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The Progeny arrives, the Seedpod.

In the Morgellon community many political games are played. Morgellons is not a soccer ball, yet it is being played as one, the one new thing that most likely has altered the natural human species could be just that, the ole “buckyball”.   However, we fail to look at reports that may have been extremely beneficial to many Morgellons sufferers and have totally ignored some reports that may have led to some answers. Please review the following report that somehow got hijacked. Please consider the following report.

William Harvey, MD, MS, MPH
Board Chairman, MRF

Sent: Wednesday, October 3, 2007 9:30:54 AM
Subject: Re: Treatment for Morgellons Disease

We are moving closer to understanding the mechanism of this illness and have almost completed the defining paper for submission to a medical journal for review. Early in 2007, we did a detailed study of 25 consecutive presumed Morgellons patients here, collecting over 407 parameters on each, from laboratory values, to physical exam findings, to detailed medical history. All parameters were mathematically collated to give us a first “look” at a Morgellons “average”. As the illness began with Ms Leitao’s search for a name for her son’s illness based solely on filaments she saw, all registrants have been purely self-diagnosed…again mainly based on the appearance of skin filaments, then later movement sensation.
The summary data was extremely revealing, and briefly, showed us consistent abnormalities in immune function, chronic systemic inflammation, multi-system involvement…and perhaps what is turning out to be most important, the presence in all of actual parasites.

By August 2007, we had micrographs of at least two genera and several species. The latter are so similar that we needed help in answering the question: exactly what species are they, as this impacts treatment significantly. As I speak, we have assembled a group of scientists at a state university laboratory with equipment capable of giving us the answer. In the group are three veterinarians, a parasitologist, a mycologist, an FBI trained forensics Nurse Practitioner, a PhD invertebrate zoologist, a psychiatrist experienced in infectious causes of behavioral change…and me.

Hopefully, they will close the loop for us in the next few months.
Meanwhile, we knew enough months ago to resolve the illness in most, with two caveats. (1) Close to 90% get 90% well if we use intravenous antibiotics strictly tailored for one bacterium for several months. Hundreds have done this safely. The same antibiotics given orally take about 8 months. (2) With the finding of the most common parasite species, the use of one of two anti-helmenthic antibiotics will resolve many symptoms, especially the skin manifestation in days…but only in about half.

Knowing the species in each individual may resolve this.

All that said, treatment has to be guided carefully with regular testing of liver, kidney and marrow effects. A clinician must have extensive experience to avoid the errors we made. As we arelicensed physicians, it is not permissible for us to write treatment protocols on line. This isn’t done for control, but for patient safety and steering to a good outcome.

FYI, this phenomenon in NOT chronic Lyme disease, it’s not Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and we are now certain it is NOT Delusions of Parasitosis. The latter in fact, will be the thrust of thepaper: the DOP label has resulted in inappropriate and incomplete treatment of countless people who never recovered. Once the final DNA sequencing is done and the paper completed, it will be published with treatment protocol(s) for all clinicians world wide to use.

Meanwhile, as both primary organisms create brain limbic system abnormalities, we now understand that the delusional component of the illness is real in many affected (but far from all), so correct psychotropic medication can help that component even if treated purely independently. Nearly half the Morgellons are bipolar, but became so AFTER the parasite infection began. Others have formal diagnoses of extreme OCD or ADD/ADHD. The prevalence in children is no different from adults, and there appear to be no gender or race differences.
We know that effective treatment can be obtained in Colorado from physicians who worked with us in Colorado Springs.  Otherwise the globe is literally full of practitioners offering cures without factual basis. Our task is now focused: to complete and write the defining paper and provide the answer to everybody.

William Harvey, MD, MS, MPH
Board Chairman, MRF



Images of an unidentified species, which could be Protozoan, worm, fungi, wohlbachia(ricketts like), spirochate forms, archaean extremophiles, and others will be presented as we unravel this.

The introduction of Homeobox genes to form Universal genes was the first step, but, we must be able to identify what already exists and is being ignored.

Simply, my friends, it is Worms, in particular the Neglected Studies of Skin Worms.  Now, consider these proteins from these worm coats were used for other things.

The minimal priomordial cell was created as a universal cell to be used across all species of living moving natural elements.

What is that progeny that can create numerous species that cannot be identified, because they have morphed into other new NOVEL organisms?

Who is responsible for this?

Are we asking the right questions?


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