Military Dermatology


” Diseases of the skin … are generally regarded as lesser maladies, that is to say, conditions which as a rule neither threaten life nor seriously impair health. For the individual this is true, but in the case of an army the collective results of such minor affections may become of high importance because, for military purposes, a man incapacitated for duty is a loss to the fighting force whatever the extent or cause of his personal disability.”   —Major-General Sir W. G. Macpherson, K.C.M.G., C.B., L.L.D.


This World War II scene painted by Franklin Botts, titled “Jungle — Ally of the Enemy“, exemplifies Major General Sir W. G. Macpherson’s insight regarding the profound toll that dermatologic problems can take during wartime:


“Historically, diseases of the skin have not been accorded the concern they deserve.This fact may result from the low mortality generally associated with skin disorders .The high morbidity rates and the noneffectiveness rates, however, demand critical attention to the skin… The noneffectiveness rates must be calculated at the dispensary and sick-call level, where nonduty days caused by dermatologic disorders are a considerable source of manpower loss.” (See: http://www.scribd.com/doc/30071246/Military-Dermatology


If  Dermatology experts are needed in war. They are also needed in the civilian population.  Weapons of Mass Infection are used in war, so all soldiers are exposed to them.   But when they are used as genocidal operations, then one must become aware of the damage they can do.   This would include any mainland, including the USA.  These type bioweapons were sold to countries we are now destroying.  WNV is linked to Plum Island, Lymes, ticks microfilaria, genetically modified insects.  This is why many Morgellon sufferers have insect body parts infiltrated into the new formed morphed protozoans including the spirochaete, fungi, and other basic building seedpods or created evolutionary new species from the new “eukaryotic cell that holds the proteins from Archaeans as well.  The 3 Kingdoms in One.


It is true bugs that can vector these to humans:


………”True Bugs

The order Hemiptera contains the true bugs, twoof which commonly bite humans: the bedbug andthe kissing bug. The bedbug,
Cimex lectularius,
is aworldwide parasite that feeds nocturnally on hu-man blood.
It is a flat, oval, reddish brown insect that varies in length from 3 to 6 mm (Figure 8-5). Apair of mandibular stylets are used to pierce the skin, and a salivary anticoagulant is injected into the wound prior to the blood meal. The bedbug lives within crevices found in walls, floors, and furniture and can be detected by a characteristic pungent odor. The adult can survive more than a year without feeding and travels well in baggage. The initial bite is painless and the first manifestation may be the discovery of blood-stained bed
 Military Dermatology
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Fig. 8-5.
The bedbug,
Cimex lectularius
 , is reddish brown and ranges in length from 3 to 6 mm. ………
agent of Chagas’ disease (discussed in Chapter 12,Tropical Parasitic Infections). Treatment of the bite includes topical corticosteroids, systemic antihistamines, and antibiotics if secondarily infected………”
……………..”that trans-mission of hepatitis B, Rickettsia , and Leishmania by these bugs is possible.”…………….
Huge Data Base Reference:

Once we Morgies have suffered enough, we do see the answers in the “blood and flesh”. But, we have to be able to see before this blinds us. When it moves into the face it can blind, and into the brain, Alzheimers shows its ugly face. Amyloids could simply be dying microfilaria and/or the progeny Homebox genes that created this nanoseedbot which can consist of organic, inorganic with charged filaments. The Super Soldier skin material used as Supermolecular shields fits in here somewhere as well.

This could be the source: but the proof will be in plaque, since that is what is present, along with spirochaetes, mycelia, bug parts, and the missing information:  and many questions regarding the Military, Plum Island, Ft. Detrick and other areas of interest.



“Given the manner in which Lyme disease broke out and the deadly manner in which it has been intentionally mismanaged ever since, hard questions must be asked:

When Burgdorfer was developing techniques to artificially expand the host-range of Borrelias to new tick species, and then to lab animals, was he in fact conducting biological warfare research at the Rocky Mountain Laboratory?

  • Did this research feed in to the tick research that was conducted at Plum Island Animal Disease Center, the outdoor biowar test facility for such insect vectors? And was Plum Island,the outdoor test facility for Fort Detrick, the center of the U.S. biological warfare effort?
  • Was the causative agent of Lyme disease later “discovered” by a military epidemiologist as part of a suspected public relations/containment effort to control information about the burgeoning epidemic and its ties to the military?
  • Did this effort surrounding the so-called “natural” outbreak of a zoonotic agent lead to an experimental vaccine effort (orchestrated by CDC/EIS biowarfare agents) similar to that which happened in Egypt, when human vaccine experiments were conducted after the “natural” outbreak of Rift Valley fever virus, an outbreak that occurred in the same time-frame as the Lyme disease outbreak?

In the time period leading up to the Lyme Epidemic, Burgdorfer worked for the military in a capacity consistent with this hypothesis: He was a member of the Armed Forces Epidemiology Board investigating insect vectored diseases.[ix] The disastrous non-response to the Lyme Epidemic has been orchestrated by military epidemiologists using their influence in the government, medical infrastructure and media. Was Willy Burgdorfer part of this non-response to the devastating disease named after him?

At a time when desperate patients and persecuted doctors need all the information they can get about the true nature of Lyme disease, Willy Burgdorfer has coyly stated, on film, that he hasn’t told us everything he knows about the disease.



So, we know there is more to the Lyme/Morgellon/etc/etc/   story.  Stay  tuned as we zero in on the Microfilaria, the thread like, filament within a filament, the the microfilaria within the serpentine micro snake of evil.



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      “We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”                                                                                         Charles R. Swindoll     

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