Crystals Floating Amongst Us

When one thinks of crystals one thinks of gems. There are many colors.  MORGELLON  CRYSTALS  are taking on some

iridescent, fluorescent illuminating and course characteristics, much like gems, metals, or stones. 

This crystal was found on a Morgellons patient.
MRGKH031812 Phoenix 125x
Specimen labeled: Miscellaneous facial specimens.
According to MRG Researcher, Larry Meyers,

This is a significant specimen! We are finding a variety of these hexagonal crystals exeuding from the skin of Morgellons Syndrome sufferers. Another independent researcher is concurently finding them as well. They have not been identified to date. Under much greater magnification they appear to be an assembled sandwich-like structure.We  would very much like to get these specimens into a lab for analysis but lack funding. We recommend you show this photomicrograph to your physician

Below are more images of crystals, chips and filaments ingrained in chips.

From Morgellons patient                        From A counter Top                           Other Crystals


                                       Gold Crystal

Another Recent View from an MRG Researcher.

From a Morgellons patient.  Note the strands showing light or energy contact

What could form such crystals, chips or tags?   Comparing many nano products and self assembling products that can adhere to the human body, by way of lungs, food or skin, we can see some similarities.  Could these be  tags, sensors,  biochips or  templates to build other self assembling materials?   Morgellons patients know that something is not right with these chips being found in lesions, in their environments, on their pets, in their food and even in public places.  Surely, there must be an answer to this. Please come forward with information that can determine the construction of these crystals and what is their function?

Is this what our crystals and chips are made of?  Have we ever heard of thiophene?

Please look at this article.  Are these devices being made and dispersed among the population?

Giant Organic single-crystals of a thiophene/phenylene co-oligomer toward device applications



• We prepare giant organic thin single-crystals of 2,5-bis(4-biphenylyl)thiophene (BP1T). The largest crystal is 7.6 × 4.4 mm in size. • We fabricate three field-effect transistor (FET) devices on a sole crystal at a time. These devices exhibit the normal device operation. • The crystals show spectrally narrowed emission lines at higher excitation energies. • The narrowed emission lines are accompanied by many fringes of concentric circles of various sizes. • These observations strongly indicate that the emission is a coherent radiation.


  • Giantorganicsingle-crystal;
  • Crystal growth;
  • Thiophene/phenylene co-oligomer;
  • Organic FET;
  • Spectrally narrowed emission;
  • Device application



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  1. Jan Smith’s website, morgellonsexopsed, presents photos of these hexagons in their beginning stages within fibrous material sub-dermally. I hope this helps.

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