Bucky Ball Earth/Man II: Dymaxion Earth, Cell Membrane and the Buckyball

See the buckyball earth unfold. Are we missing something here with this whole “buckyball” issue? I think it is bigger than just the nanoparticle inside the cage. What is this all about? Why don’t we get it? Could it be that this “spaceship’ earth idea, the internet, google, the olympics, rings and cages and nanoparticles are “bottom up” tinker toys; the earth is the created factor. This puzzle can be undone, put back together again, like puzzles, tinkertoys, and legos. So, when are these people going to grow up? The earth is not their playground. What can we do, to stop this “wicked” childish play? Or is Fuller trying to tell us something here?

Please see the folding and unfolding of the Earth! Can man be folded and unfolded as well? Who is geoengineering the earth? Who is genome engineering Man? What is meant by Dymaxion Map? And Dymaxion Man? Why is Fuller tied into this map? Why is global warming an issue? Why do we need to geoengineer the planet? And why are the colors of Morgellons filaments, logos from google, windows, olympics (adding the black), rings, cages and nanoparticles so related to waves, connections, wireless, search engines? Is this all important in this endeavor to “save the planet”? Is man in the process of folding and unfolding? Are we mere plasmas? If the earth is seen as a spaceship, what happened to the planet, itself? Or is this the future of the planet, to be an artificial piece of hexagon forming bucky ball earth? See the earth as a hexagonal buckyball form and other forms.


Why the comparison of man to earth and buckyball? Because buckyballs are going into our blood cells. They are commandeering the cell. How do we put up guards  to fight them off? How do we prevent the final stage of Alchmey, the coagulation of buckyballs from happening? And was the prion the precursor? It has the power to fold and unfold proteins, cells, and travels all over the blood cell, nerve cell, muscular cell, and in the extracellular spaces all around the body, while creating oligomers and protofibrils to carry the buckball power.

The Dymaxion map or Fuller map is a projection of a world map onto the surface of a polyhedron, which can be unfolded and flattened to two dimensions. The projection depicts the earth’s continents as “one island,” or nearly contiguous land masses. The arrangement heavily interrupts the map in order to preserve shapes and sizes.

The map was created by Buckminster Fuller. The March 1, 1943, edition of Life magazine included a photographic essay titled “Life Presents R. Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion World”. The article included several examples of its use together with a pull out section that could be assembled as a “three-dimensional approximation of a globe or laid out as a flat map, with which the world may be fitted together and rearranged to illuminate special aspects of its geography.”[1] Fuller applied for a patent in the United States in February 1944, the patent application showing a projection onto a cuboctahedron. The patent was issued in January 1946.[2] The 1954 version published by Fuller, the Airocean World Map, used a modified but mostly regular icosahedron as the base for the projection, which is the version most commonly referred to today. The name Dymaxion was applied by Fuller to several of his inventions.

The Dymaxion projection is intended only for representations of the entire globe. It is not a gnomonic projection, whereby global data expands from the center point of a tangent facet outward to the edges. Instead, each triangle edge of the Dymaxion map matches the scale of a partial great circle on a corresponding globe, and other points within each facet shrink toward its middle, rather than enlarging to the peripheries.[3]

Unfolded Dymaxion map with nearly contiguous land masses
Unfolded photographic Dymaxion map with nearly contiguous land masses

This icosahedral net shows connected oceans surrounding Antarctica

Example of use illustrating early human migrations according to mitochondrial population genetics (numbers are millennia before present)


More information here on Buckminster Fuller’s images and construction of  “buckyball” earth or his “Dymaxion World”. One article is titled: It is Designed for Political Geographers, and another is titled:  Zones of Temperature Influence History, March 1, 1943 Life.



Along with the buckyball metaphor, the “space ship earth” metaphor comes in. This was the first earth manifesto written. Now, this was not the direction that this idea evolved.

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is a metaphor which suggests that the earth is a small, vulnerable craft in space.

Adlai Stevenson used the metaphor in his presidential campaign speeches during the 1950s, but it is not clear who originated it. Perhaps R. Buckminster Fuller was most responsible for popularizing it; he wrote a book entitled Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth and was described by one biographer as the ship’s “pilot.” Fuller was impressed by how negligible the craft was in the infinity of the universe, how fast it was flying, and how well it had been “designed” to support life.

