Kandy Griffin on Call to Actions Radio


Kandy Griffin talks about what she did when the medical industry could not diagnose, nor treat her. Through her own research perseverence, she was able to regain her health.


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3 Comments for “Kandy Griffin on Call to Actions Radio”

  1. Low core temp hit me hard after my first marathon 2 1/2 years ago. I still have it. I have adeehrd to all the recommendations and still my temp is between 93.4 and about 97.9. It goes steadily down if I go out in the rain or cold or if I exert´╗┐ myself.Has anything helped? Not really, but the awful chills that I had constantly are gone after about one year. Asthma (wheezing, difficulty breathing) is one of the symptoms, too. I don’t know what to say, but thanks for the video.

  2. I used nutrasilver and did it work for me? NO. What does work is [ammonia] and water for your house and clothes and carpets.(50/50) For your skin use carmex lip balm and baby powder and let sit for 5 minutes and then with latex gloves use your index finger to lift up the gewwy carmex bp mix and you will see the fiber (cotton nematode) come off you skin and or cuts. Use tweezers to get the fiber while its trapped in the carmex baby powder mix. SOUNDS´╗┐ CRAZY RIGHT? WELL IM CURED ARE YOU?

    • MRG Editorial Staff

      There’s some confusion, busasab97. In your comment here, you talk about shaving your head, sores behind the ear, crawling, etc., but on this post you claim you’re cured???

      NOTE TO READERS: MRG does not endorse using ammonia or drinking urine as healing modalities.

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