Helpful Suggestions from MRG

by Larry V. Meyer

Once it is realized the filamentous artifacts found in Morgellons syndrome lesions are also overwhelmingly present virtually everywhere in our environment, a common reaction is, “What can I do to avoid this dreadful situation?”. The following are suggestions based upon numerous observations by Morgellons Research Group.

As many have reasoned and Clifford Carnicom at Carnicom Institute has confirmed, there is valid substantiation that our atmosphere is undergoing modification by what is presently known as the Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering program. This activity is well documented and known to many as “Chemtrails”. What is not well recognized is that the materials involved make their way to our level (gravity happens) and are inhaled — very possibly with serious consequence. A whole new world of science is involved in modifying Homo Sapiens (you and me) to the extent that a new classification of life has been suggested: Homo Evolutis! You were not asked for your permission were you? As long as you are eating and breathing the products of this new science, you are more than likely thought to be subject to the change designed into self replicating, nano-sized materials that find their way into your blood, and probably even your brain.

Frightening, huh? Well, here are a few suggestions we can provide that you might consider:

* Attend your local City/Town/County meetings and raise holy-hell. It is doubtful that any higher-level members of government are ignorant of the Aerosol activity.

* Look up! Study the Sky and learn to recognize real clouds from Aerosol activity. Stay indoors on heavy Aerosol days; limit heavy breathing activities. Consider wearing a filtration mask.

* Stay out of the rain and for heavens sake, “Don’t eat the snow”! Wear a hat when outdoors and use an umbrella.

* Comb your hair once a day with a very fine-toothed comb. Pet or “lice” combs are ideal. Use a 10x loupe to examine what you comb from your hair. (We can help with this.)

* Keep all fabric items in the home clean. Simple lint rollers can pick up a lot of material. Perhaps replace carpeting with hard flooring. It is not certain that steam cleaning is sufficiently effective in “killing” the artifacts we are studying.

* Consider installing one or more air-purification units in the home or office. These should incorporate an ultraviolet lamp in the final sanitation stage.  (We can help with this.)

* Launder bedding as often as possible. Keep dryer filters clean as we find them to be loaded with filamentous artifacts that as yet have not been identified. Clifford Carnicom at Carnicom Institute has clearly shown many of these to be possible vectors for pathogens. You can find many MRG photomicrographs on this website confirming his research. In our opinion, it is virtually impossible to launder all of this material from clothing at this time. Exposure to sanitizing ultra-violet radiation or ozone might be a consideration. MRG has found that exposure to these frequencies removes the color from the filamentous artifacts.

* Eat only quality Non Genetically Modified (NGO) food. Seek out local sources for Organic foods. Consider finding access to a radiation detector. Radioactive Kelp was recently removed from the shelf of a health food store.

* Don’t forget your pets — they are suffering too!

This is just a partial list of things that readily come to mind. You probably can think of many others. Morgellons Research Group would like to hear from you. All suggestions and opinions will be appreciated. The most important suggestion we can make is to take all of this seriously because we are very likely dealing with a life-threatening situation.

Blessings to all of you.



Disclaimer: All information provided on MorgellonsResearchGroup.com is for educational purposes only.  The information presented herein does not replace professional advice from your health care provider, nor is it intended as medical advice, or to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional. This information is a compilation of existing data and/or research and is fully intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Morgellons Research Group (MRG).  Approaches described here are not offered as cures, prescriptions, or diagnoses.  MRG authors/webmaster assume no responsibility in the use of this information.  MRG encourages you to research your health care issues and make informed health care decisions in partnership with a qualified health care professional.  Please consult your health care provider before using any of the information here as a form of treatment.



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