Fuller took the metaphor further, noting that what interested him about the earth was “that it is a mechanical vehicle, just as is an automobile.” He noted that people are quick to service their automobiles and keep them in running condition but that “we have not been seeing our Spaceship Earth as an integrally-designed machine which to be persistently successful must be comprehended and serviced in total.” He did observe one difference between the spaceship and a car: there is no owner’s manual for the earth. The lack of operating instructions was significant to Fuller because it has forced humans to use their intellect; but he also maintained that “designed into this Spaceship Earth’s total wealth was a big safety factor” which allowed the support system to survive human ignorance until that intellect was sufficiently developed. It was Fuller’s lifelong quest to persuade humans to use their intellect and become good pilots and mechanics for Spaceship Earth. He was an optimist, and believed that humans are all astronauts—”always have been, and so long as we exist, always will be”—and as such can learn the mechanics of the system well enough to operate the vehicle satisfactorily.

Political scientist Barbara Ward borrowed the phrase from Fuller to claim that “planet earth, on its journey through infinity, has acquired the intimacy, the fellowship, and the vulnerability of a spaceship.” She claimed this image to be “the most rational way of considering the whole human race today.” Humans must begin to see humanity “as the ship’s crew of a single spaceship on which all of us, with a remarkable combination of security and vulnerability, are making our pilgrimage through infinity.” Ward used the metaphor to argue for the reality of global community: “This is how we have to think of ourselves. We are a ship’s company on a small ship. Rational behavior is the condition of survival.” The rational behavior she advocated was building the institutions, the laws, the habits, and the traditions needed to get along together in the world.

Nigel Calder appreciated the value of the spaceship metaphor and described it in more specific terms: “Whether its watchkeepers were microbes or dinosaurs, the Earth system of rocks, air, water and life worked like the life-support system of a manned spacecraft.” He went on to suggest that “the gas and water tanks of Spaceship Earth are the air and the oceans” and that “the sun is the spaceship’s main power supply.” Calder used the metaphor as an introduction to a detailed consideration of what he describes as a new “Earth-system science,” moving from there to a depiction of the globe as a total system.

Kenneth Boulding, an economist, has made essentially the same point, describing an inevitable transition from a “cowboy economy” where support systems are open with no linkage between inputs and outputs, to a “spaceman” economy where “the earth has become a single spaceship, without unlimited reservoirs of anything, either for extraction or for pollution, and in which, therefore, man must find his place in a cyclical ecological system which is capable of continuous reproduction of material form even though it cannot escape having inputs of energy.”

The purpose of the spaceship metaphor is to persuade people that the earth has limits and that humans must respect those limits. It provides a modern, new-age image of a small, comprehensible system, which many people can understand. In that sense, the metaphor helps people understand their relationship to the environment by depicting a system, as Ward notes, that is small enough to be vulnerable and needs to be cared for if it is to sustain life.

But the image can also be delusive, even specious, with negative implications not generally recognized. A spaceship is an artifact, a structure of human creation. Some have argued that depicting the earth as such is seductive, but borders on the arrogant by implying, as Fuller seems to, that humans can completely “control” the operations of the earth. Furthermore, spaceships are commonly thought of as small and crowded, with a life-support system devoted exclusively to human inhabitants. Since humans are using more and more of the planet’s resources for their own benefit, and the pressure of an increasing human population is extinguishing other life-forms, some environmentalists argue that the spaceship metaphor should be used with caution.

Environmental Ethics; Green Politics


Boulding, K. “The Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth” and “Spaceship Earth Revisited.” In Valuing the Earth: Economics, Ecology and Ethics. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 1993.

Calder, N. Spaceship Earth. New York: Viking Penguin, 1991.

Fuller, R. B. Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1969.

Ward, B. Spaceship Earth. New York: Columbia University Press, 1966.



How the Spaceship Earth got Hijacked.

