Chemtrails Biochemical Warheads – Morgellons – Crimes Against Humanity

Article by Kandy Griffin and Skizit Gesture; Video by Skizit Gesture.



Chemtrails Biochemical Warheads – Morgellons – Crimes Against Humanity


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Morgellons is the cause of multiple conditions currently being seen in people presenting with the symptoms involved. It is  in part, the result of scientists expanding the genetic code through the use of unnatural amino acids for final purpose of the elite gaining total biological control of the population and the environment. The consequences of using these unnatural amino acids has resulted in the human body now having the ability to host animals of other kingdoms, which is seen in Morgellons. It is an unnatural mutation.

There are 3 domains and 6 kingdoms of life. For the first time in human history, our species is able to “incubate” and produce archaea, bacteria, fungi, protists, plants and even animals, including worms and insects. Producing live biological organisms from human skin is just one of a multitude of symptoms being expressed by Morgellons sufferers around the globe daily.

Life on earth is literally changing through the unnatural expansion of the genetic code. There are 20 natural amino acids (building blocks of DNA). Unnatural amino acids are being “stealthily” delivered into the human body without our informed knowledge or consent. Scientists at the Scripps Institute in California hold some of the patents for the processes used to incorporate unnatural amino acids in proteins.

Lab synthesized materials are most “infective” when delivered through the respiratory tract through the release of polymers/powders/stealth liposomes and other bioencapsulation methods. One of these methods involves the use of polyethylene glycol (PEG). This synthetic polymer was chosen for use due to it’s ability to extend the blood circulation time within the host. Insect bites can also transmit positively charged proteins.

Molecular machines known as Biobricks are being built from interchangeable standard biological parts made of DNA sequences of defined structure and function. They are used per a public agreement. These devices are inserted into the cell and use cellular energy to live and reproduce.

Unnatural amino acids were first placed in yeast and then in roundworms and subsequently into mammalian cells. Professor Peter G. Schultz, of the Scripps Institute states that, “Yeast is the gateway to mammallian cells.” Schultz has also experimented with unnatural amino acids in nerve cells and metalloproteins. An article entitled “The Evolution of Proteins With Genetically Encoded Chemical Warheads,” Dept. of Chemistry, The Skaggs Institute, The Scripps Research Institute, LaJolla, CA 92037. Genetically encoded warheads can secretly deliver life from all kingdoms into the human host.

This technology is being used as a modern-day weapon. It’s focus is the stealthy and deniable placement into various life forms to cause illness, suffering and death.

One of the results of this crime against humanity is the health condition we have come to know as Morgellons.


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