create this hair loss product. One major factor forgotten is that retinoids cause hair loss, so why are they using numerous retinoids and one retinoid is toxic alone combining them is a toxic cocktail. The patent uses the term heterobiopolysaccharides. It further goes on to state the use of yeast, fungus, bacteria, fungi and refers to a European patent DE-A-3224547. It speaks of cellulose purchased from Union Carbide Cello-108E. These microbial agents are being used with metals and metals like platinum will cause pseudomonas to grow and is stated civil suits against DOW Corning for using platinum as the catalyst in their liquid silicone implants. They are using metals that self assemble and long chain fatty acids that these microbial agent bind to. It has been known by ICTA that antiaging creams and lotions have carbon nano tubes in them and these carbon nano tubes have caused mesothelioma in rats. Yet, they were allowed to use them on women’s faces. Researcher Dr. Gwen Scott state she has found an intelligent fungus is samples she has had analyzed. The bacteriorhodopsin is bacteria and fungus and is known as “purple membrane” and “smart dust”. It is used as a biochip in drug patents and as an optical recording medium in other defense patents in developing halograms. Per the National Medical Library isotretinoin is 13-cis isomer and zinc salts. Per the Protein Data Bank the 13-cis isomer is the bacteriorhopsin, which is the only natural crystal protein. We all thought that Accutane isotretinoin was an oral pill taken for acne. No, apparantly it is not and is being used in many retinoid products and hair loss products and antiaging creams. Accutane is a serious and potent teratogenic (means it causes severe birth defects) and depression, bone loss, Crohns, migraines, and many health issues. This bacteria/fungus retinoid is being used in products that are not labeling on their package that this poisonous compound is being used in the product. Retinoids cause severe craniofacial deformities such as cleft palate. Accutane is stated in patent 4877805 used in making Renova 0.05% and 0.02% and not listed on the physician nor patient inserts. It is used in many of Prof AM Kligman’s patent including one for cellulitis. These micororganism use arsenic, which cause severe itching, rashes, white spots on the nails, severe gastrointestinal problems. The iron oxides are pigments and they emit arsenic The misuse of microbial in our products are causing our health issues. Unless you keep every box and pamphlet of a product or drug you used you would never be able to tract where your health condition came from. Patent numbers are usually on the package or on the insert. Look up the patents and research every chemical involved in that drug or product. Before you take any prescriptions or vaccines ask your physician for the patent information and research first. Dermatologists are the ones prescribing retinoids and hair loss products as well as the manufacturers on over the counter products. A dermatologist is not going to help you find out what caused your health issues that they, especially, prescribed to you. Their colleagues are not going to help you as they won’t help you in filing malpractice against their colleague or a pharmaceutical corps. Very few people are being represented by attorneys in drug injuries and the rest are left to suffer in silence. That is a crime in itself. I request via the FOIA of information act the NDA (new drug application) on Renova 0.05% it took months to get the information and it was missing the information I needed when this product was revised in 1998 – 2000 to include a toxic retinoid patent 4877805, that included many retinoids and an engineered hepatitis B vaccine. The NDA stated that Johnson and Johnson used pseudomonas aeruginoa and staphyloccus aureus in this cream and furanoid which is derived from fusarium. MesH medical website states proteins are poisons and they secrete endotoxins and mycotoxins. Go to free patents and use retinoid as your search and you will find how many corporation are using them in their patents from pesticides to cancer treatment to hair dyes to antiaging. It is a billion dollar market. Vaccines contain ecoli, yeast and fungus. They are using microorganisms as drug delivery agents that travel under your skin. They use DMSO to penetrate the skin and allow these microorganisms, nano wires and tubes, crystal, nano pellets of barium and gases. All knew what was going on and allowed you to think you were crazy and delusional. That is so said. Aluminum used in these vaccines and retinoid and other drugs cause alzeheimers, autism, behavior problems, short term memory loss, gastrointestinal problems and fecal impactions and obstructions in the intestion. These aluminum phosphates and hydroxides are used as adjuvants. Go to the pharmacopeia website and in the search call up aluminum phosphate and you will get a material safety data sheet informing you of adverse events it causes and it will state not to be used on humans. Call up tretinoin, etretinate, isotretinoin and you will see that they were not to be used on humans. TOCRIS, Bioscience has its own material safety data sheet on all trans retinoic acid and it states not to be used on humans, research only and that it is carcingenic and mutagenic and under Prop 65 any product containing this must be labeled as such. It will inform you of the adverse events as well as the Pharmacopeia, BIOMOL, Marligen and Sigma Aldrich. How are agents that are not to be used on humans being used on humans. Per the FOIA act a request is to be granted within twenty days and I am waiting over a year for that request I made. I asked for this information years ago from the FDA and from Johnson and Johnson, no one would investigate nor help me. Physicians looked the other way while I was suffering severe burns, blisters, sores, rashes, my eyes are on fire from the fumes of silicone, sulfur, butadiene, cyclohexane and other toxic gases used in this cream. No researcher is going to help you. Randy Wymore has had my samples for five years and still I suffer and had to do my own research to find out that this product was nothing but microbial and toxic gases. The other reason that physicians can pretend they don’t see this is what is known as cloaking, using mineral oil, benzyl alcohol and sunlight makes these crystal protein robotic agents invisibile