Morgellons: A New Life Form, A Bio-engineered Nano-machine, What is It?

by Kathryn A. Augustyn


These images, by Robin Laws, are from a Morgellons sufferer called, “Arni”. They consist of one or more of the stages of growth of organic egg pods, cocoons, filamentous fibers, mycelia forms, electrical pods, podia feet, charged/lit particles inside soft body matter, rhomboids, nano-wires with particle or lithium battery and more.

Please help us identify these particles, granules, filamentous fibers, organisms, and the light, electromagnetic or microwave frequency sources from which lighted particles garners its energy. These are not true electrolytes, actin, intermediate filaments or microtubules (true sparks and filaments) normally found in our cells. Are these organic only, organic and inorganic, or totally inorganic elements? It will take a brave soul to come out and inform the public of what these are. We believe that you are out there and that you have the resources and the knowledge to inform of us of the nature of these artifacts.

The Bringer of Light


More Morgellons photos from Robin Laws and Arni

I believe these are Progeny Cells (stem cells), Protocells  or Nano Stem Cells, forming structured bio-nano-machines. We are now experiencing nano-geoengineering. More information will be forthcoming describing the nano-machines. Can we fight against them? What can we do to prevent this Absolute Control, when the Smart Grid takes over the entire Earth’s Electrical Grid? How can we reach the Intergalactic Electric Universe Elements? Can they save us? Will this Electrical Magnetic Smart Grid overpower any attempt we make to reach beyond this veil of the Nano-technology Smart Grid that operates above us, ensuring a veil to prevent the particles descension. Can we change the frequencies? I believe these are now in the secondary system controlling our DNA and RNA.

If we can envision a secondary system which controls the reading of our DNA by the so-called Synthetic Smart RNA replicators, nano-particles and nano-wires, can we envision the library and the pages turning in our lives? Some are having dreams of computer pages turning in their brains, as if a thought can collect a web page. Is this the message we are receiving from a Higher source or is it from the Smart Grid? Can we overcome these artificial synthetic strands that control the expression of our DNA, chromosomes and histones, our thoughts, and our very cells? Can we switch off the frequencies? If it is a secondary system, how can we short-circuit it?

These are things to think about as this nano-technology takes over our natural bodies, and controls what our native DNA does. You will be doctored remotely. Lasers in outer space, controlled by computers on the ground, can see into your cells. Craig Venter brags of being “able to read your DNA”. That is what these do: read our DNA, our minds, our souls. Since substance P cannot be identified or described accurately (and possibly deliberately) so that you cannot understand what it is, could it be then truly the matter of our very souls? Whatever happens, I believe that the spirit within us will survive. It leaves an imprint, as does the soul. We are electrical first! Will the Electric Universe provide us with enough ammunition to quell the artificial, synthetic and non-human bots that journey through our bodies? Welcome to the New World and the War on the “Principalities of the Air”!


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