 Maurice Strong took this into a different direction and so did some others


The Butterfly Map of the World


and then along came this:


and this:

The Viridian Manifesto



How Man has been hijacked, blood altered and supermolecular filaments controlling his every move, by a mere buckyball.

Using computer simulations, University of Calgary biochemist Peter Tieleman, post-doctoral fellow Luca Monticelli and colleagues modeled the interaction between carbon-60 molecules and cell membranes and found that the particles are able to enter cells by permeating their membranes without causing mechanical damage.

“Buckyballs are already being made on a commercial scale for use in coatings and materials but we have not determined their toxicity,” said Tieleman, a Senior Scholar of the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research who specializes in membrane biophysics and biocomputing. “There are studies showing that they can cross the blood-brain barrier and alter cell functions, which raises a lot of questions about their toxicity and what impact they may have if released into the environment.”…..”

Popularly known as buckyballs, carbon-60 molecules form naturally in minute quantities under extreme conditions such as lightning strikes. They can also be produced artificially as spheres or oblong-shaped balls, known as fullerenes, and can be used to produce hollow fibers known as carbon nanotubes. Both substances are considered to be promising materials in the field of nanotechnology because of their incredible strength and heat resistance. Potential applications include the production of industrial materials, drug delivery systems, fuel cells and even cosmetics.

In recent years, much research has focused on the potential health and environmental impacts of buckyballs and carbon nanotubes. Fullerenes have been shown to cause brain damage in fish and inhaling carbon nanotubes results in lung damage similar to that caused by asbestos.

“Buckyballs commonly form into clumps that could easily be inhaled by a person as dust particles,” Tieleman said. “How they enter cells and cause damage is still poorly understood but our model shows a possible mechanism for how this might occur.”


Figure 7. TEM images that visualized the uptake of silica nanoparticles by Jurkat cells. (A) Endocytosis of SBA-15. The cytoplasm membranes inclined to fold with an intension to absorb the material from outside. In addition, an internalized SBA-15 nanoparticle was observed penetrating the nuclear membrane. (B) Endocytosis of MCM-41. Particles are ingested by cells as cell membranes hug around MCM-41 nanoparticles, forming a pseudopodium. (C) Endocytosis of SBA-N (upper panel) or MCM-N (lower panel). No efficient endocytosis can be observed, as particles stay outside of cells in the medium. (D) Endocytosis of SMS (upper panel) or SMS-N (lower panel). Internalized solid nanoparticles are indicated by arrows. Reprinted with permission from Tao et al.[78]. Copyright 2009 American Chemical Society.
A computer simulation shows a buckyball cluster moving through a cell wall, then dispersing inside the cell.  (Source: Peter Tieleman, University of Calgary)

How the earth is represented at the Olympics

Olympic Colors, rings and loops  connecting to one another, colors same as Google, (plus the Black ring) the conductor.

The five Olympic rings represent the five continents involved in the Olympics and were designed in 1912, adopted in 1914 and debuted at the 1920 Antwerp Olympics.

The New 2012 Olympic Logo Messages


(of course it spells Zion, but wasn’t that expected?)

The Paralympics logo (far left) and the different official colour combinations for the Wolff Olins main logo design

This will be the first time that the same essential logo is to be used for both the Olympic and Paralympic games.[115]

Here the colors are being changed, for benefit of younger crowd, softer, off color to represent change from the Old Order to the New Order?

But notice the “illuminated” light all around the pieces of this Puzzle. Notice here the white rings are all the same: Universal.

The Universal SuperMolecular Athletes: The rings are not connected on the Paralympics.


Below is the orginal Google, Windows Colors with the Conducting Link

but in the new form.



The Earth Re-arranged: The New World Order or One World Order with its New Age Architects.

So geoengineering takes a turn, or rides right alongside those who want to “save the planet” by altering the Landscape. But, they are peaceful, gaian universal controllers saving a place on earth for their elitist friends. Because they are “off the grid ” with their “laptops”and they are living in a “sustainable” environment. They are off the grid, because the buckyball, now is the grid. They are finally one with “buckyball earth”. I think we need to look long and hard at who is doing what and how the deceivers have played this game so well. Whose truth is being manifested?


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