to the naked eye. Benzyl alcohol is also used in reconfiguring nano wires. So, yes Kandy Griffin is correct on her transhumanism theory, as these agents are attached to wires, zirconium is a transitional metal used to create a battery in nano technology. Quatom dots are used as memory cells and are made of silicon. Electrolytes were used in Renova 0.05% per the NDA. I am trying to get as much information out to you as possiblem Go to free patents and use nano-getter, nano protein robots, ligands, 1-2,3,4-tetrahydropnapthlene and you review the patents out there. Go to view pdf and it will bring you to the orginal patent and where you can see drawings and photos of these agents they are putting in vaccines, drugs, pesticides and hair products. Vitamin A is very toxic and all vitamins are to be taken naturally via vegetables and fruits not supplements. Today my son said that someone from microsoft called and said that someone is trying to hack our computer. Last year someone did hack my computer and locked me out of my email while they sent emails to my contacts stating I was stuck in Europe and needed money. I have never left my state nor traveled. But no one from microsoft ever contacted me last year to state my computer was being hacked, so I don’t know what that is about, I just know that people need to know that they must research everything they use in and on their bodies. Isotretinoin is coming up in a lot of patents and it was not to be used on humans and Hoffman and LaRoche knew the toxicity of these manmade retinoid of bacteria and fungus. You will find in patents that they can create pseudomonas synthetically, bacteria synthetically and anything they want syntheitically. Retinoids are molecular motor proteins. EWG stated last year that they were being used in suntan lotions. Morgellons would be something caused to many of us that was similarly used that we would have in common. Because it is only at this time 100,000 give or take as we don’t have a true account and not everyone who would have use these products would know that they were effected. Ten percent of the population will have drug reactions or chemical reactions as they are known to be “hypersensitive” and pharmaceutical corps. are to black box this on their labels. Many want you to believe this is chemtrails, which to those who are hypersensitive chemtrails containing nanoparticles that are entering your body via DMSO used in drugs and over the counter products. DMSO was only approved to be used in one drug and that was for intersia cystitis and it is being misused and is a known carcingenic. In free patents call up vaccines and you will see the metals beings used and metals are toxic to the central nervous system. Per TOCRIS all trans retinoic acid causes hallucinations. While researching I came across patent 4981784, Salk Institute, Ronald Evans (you can find his pdf publication on Retinoid History) Retinoic Acid Receptor and Method. In this patent he is using the luciferase from the firely, COS -monkey kidney cell, MMTV-mouse mammilian tumor virus, CV-1 mouse kidney cell and the sv the simian virus. I looked up simian virus which to my astoundment brought me to the polio vaccine being contaminated with the simian sv40 virus that came from the rheus monkey and is now causing mesothelioma of the lungs on the “babyboomers”. I found patents using it on cancer such as patent 5548063. Patent 5290699 will inform you that aspartame is derived from the bacteriorhodopsin and it is known to cause brain tumors. Patent 4556518 13-cis retinoic preparation will inform you of the toxic compounds used making this. http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/17954 will inform you of the frogs being deformed in the Michigan Lakes due to retinoids and TTNPB. TTNPB is an engineered hepatitis B virus and it was used in Renova 0.05% . Dr . Fred Kauffman of Rutgers pathology dept. own publication states this is 1000 more toxic that all trans retinoic acid at nanomolar. You see all of these compounds are used at nanomolar and per Dr. Staninger’s own interviews no lab or doctor does lab request at nanomolar. As long as they can get away with not testing you you will never known what is causing your health issues. 21 crf 201.57 states that pharmaceutical corps on biological drugs are to list monitoring microbesusceptability tests and that is not being done. The law clearly states how products are to be labeled with ingredients to adverse events to radioactive agents. Photons and ligands used in retinoid therapy are radioactive agents and are to be listed and are not being listed. It is also suppose to be inform to the patient if the risks outweigh the benefits it should be presecribed to you and physicians and pharmaceutical corps are not informing you of the risks. The risks outweigh the benefits. Vaccines involve the ecoli, yeast and fungus and aluminum phosphate and hydroxides and will cause harm to your child. Aspartame causes retardation. Look on the back of Stride chewing gum and you will see in white letters that the gums involves an agent that causes PKU. Do you think a child would know what that meant and the word “warning” is not even listed. I have contacted the FDA for help on many occasions and I am astonished of their neglect to get involved and help. Our tax dollars pay their salaries and they are suppose to protect our lives and to make sure drugs are safe and effective. Once you get involved in finding out what nanotechnology and nano protein robotics are about and why these compounds of toxic poison are being put in drugs you will see what they really are doing. All involved in developing and marketing and selling Renova 0.05% were the ones involved in the Holmesburg Prison experiments for the CIA and US Army for MKNAOMI and other projects. Projects now going on are the Genome Project and Protein Folding projects and these retinoids are folding proteins. I am truly sorry for all those suffering. I pray that a biologist of ethics comes forward and ends this nightmare for all. I pray that physicians wake up with a conscience and remember their oath “not to inflict harm”.

    • Brilliant. Sometimes I think there is an X-factor, possibly some intervention not of this world, perhaps a dark kind of bi-engineering. They look like us, but are not. We could never do this. This is Agenda 21.

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