Deadline September 20, 2013 – We Still Have A Chance

Please Pass these documents  far and wide. We have until Sept 20, 2013 to make our views known. If Morgellons is not recognized, and we have the proof, then we need to let these people know, that the synthetic has come unraveled and we are expelling the components.

Modus Operandi
Preparation for Upcoming Meeting
New & Emerging Issues
Meetings and Documents
Final Meeting Reports

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New & Emerging Issues
New and emerging issues relating to the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity

The consolidated modus operandi of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA), adopted by the Conference of the Parties in decision VIII/10, lists among its functions that SBSTTA should inter alia identify new and emerging issues relating to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. In decision IX/29 the Conference of the Parties provided guidance on the procedure for the identification of new and emerging issues and on the review of proposals. In accordance with this decision, Parties and relevant organizations are invited after each meeting of the Conference of the Parties to submit proposals on new and emerging issues relating to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

Peer review of draft documents for future meetings of SBSTTA – SBSTTA-18

In decision XI/11 the Conference of the Parties requested the Executive Secretary to undertake some preparatory work on synthetic biology with a view to enabling the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice to consider this proposal. Please provide your comments on the draft documents no later than 20 September 2013, using the template for comments:

Template for review comments

Potential positive and negative impacts of synthetic biology

Synthetic biology gaps and overlaps with the Convention


The full draft: This says not for citation but has the information for review.

Please click on :”Potential positive and negative impacts of synthetic biology“, and read the report,  post on the template, copy and send your comments to secretariat@cbd.int


Please inform yourself and everyone you can.  This will eventually alter DNA so it is entirely XNA: a Synthetic Biological System.

This now, is not suppose to cross over into Natural DNA, but will eventually, in the future.

Please take action, while you still can.

Kathryn Augustyn

MRG Researcher

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4 Comments for “Deadline September 20, 2013 – We Still Have A Chance”

  1. Kathryn –it is stated above that synthetic biology will alter human genetics. Then why are you not seriously looking into patent 4877805 and all of Kligman’s retinoid patents? It is stated right on the drug pamphlet that the cream may alter “gene expression”. Retinoids are known by many names and is known as vitamin A and its derivatives. Accutane isotretinoin is a synthetic retinoid making it a synthetic biological agent. It is being used is drugs and products and not being labeled to inform us. Renova 0.05% is one such drug that was not labeled to inform patients that it was being used, nor the adverse events it is known to cause. Yet, none of you want to address this. I can’t for the life of me understand how intelligent people could have allowed this to ever be put on the market. How physicians would prescribed this and have to know what is in a drug and what side effects occur before prescribing a drug. They have access to are websites and pharmaceutical libraries to find out. Then when reactions occur they lie to a patient and pretend they don’t know. The lies have to stop and the test for DNA damage, hair follicle damage, biological alter microorganisms and viruses have to be done, chromosome damage has to be done and tests that were known have to be done. Billions of lives are at stake. Billions have used lotions that contain these agents of retinoids and many take Vitamin A supplements as they are sold over the counter. A photographer can prove with photos what has infected people. The negatives show all as does cat scans and MRIs. These agents are being dropped down over via our hair follicles. They have used invert and inert gases. Retinoids are stereoisomers that are cis and tran. Tran meaning it moves across from one side to the other via forces of vanderwaahls, electrostatic and electromagnetic fields. They are moving along the nano wires and being pulled by geometric chemistry as they travel in gases. . Carbon is what the medical profession uses in drugs as they thought the body could handle it. Carbon atoms of gases to make nano tubes and wires are causing asbestosis to humans and it was known by NASA, EWG and ICTA and many others. Yet, no one is stopping it. That is what is so extremely upsetting. No one is informing the public of the truth and the entire truth. People are not just suffering physically from the pushing and pulling and twisting of these agents around the bodies put are being driven out of their minds by a profession who makes they feel they are crazy. The only crazy ones here and those that are delusional are those who developed these drugs and products thinking they could make a profit and the risk of others.

    • Kathryn A. Augustyn

      We have looked at numerous patents, retinoid is just one, there are millions in gmo foods, in DOE/GTL creations of microbes for pollution cleanup, however they leave the new microbe intact, plus the inorganic parts. The labs are now full of all kinds of inorganic and organic synthetic organisms, plants, and nano the new carbon was utilized as well. So, there are too many patents out there, to deal with. Many do not cause harm, many do.
      However this is a constructed organism from organic genes and inorganic material of rare earth, moon, Mars and space elements being substituted for native natural human. So, we have to reject any artificial products, for only they have the synthetic materials that many adapt to. We cannot adapt to this, so we must look for natural remedies to improve our condition to one of survival of the natural human. Otherwise, we make the choice to go synthetic. The choice is ours. We can sue the pants off anyone if we want, but there will be other synthetics unless we stop the plan for the “new synthetic biological system”. There are many biologists aware of this, the microbiologists knew this and we know where they are, however, many are putting out what is being observed with no hypothesis or theory of anything. Only by discovery of the true healing powers of nature will we overcome this. No one is coming to our aid. This can be a mutated form of organic material, these were done in labs by altering, adding, deleting genes from the human to fit the evolutionary paradigm, forget the apeman. We are talking biological parts of the human made synthetic, like cells, cell walls, nucleuses, etc. from organic or chemically constructed forms. Organelles from fish cell, or from plants, etc, used to make the natural evolutionized human, then the synthetic made from chemicals and inorganic materials then finally the nano constructs using “new carbon” fullerenes, kerogens which are not natural in the human body. These carbons can self assemble into new things, however, it is not our carbon, acts, looks, reacts performs like carbon but can be programmed.


  2. In no patent on nanotechnology is there a statement on how these structures stop growing. These nano wires and tubes will grow into larger structures and pull the skin from the bones. These use the lightwaves and photons for energy, therefore they will grow towards light. Eric Drexler’s fear of nano goo and nano robots gone amok have come to reality and is not fiction. Dr. Staninger stated and knows that once these protein robotics pass across the membrane into the nucleus the nucleus would see them as itself and start producing them as itself. All microbiologists must come forward and state to the public which products have these agents in them from drugs to over the counter products. The rights of the people must be preserved. These agents are changing human genetics and will cause future mutations. The patents prove what knowledge they have had and what corps., govt agencies and private sectors have had the knowledge and have developed products that put all life form in danger. These biological agents are sticky and will stick to whatever life form they can attach to. These agents involve genetically made viruses, bacteria, fungus and yeast and other biological agents from various species of life. All must be held accountable for reversing the harm they have caused to innocent and trusting society. No one is exempt These agents are producing themselves and are infecting all.

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