Are These Hexagonal Crystal-like Artifacts Part Morgellons Etiology?

Kandy A. Griffin, LPN
August 30, 2009


A number of people across the country are reporting instances of discovering tiny little “specks of glitter” coming from their skin. So far, all of the people reporting these tiny ‘crystals’ are also afflicted with what we have come to know as Morgellons […]. Many Morgellons sufferers have donated specimens/samples to independent researchers who are currently working on the project.




These tiny,  shiny specks that are  being found within  those  suffering from  Morgellons, share many  similarities from size range to shape, and often color. The shiny specs have been found embedded in, or coming from human flesh infected with Morgellons fibers, etc., as well as from airborne samples.


Current research on these hexagonal crystal-like artifacts include areas such as silica and cellulose, protein crystals created from within the human body, crystal biosensors, RFID chips, photonic crystals/electromagnetic fields, scalar  weapons, fiber optic nano-probes, silicon wafers, silicon photonic nanostructures, liquid crystalline and probably the most interesting so far, the piezoelectric crystals which are antibody specific and self-assemble layer by layer.


What is causing humans, for the first time in history, to discover specks of a glittering substance, hexagonal in shape, in their skin? Could it be part of this man-made Morgellons atrocity which is enveloping the planet, even as you read this?


More Magnified photos

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3 Comments for “Are These Hexagonal Crystal-like Artifacts Part Morgellons Etiology?”

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  2. I have noticed when I look at my skin in sunlight that my skin sparkles as if it had glitter put on it but only deeper.
    I also wish I would see somewhere the symptom of moving hair on the head. It seems as if any one does not want to mention it because it is so bizarre but the fact remains that it is a symptom and many people have this issue, as well as the disfiguring biofilm which grows and spreads on one’s body. This film can be very disfiguring. Fibers are tslked about a lot but there are many more aspects of this disease I would like to see talked about more.

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